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Strength, Control, & Stretch

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You will get a combination of strength, control, and stretch in this Spine Corrector workout with Monica Wilson! She teaches exercises that will engage your powerhouse so you can lengthen and protect your back. She also shows how you can use the Barrel for tactile feedback so you can challenge your body while keeping proper alignment.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Jun 16, 2015
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Okay. Today I have Julietta and we're going to be doing a spine corrector workout. You're going to need a few things. I'm using a grots spine corrector. You might use balanced body or other manufacturer, but this is the shape and measurements that I like to work with. We also have some two pound weights that we will be finishing with.

We're only doing one exercise with that. You don't need them if you don't have them, but they add an a nice extra stretch if you do. We're also going to do one exercise just before that with a bar. If you have a nice weighted bars, it's just three pounds. That's a perfect weight to give you a good stretch.

And then right when we started our legs series on top of the barrel, we're going to be using a magic circle to make sure we identify and warm up all the correct leg muscles. So this is one of my favorite pieces of equipment that's called a spine corrector for a reason. It teaches you how to lengthen and protect your back with your powerhouse. And we're really going to get a nice tactile feeling of Whoa is my lower back arched or is it's being supported on that barrel. So we'll be doing a lot of that work today. Okay.

And you'll feel fantastic afterwards. So we're going to start our spine corrector with a warmup of the hundred and the series of five on top of the barrel. So let's come on over to the front and we're going to do the hundred and the series of five on top of the fine corrector. You want your tailbone just off the front edge, maybe hug your knees and for me, great. And you want the bottom of your shoulder blades or your bra strap to feel anchored into the math.

Now go ahead and get into the a hundred position without letting your legs pull up the bottom of your shoulder blades and start your arms. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five looking pretty good. Just tiny bit tempting to pull you up. So just keep pulling that in and up cause the a hundred is not just into your back. It's in and up. So you really want to feel that scoop. The hat's what I want to see. Good. And now let's take a little energy out of those feet. Yes, they were holding on for you is good.

And that's at least 80 in with the air and amber pulling in and up. Last one and exhaling and then hug underneath. Both knees are pulling both knees and keep the right leg for the single leg stretch. Good, good, good. So this is hard because you're balancing on one like center row rise here and we're gonna switch pulling into it. It's really working on your balance and control, right?

So pull into your center hole into it. It's all about the powerhouse. If you're using your arms and legs, you're going to be all over the place. I want two more sets. Pull in and up. Stretch it. Single leg, stretch, stretch, hug, both knees in double leg stretch. But we'll start with the hands on the ankles, pressing a finger tips towards each other, pressing down on him, and pull into yourself. So that pelvis really pulled in and up as well. And now [inaudible] challengers, [inaudible] edge, beautiful and pull in and inhale, reach and exhale and in with the air pulling in and up.

And exhale, three more in with the air. Beautiful long arms. Exhale in with the air. Pull in and up through my fingertips. And exhale. There you go. One more in with the air and exhale, right, like straight up left like straight forward. Put your hands right here behind this ankle, both hands and stretch that hip away.

Don't let me see that knee roll in reach, work and here. And you're going to use this part of your thigh to go down as the other leg cools up. Good and eight switch. And they have to stay straight down the middle and switch and switch and switch. Straight line. Tell them, oh, keep it gone. Yes, right here. Yeah. And that's what's gonna keep you on that little rise right there in the center.

And now pick up the tempo and switch and reach and right and left. Switch. Switch. One more set. Yes, and both legs up, hands behind your head and squeeze as you go down to three Po in and up. That's it. And reach even the right side and exhale and reach your left side. Likes to work and exhale on your right side or I should say your right side, overworking side, staying really tight and to pull in and up.

Last one and we'll go into the crisscross or you're going to pull in and up and bend that right knee and twist around a great line here. Twist, twist to three and pulling in that knee to the left and then hugging both knees. And now gracefully stand up. And we're going to come over to this side to do our leg series. All right, so we're going to lie down on here by sitting first in the crack. Good. And then I want you to put your right foot on the front or the step of the barrel. Lift your bottom up just a little bit on the front part of that Hump. Great and extend the left leg long. Good. This leg, I want energy reaching up to the ceiling as you roll back and look down at your powerhouse. And we're going to roll left, like reaching up, beautiful shoulder blades onto the mat and then lift the right leg up as well and bend the knees into your chest. Good.

So the ideal placement on the barrel isn't that feel delicious, is that your waistband? Your lower back is firmly pressed onto the mat. Your arms should probably be straight or long and holding onto the handles, not for dear life, but holding on. And certainly the shoulder blades are on the mat. Okay. So those are very important.

Now I love getting the magic circle involved when we first start our legs series, because sometimes when we don't have any resistance to offer, we forget what muscles to use. So I'm going to place it between the ankles. All right? And I want to see a nice turned out position all the way from the hip bone that the thighs are rolling out. The knee is following that alignment, the ankle and the foot. Excellent. All right, so we've got her waistband secured on the mat. Let's get the shoulders to pull a little bit away from the ears. Fantastic. And all of this is scooped in. So keeping the alignment of the legs like this, I want you to try to squeeze the legs together for 10 times. One, two, three, four. Press six, seven, eight, nine and hold and then release. So we're trying to work evenly. All right, so that was whatever, not too hard without pressing into the knees.

Keep your waistband firm into the barrel. We're going to use the back of your legs, the outer thighs, and your seat to lower the legs. About 10 inches. Go. Three, four, five, six, go, go, go, hold. Give me 10 more. One, two, three, four. Don't use the knees. Use Your outer thighs. Use your bottom. Use those inner thighs. Two, one, hold and release. Now I want you to not just work those muscles, but keeping the belly button anchored into your back. Lengthen the side of your hips as you lower the legs, as low as you can.

Keep your waist down. So here you're following. Finding your challenging point. Where's your range? Where? How low can you take your legs and you're gonna feel a quad stretch, a stretch on the front of your thighs as well. Now give me 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold and bring those legs straight up. Good job. Bend the knees.

And every time we're going to rest between each wrapper. Exercise of the legs series. So now we're done with the magic circle. So we're going to rest just like this. And also maybe sometimes you might have to hug into the barrel a little bit more to secure our waistband there. Let's start with leg circles like long up to the ceiling. Good.

I love how your legs are perpendicular. So when we do other exercises as scissors or bicycle, when I want the leg to be perpendicular too. So we're going to open the legs. Good and use those same muscles. How's that alignment? Can we turn them out? Yes. And use the same muscles to open. Circle down. I'm going to challenge you a little bit. Keep your belly button scooped in, lowering as low as you can. Amazing stretch. And then squeeze them up.

And one more with me. Stretch and up. Now through five more on your own. Open and reach. Love it. And you're going to use those muscles. Stretch those hips and up and open as circle adds. Squeeze. That's it too. Around great. Pulling in last one.

And now I'll help you on that reverse. And it's like a big, heavy weight on your challenging that lower back and around and up and challenge that powerhouse and work and good and around enough. And squeeze in the back of your inner thighs as if you had a zipper there. And you're going to zip them up and reach good. Pulling your powerhouse in and up. All around. And three Oh Anna and two nice, long, beautiful legs. And one more time keeping that.

So you strengthen your back and bend the knees in for arrest. Excellent. So now we will do scissors both like straight up. Good. So here's that perpendicular line I want you to keep and we're going to stretch the right leg down. Working. Don't roll the knee in. Yes, go down, down. And here's the hard part. I'm gonna have you hold here. Your leg is dying to go out from the center, but you have to draw a straight line from your nose to your belly button to your heel working turnout work that outer thigh and that. Ooh, now we're talking and now we're going to switch.

This leg goes down and same thing, it has to hit a dead center line. Beautiful at switch reaching out. You got to get that outer thigh and that glute working. I know. Ah, and switch. Good. And switch that right side a re working it from the beginning and switch.

Give me one more set from the hip, not the knee. Oh, thank you. And yes, and bend the knees and rest. That is fantastic. That is a good exercise for you too. Excellent. So we're going to take that a little further into bicycles. So straight legs up to the ceiling. Good.

And you're going to take the right leg. Same thing. Let me see that hip, not the knee. Yes. And so you're going to go as low as you can and then bend the knee by not bringing the knee up. But by bringing the foot down. Yes. And then bring me that left flag as low as you can and then down. Yes. Add. Good. I love it. Yes. And you should feel a tremendous stretch in many areas.

So I love that you're hitting hold this one right here, this stretch with the knee coming in deep and that leg going down the middle of your body is excellent. And then keep going. Yes, but so is this one straight leg that you hit that line again? Good. And keep going. Yes. Is the last time. And now reverse it. Pushing. Good. So Ben, this one now? Yes. It's all reverse. Always plays a trick and bending and keep it fluid. Let's go down.

I'm going to put my hands right here so that you have to hit down in the middle. Yeah. All this was down the middle and [inaudible] and yes. Good. And last one, last left is what? Right as well. That's it. And Bend those knees in. Nice job. Good.

All right, so now we're going to do walking. So both legs perpendicular. Good. Yes. And get that hip to start working. And walking eight counts down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down you do beautiful new legs. A little more solid and secure in the stomach though. Yes. And reach, reused the hips to reach. That's it.

And one more set. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and bend the knees in and take a little rest. Nice. So now we're gonna do B, not walking, but kind of a beats walking. So legs up and you've already done beats with a magic circle. So that's what I'm gonna Change up these beats a little bit. We're going to scoop in and you're going to do 10 beats all the way down. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and one. Two Myrna. Three sets.

Reaching long and coming up. [inaudible]. Hey, nine 10 and scoop. So I'm really keeping that. Skip working her hips to reach. The first one we heard a little hip clunk and then we got out of it because we really got those muscles to a pope. Work in opposition and bend the knees and excellent. Very, very good. Alright, so now we're going to do rolling in and out.

So rolling in and out is my very favorite exercise. Okay. We're going to keep it just really makes that stomach work like no other. Okay. You're going to have your waistband glue to that Mat. Yeah, your shoulder blades on the mat. Okay. Your feet, your heels are going to stay as close to your seat as you can. You're going to squeeze your knees together as if you had a piece of paper between your knees and your inner thighs. Okay? All right. And we're going to pretend those knees can touch our nose right now, but we're going to do it all by pulling our belly into the barrel, almost curling up our tailbone, but not getting up off the barrel to get to your nose and now take those knees over to your right ear. Good. And over to your left ear, pulling into the barrel to move your body.

Pull into the barrel to go over to the right shoulder, pull into the barrel to go over your left shoulder. Now keeping the heels as close to your bottom and your knees as close together. And thighs. Take your knees over your right hip bone. So we're going to come down a little bit with here and let the knees go over. [inaudible] right there.

And now pull into the barrel using your obliques to go over your left hip bone. Good job. Now go back to your nose. So I want you to get stretch and control and strength, all of it. On this one we're going to do a full circle, starting with pulling into your nose, then to your right ear than your right shoulder. And we're going to keep going to your right hip and then keeping your waistband on the mat.

How low can you stretch your thighs and knees away from you as you come over towards me? Good. And then over your left hip bone. Keep those knees together, your left shoulder, left ear and nose. And then we'll reverse it so the feet don't get to slip past each other and go to your nose, your sh, your, your shoulder, your left hip. Keep your heels glued to you as you stretch your thighs away, keeping your waistband glued. Go to into the other hip. Now we're talking and you should really feel a good stretch as you do that shoulder, ear and back to your nose. And one more set each way.

Ear. Let me see that start again. I saw it somewhere between year and shoulder. So we're going to pull to your ear. Then your shoulder and then your hip. And really how far over that hip can you go without losing it and then come all the way around. Over to me. Shoulder, ear, nose, beautiful. Others way.

Ear, shoulder. How far over can you keep your hips? Knees stacked. Yes. Keeping scooped. Stretching your hips, pulling over into the barrel. Shoulder, ear and nose. Excellent job. Good. Now we're going to do legs circles onto your head. Feeling good. Good. So your waist is going to stay glued onto that barrel. Good and legs perpendicular to the ceiling. Good.

So like circles are just like you think you're going to open those legs and circle them down as your legs squeeze together, lift up onto your head. Beautiful. Now let go and arm straight up to the ceiling. How about squeezing your legs down the middle of your body? Take your right leg over towards the ocean. More [inaudible] a little more even. Good job and then big circle this way. Grab onto your handles.

Lift easily your head up as your legs. Go Up to the ceiling. Good. Scooping one more at that tempo. We're going to open the legs first. Open, circle down, lift up and then arm straight up to squeeze those legs together. Thank you. And circle back. Grab onto those handles. Use your powerhouse as the legs come up. Good.

Now a little bit quicker tempo on the third one. Open around, circle down. That's it. Arms, big circle. Grab on and scoop to bring the legs up. I like that. We're going to reverse it. Okay. Legs are going to go straight down. This one man. Straight down, up onto your head. Good big circle.

Arms open and as they reach up to the ceiling, come board, bring open the legs, open, open. That's hard. And circle them together. Woo. And two more straight down. Good. Oh, been long. Arms reach straight up, grab onto those handles and big use your powerhouse. Use your powerhouse. Yes, that's the range I want. Last one. Legs down, arms up and over. Up. Thank you for remembering that sight. And then back grabbing. Big Circle. Scoop. Nice job. Bend the knees in. Very good. And now we're going to do a difficult transition.

We're going to do the teaser right up on to the barrel. So I'm going to assist you a little bit, but it is something you can do on your own at home. You want to pull deeper into the barrel, come up higher onto the bill because essentially you're going to be doing a teaser right on the mid point of the hump. If you're too close to you, you'll just timber that way, right? And same thing if you're too far this way. So I'm going to assist her.

She's going to achieve and probably do it on her own. You're going to swing the legs down and pull your upper body up and then slowly find your comfort zone. Very nice. Reach your arms more for me. Good. Hug your knees gracefully into your chest and I want you to come down so that your lower back is supported. Yes. And now find your teaser position. Good.

So this is really great because I'm seeing that there's actually a sway right here. And instead I want you to hold this here and now come forward with your shoulders until they're over your hipbones. Scoop. Scoop, scoop. Good. Good, good. Yeah, that's it. Nice. And we're going to roll back our upper body. [inaudible] you can go all the way if you want. Just straight arm, straight forward. Good. And in with your arms and head. And exhale, scooping. Scoop forward, scoop forward. Curl forward. Up, up, up, and roll back away from those legs. Thank you. In, straight up, up, forward. Exhale. Scooping up, up, up. Love it. One more. Rolling back. Yes. And come on up head first. Thank you. Scoop it. Yes, yes, yes. How it goes.

Knees into your chest. Very, very nice. And then we're going to go into our hip circles. So you're going to put your hands on those handles. Good. And you want to feel that lower back, really pulled into that barrel and then bring your legs up as high as you can. I'm going to come over here and put my knees right here and see if you can do this. Pull up, get a great stretch. I know it's not fair, um, that if viewers at home can't get this stretch, it's super delicious, but I'm going to support her by grabbing onto her shoulders.

You're going to corkscrew to the right all the way up, gray and a hip circle to the left. End. Good. Now don't forget your belly. It pulls into the barrel so that you fix your spine in alignment. Pull into the barrel. Yeah, one more set to the right. Good. And this really does a nice job left of warming you up for your next teaser. So now I'm going to let go. And you go ahead. Using your powerhouse, get into your teaser position and let's start with the legs going down and they pull up from your powerhouse.

Pull into that barrel and beautiful pull into that barrel and we're going to do her three arms. Everything unfolds. Get a nice stretch and then pull everything back up and arms and everything stretch and then pull back up and one more arms and reach and pull everything back up. Very nice. Hug those knees into your chest. Excellent job. All right, we're going to stand up and we're going to go into grasshopper. So you're going to stand up, turn around and face this way. Good. So you're going to lie down over the barrel with your chest off the front edge, enhanced directly under your shoulders, a little bit more forward with your shoulders and hands a little bit back right there. Good. All right, so you're going, you can, I want you to come up a little bit. So we're a straight line.

Let's get our whole body working here. So powerhouse is in. So we have from between our ears all the way down to our tailbone in a nice straight line, yet powerhouse in work. Those legs squeezing. You're going to try to keep the inner thigh squeezing together and those knees squeezing together while you do grasshopper. Okay. As your legs go straight up to your ceiling, your head can go down and get it legs up higher. Use your powerhouse to lift those feet up. Pull those heels to your seat, keeping your legs right here. Yes.

Extend those legs and eight beads down. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and yes, come back to a horizontal position. Two more scooping and go down as those legs come up, up, up even higher and work the back of your legs as it comes in stretch and eight claps. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one more. But before you start, use your powerhouse to also reach your pelvis up to the ceiling and then try your hardest to keep your thighs exactly where they are so that your hamstrings and glutes can work to pull those heels to your seat. Last one. Here we go, up lifting the pelvis and heels to your seat and legs long end one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. So now you have a beautiful balance and we're going to maybe come back a little bit and get into our rocking position. Now we're going to slide back and find that perfect. You might have to work with it a little bit, but when you're ready to get into your rocking position, push pelvis, use your bottom and push your pelvis into the barrel and reach back at both legs at the same time. Now really press that pelvis down.

Push the feet into your hands to make your body as big as you can. Can you lift up those sides anymore? I would say maybe rock back a little bit more. Like move your body back a little bit more. Slide back just a teeny bit. Yes, so that you can press your feet into your hands. Get those thighs up off that barrel.

Can you get your thighs up so maybe even you think side forward or back. Okay, good. And now there we go. And now lift those guys up, rocking back and forth. Here we go. Forward. [inaudible] and chest up. Eyes Up. There you go. Powerhouse lifts those slides up. Chest up, eyes up. One more legs and chest up. Open the chest. Now reach out long and thin for your swimming. Squeeze those legs up. Little higher, right arm up, higher left leg up higher and swim. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Head up out of the water in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. One more.

Set lifting from your powerhouse and exit melting. Go ahead and slide your knees down to the Mat. It's a beautiful stretch. Round your back and sit on your heels. Great. Good job. All right, we're going to do shoulder bridge, so I want you to go ahead and turn around and sit on the hump. Good. And then get on hold of your handles.

This time both feet will be on the front part and go ahead and roll back. That's it. Nice. Good. And get the shoulder blades nice and down. All right, so the feet will be parallel and flat right there on the barrel. Good. And all of these exercises should make your bicycle when you hold yourself up in mat work, make them a lot easier. So one of the, think about the those these exercises, shoulder bridge on the mat or when you were doing your legs series, doing the bicycle and scissors that are very hard to do. So I want to see a beautiful line through here. Okay, that's it. Good.

Squeezing the seat. That's it. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Alright. And I want you to extend that right leg. Nice and straight on the mat. A little lower. Use that hip down the middle of your body. Soften that knee and use that hit there. Our talking go ahead and four times.

I want you to reach this leg up to the ceiling. Good. And as you go down, squeeze that bottom line. Oh, I love it. That's how we're going to get that hip and up to the ceiling and reach. Yes. Two more. Up and screeching. Last one and reaching. Let's do one more cause that hip [inaudible] now we're talking there and now return the foot left long.

Add up and working that hip. Not The knee. Yes, down the middle. I love how you're down in the middle. Two more up ant reaching. Good. Last one. Yes. And Bend that knee. So the next step of this, since you're ready for it is to put your hands basically right by yes, your side. Good. Maybe come into the barrel little bit. I like it. And come in and you're gonna really press your hips together.

Use your powerhouse. So all this region and you're going to come up into our Hybridge. So squeeze up to the ceiling. Nice. Long arms for me. Good. Hold two, three. And then Tuck your chin to your chest and curl your way down.

How did that feel? Good. Very nice. Go ahead and hug both knees into your chest. Good, good, good, good. And I want you to gracefully stand up, maybe roll off to the side. You can also actually push the barrel over. So you did very nicely job. And we're going to do breathing and arm circles to finish up and they are just so delicious.

So we're going to come over on this side and I want you to lie down over the barrel, but with your tailbone off the front edge. Okay, so we're going to come here, slide your tailbone off the front edge. I'm going to grab our three pound bar. Good. You might need at home a pillow or a towel underneath your neck for the bright alignment. But I think Juliana is going to be fine. You're going to have your legs nice and straight and long for me. Good. And now hold this bar right over your thighs. Good.

And keep pulling in and then roll back this phone. Nope. Arm's gonna stay there and roll back and back and back and try to get your head onto the barrel. Yeah, it's a big stretch. There you go. Is that good? Okay. And we're going to keep your arms long and straight and legs together. There you go. Inhale up to the ceiling. Good.

Let's get long fingers. There we go. Good. And now I want you to exhale. Drop your ribs away from me. Yes. Exhale, two, three. That's a nice line. Inhaling and exhaling down. Get the ribs to draw, stretch, stretch your right hip away from me. Thank you.

Inhale up to the ceiling. Exhale one. So there's an open area under your shoulder blades almost underneath those ribs and that's where you to sink into in with the air to kind of spread your ribs. Exhale so that you have more room. One more good job. So here's where you might need a pillow, but I'm on.

I like the alignment's really opening up this area. Great. Inhaling up and exhaling and here as you exhale, bring your head to your chest and she does it so beautifully. Pulling into our powerhouse. Use a foot to help push yourself back into the crack and then straighten your and reach forward to your ankles. God, good.

Just such a wonderful stretch to finish all your spine corrector work. And now I'm going to go ahead and take that bar and stand up and we'll finish with our arm weights. Go ahead and grab your arm weights. Stand up and we're going to do it on the other side of the barrel. So I'm going to pull it over. Sorry to give you a little more room. I'm going to sit down about six inches in front of the barrel facing.

You're having your back to the barrel. Good knees bent, feet flat. I think I want your legs a little straighter, so I'm going to pull it back a little bit. Slide back a tiny bit. And same thing here. You can also use a mini barrel for these two exercises if it's too big of a hump for your back. If you're need a little, you're a little stiffer. Pretend you're doing a roll back and I want you to round your back. [inaudible].

Pretend your hands are underneath your knees and I want you to roll back one vertebrae at a time and I'm going to stop with the barrel being right over. Yeah, I like that right where the bottom of your shoulder blades are. They'll keep going. One boat at a time, keeping your arms down and by your side. So we're gonna keep that neck long and there's kind of a hollow area right here between your shoulder blades trying to fill it and push it into the mat. As you roll back. So pull, keeping the arms down and there we go. Keep going.

Rolling down a Huh? Stretch, stretch, stretch. Good. Is that too much on your neck? Okay. Try to stretch the back of the deck as straight as you can. Lift your arms up to the ceiling and big circle open and reach back. Okay. I want this to go down but so this to me had to, your chest is too much of a stretch for you for me.

So I am going to grab you a towel here. Yeah. So I want the back of your neck to be long and even challenging to be there, but I don't want it to start arching and causing a strain. So I'm just going to roll up this towel and now go ahead and roll back again. Love it. Good. And then rolling back and we're going to Raul, Raul, Raul. So keep going. Good. I'm going to turn it like this. Be a little bit more. There we go. I like that.

That's a lot better cause now I can work on this and keeping, again, this is a spine cracker. So what are we trying to do? Correct that part of our back that it doesn't jet out of alignment. Okay. Long fingers and inhale up and exhale. Big Circle pulling into the barrel in with the air. Nice. Now as you exhale, pull those shoulder bones away from your ears.

All the way back to your hips. Thank you. Much better. One more in with the air. How about the back, the Bra or the shoulder blades? Are we anchoring into the Bale? Reverse and in with the air. Soften that elbow. It's a little hyperextending and exhale. Good. And keep the palms just like so in with the air. [inaudible] well into the Merrill here. Exhale, get longer in your neck. One more time, or in with the air, and exhale and bring the head to your chest.

Good. Pull into your barrel straight and your legs and reach all the way. You can. Leave the weights on the mat and reach for your ankles. Good. And we're all finished. Nice job, Juliana. Thank you. [inaudible].


Great class. Did some things I've never seen on the Spine Corrector!!!
Thanks for the wonderful movements! Love it!!!
Thank you!! i had fun with that!
Whew, that was tough! Juliana made it look easy. Great cueing and adjustments, Monica. I wanted to be that body you were stretching!
Really enjoyed it! There were some movements I've never done on the Spine Corrector!! Great cueing.
Very good for finding the precision in each exercise.
Great class nice sequence 💪🏻
Monica Wilson
Awesome! Glad y'all are enjoying this class and the spine corrector so much! Monica:)

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