Class #2712

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Use the Pilates principles while you flow to music in this Mat workout with Michael King. He teaches Pilates-based sequences that require you to use your center to keep the flow of the movement. He invites you to explore your range of motion while he challenges your stability with balance tests throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hi I'm Michael King and welcome to this class today. This session we're looking at sequencing today. So I want you to start behind your mat. Push your feet down to the floor and make your body longer ...

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Thanks Michael! Beautiful class, nice flow, exactly what I need this morning.
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I have done two of Michael's classes now, he is a new instructor for me. His classes are different , they feel right, I really have enjoyed them, they are challenging and make sense. I will look for more from Michael. Thank you
Loved the functionality and the application of PNF movement patterns! Wonderful....thanks!
Whow, what a great Class.
I love it, thank you Michael
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Thanks for a great class to start my day!
Great lesson, great Michael!!!
Nice movements all
Thanks Michael, - another great class - loved the flow and dynamic stretches.
Great class with wonderful fluid movements!!
This was so so lovely! It was just what I needed today in a workout. I feel much more open. ??????
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