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Mat Workout

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Get ready to roll in this fun Mat workout with Benjamin Degenhardt! In this class, he offers ways to acquaint yourself with the tools needed to make the Crab work for you. He includes many different variations like Rolling Around the Clock and more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Oct 30, 2016
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So happy that you taught The Commando exercise *happy smile*

This class was all I had time for in a busy busy studio day and it turned my mood around in no time.

I even managed the treacherous Neck Pull (my nemesis). Thank you xxx
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Never fully understood this exercise. I now love it!!!
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What a wonderful progression and unfolding (and refolding) of Crab, Benjamin! Big fun!!!
Hahahaha that was great!!
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It is so fun to just watch your videos - they are so inspiring and I can't wait to actually get on to the mat and do them! Thank you for such clear teaching skills - it has given me more confidence to start teaching the more advanced exercises as well. The way you link and break everything down is so helpful
Absolutely stella. Fast and fun, wonderful combinations andre I surprised myself by actually managing to do the crab.
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I adore Benjamins 20 min workouts! Give you a great new perspective on building up a routine with an end exercise that is challenging! More to come please!
What a great way to start a morning! You are an inspiration Benjamin, so thoughtful and precise in your cues-and your love of the work is infectious. Thank you
Fantastic energizing easy flow session! Loved it!
Love the tough transitions and pace. Thanks!! Only got to m daily workout now (9:35pm), but boy do I feel like I'm going to sleep well! Thank you.
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