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Utilize your energy while focusing on yourself in this 30 minute Reformer Class. Because this is an "express" class Tracey goes straight to the Leg Work and incorporates the Abominal work throughout the class. Tracey will keep you motivated, interested and inspired while you work through this level 2 class. Once you're all warmed up you get to challenge yourself with a level 3 exercise, The Twist. You'll be finished before you know it!
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Sep 11, 2012
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Hi, I'm Tracy Mallet, and we're going to do a short, we form a class today. So just to start off, we're going to realign the spine, get all that negative energy out of the body, and we're going to focus on ourselves. Okay, so let's place the hands either side of the body, the feet hit with the pot. We're going to take a deep breath in. We're going to take an inhale on the exhale. We're going to draw the abdominals in or roll down to the spine reach and your fingertips down to the floor. Inhale, the bottom XL, dual the abdominals in a whale to that thoracic back.

It feels really to go to get that straight to the upper back, all the way to neutral position. Beautiful. Let's go to the [inaudible]. We going to start off with some leg work. I always like to start the class with some abdominal work and some leg work. And today, because we're going for an express workout, we're going to go straight to the legwork and incorporate the abdominals as we move. So we, I'm going to go for like, um, a medium to heavy. I like to work those legs. So I'm going to go for two reds and one green and one blue.

That's a good, um, wait for me. I feel it in my quads and my hamstrings. Okay, so let's go down. Sit gently onto the reformer. Okay, we're going to place the heels in line with a sip bones from this position, or we're going to do is going into a pelvic tilt. So inhale XL, drawing the abdominal Zane, pooling the pubic bone to the rips, and then come back to neutral position. Let's just try that again. Inhale, exhale, drawing those abs in Ian, how? And come back to a neutral. So now in our beautiful, neutral position, ready to work in how here? Exhale and slowly reach out and back. So that's getting until that nice rhythm.

We work in a lengthening the quads, drawing the quad away from the Patella. We're also being careful that we're keeping that neutral spine, that nice little arch in your back. You'll tailbone way too down in to the reformer. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale. Let's just three more. Three hex out, two XL, one. You ready to do some little pumping? Go.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Now on the last one, lengthen. Do not move the pelvis. Lengthen those ties slowly. Return back. Let's go onto our toes. So we placed the heels with the toes. Inhale here. Exhale slowly out and back. Your focus is on relax. In the upper body.

Your focus is on keeping your pelvis in that neutral alignment. Your focus is keeping your heels still. We don't move those hills. That's number one mistake I always see when my clients, I'm moving the hills. Got to keep him steady. Give me one more.

You join in those abdominals. Ready to pump it. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Die Now all the way out. Don't move that pelvis. Beautiful long legs and come back down. V position. Not Too wide.

A little bit in control in how here Xcel squeeze and pack. Remember, do not move those heels. You keep the heels glued together. Relax the upper body. Enjoy the work in the hamstrings as you reach the sip bones together has to through hemo three XL two acts one you ready for the pumping series?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight non. You ready to fully extend on drop those heels. Beautiful long legs and slowly come back. That's placed the heels externally rotated the hip slightly out to an out from the hips. Now think of length from your ribs to your hips. Okay. You want that beautiful length, tailbone down ribcage. Draw down and together and draw those abs in.

You ready to push out with the heels and back to three four. Keep that pelvis in a neutral position. Tailbone down control. Give me two more. Are you ready to pump those legs? Two, three, four, five hamstring, six hamstring seven. Hate nine all the way out.

Lengthen the quad away from the Patella and back. That's the place. The heels, the toes. Quickly ready. Woo. And too, I'm going to prove to you today that you can do a lot in about 30 to 35 minutes and you're going to feel like you worked out, okay? So we're going to go a little bit faster as far as rest in between the exercises, okay? Okay.

You ready for the pumping series? Okay, let's go. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Pull those abs in eight, nine last time. Oh, the way I've lent Lenten those lacks, and then come all the way down. Beautiful. That's bring the legs together. How am I going to slowly roll all the way up? Come around and we're going to take the weight down.

So I'm going to just take off that blue spring to do some single legs. Okay? So let's roll back down gracefully. All right, let's put our left here. We're gonna just bend the right knee and then all I want you to do, extend it to the sky. From here, we're going to push away and back down. Just keep that leg length into the sky. Very simple. And I want you to focus on keeping that towel bon down.

So if you've got tight hamstrings you like might be about here, your focus is and keeping that pelvis nice and stable. Good. Can we do three more? Three to one. You ready for the pumping series? Yes. I'm being mean. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. You ready for the big lengthen one. Lengthen. Flex that foot. Enjoy that stretch point. The toe bend. Pull back. Beautiful. Let's go to the other side.

Make sure your heel is in line with your sip phone. Remember that length from your ribcage to your hip? The leg. We extend that leg up to the sky. Drop that tailbone down. Ribcage draws it. Ready. Let's go. Push and push and back.

Buoy XL. Focus. As you bend, you need to pull back with your hamstrings. Take the focus to the back of the leg and away from the quad. Good. Let's do formal four and three and two. Are you ready to pump it? Let's go to three, four, five, six.

Sad hate. Nah. [inaudible]. You Ready? Push it out. Beautiful. Flex the fie. Totally down that gorgeous stretch tab on down. Pull those apps in. Reach the energy out through the heel. How do, than what it looks, I know, and put the tail. Bend the knee and bring yourself down. Beautiful.

We're going to go straight now to some casts, so why don't you put your feet hit with the part you're just going to push away. Press the heels down. You're ready. You're just going to rise and flex. Very simple. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exer eight, seven, six. Reach the heels underneath the bar. Up reach, reach, reach. Last time, reach Relevate up onto your toes.

Bend the knees, pull back quickly. We're gonna go into external rotation to your first position. V position. Reach out. Ready? We're going to flax and vice flax and rice. Flax and Mys a. Love this because it really stretches out your prone.

Y'alls a little different. If we were always continuously do an empower loud just to turn them out. Four more. Four and reach three and reach to and reach one last time. Holly here, hold Relevate band your knees and pull yourself back down.

Nice work. Bend your knees. We're going to slowly roll yourself up. Turn to the side. Now we're going to go into one red and one blue. I'm going to go into some strack work. Okay, so coming back, rolling down. Let's grab our straps. We're going to push away techs, your right leg and then your left leg.

Beautiful. Make sure your headrest is down. We're going to go into a neutral position. Again. Make sure you've got that length from your rib to your hips. Okay, we're going to bend the knees, we extend the legs, and then we're going to draw the legs together. Extended Frog we banned. Now do not let that carriage and move as you open the leg and you pull them together so you know movement. Keep that tailbone down, Paul together and and open Paul together last time. Bend Open Paul Together.

Let's reverse it open now. Flex, reach those heels away from you. Then you extend reach out. Flex. So you're reaching, they'll seize as you're hugging a tree. There's a big tree and you're taking your heels around the tree and then you reach it out and again, out flex. Push out, out. Flex. Push out. Out. Flex. Last time where you're going to hold it with the Lex open.

Flex the feet. Now from here, make sure your legs are not too far apart. We're going to keep that neutral position. If you want to take your hands on your hips, I think this is a good way to make sure you're not rocking and rolling in the pelvis. We bend your knees and then you push away. You can see my legs shaking too.

That means I'm working just like you inhale and I'm pushing with the heels. A lot of adept to work going on here and a lot of spinal stabilization to make sure that you are disassociating at your hip right now. You're bending and you're pushing away band hex. Can you give me four more? Those for good bend.

Keep that pelvis still. Three. Yeah, two. One more. Okay. Take it all the way. Finish that stretch. Hold it there and then slowly down and down and down and down. Making a smile. Bringing the legs together in Palau position. Okay, we're going to inhale 90 degrees.

Now we're going to press a roll all the way up. Now I'm opening my legs, I'm pushing my ways into the handles now reaching out through the Towles, I'm Rawling down controlling, so I'm not moving that before I'm until the tail bone comes down last. Then you press down and together it's kind of harder when you're talking at the same time and, okay, let's do it again. Inhale 90 [inaudible] so, oh the wait, open flex. We're all down one vertebrae at a time. Press down and together.

Okay. And Lit Open. Oh Damn. The lacks those hands cause that's straight the place where I want to hold my tension release and again, Ian, how 19 neutral pelvis press the feet into the handle. Yeah. All those extends as they are working really, really hard to get you up that beautiful. Hoping it rolled out. Yeah. And then back. Let's try and weaver. I set. Inhale. Nightie excellent.

All the way up. Up, up, up, up. Pull the legs together. Try not to let that cabbage and move as you roll down. Yeah. One Vertebrae at a time. A lot of control with those apps. Table table, hone down and then out and open in Hell 90 XO. So roll all the way up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Squeeze those hamstrings I was extensively working. Had when the legs together, control. Don't rush. You're going with my pace. You're following me, my pace. Don't worry.

It's all about control in how nice is your last one. So make it look beautiful on her. All the way up. Squeeze. Hold it there. Bring the legs together and slowly roll down. Keep pressing your feet into the handles.

As you rolling down those hamstrings are on fire. Taub on down and back. Beautiful. Bend your knees. Take your feet into the straps. Okay, so now our hands are in the straps. We're going to come up into a chair position here. From here, what are we going to do is just bring the hands down and then back up again.

Acts are down. I have a medium is I have a one and a half spring. Usually I would have one spring, but I've decided to go for one and a half today. So you choose what's the best weight for you right now. Let's go into some apps. We're just going to XL. Inhale back XLE. Inhale back. Exhale, reach. Hold it there too.

In your toes out if dominal openings in. Yeah. Okay. Formal three shoulder height to one wholly here. Bend your knees and finish it off beautifully. Gorgeous. Put your feet down and let's just put your straps back.

We're going to turn over onto the side and roll yourself all the way up. Okay, a little sweat going on that we're going to turn around for the face in the front. Now I'm going to take it down to one red spring. Now. Okay, let's grab all the straps. I want you to go into like a diamond position here. Now in this diamond position, it's a long diamond, not a short diamond, and the heels are elevated, so that means those adults is really working right now, but going to take hold of your straps, and in fact, because these straps, they're a little long. I'm actually going to walk them up a little bit because this drops a little long. Okay, so we're going to hold it here. Your palms are facing inwards. Inhale here. Exhale. Roll down in a c curve, hold it and roll back up again.

So the breath is inhale down. Very simple. XO Rola. Can you see I'm reaching towards the end of the reformer, but in opposition I am drawing my abs in, in position, and I'm wound into the thoracic as I go forward. You're going to fit a lovely stretch, but you also work in those apps. If this is too easy on one red spring, remember, just take your spring down to a half of spring and it's going to be a lot more challenging. Inhale, exhale. Inhale back down, and XO roll all the way up. Bring the feet together from here.

Now we're hinge in at the hips. So we're going back in a straight line and then back to center. So I'm not curvy now I'm hinge in back, hinge and forwards. So as soon as you've got this and you feel comfortable in this position, we're going to add on. Now let's do one more hinge from your hips hinges. Moving onto our next exercise, we're going to grab the handles.

Okay, so we're here. So we're going to hinge back. Bend the elbow and the hand lifts up. So you can see I'm rotating down towards the reformer and the other hand, your palm is facing backwards. And then coming back to center and again, reach in the hands up and back, and again bends like a row and bat to center. So your palms always up in a supernatant position.

The reason why we're super nice in is because it opens up the pelvis, but it's also actually opens up the upper shoulder. So your packs are open, open, [inaudible] and back here. Two more. I'm back and relax. Good job. That's been eight all the way down. Okay, let's move on. So now we're gonna come off the reformer. We're going to keep it at one red spring. We're going to move onto is just sum up stretch one and upstairs too. So we're going to place the tail tailbone up into the sky.

You're in your little position here and your downward dog position or pyramid and your heels are lifted from here. We're going to go in to your plank position. So we plank and then we come all the way back. And again, inhale, plank. Exhale up, and again, Ian, how plaques you rotate around your shoulder joint. And again, each inhale, plank XL center, last time in hell, punk and XL center. Okay, let's come down. Now I know that one of my favorite ones, which is very similar, we're going to do up another plank, was a forearm plank.

So still on one red spring, we take it forward onto the reformer. He gonna make a little fist. You place your hands down on the headrest. Your full arms are resting against the head rests. From here, we're going to go into a lunge. You're going to press through that toe extended, set yourself up, so now you're in that plank position. Your elbows underneath your shoulders. From here on, I'm going to ask you to do is reach forwards and pull back, but I'm still maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your hips, to your heels. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. You know, can you give me four more?

Really digging deep into those abdominals. Okay, last time. Good job. Bend your knee, pull yourself back gracefully. Dismounting gently and come up. Let's move onto some legs. So we're going to take the bar down and place it forwards. Okay? Once again, we won one red spring gracefully.

We get up without falling off. We are going to be facing to the front. Now I want you to go more into external rotation, so you're going to take the back leg into a lunch so your hips are square. You externally rotated at the hip, not at the knee, so you're kind of like a little dancer. The heel is directly under behind the Front Hill. From here, just place your hands here and depress so you've got that big distance. We're just going to inhale back. Exhale, pull in center.

Now your focus is on that lift. You're drawing the sip bones together as you pour in XL, keep your weight on all five toes if you can so you're not rolling inwards with that back foot. Keep the weight on that Pinky as you go back the baby too, as you would say. Now we're going to answer out back into you a little lunge and we're going to bend and poor extent. Simple open band. Keep the Pelvis Square, Paul and lift out band, pull and left. And if you want to be a little bit more balletic, you can take your hands forwards. And again, pull your scapula down.

Bend and lift. Give me one mol out. Reach with that hamstring as you pull back and extent. Good job. That switched legs is your balance challenge now. Okay, take the like behind. So you in external rotation, make sure that pinky baby toe is down on that reformer hips.

A square distract. Lengthen back, and no crushing in. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Draw the SIP bonds to gather in Xcel. Inhale, you're ready to go for that lunge. So we go out, bend that knee and pull from that hamstring and extend out bend and lift out band. Gently lift out, bend, lift out. Keep their way on that baby toe. Keep the hips square, you're gonna have a tens.

As you move those hips, it's reach those hands out. [inaudible] two more. [inaudible] and lift. Nice work. So that's come off. Now we're going to go to one of my favorites. I'm sure not everybody is, but I love the snake twist. So you're going to just come down within a place state at the bottom position here. Now I'm on one red spring.

Okay, that works good for me. You may want to go up to her, one red and one blue depending on your weight and your size, but one red is a good place to start from. Okay? You place your hand on the headrest and your hand on the corner of the reformer. There's lots of ways to mount. We're going to go with the one where we place your foot here. We're going to jump up and come on underneath there.

So I'm in a pike position. We're going to inhale, reach out, and then rotate. Look back. Exhale, use those abs. You pull, pull, pull, pull back. You go out, rotate. Xcel up with control. Press the hips down and one more and out. We'll rotate. Excellent.

Good job. You can see it's not easy, but this is what you aspire to do. Now you're going to see my booty now, but that's okay. You can see if my booty is toned. Okay. Alrighty, so you're going your hand here, your hand here. Let's see, which is the strong beside Steve. You can guess. Okay. One foot in and and what are you going to go? Inhale, Ian. Huh? Yeah.

Inhale, rotate. Okay. [inaudible] last time. Inhale, rotate XL. Good job and you do. It's gracefully and come back. Let's quickly finish up with two minutes, just two minutes. Extension.

We've looked at every part of your body. We need to finish up with some spinal extension to be balanced. Very simple. We're going to take the bar down. Let's get this bar down. There we go. All right. I'm going to go onto the bar. Onto the box. Will your chest over the edge?

We won one red spring. Very simple. We're going to go into Pauline straps straight. We're going to lift up into spinal extension. Inhale and come back. Lift it up. Inhale up. Exhale down. Yeah, Ian. Huh?

In, Huh? Exhale. Two. Inhale up. Exhale down. Last time. Draw the scapula down and hold. Ready for some triceps. Keep the elbows high. Your spine in line your head in line with your spine.

Your elbows are high and you're working through four range of motion. You are heart rate should be elevated because minus. So if you're working out with Matt, your heart rate is elevated. Now two more. One more. Hold it there and then we'll reach forwards. Good job. You guys. Put Your straps down. We're going to come up, move your box away.

We're going to finish up with a stretch and then guess what you finished? Isn't that lovely? Then to go into a simple hamstring stretch, one red spring, place your right foot in between your hands, pull back so you're pressing your pelvis forward, you extending through the spine, knee in line with the ankle. Hold it there. Take deep breath, get that heart rate down a little bit. Push away, lengthen and then bend the knee, pull back to the hamstring, the opposite hand to your foot. He was going to reach Jehovah, stretching out and then pushed back. Last stretch and then pull back one last stretch or the side. We've always got time to stretch. I know you don't feel like it would. It's very important. You can work as hard as you can, but you still need to stretch at the end.

So make time and your workout to do a little stretching cause it's very important. I know you have a tendency now to say, Oh, I've finished now I'm going to go and put my son my life. Well you're not cause you're gonna stay here with me and stretch. Okay, so breathe. Let it go and push back and that stretch. Make sure your hips are square. Elongate that spine. Your head is a natural extension of the spine.

It feels good. Bri. Pull back with the hamstring opposite arm to leg into a side stretch. Okay. And then pull back one last time and then pull back. Beautiful. We display out gently and we always finish up with the roll down.

We started with it. We're going to finish with it. Take two seconds, but you feet hit with the pot. Inhale, tint your chest, XL and rural down through the spine. Reaching towards the floor in how here? Hex Elam roll all the way up. Don't you feel good? Now? See, you can do a lot in about 30 35 minutes, maybe 36 you can do a lot. Good job.


Elizabeth R
Thank you for another fabulous class, Tracey! I enjoy how you always present the BASI work with clarity. Oh...and you do a beautiful twist!
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Beautiful Class :)
Thank You !!
Thank you so much for your kind words, I so appreciate it! My heart rate was very elevated after the Twist. Great way to finish a short Pilates class...finish on a HIGH of what Pilates does for you!
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Always love every aspect of all your classes that you teach - thank you for this 30 min dynamic workout! Just an idea - have you ever thought about putting together a barre/reformer class utilizing the reformer with the jumpboard attached? I think you could put together an awesome class with those combinations!
Great quick workout! Great change for me because of all the practice this past weekend with Erica and the Booty Barre training at my studio. I needed it! Everyone loved the training and Erica was a dynamite instructor.
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Addendum: I posted pictures on my website if you would like to see them. I can also send them to Alex.
Great Elizabeth, so happy you enjoyed the Booty Barre Course, are you going to PMA? I would love to see the photo's please send them to
Mary funny you should say that I nearly did it this time as I do this sometimes in my group reformer classes Thanks for your kind words!
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Love this...perfect amount of strength & 30 minutes. Thank you! One more thing - happy to practice snake twist too
First class on this site and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you:)
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