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Body Awareness Mat

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Feel the differences between the two sides of your body in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She focuses on creating awareness of what your body is doing, so you can find connections to your core in every movement. She also teaches exercises that will prepare you for the Hip Circles at the end of the class, so that you can do this exercise with ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls

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Hi everyone. Just set these out in front of you. Let's start Indian style cross-legged. Okay. And let's just take a moment round yourself forward. We're about to do some mat work. We're going to get in our body. We're going to breathe worse. Hopefully you gonna sweat a little bit today.

There's the let it go. Shake your head a little. If you need to shake your shoulders, roll yourself up, uncross your feet and do the other leg on top and just switch it out and just recognize the different sides because we all know what that feels like when the others on top. And we'll be doing some exercises today that really do probably tap you into your right side, your left side, your obliques, the differences, the diagonals, and just feel it. Just be aware of it. So let's go ahead and start. You'll bring these with you, lie on your back and I want you to put your heels very close to your sitz bones and your hands over the balls. Okay? And press the palm of your hand on the balls. Pretty firm.

And your elbows are suspended, your upper arms are suspended there, and just feel the energy that you're using it in the back of your shoulders and arms to press. Take a deep breath through your nose. And then as we exhale, let's just sustain a long exhalation. Stretching their arms long from shoulder to fingernails pressing down your belly is getting flat, nice and toned. Inhale and exhale. You can feel as though you're reaching your arms longer or your palm and rolling over the ball a little bit. If you like that, just making sure the shoulders don't collapse forward. Let's do again. Inhale, you just experience the breath. Feel the energy through your arms, your belly, your spine. Two more times. Take a breath. So long arms pressing down dominoes, drawing in an upward toward the ribs, toward the heart, kind of underneath the back of the rib cage. One more. Okay, and on this exhale, let's go ahead and start to curl the pelvis into a nice articulated movement.

Stretching out the quads probably. And as you're going up, focus more pressing down, arms, pelvis underneath you. Take a breath and unroll the spine as if you're trying to sit your hips on your heels. So really directing your, your energy towards your feet. Get a neutral pelvis or level pelvis to take a breath. You can soften your arms on the inhale and exhale, we curl up again, rolling through your back. This is your time to really acknowledge maybe the right side of your back or right side of your back or right leg and left leg. Take your breath.

Sometimes we in unroll. Sometimes we stand a little weighted more on one side or not. So check in there. Try to get your hips towards your heels, maybe sitting on your heels. I would be surprised if we could do that. Take a breath, xls. Go up again. This time we'll stay.

We're gonna just go stay there and then transfer weight to one leg and lift the other leg up into your tabletop. Okay. Whatever leg you lifted up, can the opposite arm press more firmly on the ball or the hand on the ball? Inhale, step that foot down. You're going to change sides knowing to tap into the other side. Do that already. So opposition, whatever leg is up, it's the opposite hand, pressing more firmly and step down. Let's do that again. Each side exhale.

Ah, the standing leg is from on the mat. The heel is digging into the mat. Inhale, stepping down and the second leg, exhaling them and inhaling, stepping down. And again, as you rolled down, you're trying to get your hips towards your heels, towards your heels. Unroll your spine. So we're gonna leave our spine down in our hips down. Grab a good kind of fist over the ball. Make your hand wide and hold that ball firmly. Lift your arms up, take your arms back overhead.

Allow the weight of these balls to kind of just help a shoulders go a deeper reflection. See if the ribs lifted off the mat. If they did, see if you can bring them back to the mat with stomach muscles, abdominal muscles. Two or three breaths here. If you're feeling tension in your back, ask it to drop away. You don't need the tension, you don't need it. You need the link. [inaudible] take a breath through the nose and as we exhale, lift the arms up to the ceiling. You're going to bring them all the way back down to the mat, knee your hips.

Let's do that. Full breath cycle. Inhale, begin lifting and exhale overhead. [inaudible] stay here for a full breath, letting the ribs just meet the mat behind us. The back ribs down. Inhale, begin lifting the arms and exhale down. We'll do one more round. Just starting to sense the stretch in your strollers, the stretch in your upper back, maybe your chest deep. Inhale, let the back ribs touch the mat and exhale your arms down. I'm going to keep your arms down, hovered, arms length, and again, take a breath through the nose. Let's do a little maybe three chest lifts.

Exhale, head-neck just this is where you absolutely could roll the balls because you're reaching your hands over them and unroll. Inhale and exhale again. Chin up over the chest, eyes in the horizon and inhaling down and last one. Exhale. [inaudible] stay right there. Stretch one leg long on the floor, your mat, the leg long. Neat. The legs in the midline. Look down the length of your legs. Heel should be together, toes apart, and then just bring your body down.

Okay, take another breath. Curl. They had neck, chest up again. Exhale. Now for uh, let's just Kinda unlatch the back of the knees a little bit. So it might be a minivan that happens. That's fine. And just makes sure that the back of your ribs are really secure on the mat. Okay, another breath in. You're going to lift your legs. From here, you're going to suspend your hands above the balls for the 100 here we go.

And into four or five. And exhale, reaching your hands. Pass those balls. Two, three, four, energy out those legs. You guys are trying to touch each other. Four, two, three, four, five and X. Five, two, three, four or five. And exhale, noticing. You're right on the tip of the shoulder blades. So like little golf tees, just setting in the ground. Eight, two, three, four, 5:00 AM I had given you a set nine.

Did I give you a set four? I don't mass. Okay. We're doing ten two, three, four, five and Xcel, three, four, five. Hug the knees and keep your chest up. Pull your knees toward your nose or your cheekbones, your knees are apart. Let the pelvis be pulled up and then lower the chest down. Let's read our feet on the floor and then take your arms back overhead.

And I want us to reach for the corners of the Mat. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, so we had the balls in the arms to kind of prep that position, which is a little harder in a way because the arms are narrow. But now as we have the corners of the mat were wider and I want us all just to take a nice check in on the shoulders in ribs. So we have those ribs anchored down. Deep breath through the nose. Let's exhale and just feel like we're pulling the mat underneath us to start asking more from the arm muscles and the upper back muscles. Okay. Inhale, release that effort two more times. Exhale.

I'm trying to pull the mat underneath me. Wouldn't that be cool if it slid on the floor? Inhale. And just one more time. We're going to in feel that energy in rollover in just a minute, okay? But first we'll inhale, release. Drag your knees in towards you. Put your knees, hands behind your thighs and rock yourself up. Okay? You Guys Hook your feet underneath your ankle strap. If you have one available, do the same if not like I don't, we're just going to go here.

Use your balls and reach forward long. Okay, so they're kind of heavy, right? Put the weight of the balls in your abdominal some. Pull your hips back a little bit and I want you to pause for just a sec. Hook your feet and move your hips. Not Okay. And can you get your legs together guys? There we go. And that's it.

So that's super taught. All right. And I didn't cue it right. Here we go. We're breathing in. So as we start rolling back, keep reaching your heels underneath that strap toward one another. All we're going to do with the arms today is put them right here for the first two reps get really long. So here we go. Breathing in, sir, your roll up, reach your hands on, kind of roll over those balls. Then pick them up and reach them towards your feet. Keep your belly pulled back away from me if it feels exactly, take a breath.

Same thing again, roll backward, drop the weight of the barrels down the arms down, unroll your spine, open your chest. Why? You can do a little press on the balls. Let's roll up again. Inhale, start sliding them when you can pick them up. Keep the effort in your abdomen. Excellent you guys. Nice c curve. Okay now we'll do the real one which we know rolo m roll the roll back. What is the exercise role? Have arms go overhead.

You know we're doing stretch for, keep the ribs anchor and lets go. Inhale arms picks up the head, chest, we roll up, keep the belly way back, back, back, back and roll yourself back. So managing this extra weight when you feel the urge to, you know, rust or momentum it. Try not to put the effort in the abdominals. Set weight. Exhale, exhale. One more time, all the way back. Arms will go overhead.

And then just bring your arms down. [inaudible] palms flat again, release one foot. How about we do our right foot is going to come out of that strap. Bring your leg up to the ceiling. Okay. Leg circles, because it's good for us. Cross over your midline and circle. And then as you feel that circle, your leg could brush that ball. So try to be a little bit mindful.

I don't want you to go too far past that. Uh, outer limit. Okay, here's four and five. Let's reverse it for five. Study the evenness in the arms, how even your arm connection is the pressure on the ball. And here's four [inaudible] and there's five. Bend your knee to your chest and just thread the leg down. Okay, other leg. So Ben and straighten. Study the evenness of your hands. Here we go. Leg Circle, cross in. Exhale, round left.

So not a big circle. Stay within the frame that you've set with your arms. We are gonna do hip circles later. And so we're kind of preparing for that. That's our five other way. [inaudible] start telling yourself hip circles is a free exercise, meaning freedom, not feeling too bound and not feeling too stuck. That was our five threaded down and rest. Okay, so legs are together. You can take them out of the strap.

Now bring your arms back overhead, Hook your hands on those corners, adjust if you need to, and then we'll take our rollover. I think we're fine to start with our legs all the way down flat. If you're watching at home and that just sounds too horrible for you, start with your leg is vertical like this. Okay, I'll show one. They're going to show the legs down. They'll inhale first. We all will exhale. They'll come up to where I'm at and we'll all roll overhead.

Now you don't have to separate the feet and legs today. Just I want us to flex the feet and feel the heel pushing backward. Breathe in now when we unroll our spine, use your arms to help slow you down. Pull the mat underneath you. I'm going to go ahead and do the full expression, my pointing my toes and lowering my legs down. Let's breathe in. Start moving the legs. XL, we roll over, flex the feet. Oh, inhale. Almost opened. Exhale.

I don't want to open today. I just want to keep us closed. Okay. Feel your midline muscles. What? I mean, they're inner thighs. We're going to do two more where like there's a giant magnet in between the upper thigh. Flex feet. Breathe in. Exhale as you unroll user strong arms to help support you unroll down, lower down. So in hip circles, right? We need an open chest. We need a strong arms behind us. We need our legs solid together.

Breathe in, flex those feet and as we unroll in a roll down just to a neutral pelvis or level and then re bend your knees or bend them to tabletop. Let's do a supine twist because that definitely shows up in the hip circles. Go to the right over to your right hip and notice that you're probably hitting that ball maybe with your hips. So that's as far as we need to go. Come back to center and over to the other side. That's all I want you to do is not too far.

Just touch the ball with that thigh and center and again, study how even your shoulders are or that they need to be. Exhale center. Find some opposition as you go to the left, the right shoulder, or maybe the right arm is doing more effort to keep you centered. Okay? Adding on. Inhale, twist. Now we know that the hip circles has the leg straight out there, so let's hold. Just hold it. Grow the line of the inner thighs toward the big toes.

Just reach like as if you had a magic circle here or something between your legs. Squeeze. Bend your knees and come back to center. One of those on the other side. Only twist and extend the legs. Okay, and grow the line of the inner thighs toward the big toes. Squeeze legs together. Lot of action and activity and inner thighs. Opposite arm is anchored. [inaudible].

Bend your knees and come back to center and then take both legs up. We're going to do four little corkscrews. Go to the right side, over to the right hip. These can be low today. We've already warmed up, going low around and center to your left. How we actually should do six. Okay? I want you to keep your heels touching, even shoulders. Good breath, everybody. Twists hip. Exhale around once again, right and left. Yeah, last time. Bend the knees.

Now undo the arms slowly. That's a lot of time back there. And if you're not used to that, that could be a little bit of a surprise. But your hands behind your thighs. Pull your thighs in, pick up your head in your chest and look down to those abdominals. It's pick yourself up. Rock ourselves up. Put your hands down and do my fist.

And I want you to pick your hips up and put your sitz bones right next to your heels. Again, just like we did in the bridge, but your hands now on your ankles. Let's pick our feet up. Stay looking down and just hold this position for a moment. And then let's play with the new shape of the feet. Okay? So let's go to a prayer foot and put your hands around the pinky toes and maybe sums. All right? And press your knees in against your arms, your arms out against your knees, and just feel the difference.

May Be in some connection of like ab effort is what I'm thinking and feeling. So for the rolling like a ball, we're trying it this way today. Okay, have fun. Inhale, aim your toes overhead. Don't be surprised if it feels a little wonky coming up, not for you guys. Awesome. And whoa.

Trying to get my hips to lift up off the mat. Suspend in the air over to my heels. Three more times a breath will help keep pressing knees into hymns or knees into arms. Last one, police the feet down. Hands behind us.

Pick up those hips and try to put them right back where they were. Okay. Roll yourself down. Go ahead and bring your knees in. Hug Chris, Cross time. Okay, hands behind your head. Let's go ahead and stack the hands. And then more than likely you've done that crossing of your hands the very same way. Every time. All your blood is life. So change the hands that, ah, breathe in. Let's bring in chest lift up. Okay, I'm going to have you rotate to your non non-writing hand.

If you're ambidextrous, pick a side twist. Okay. And just twist inside, not from the outside, which would be elbows inside, twist more ribcage, obliques. Oregon's to the other side. So on the outside of us, our elbows aren't flapping in the wind. Inside we are twisting, we're twisting, we're wringing out. Let's go through center on a breath. Three count. Exhale. One, two, three center. And we need these obliques for the hip circles for sure. Four more.

Two, three and half circles need steady shoulders. We need a very strong rotation. Last one. Law to decide. And last winter this side. Tuck your knees and bring your head down. Good. Okay. Hands on top of your knees and just give yourself a stir a couple of times.

All right, we're gonna go back up with our legs to the ceiling. I'm going arms back on the corners because they want to keep feeling open and my shoulders and chest getting ready for that hand position for uh, yeah, the hip circle thing. Right? Okay. Now take both legs up. Thank you. I'm going to start with my right leg. I'm looking up at my feet just to see that they're together. I don't want to lose my left leg where it is, so that leg is going to just get anchored into the mat.

Open your right sigh away from you. Parallel. If you can keep it as far as you can, you may feel that little ball depending how we, how we've organized on the Mat. Okay, and you'll probably will feel your hip contract. That's good. Bring your leg up. Use your inner thigh to do it. Alternate sides slowly open the leg to the side.

The other one is a spoke right up to the sky. If you do feel the ball press on it, he may wake up some more muscle connection and bring yourself up. Let's go to the other side. So open, open, open and in, in, in other side, and open, open, open, and in, in, in for more. You can do this with bent knees if you need a little help and those hip flexors are a little reprieve. One leg is stationary, lifting up. The other one is moving.

You're probably recognizing the differences in your sides at this point. That's okay. Seek the balance of sensation between the two legs. Okay, here we go. Now just for a little break, bend your knees, shake your feet and back up. We go. Adding on. Firstly it goes out to the side. Now instead of it being at there, I want to have you raise it halfway up. So look at the space between top and bottom leg and minimize my half.

Hold that leg there. The other leg is going to go over to join it. Use Your obliques to get that leg there. We were already there in that little warm up, right hold, hold, hold that. Keep them straight as you bring your center other side all the way out. Find your all the way.

Minimize the space between the two legs by half. Hold it there. The other leg joints that you have to lift your hip off of the mat to set leg on leg hold. Inner thighs should be very actively working to hold the legs and we live. Okay, so that's the work.

Let's go out to bring it up into up to other leg joins in one, two. Let's hold it for to hold and hold to the ceiling for two and two other leg out in one to bring it up. One, two top leg meets the bottom leg. One, two. We get a hold it for one, two and bring it up. The next pattern we do a little leg circle in there for the full circle corkscrew open, bring it up. Do top to bottom to when we do a little horse shoe around. Back to center. Once on the other side, open to pull it up into top line.

Oh over little screwed down round center. Let's bend and release. Okay. Shake the feet. We're going to go full corkscrew now. Yeah, we will. Arms back. Legs up in. Oh, up. Legs down. We were there earlier. We can do it. Breathe in. Get the back down. Send the legs up over.

All right. I'm a big fan of pick the side you want to go down first. We'll do six repetitions. You're our responsibility is to keep the legs as one leg. All right, here we go. Pick a side girl down your spine. You can go in a pretty big circle. Study the evenness in the arms overhead and he'll begin traveling down the opposite side of your back. You may feel those balls like that little fence be created up over.

Yeah. On the first side are your arms helping you? Can you help pull them? It's like the mat is being pulled underneath with those arms. Wait one more each side. So we're already doing hip circles. We're doing it supine. Shh. Last one.

Now I'm roll. Tuck your knees into your chest. Let your hands go and roll up to a seated position. Yay. Okay. Open links. Let's do saw real quick. Open your arms out and really taken all this space with your, yeah, just think adjustings taking this space around you with this arm, with this arm. And once again, choose the side you'd like to go to first. Turn to it. Keep your shoulders square. I'm going to take my front arm forward, my back, arm, back and square those shoulders. Pause for just a sec. You guys.

You're doing great. So think about the opposite hip, not just being on the mat, but reach it back to where the, you know the ball is behind you. Is Little diagonals going on today. Roll all the way up. If it's go to the other side, we can't see it. We know it's there round forward. So not just on the mat but region backward, backward to that and the front end Ford. Feel that effortless. Go again. Inhale a little more flow. Exhale, reach your hip to the back ball and the back wall. How funny in alm, where do I come up with it? Accidentally ground when we'd side, not about the shape. We're making it our body.

It's the connection we feel inside and I think we're feeling some good stuff. Other side, exhale and openly rocker comes cause we need a little more rolling works to bring your legs together. Let's do the same thing. Transition hips up to heels, not quite as far. Maybe hang onto your ankles and lift your legs up to your open. They grow anchor position. Okay. And rather than sinking down into the lower back, you're still in a c curve.

But lift is if you could bring your legs out of your body and lift, create a little more negative space between your belly and your thighs. Six rolls. Here we go. Roll. Lift the hips, roll back. Good. And suspend the hips up and [inaudible] keep going so there's arms can help. They've been helping us in some other exercises. Use them to help lift this way. Nice. You guys. Three more. Roll. Roll up and lift your legs and roll and lift the legs. One more of you rule. Yeah, we lift. Let's go ahead and just do a teaser here.

Since we're there and we're already, we know we have to use for hip circles anyway, so that's the feeling, right? Hold it. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. And then rebound. Okay. What I want us to do now, we're getting into the old bleaks a little. These are where it gets, it gets a little unconventional to come face me. Bring one of these down to put your head on it. You know what it is not.

Your head is like right above your ear on your skull and the bottom arm could be long for just a second and then your knees, you know kind of clamming. Yeah, your heels. Maybe let's do this here. Yeah, bring your what Aaron just did. You brought your heels back in line with the back of your pelvis. There we go. Okay. Now this bottom arm, let's just gracefully bring in here and this one could go here just for some different organization and just kind of feel this hand press holding your shoulder down and this one can press up a little and your side waist is lifted and we're going to do about 10 of these clams. So the ball supporting our head is just maybe a little higher than we're usually propped and you're on the side of your shoulder and hopefully the ball being a higher, your shoulder isn't feeling so compressed, but I do want you to feel this lateral hips. Okay. You've done a lot of parallel stuff in class.

We are still going to work parallel. We're going to throw some balance into the hip work. I think this is nine. Do 10 if I've miscounted. Okay, that's enough. And they're just going to hold it this time and just lift the fight and just hold it contracting from the back of your hip. You know, your external rotators. Of course. Lift your thigh just a little bit higher. Okay.

You're going to hate me. Do little circles up here in the air, the sides of the ball. And I'm not thinking my knee is doing the circle. I'm thinking my thigh where it means my butt, you know right there. 10 um, I don't even know what count. I'm on. Four, three, two and one you no other way for 10 I promise. 10 and nine s stay focused on the back of your hip and four and five good. And six and seven and eight. Nine and 10 and we come in and just close up onto our elbow.

We go move this out of the way. I want you to take your hand and turn it backwards so that your finger tips are kind of facing down on the back of your head. Yeah. And stretch your legs out. Long forward of us a little bit. So we've got a nice, oh, you could even, you know, referenced that. Yeah, why don't we do that, but it right by the side of the ribs. So if if we rested, we'd be resting. I don't want us to just tap it as lightly touch lift the top leg, flex top arm is here. We're going to front back kick. Here we go. And we can exhale.

Exhale in hell and exhale and inhale two more plain ones. And then I'm going to start bringing in some rotation since we will need a little bit of that in spine. So come forward and slow it down. Look up to the ceiling, rotate your chest, rotate your face down to kick back three more. You might feel some snap crackle pop lift over that little ball though so we're not really resting on it. Lyft, Uber, rotate. Good. One more.

Kick and kick and lift and hold and that's enough. And let's bring our stuff together. This hand goes down. Slide ourselves up, tuck your hand onto your ankle and let's go for a little side bend, stretch haul. I would say let's lower linkedin our lower back. And bring your tail under just a little bit and think of leaning first or pressing the air toward the patio. Good. And then lengthening from tail to fingertips. Good.

Let's all take two more breaths together and we're going to sense the back ribs fluffing up in the back are getting a little wider since we're not supposed to be arching her back so much, you know. And then here we go. Add a little rotation. You can hold underneath that knee. Hollow in, up with the abdomen and down with the shoulders. Yeah. Good. One more big breath.

[inaudible] [inaudible] and let's just do those couple of pieces facing the other way. You can still face me, so just bring one of those for your head. The one. Okay, so tuck that arm long. You want to get right on the side of your shoulder, right on the side of your head. Yep. Above your ear. Okay. Knees bent, your heels are back in line with your sit bones. And then you've got this hand on your shoulder to help encourage it to say down. This one is here and we began 10 [inaudible] side waste is lifted.

It should be a little easier to just naturally lift it since you're already up the height of the ball. And four strong heels pressing together. Five and six. Seven. If you could see us from the ceiling, we'd have a really long back. No arch spines. Nine.

Okay. And 10 we're holding the hole is good to keep reminding those muscle groups to stay active. We need them to help pick up our fi. We don't need such a grippy hip flexor. We need some pretty strong external rotators. So I would say when we start our circles, press your thigh back and then down around and the circle is about the size of that ball. Yeah, right in the back of the hip.

Four and five, whatever it feels. Rest in your foot. You can point, you can relax, you can flex an age is acknowledged. The two sides of you feeling different maybe and 10 other way and one to one three and we're breathing and we're getting long in the spine, strengthening the hips and he's strong hips to be able to lift the legs. All right, and it's not just the abs nine and 10 and we lower. Okay. Front kickback kick. So up we go on a hill.

Well we brought one of those balls underneath the side of our ribs, took our long legs out and came forward and we begin front pack. Let's breathe to prepare. Good. Exhale for plain ones and then four with a little rotation, fun and back and front press that side behind. You can use those glutes. Press that side back. Here we go for some rotation. Chest up, chest down, crack, test up. Amazing. It's a great example of just changing where your body is in the normal movement pattern. Front kick back kick is usually pretty linear, but if you add some twist, that was enough. It just changes things, right?

Just gives us a little extra. Something always good to do. Plot is so good for that. So stretch first ribs back. Here we go. Think of it as a lean rather than such a bend. So that this side, this side is also lifted up. [inaudible] right. What could get heavier? The sit bones, the base of us like a pedestal bowl. Just down. There we go.

We're pressing the air call over to our head. Over our head. Okay. Keep that sense of volume as we go to rotation so we don't collapse. We round over. Beautiful three beautiful mermaids. Checking out our fins, which could be the boot Tay. Check it out. I mean we're looking back, right?

Okay. Let's go down on our bellies. Now. Take the props with us. You're going to put your foreheads on those. Interesting little setup, but yep. Your News, your work. So I mean here. So I've got the my forehead almost by my hairline on the mall. Yeah. And you know what guys? It's just been our hands like this. Read the sides of our shoulders first. Okay.

We do need some back muscle work for the hip circles. Definitely for upper back. More than the whole back. So I'm going to just take a breath. Exhale, heavy pubic bone. One no more. Inhale. And then exhale as if I'm dragging the mat. Now with my hands, I'm going to just pick my head up off the balls, look at them with my eyes, look past them with my eyes and my nose, my chin, my chest, and just stay there. So the ribs are still down on the mat.

Use those hands and kind of drag yourself, your chest toward the balls. Okay. And then down we'd go. Let's do three more. Exhale, eyes, nose, chin, chest toward the balls and up. It's the upper back. I want us to study. Yes, nice. And all the way down into more.

And exhale eyes. It beautiful you guys. And at some point the hands really won't stay there for long. In a minute we'll do a little breaststroke. Let's do one more plane when setting the tone in the upper back. Good.

Okay. Then as we come down, still Hansen, excuse me, forehead on the bowls. Hover your hands now keep those elbows nicely pulled in against the rib cage. Nice and snug. Triceps and lats breathing. However they head off the bolts only as high as you can manage their and no popping out and reach the arms forward. Circle the arms back. Pinky finger should touch the thigh. If you can rebuild the elbows, we're not going to come down. Three more.

Reach open and touch and ban. Two more. Last one, reach open and in hands down. Move the balls out of the way so you can put your forehead all the way down. Okay, let's do tooth one so you can, I'm going to move my hands further back by my side chest when I go through that same eyes, nose, chin, chest. I include the whole spine.

Now as you press up, I'm okay if you look up a little bit. Yeah, stretch the front of the body and come down. Maybe we'll do three of those. Two is not going to be enough for now and again, a full breath cycle. Let me sniff the air in low hat and down. One more time and inhale. Exhale is follow your breath with your movement and mower. [inaudible]. Okay. Come up into all fours.

Bring these with so that our risks are a little bit more, um, comforted today. Okay? So put your risks right on top of them. You're still inflection, but this is just a softer flection. You can separate your knees ever so slight and just do two cat backs of cat. Press down on the balls, lift the stomach up. I should be looking between those knees and let's come down into an arched bat is if you're trying to pull the balls towards your knees a little bit.

One more time curl. Okay. I'm going to keep stretching the front of the body, maybe for one more exercise and we're going to try some teasers and then move into hip circles. Okay, come on up for thigh stretch. Good does stretch out the thighs, hip flexors, since we're about to crank them up. And I think I'd just like you to do is to keep your arms right by your sides. Take an inventory of your shins, the top of the feet, like your, where your shoe laces would be. Impressed those down.

And then as we begin to shift the weight back to the tops of the feet, it's your knees that are pushing, reaching down into the mat. You don't have to go very far and come back up. Go to where a place where you feel like you, you're safe with it. Your knees aren't hurting, you're going to feel stretched there, but it shouldn't feel like pain. There are two different sensations in that. Breathe as you need to right now.

Could you go further out of your comfort zone safely? Two more times. Good at our ribs and our hips are nice and lengthened down the front line. We've got one more here. Well going back and strong quads. Bring us up. Okay. Rest.

Not for long. Okay, well all the way up. I think we're maybe done with these for you know, for pretty much for the most part. So let's just kind of put them off out of the way. All right. Come on to your elbows for a moment. I didn't mean that. I'm going to have you on. Let me down. Legs Up. Let's do three teasers.

Alrighty. Begin with those arms. Back and arms are open. Chest is open. Here we begin. Inhale, arms, head, chest. The legs will start to lower as we bring our upper body and we're just going to reach toward the toenails. Just reach. Now the lakes get to say there, they get to, we roll away from, we've been this open chest so many times today up again. Hold the abdominals back into that sacrum and we rolled out [inaudible]. One more time when we're up there. We'll do our teaser too.

Okay, now legs, just down a little. Get them ready. Two more. They're not heavy. They're light. They're light. Now we roll everything down, but we don't rest our legs. Darn it. We don't rest our arms. We hover. Let's move. Full breath to come up. Make adjustments. That's fine. Two more long legs. Here we go.

Long in her thighs toward big toes asset and we got it guys. One more. One more. Now I won't be that mean. Bring your knees down, your feet down. Arch, your spine shift. We're not quite there, but there were close. We're really close. Put your hands back on your edges of your mat. We're having the, we have an advantage because we're up on the raised mat.

So if you're at home and you don't have this ability, just do the best you can with a flat hand on your floor or your mat, or you may need to come down on your elbows for that. Okay ladies, Bend your knees in. Pull your hips up. Look down the landscape of your buddy. Past your knees. Yes. Contract your glutes. Lift your hips, push the arms down and come down.

So two more there. Breathe in big exhale. So we have two pushes. Heels push with three pushes. Hips push arms, push. Energy does not push and come down. One last time. Breathe strong arms to help hold our body weight up. Next exhale we come down. Hello.

Okay, take your legs up. Are we ready? Walk your hands back. All right. Before we do that, you can your hands back, palms face, back them over the mat if you want. You could still grip this way. You're going again, go down on the elbows. Either way. I'm going to go for the full form, which is here, but I'm going to be very mindful not to lock my elbows and roll my shoulders forward. So oppositional, but open the chest and a slightly bend my elbows. Okay. Connection more than appearance. So yeah, I don't care that my elbows are a little bent. I want my form to be, uh, supportive of my body. Here we go. We've been here. Go to the right hip, making a small exhale. I want to have this come up.

Hold the stable chest. Doesn't change. Exhale, lift. Hold to the right. Can the legs come higher to the face? They can hold to the left. Unlock the elbows. Exhale around. Hold. Once again, each side or heels are together, right? Last one.

[inaudible] Ben, come all the way up. Stretch forward. Tuck your toe. Hold onto your toes. Wasn't as bad. I think all the preparations really helped. Preps were one charter and let's roll all the way up to seating. Sitting. You know what I want to do though? Let's use these for one more thing. Maybe a little more weight bearing and just society.

I feel like we need a little more side work. So if we're on a front support, get yourself to front support and let's um, [inaudible] I'm going to f yeah, we're fine. Let's come toward the, the window up front here. So move whatever arm is not near the window to the window. Okay. We're going to turn and look out the window. Ben, the other elbow up and then you guys stay where you are. I'm gonna face you now. Yes, we've got this. Okay. Now take this arm and overhead. It's not in the neck. Remember when we held the arm overhead, when we just stretched our shoulders at the [inaudible] beginning there and then down. Go ahead Aaron. Two more.

So neck is easy. Our legs are squeezed together. All right, adductor magnus is working in there. One more time. Yes. And Open. You may need a little extra lift though, right? So hips and hips and hips. And then when we come out of it, let's level the hips and lift the arm and look back at it and open the chest. We were there earlier. Open. Yep. We're coming out of it. Put your knee down.

Bring the arm down. Regroup. Ah, lovely. Yeah, me too. Yeah, it's different. It's different on top of these things in the regular madam. Definitely feeling some different connection. Yeah. It's Kinda good in different way. Okay, so here we are. Okay. Now I'm gonna still face you. You guys will face me. No, your face away.

Camera time, right? Yeah. Here we go. Open their inner thighs are together. Where they meet. Their squeezing arm goes overhead. Yeah, that's right. I'd be on the side, would not. And then down I'm so involved. I didn't know where I was. Nice.

Yeah. And our arm down. One more time. An arm goes arguing over you there. We did a hip lift. We did a hip lift. We lower the hips, we leveled them when we took that arm back. Opening the sternum, opening the chest. Legs are still together. Bring your arm back, put your knee down and rest. Yeah. And then now we're done with those. Let go. Put your forehead down. Met your hips and kind of move side to side.

Roll over your shins just a little bit. Let's just finish with the stretch of our lower back, kind of an odd off-center stretch. So take your hands to one side of your mat. Such an easy little cool down and just, you know, stretch. It's that opposite hip again, like we felt in the saw, reaching back away from us to relink them that lower back on that side. And then the other side. Let's start to slow your breathing.

Once again. Recognize your different sides. They've done many things differently through day two class. We keep endeavoring to find the balance between all of that. And then just find yourself in the middle. You can roll on up. Let's place your hands on your legs.

Just take three breaths to finish like this. Thanks for taking class with us. Ah, letting me help you move your body. Thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you.


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Always happy to see a new Amy video! Excellent, as always!
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What brand are the weighted balls?
1 person likes this.
Thank you Lori! Emily....these are weighted balls by STOTT.. :)
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kitchen reno, living in dust. This is what I needed! Stress and anxiety significantly diminished! Thanks Amy!
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I only had time to do half of this class.( I promise to do the rest later). Just wanted to let you know, I really liked the queue when we were bridging and lifting 1 foot and pressing the opposite hand into the ball. really helped to stay equal on each side.
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Thank you Amy great Workout!
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You're right, those hip circles were not as bad as I had contemplated them to be. But the teaser.... Ugh!! My legs feel like they weigh 800 pounds. I try so hard to think " sink your femurs "
Thanks gals!
Connie Murtaugh....thanks for the feedback and glad the Hip Circles didn't feel too horrible when they came up in class!
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Awesome, intentional workout as always. Thanks Amy!
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