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Mat Workout

25 min - Class


Energize your body, mind, and spirit in this Mat workout with Kathy Corey. She teaches a basic Mat program that she she would give her body to get her ready for the day. She works on moving her body in all directions as well as using her breath to guide her movement.
What You'll Need: Mat

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love your classes
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Thank you Kathy, this was a nice way to start my morning. Always enjoy your classes, all the lengthening and rotation was just what my body needed! I have also found that doing a shorter, 20-40min, class works better with my schedule.
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That was like hitting the refresh button for my mind & body this afternoon! Thank you!
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I loved this class. I came home from work feeling depleted in every which way and I feel wonderful now. I loved your creativity in the oblique work. Thank you.
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I have heard so much about Cathy, wonderful class with lots of variety
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Just what I was looking for. Perfecto! and Grazie!
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I feel uneven today....This was perfect!
Hello beautiful instructor, I reminisced of the beautiful days I had with you while going the certification with you. This was very invigorating and balancing for me to begin my day! Insure miss you! Thank you very much.
Sorry about the typos. Correction while going through the ....
I sure miss you.Warmely
I always look forward to your classes. Loved all the rotation!
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