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Christmas Morning Surprise

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Grab your Santa hat and join Meredith "Meri" Rogers for her Christmas Mat workout! She invites you to give thanks for all that we have and also to find a lightness and ease throughout the class. She adds a few extra gifts to this class which make a great Christmas morning surprise! Happy Holidays!
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Dec 25, 2016
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It's Christmas, it's Christmas. And we're going to do Christmas workout and our Santa hats. I got my Santa or the rest of my fantasies and some else and y'all and lets do some Christmas working. So we're going to sit, start sitting, start sitting up with your feet on the floor and your hands behind your thighs and just look down and notice, set your feet are facing forward parallel to one another. And then after you've noticed that, allow your eyes to close. And just imagine that there's some lightness in your body that allows you to raise up a little straighter or a little taller.

Is that a lot of excess tension with ease and in here. And as you exhale you put a little bit of efforting into your arms using your arms to pull your spine even more so into alignment and inhale. And since it's Christmas we'll give thanks for all that we have both in our practice and in the rest of our lives. And we'll open up our eyes and inhale and exhale round the spine. So let the pelvis tuck under, pull deeply back through the abdominal so that you feel your abdominals working back against the spinal muscles, the muscles that run up and down the spine and try to stretch them longer. And then inhale, rise up, lengthen up in your body, use your arms as for as much support as you need to.

And then exhale as we round back again. So we're not taking the shoulders back and not taking the shoulders backwards. Just keeping the shoulders right over the pelvis. Just rounding the lower spine and inhale, build the spine back up tall again and exhale and drying backwards. So just preparing the body for movement, more movement than this.

And inhale lift and this time XL round. Find that round spine and then continue to roll backwards. Letting go of your legs as you do. Find your lower back legs. Connect to the mat. Inhale, lift your arms. Feel the connection of your own through the center of your body.

Open your arms out to the side, roll through your spine. Oh, we're going to touch each other. That's all right. And then lift up. Arms, come up towards the ears in here. Exhale around reaching your arms forward and then control your descent. Control your placement of your spine into the mat. Feel the lower spine. Come in, touch the mat. Inhale, arms go the open while we bring them forward and roll through the spine and allow the arms, the lifting of the arms to bring the back with us and then round reach forwards and then roll back articulating through the spine, her rotating the pelvis so that we're able to feel the lower spine. Come to the mat. Inhale, arms out forward and roll all the way up.

Putting all the way up. Arms Up. Float in here last time. Exhale around. Forward, roll back. Okay. Paying attention to the movement who were movement, your details and your own body. Arms at arms open, arms forward, gathering your moment, him to roll yourself up. Lift the spine all the way as you rotate towards me, bring the arms down in front of the chest. Exhale, roll down through that side of your spine, keeping the feet as still as you can. Inhale, rotate around to the other side.

Exhale, lift yourself up on that side, lift the arm and come to center and inhale to the back of the room and exhale around allowing the arms to just fold forward or fall forward. Rotate across parole. Ah, list up and rotate center last time. Both directions. Inhale towards me. Xcel feel they'll bleaks on that side. Contract to take you down into the mat. Inhale across the center, Xcel reaching, lifting your spine and center last time to the other side.

Inhale and exhale as we round. Inhale, come across. Exhale, lift, reach center. Open the knees, stretch forward over the legs. Roll up through the spine. As you do so, bring the knees back up and then exhale. Roll down again to the lower back. Yeah, pause their arms, palms down. We're gonna lift the right leg. Exhale and place it back down and lift the other leg and place it back down. And as we're alternating, life has the leg comes up.

See if you couldn't draw up or press the rib cage down and forward into the mat and down and reach. Ah, and as soon as changing from the hip last one leg goes down, body goes down and slide in towards your feet, preparing for a pelvic curl. [inaudible] if you're also wearing a Santa hat, you might find that it's quite hot depending on where you live in him. And exhale, articulate the spine. So we flattened the spiny d, enrolling the spine up, sending the knees energetically forward and the heels energetically backwards. Finding the hamstrings. Inhale deposits, Xcel to her roll down. So start from the throat. Feel the bones of the ribs, so that space between the bottom of the ribs and the top of the pelvis opens and lengthens and the pelvis lays down.

As you exhale and lift again, notice where your arms are in space or the arms or the shoulders. Crawling up into the ears are the arms long. Inhale and exhale, articulate. So chest ribs, stretching the arms long along the mat, so articulating or manipulating the spine from a number of different directions. Again, exhale to lift heavy shoulder blades.

That doesn't mean that they've pinched together. It just means that they lay flat and wide. Xcel to roll down. Okay. And we'll do one more rolling through the pelvis.

Inhale and exhale. Rolling up. Okay. Holding at the top. Breathe in. Keep the right leg on the mat. Exhale, lift the left way. Keep it bent. Inhale, reach to touch the mat. Can you create the same sensation of lifting the legs with your abdominals that we just did on the floor? Lift and I'm last to Xcel to lift and down.

Last one, XL to the lift and hold. Single leg, pelvic curl. Roll the spine down. Drop the tailbone and roll the spine up. Press down through the foot to lift the hips up in hand and XL. Roll down through the spine and inhale and exhale. Roll up through the spine and inhale and exhale. Roll down to the spine.

I'm trying to come right through the center of the spine and inhale and exhale. Lift up through the spine. Pause there. Stretch that leg to the ceiling. Make five circles to the inside of the body. Keep the rest of the body absolutely still to three stirring the leg in the hip joint. Four and five. Hold at the top and reverse. So five and four, small three and two and one.

And now as we placed the body down, bring that leg right in. Bring that hike the leg in towards your body as your pelvis comes down. Take that left leg straight down. Lift the right leg up, keep it bent. Hold onto the outside of the right leg with the left hand and twist. Looking over the right shoulder when you can.

Bring your right arm out to the side to counter balance. Giving the spine a little movement that direction. Come back to center, right foot goes down, hill, left knee Benz you can reorganize to lengthen or to get yourself squared again if necessary. Here we go. We roll through the spine and lift on pause as you arrive at the top and lift the right leg up. It stays bent. Inhale, reach, touch. It hinges from the palate, the hip, hip joint, and inhale, reach, touch, and exhale. Lifting the left hip hop last two and down last time and out.

Oh, we'll lift it up again and now we'll roll the spine down all the way. Drop the tailbone down and exhale. Hurrell lifting. Press the hips up high and rolled down. Anchoring.

Sending the center of the spine into the mat and in here, and lifting and hold and roll down. Yeah, and tail touches. And then lift up. Hold it there. Stretch that leg up. Get it nice and straight and circle to the inside of the body for a five circle. Lift four circle pass, three, two and one.

Hold and rivers reach back. Think of pulling that straight like back through your abdominals as well. Here's three. Here's two. Here's one. Hold here. Roll the body down, bringing that leg back back, back, back. Drop the tail. Take the straight leg down. Lift the bent knee.

Hold onto the outside of that side with your opposite hand and twist your body across. You can take your eyes in the opposite direction. I agree. Come back through center. Keep the left knee bent. Bring the right leg up to meet the left leg. Arms just wide down, wide to your sides. Palm face in how as we take the knees in my direction, an excellent as we work through the opposite side waist to bring the legs back together, deepen the navel to spine connection. As you reach the knees across the other, uh, the other direction, and exhale to pull back.

Inhaling over and exhaling back. Feel the abdominal is the navel pulled back towards the spy as your knees go across and then deep in that connection as you come back through center. We'll do two more to each side. Inhale over, exhale back. Okay. In Hill over, exhale back on the last one. We'll add a little extra stretch. So we'll go over towards me. Stay there, take the top leg and stretch it out and go a little further into your stretch.

Rebound that top way and come back to center. Inhale as you go the other direction, top leg stretches out. We use the weight of that, like to take us further into the stretch, folded in and come back to center. Place one foot down on the mat at a time. Reach back to bring your hands behind your head in here.

As you exhale, keep the head heavy in the hand, squeeze the legs together, curl the head and chest. Sta so you look forward, you do. Your gaze goes just past your knees. Now we're going to lift the pelvis so we do a little mini curl and then as the pelvis lays back down and we're going to send the chest up, up, up, up, and lower down. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Feel that the shoulder blades are wrapping around the sides of the body, the front and the sides of the body, and then hold the pelvis off the mat and then lower the pelvis down.

But like a conveyor belt. The this isn't go down without the upper body changing as well. And then down three more times. Exhale, head in, chest curling. Okay, Tuck the tail and the left low or the television. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and down. Last two times hadn't chest.

Okay, Elvis curl. So you can do that. On an inhale, we could lay the pelvis down on an exhale. We could lay the body down on an inhale and we'll be ready to go. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Okay. [inaudible] pelvis curls goes back down. Hands come behind the five here.

Now Curl and lift and reach the arms up and take the hands back and inhale and rotate in my direction in how come to center and exhale lift as you rotate. Try and for high. Inhale to center. Excellent. Ah, I've been over in Hilton a center. Excellent. Pin over in Hilton Center. X up a, been over in Yotpo Center. Maybe this is your Christmas gift.

Maybe we'll just keep doing it for five minutes. What do you think? I mean, getting a expression of mutiny from my class. Stop and reach your arms forward, sis. Take the legs out straight and from here, from here, rolling. Okay. [inaudible] roll up and take a stretch forward and then roll up all the way. Bend your elbows out to the side.

You make a little cactus arms who are gonna pull the abdominals and lift the spine. Twist towards me. Take the arms up, stretch the spine longer. Open the arms out to the side to twist more. Bend the elbows back in and find center. Inhale. As you lift and rotate, exhale, stretch the arms up. Lengthen up with your whole spy. Open the arms out to the sides, fold the elbows back in, and exhale to center.

And in here, lift in, twist. Exhale. Inhale, twist further. Exhale, bend and center. Breathe in and out. Somewhere in here. So just breathe. Exhale straight out. [inaudible] then bent, then center. And now just keep the arms just as they are. And we're gonna pull [inaudible] center and poor poor center, Paul Paul Center and Paul.

Pool Center and center lifting. As we twist, lifting, as we twist last time. Here's a special Christmas surprise. Take your arms, uh, flex your left foot. Oh yes. And we're going to lift the left leg, uh, and uh, and Ah, and how to keep the backlog and ah, and point. Flex the right foot and left. Ah, and and Ah, and Ah, reach forward. Pointing the fee or roll up.

Engineer. Rolling like a ball. So knees into the chest. Elbows wide, hands on the front of the ankles. Preston is together. Float the feet. Try to maintain the shape in your body as you rock back. Rock back in Rola and her rock and roll that and back.

Ah, two more times in here. Then exhale. Last one in here Anik. So we're going to go starting with our teaser challenged Jean King. The teaser challenge is for you. Yes it is. Happy Birthday.

Reach your arms forward. She's going to roll down if you need to. Use Your hands. Eula Rhoda, the very beginning of our teasers. Roll down the teaser prep. Just hold on and now roll Baca. Oh yes. And, and roll down. Trying to as best as you can to keep your legs nice and stable and her roll Baca. Nice.

And just remember that nothing's ever perfect so it's only has to be fun. Real Dad and I now will make an upside down Christmas tree for Jean. Go and then fold in at now. Roll down, keep the knees bent, bring the knees into the hands and double leg stretch. We reach out and back and reach out. What's the shape gravy boat there it is, the gravy boat and ounce and stretch long and contract last four and three and two and one. Now take the legs and the arms out.

Hold that. Bring your arms around, Rola up, have hold there. Stay right behind your pelvis. Bend your left knee, right leg goes forward. And here you can. Hold on. It's allowed. We're gonna roll down. Roll down both hands to the top of the left knee and switch. Five, five, four, four.

This face. Three, three, two. Pull down on the knee. Two, one. Stay here. Arms forward or behind the left way. Roll. Oh, change at the top and roll down. Oh, control it. Control it.

And here we go. Hands on the knee and switch. Five, five, four, three, two, one. Oh, and up. Hello Dan. Dominal. Torture for Chris Smith. Hands behind your head and twist. Five, five, four, four, lifted. You twists. Three, three, two, one. We're gonna Center with the left knee and right leg.

Oh yeah, come up there. Oh, I got stuck. Switch that. Go back down. Down is easier than the app. Hands behind the head. And with five, five, four, four, three, two, one. Center with the right knee and left leg out. This is it. We can do it. We're going to roll that up and a match the legs.

You're gonna reach the arms now rollover into teasers. So we go down and over. It's not easy with a pompom and rolled. Yeah. Lifting the head roll down rural and [inaudible] hurry and okay. And Roll Down [inaudible] and and Oh no, you lost your hat and oh and yeah.

And you leaving your hats there on purpose. Okay, so that's yours. Your reward for that. We're gonna take the legs to the back and the arms to me. Twist and swift and twist, twist, twist and twist and center down and over and flex your feet. Separate your legs. Roll down all the way. [inaudible] lifting the hand. Rolling. Huh? Reaching for the legs.

Open leg rocker. Here we go. You rock back. No, no one hat. [inaudible] the sweat is holding on because they had the Christmas hats are furry. The sweat holds them on. Okay, we're going one more time, my friends. Ooh, but let's get straight first, Meredith. Okay. That was for me and back and up and hold it.

I like go and take the legs down and sit up. Look perfect. Time to put your hats back on. Now you don't have to if you don't want. In all honesty, I said, arms out, straight, back long and straight in here. Take the chin down into the chest and begin rounding forward. Stretching forward, switching in words and downwards and reaching out and inhale.

And then we stack the spine bone by bone until we arrive back up right and India and chin comes into the chest. Ribs pool back in, in top of the head, reaches forward. Spine lengthens. Lang thins out and hold and exhale. [inaudible] [inaudible] spinal column. This bones are wide and flat.

Perfect for stacking. Excellent to roll down. This is the last one like this. And inhale and exhale to lift and into spine starts with extension. We'll do three. So roll down, send the arms to the ear, send the spine out. Long flatten out the backs of reaching forward on the diagonal. Go back down between the legs and then just easy on the way upstairs. Slept the spine, find itself again and inhale and exhale as you round down.

Arms to the ears. Reach way out, long through the back of it. Nice and flat. Exhale to go back down and up. One more time. Sit Tall in. Yeah. Excellent. You're around. Anyhow, we take it out along. Stay here. Take your hands and just allow them to fall. They will relay on where they do.

Pull your back a little straighter, get a little longer, get a little bit more extension. Reach out and up through the arms. Now the arm from the back of the room, I want it to come to me. It comes in between the center of the legs and I want you to pull with that arm and take your other arm back, look back at it and then sweep back to center and then we'll switch. So I'm from the front of the room pulls, we reach her hand behind us. Reach around behind the easy back to center and let's inhale as we go into our rotation and exhale as we come back to center and in Yazzie go into our rotation.

Yeah. Ex, how's he come back to center and then lift from their stay lifted, twist, split the arms and reach the friend. Term reaches for the back arm, reaches back, push the arms away from one another in opposite directions. Lift up background comes up to meet the front arm as we grow taller, taller, taller and center. And inhale and exhale dive and range and take their arms away from one another.

Reach out and reach out and up. Both arms up as you come to center and lift and twist and reach forwards and reach and up as you come through center. Growing taller all the time. Switch, reach and stretch. Lengthen and Aww twist, lift and stretch. And I reach and last time to s lift and stretch.

Long reach, ah, and Ah, and then reach back and bring your hands behind your head and then lift your spine up taller and start bringing your chin in to your chest. Imagine that you're rounding over the top of something as you drop your elbows towards your legs and reach the top of your head down. [inaudible] and then take your hands away from your head and leave your hands there and roll your spring, your legs together. Hands come behind you. So poor pushing the mat away a little bit wider with your hands. Probably Jackie. Better to pushing the mat away. It's fine for the hands. Fingers to face out, back support.

And now lifter lift, reaching the tops of the feet down towards the floor and sit back. Oh, and now here's another special surprise teaser. Oh No, I didn't know that. That would work. I've never done it before, but it sure does. And we go down with the legs and back with the arms. We find our back and press up center of the back, working to support the shoulder blade and sit back. Little Tuck in the pelvis, get right behind the tailbone and float the legs down.

Arms back, heels down and press okay. And then down here it is full and Dan, arms back and press up and down. Last time, find your teaser, take your arms back overhead and now roll through the spine and bring your knees into your chest. And then in turn so that you're facing me. Long legs had down on the arm, knees facing forward, feet and ankles lined up in here. We're going to reach the legs away to lift and then lower.

They don't come all the way down. They just hover and we reach out and not. And Dan. Yeah, reach out in a down to more. Reach Out Anna and Dan last time, reach out. And that pause here. We're going to extremely rotate the hips. We're going to take the bottom like forward top like back in. Cool. Cool.

Center pull, pull center. So the scissor kick and pull, po centered. Keep the front of the body engaged and pull full center. Last too. One more.

Keeping the body stabilize, top light goes back bottom. That goes forward. And not both legs go up and, and, and, and three hats covering my ass for, I can't see what's happening and fi oh and bend the bottom. Me, come up onto your elbow. The them out away from the bottom of the ribs. Bring the opposite hand back behind the head and press the head into the hands.

So get those bottom ribs to come up. It's almost like you're trying to tip over away from your elbow on your pelvis. Flex that foot and kick forward, forward, back, back. Inhale. Inhale, back, back, forward, back, back. Okay. Keeping the trunk nice and stable, keeping the shoulder nice and stable.

Last four and reach three. Lifting the bottom ribs to clean the bottom rents. One, hold it, the back. Rotate around, bringing that Tan from behind the head to the mat. Now use the forearm and the hand you just placed on the mat to pull your body forward and up. And then lift that like up and backwards.

And now pulse up with the back leg. Ah, ah, ah, ah. Reaching out and forth through the chest and four and three and two and one. Come back through center. Take that leg, bend it, pull it behind you. Press your foot into your hand, pull your foot into your leg and then pull the whole shape back and then bring the knee around the front of the body. Sit Up. He comes right into the center of the chest, spine lifts, hip draw ups, all reaching all the way, lifting up out of the lower back and take the opposite hand around the knee, wrap it around, put the other hand down wherever it makes sense to push up with your spine.

So we're twisting towards the leg and then rotate around and then come back through center and unwind. Bring the legs around to the other side. So lying all the way down. [inaudible] landing up the body in a straight line. Knees together, big toes aligned. Ankles aligned and reach the legs out and [inaudible] and [inaudible] and down. Working through the entire trunk, not just the upper waist, not just the lower waste. Both sides of the waste.

Narrow together as the legs are moving through space. Last two and down. Last time. Hold there. Externally rotate both hips. We're going to take the bottom like fort top, lake, back end pole pool center, pool pole center. Create your body is the center of your scissor, so especially as the top leg goes to the front. Equally pull the back leg backwards last too.

Okay, last one. Okay. Legs come back together. Oh No. We take the top leg back and we go up with both legs and down, working from the center of the body, bringing the pelvis and the ribs together. Okay.

Two and one. We're gonna hone in a bend the bottom knee. No push into the hand. Come up onto the elbow, push the elbow into the mat and lift up with their rib. Cage. Hen reaches up to come behind the head so you have a straight line between your shoulder and your pelvis. Foot flexes and we go pull, pull, reach, reach. Inhale. Inhale, reach, reach. Put a lot of focus into the undercarriage of your body.

More so even than the moving lake. That's where the stability of the trunk comes in. What's fun, Aaron? Okay, Aaron's having a private laugh last time. Okay, we're going to hold back my, it's not going to tell us her jokes, so we're going to work our butts. They're going to turn, I'm going to reach out through the chest. Lift, lift, lift. Use this arm to pull the hand that's on the mat, to pull the forum to push reach up through that back leg and lift and less, less sending the lake out and back out and back fi for staying up. Siri.

Yeah. Bend the knee. She's the Naughty Elf. Yeah. All Sanchez workshops have been naughty else. This is not right. No, I don't want her to behave. And then come around the front with that leg.

I prefer that she would be less behaved personally. Yeah. Good. So bringing the knee into the chest, lifting the spine into the leg, and then we can take the opposite arm to leg. We can turn towards the leg that's closest to the body. The other hand goes behind us and we lift the spine. Yeah.

Okay. And then we're gonna come back to the center. We're going to turn onto our hands and knees. So let's go both hands right under the shoulders, right? Like back on the Mat. Stand on that leg, lift the leg, left knee off the mat, and then just let that left knee pendulum. It comes across to the right arm and underneath, across to the right arm and underneath to the right arm and underneath like Christmas bells last time. Step it back, put it down. Bend your arms, three to one.

Hold right leg den. I'm not going to take us upside down. We'll all lose our hats and pendulum in and back. Maybe I will in, so bringing like a cross with you please. And two and one step back. Three pushups when or does hold your plank to three. Okay, and lift up.

Can we lift up into a up stretch without losing our hats? It seems that we can. That's exciting. And then lift your heels, curl the spine forward. Some of us can and bring the left knee in, round your spine, round your spine and then straighten and reach out and in and out and in and out and push the other leg away and add last time in. Step back. Three pushups. Come down on two knees if you need to or just don't do the pushup at all.

Life is full of choices. You're welcome to me the ones that work for you. And lift this. Jackie's where we stick our stick our hats on us with our own sweat around, forward, forward, right, like and now me into the chest and then reach back and knee into the chest theory opposite like oppositely. They say that he was the one. And then step in last week. Pushups, Ben, press one, press two, press three and lift the hips up. High abdominals in spine long. We're going to roll up onto the feet.

Now stay lifted on your toes and as you bend your knees, stay lifted on your toes as you bend your knees to the Mat so you get stretched through the feet. And then take your body down onto the mat. Elbows underneath, shoulders, spine lifted. Feel here as we go into the double leg kick that you're sliding your upper arms backwards towards your pelvis will hold onto the hands, so the upper arm slide backwards towards the palace. As that happens, the upper body slides forward and out through the arms. And then we're going to float the knees up off the Mat and rain the kick, right, like first kick, kick, switch kit, kick, inhale, inhale.

Inhale and exhale. Exhale, exhale. Keep all the time lifting up and forward with the BOP. Bop, Bop, Bop, Bop, Papa. Lift the chest. Pull the arms back, lift the chest, keep the legs up. Keep the spine Steve. Three, two, last one. Both legs. Separate your hands. Lay Down, head turns in one direction and kind of behind the back. Nice and high. Elbows drop. And then we can't. One, two, three and stretch the body. Long eyes down on the mat.

Head turns to the other side. Kick one, two, three and reach. Ah, and kick one, two and reach long and kick. One, two, two. We reached one. One more time to eat. Say and reach long and last time, reach long. Let the legs come down. Separate the hands. Bring the arms down just next to the body. Palms facing down.

And then just do little up presses with the arms for five up and back. Four up and back. Three keeping the body long too. And one the lower the arms. Lower this spine, forearms to the mat. Press up and sit back.

Sitting all the way back towards the scene. [inaudible] Joe says this is called the Turkey position. Unless you've eaten too much Turkey and there's no room to go into this position and then go over to one side with both arms and stretch the opposite side of the body. Okay, going back through center and over to the other side. He came back through center, coming up onto the hands and knees, finding a long straight body and press down with your arms and press the chest up towards the upper backs of the chest is pulling away from the Mat.

And inhale here. Exhale, we're gonna Tuck the tailbone under to Tuck the tailbone under. And inhale as we come into a neutral position and exhale. Elongate through the spine till the upper arms. Pull back the back of the head, reaching up towards the ceiling and then find center. And exhale, press arms. Press Down Shins, press down, feet, press down, spine or rounds. Inhale, neutral. Exhale, finding extension and back around and back an extension and back and tuck the toes under and lift the hips up and bend your knees and look forward and hop and sit. Take the right leg. Over the top of the left leg.

And we're gonna reach forward. So when you squeeze your legs together, think of squeezing, not from your ankles, but from the thighs, upper thighs. And then we're going to tip backwards. Let the, the lower spine come to the mat. Arms come to the mat, lift the legs, roll over. The Boomerang. Christmas is not complete without the boomerang according to this year. And then roll down, lift the head, reach up. Ah, okay.

Take the hands behind you. Stretch legs, go down, abdominals dry in, arms come around and yeah, or roll back. Lift the legs and rule over uncrossed. Re cross the legs and oral up. Oh and [inaudible] and all around and stretchable the abdominals in the direction of the hands and down and our Andean bear. Arms down, lift up and over with the lengths and crossing recross and roll down.

Lifting the head, bringing the arms app around the back end. Stretch and down and around to their friend. One more time through rolling back talking the ta arms come down, legs up and over and cross recross roll down. Lifter smoother each time. Yeah. And then around to the back. Stretch back.

Go down around to the friend. Give yourself a stretch there. Just pull, I crossed the length. Put the other leg on top. Give yourself a stretch there. Just pull. Yeah, lift up. Bend your knees. Yes. This one too. So for all your Christmas Krebs out there, Aaron, Megan had to bring the legs underneath the knees.

Round the spine. We're going to open and close the next one, two, three. Rock back. Hold it. One, two, three. Elbows and chimneys. Knees and elbows. Find your balance. And this is fun, right? Supposed to be fun. Two, three, rock back. Okay. And one, two, three, eh, up. Yes Ana.

Awesome. And one I had no ones working out after Christmas dinner. Jackie, this is before Christmas dinner. This is to get you nice and ready for Christmas. Dinner one to me. Let's go down with the feet. Scoot away with your hips.

Hands to the front edition. Lift your spine, lift. You're signing. Close Your eyes again if you want to or they can stay open. Mine are going closed. So with however you want to do work with your arms, however you wanna use your arms for support here, do that. I'm thinking about just, I'm bending mine a little bit and just a really light, really light sense of support. And then as you exhale, let your body around however you want, Tuck the tail round forward, pull backwards whenever feels like it might make the most sense to you. And then in you as you reach [inaudible] just to appreciate the gift of moving in your body. And then there was that too. Let's do that two more times.

You could change, you could go forward this time instead of backwards or backwards instead of forwards or whatever. And then lift up and then one more time you around and lifting. And then pause here. Appreciating that you have a body to move and thank you to my friends for your coming in. Me Wearing Santa hats. Thank you to you for taking class and Merry Christmas.


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Thanks for this class! Love the teaser variations! Merry Christmas!
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Just finished eating all of Santa's cookies so I will be happy to take this class in the morning. Happiest of holidays to you!!
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What a wonderful and challenging workout! Thank you Meri! And Merry Christmas!
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Was hoping for a Meri Christmas class again this year. Thank you for the gift--can't wait to do it. Merry Christmas xo
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Awesome class Sweet Meri! Your helpers did a great job too! Best Christmas and Birthday present ever!
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I absolutely love your classes- back feels much better thank you! Merry xmas!
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So enjoyed this Christmas mat workout! A great stress reliever after all the holiday shopping/cooking/wrapping! Thank you! Merry Christmas!
Lina S
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It was fun to have a special Christmas class. I've really enjoyed the fluid transitions.That added some challenge!
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Merry Christmas , some of us stupid people did it after our Christmas lunch!
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Merry Christmas Meri! What a class- best Christmas class yet. I especially love the Gravy Boat! Xo
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