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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Connect to your side body with this dynamic Mat workout by Carrie Pages. She skips the fundamentals goes right to work, making sure you initiate each movement from your core. She adds fun transitions, like Criss Cross between each exercise in the Series of Five, to keep your abdominals engaged throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, everyone. I'm Carrie Pages, and we're gonna do a mat class today, skipping fundamentals. We're just gonna go right into the workout and hopefully sweat a little bit, so here we go....


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I was loving Carrie's video workout, but when it got to the stomach cuts there perhaps a problem with the video??? I have never had this happen before?
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Yay It came back and worked.....lovely class Carrie !
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Great class Carrie! Thank you! :)
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Absolutely LOVED this tough class. Cues are fantastic. Thank you Carrie.
I had minor problems with the video not keeping up with the sound..... kept wiggling my mouse and it was ok ...
Sophie and Brenda ~ I'm sorry you both had trouble with this video. When I tried it, it played all the way through without any issues. I recommend trying a lower video quality as it sounds like a problem with the internet connection. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
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Carrie's buoyant instruction and personality coupled with some finely nuanced cues really made for a great class. I'd watched the first few minutes the night before and was hesitant since I need hands behind my head for supine positions that require me to lift my head. I took her "permission" to use one arm to mean permission for both and am so glad I didn't get scared off of taking this excellent fun lovin' class. Anyone else hear Carrie's laugh and think of Alycea ?
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Really fun and energetic class. Thank you Carrie
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Beautiful workout! I absolutely loved it!!
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Great class Carrie! Tough and challenging so I will repeat this class often. Great the surprise "holds" as well.
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great class love from london
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