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You will "work your butt off" in this Mat workout with John Garey! He teaches a full body workout, using the Magic Circle, Theraband, and your own body weight to challenge your glutes and abdominals. His positive energy will make you forget how hard you are working during his intense combinations like Jack Knife to Teaser, Side Kick Kneeling, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Welcome to Pilates Anytime. Today we are going to do a mat workout. So my name is John Garey, I'm joined today by Kelly and Jake. They're good friends of mine. They also work at my studio and they are ready to work their butt off, which is exactly what we're gonna focus on today.

We're gonna focus on glutes and abs. It's a full body Pilates mat workout. We're gonna be using flex-band, or resistance band, fitness circle, or magic circle, and we're gonna be using our own body weight to do this exercise. So as we go through today you might need to modify some of the exercises, you may need to omit some of the exercises. Listen to your body.

I'll give you some modifications as we go through it and if there's anything that doesn't feel exactly right to you, try those modifications out alright? Are you guys ready to go? Let's get started right into it. We're gonna start with our legs folded sitting up nice and tall, and we're just gonna do a little stretch here. So grab your flex-band, and you're gonna take that band and bring it right around your back.

We're gonna warm up the upper body and the spine to begin with, so we're gonna start with just a bend and stretch. So sitting tall, reach forward and then come back in. So just reach out, and come back in. Let's get the breath flowing. Inhale as you reach out, exhale as you come back in and as we're moving let's think about what we're doing with our bodies, alright?

So let's bring some awareness to your spine. I want you to sit right up on top of the sit bones, I want you to feel the length of your spine and I want you to have your head sitting right up on top of your cervical spine, eyes looking forward and let's do that two more times guys, reach forward, and come back in, and one more time. We're gonna take this right into what's called the offering. So we're gonna reach out. Now, you're gonna turn your palms up as you reach the arms to the side, you're gonna come back to the front, and then drop the elbows back down in.

Breathe in, (deep breath) and exhale. Breathe in, and exhale. Good, and again reach... So this is gonna warm up the front of the shoulder and the chest muscles, let's do that two more times, reach, and open, close, and in and one more time. Reach, out, close, and come back in.

Now we're gonna take this into a spine twist. So you're gonna reach forward, now with your right arm open it to the side leaving your left arm where it is and follow that hand with your eyes, then come back to the center and bend your elbows back in. Let's do that again with the other side. Breathe in, now take your left arm out to the side opening, come back to the center, and then drop the elbows back in. Let's do that again.

Reach, and rotate, come back to the center, drop the elbows back in. Let's do that again. Breathe in, and exhale, come back to the center and it should feel really good. Reach, now that front arm stays where it is. You rotate away from it, come back to center and back in.

Just one more time here, reach, rotate, center and drop it in. Alright, you're just gonna drop that band down, lift up your seat and sit right on top of it for a little side bend stretch. With your left hand, hold on to the band. Breathe in and reach that arm up above your head exhale and stretch away from the band. Breathe in, and then come back down.

Let's stay on that same side. Breathe and reach up, exhale reach over lengthen up and over, nice. Come back up, and come back down. One more time on that side. Reach up and over, come on back up and lower it out.

Make sure you're getting that full breath in. Breath in with the other side reaching up. Lengthen through that side. Now reach right up and over. Come back up, and down.

Let's do that again. Breathe and reach, come right over to the side. Come back up and down, we've got one more. Breathe and reach up, stretch over, we don't want to be walking around in circles later we gotta even ourselves out, and then come back down. Alright, you guys ready to work the glutes?

So we're gonna get right into warming up your glutes. I want you to keep your flex-band close by, and you're gonna come down onto your back on the mat, and we're gonna start without the band first. I want you to find your nice neutral alignment and make sure... What I mean by that is that your lumbar spine isn't pressed down into the mat. You have a little space between it and the mat.

From here rest your arms down by side, bring your heels close to your seat, breathe in. Keeping the neutral alignment at the lumbar spine push your hips up pressing into your heels, and then fold at the hips to lower back down. So we're not articulating through the spine, we're actually lifting straight up and coming back down. That's gonna help us... Hinging at the hips is gonna help us get into the glutes and hamstrings.

So press up, and lower back down. Two more times, exhale to press up inhale to lower back down. Now one more time here, press up, and lower down. Now just take one leg and cross your ankle over the opposite knee here, just like so. And now we're gonna do that same thing but we're gonna press up with one leg.

Double the work. Press up, and lower back down. Again, just hinge right at the hip joint, open up the front of the hip, now fold at the hip to lower the pelvis back down. One more time on that side. Press, and lower back down.

Let's just re-cross, breathe in. Exhale, press up, three, and lower back down. I like to think of my knee reaching away from me as I lift up... That's really gonna help you open up through the front of the hip. One more time, reach, and come back down.

Alright so put that leg down that we started with. Now grab your flex-band, and you're gonna put that band around your other foot. Make sure guys that it's spread out, you don't wanna lose the band. So spread it out, and spread it out toward the middle and ball of the foot here. And we're just gonna drop choke up on it and drop the elbows down on the mat.

You're gonna straighten that leg out for now. Then I want you to press your hips up right there, good. Now in that position, bend your knee in toward your chest. When you press it out, press it so that it's almost level with the other leg, or level with the other leg if you can. Breathe and bend, and exhale, press.

We're gonna do that three times. Bend, and press. We're gonna pick up the pace here a little guys. No snail pace, and press away. One more time, press it out, reach it away, from there...

Keep the leg straight, lift it up, stretch, lower it down. Your goal is to keep your hips level. Lift, and lower. Do that again, lift, and lower. You should really be feeling the glutes on that working leg.

Lower back down... I know I can, lift, and lower down. We've got five more believe it or not. Five, and pull it down, and breathe in. Exhale pull it down, lift, and pull it down.

Let's do two more, lift and pull it down. We've got one more, lift, pull it down. Now lift it up, hold it up there, we're not done yet. You're gonna drop your hip to the mat, press it up. Ten, and all the way down to the mat.

Press it up, nine, good, push into that band. Eight, elbows locked on the ground. Seven, and exhale six, really focus on those glutes. Five, push it up, four... Ooh, that band is giving me some resistance.

And three, and press it up, two and one. Now lower the hips, bend your knee and just pick up your other foot and switch which foot is in the band. From here, hang on for a second and just feel the difference in your glutes. Yep, we gotta even them out right now. So straighten that leg up toward the ceiling and push your hips up. (deep exhale) Bend your knee in toward your chest, now when you press it out, you press it out so that it's even with the other leg, and bring it back in.

And again press out two, exhale as you press out, inhale to come in, and press. We're gonna go to five on this, and press. And one more, now on this one we stay long. Keep your hips level, lift that top leg up, pull it down pressing into the band. One, push your foot against that band.

Exhale, pull it down, two. And exhale, pull it down, three. Push into your heel on that bottom leg. And four, keep your hips lifted and level. And five, we've got five more guys.

And five, inhale up, exhale down to four. Stay with me, and exhale down three. Here we go, and two, we got one more then we hold it up there guys. Lower your hips, press back up for 10, and down. Nine, I can hear a lot of breathing, that's good.

Eight, press it up, and seven. I actually think I can hear you breathing at home. And six, here we go, press it up. Five, and four, good strong core, you press up three. And two, we've got one more, press it up there.

And lower it down, beautiful. Bend that knee in, and grab your fitness circle. So, just put the band off to the side, come on back down. We're gonna take the fitness circle and put it on the outside of the ankles, like so. Alright, so this is gonna work the abductors, the side of the glutes, and the side of the hip joint here.

So, we're gonna do our hundreds this way. Breathe in, and then exhale, flex up. (deep exhale) Arms are hovering, elbows are slightly bent. We're gonna pulse the arms up and down guys, breathing in, two, three, four, five as you exhale. Reach the legs out and push against the sides of the circle. Try to change the shape of that circle.

Inhale, come on in, and exhale, press away. Breathe in five whole counts, don't stop on three or four, and exhale, press it out, keep the upper body still. Come in, think of flattening the abdominals as you reach the legs out. Push against the side of that circle. Breathe in, (deep inhale) and exhale (deep exhale) Breathe in, pull the knees in toward you, and exhale, deepen the ab connection as you reach the legs out.

Breathe in, come on in, and exhale, reach. The legs can go as low as you can stabilize. And come on in. And reach out, totally lost count, so let's do three more, come on in. And exhale, reach away, two more, come on in.

Breathe in, and exhale, reach away. We've got one more, make it good, make it the best one. Breathe in, and exhale, r-r-reach. Now bring the legs in, grab the circle, place it in the hands, take it out, hold it in your hands, take your feet and stretch them out on the mat. Now keeping connected with the abs, reach your arms up over your head.

The legs can be together here, or they can be slightly separated, whatever feels good to you. From here, reach the arms up to the ceiling breathing in guys. Now put pressure against the sides of the circle, exhale, and roll right up over the legs. Now if you're having a hard time rolling through the spine, you can have your knees bent as you roll through. That will help you release the lower back a little bit.

Or, just come up as high as you can without jarring yourself. The arms come up, breathe in, and then exhale, flex right out over the legs. Inhale, begin to roll down, and exhale, roll down through. Good, and again, the arms reach up. Press against the sides of that circle and roll right up over the legs.

Then start to roll back down, and release all the way down. Okay, this is called the lose your pants exercise, so pull them up if you need to. The arms come up, roll all the way up through, connect, and then we're gonna roll back down, and release all the way down onto the floor. Good, from there we're gonna do a little combination exercises. We're gonna work the first part and the first part is our rollover.

So, this is challenging. You're gonna take the circle, and place it in your hands up above your head. You're gonna bring your legs through your tabletop and reach them out onto the diagonal. Let's just do this part first. So, you're gonna inhale, hinge the legs toward you, exhale, press against the circle and take the legs over your head.

Don't go onto your neck here, stay on the upper back. Now we're gonna the legs together guys, you're gonna roll down through, keep the arms where they are and send the legs away. If this is too challenging for you try it this way. Bend your knees, and then stretch over. Bend your knees, and then roll back down through.

If you can't roll all the way over bend your knees, and stretch them back as far as you can, that's fine. And then bend, and back. If you can roll over, roll over, and then roll back down. Let's do that one more time. Bend your knees, and roll over.

Now from here, you're gonna keep this shape. You're actually gonna bring your upper body up. You're gonna roll up into a teaser balance position. How'd we do? Good! Reach your arms up, keep your legs where they are, roll down away from them, so this is our combo.

Take your legs, and reach them back over. Now roll up from there, find your balance position, hold that, reach the arms up, and then roll away from your legs. (laughs) Oh my gosh, this is fun! Try that again. Reach back. Remember you can bend your knees at any point here to make it a little easier. Then roll up, find your balance... Feels so good.

Reach your arms up, lengthen... How're we doin' down there, good? And roll down away from your legs. This is the last one, and come all the way down to the bottom. Now, on this one, roll up.

Hold your teaser balance. Find that teaser balance, you got it. Hang on to it, right there. Get settled, yep, now bend your knees and reach your legs onto the floor and sit up. From here, you can adjust yourself onto the mat.

How we doin'? I know, pretty fun huh? They said it was fun. (laughs) Alright, so sitting up tall, breathe in, turn toward me, and pull on the inside of that circle, I'm up here, and then come back to the center. Now go to the other side. R-r-reach, and back to the center. Exhale, rotate...

You're pulling with that back arm and staying lengthened. Come back to the center, and let's do that again. Exhale, rotate pull, and back to the center. And again, pull, and back to the center, and pull. I want you to think of growing through the spine as you do this.

Lengthen up, grow through the spine. Come back, go to the other side, reach, and back. We're gonna do that one more time to each side. Rotate lift, come back to the center, rotate lift through the back, and come back to the center. Now scoot your seat, toward your feet here.

We're gonna do rolling like a ball. With the circle in your hands, come off into this balance position. Quick, like bunnies. From there you're gonna inhale, roll back, exhale, roll up, and find your balance point. Let's do that again.

Inhale, roll back, little pressure into the circle, exhale, roll up, and find the balance. Good, again, breath in, exhale, keep the shape the same and find that balance point. Two more times, inhale back, exhale up and balance. Can we do one more? Yes? Roll back, come up and balance now.

We're gonna go into our ab series. So from here, you're gonna bring the right leg with you and go down into your hundreds position with the circle above your legs, and switch pressing into the circle for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, everything slows down like molasses and you turn toward that front leg, and then switch. Exhale, now I want you to rotate the circle and push the top handle down. And press, and press, and press. Feel the ab work harder when you push that top hand down.

Press. Good. Let's do last four, and three, and two, and one. Come back to center, and now you're just gonna take the circle here, and you're gonna put it on the inside of the ankles. Reach for the outside of the shins, upper body is flexed, breathe in. Now you're gonna reach the legs away, reach the arms by your ears and press into the circle.

Inhale, circle, the arms are gonna come back around. Double leg stretch, exhale, reach, strong abs. Come back around, and exhale, reach away. How are we doing down there, good? And come back in, and again, reach through.

Don't let your upper body change position. Try to keep your upper body still in space as you reach, and pull around. Give that circle a little tension as you reach away and come around. Let's do three more, and reach, and come around. How flat can you get those abs?

Reach two, and come around, and one more time. R-r-reach, circle around. Now, take your hands behind your head, lift up to the ceiling, lift and lower. Or should I say lower and lift? Let's lower them down, press into the circle, lift back up, and lower down two, and lift.

Only as far as you can stabilize the pelvis here, flat out, three and exhale down. Pull it up, four, let's do it again. Elbows in your peripheral vision, make sure you can see them on the side and rest you head in your hand so you don't take it in the neck, and lift. Let's do three more, lower, and lift. Two more, lower, we good?

And lift, and one more, lower, and lift. Alright, tricky part. Bend your knees, and roll over. Supposed to hang on to that circle, but a little bit of sweat goin' on here so it doesn't wanna stay. So come right over onto your front with the circle between your ankles, adjust it if you need to.

We're about to go into our breast stroke. So from here, I want you to rest your nose or hover it, just above the mat. Bend your knees and try to bring that circle toward your seat for me, as close as you can. Open up the front of the hip and keep your abdominals connected. Then exhale, straighten the legs as much as you can until the circle's almost at the floor and shoot your arms out in front of you into a hover.

Circle your arms back, lifting your chest, bringing the circle toward your seat and squeezing it. Exhale, go back into your hover, lengthen the legs away. Inhale, pull back, lift your chest, make sure your head's in line with your spine, exhale, reach away. Inhale pull in, reach back, and exhale, reach away. Inhale, pull and reach back, good! And one more time, reach away, we're gonna finish.

Pulling back lift up, and from here, you're just gonna lower down onto the mat. Beautiful, grab the circle, sit up and turn around, and we're going into our sah. Alright, so guys, take your feet, almost as wide as the mat. Hold the circle in front of your chest. Breathe in, now rotate toward me, reach the circle up above your head.

Then lengthen out over that leg, you're reaching the circle out over that leg. Come on back up, and now come back to the center bringing the circle down in front of you. Inhale, turn and reach the other way, exhale, lengthen out over. Inhale up, and exhale back to center. I want you to think about keeping your hips grounded.

So inhale rotate, and as you lengthen over that leg don't let this opposite hip lift up. Come on back up, and come back to center. Let's do that again. Breathe and rotate, exhale lengthen over, come on back up, and back to the center. I think we need to do that one more to each side.

Breathe in rotate, and exhale lengthen. Come on back up, come back to the center. Now the other side, breathe in rotate, exhale over, inhale to come up, and exhale back to center. So that's kind of your breather there. Let's go into our open leg rocker.

So you're gonna scoot your seat toward your feet. You're gonna come just off the back of sit bones. Think teaser position with your upper body. Now you can do this with legs bent, and hands behind the knees, or you can extend the legs. From here, flex the spine, inhale, roll down, exhale roll up, balance at the top.

Got it? (light laughter) Inhale roll back, exhale up and balance. Let's do that again. Roll back, breathe in, exhale forward, now slide the shoulder blades back at the top so you can lengthen the upper back. One more time, roll back, come forward, balance, balance, balance. We got it. Yes! And then place the feet down.

From here, we're gonna do another combination move with our teaser. We're gonna start with a jack-knife. So, come down onto the mat, and if you didn't quite get rollover, jack-knife is not gonna be your friend. So just do the teaser part. So from here, you're gonna find your neutral.

Bring your legs in through tabletop and reach them out as low on the diagonal as you can maintain you core connection. Then, bring the legs over on your inhale, reach them up on your exhale, we're gonna just do just this section. Roll down through the spine, and then reach the legs out on the diagonal. Let's do the jack-knife again. Inhale over, exhale.

Use your glutes to lift the legs. Don't go higher on the neck here. Stay there inhale, exhale, roll down through. One more time like that. Breathe in, legs over, exhale.

Use your glutes and your abs to lift the legs, hold it there, and then roll down through. Now, we're gonna add our teaser to this. So, let's start our teaser first. Arms reach up over your head. From here, stabilizing your legs in that position, roll up through, and find your balance.

Now lift the arms up, you're gonna roll down through, keeping your legs where they are. Arms go to the floor, now jack-knife. Over, breathe in, exhale, lift the legs. Now from here, everything comes together. Connect, find your balance.

Lift the arms, keep the legs where they are, roll away from them, roll over. Lift up, connect, bring your arms with you as you roll up, and balance. Lift the arms, lengthen the thoracic spine, hold your legs steady, and roll down. We've got this one more time. Roll over, reach the legs up.

Hold, exhale, roll up, balance. Inhale, the arms come up, lengthen, hold, and roll down with control, beautiful! Bend your knees, place your feet on the floor, flip over, and we're bend you back the other way a little bit alright? Let's do a little extension. So come on over, you're gonna take your feet about hip distance apart and turn your legs out slightly. From here, reach your arms out in front of you and hover them above your mat.

Bring your head between your arms. Now float your legs off the mat, thinking of moving from the thighs, alternate opposite arm and leg. Breathe in for five, (deep inhale) and exhale for five (deep exhale). We're gonna do three more sets of that. Breathe in for five, stabilize the torso, and exhale for five.

Slide the shoulders out of the ears, move from the hips, not just the knees. One more time breathe in, and exhale (deep exhale). Now hold everything long, just stabilize there for a second. Really connect with the posterior muscles, and release down. Slide your hands back by your shoulders, open your legs, so that now they are about as wide as the mat, and laterally rotate them.

From here guys, push yourself up away from the mat, simultaneously pull yourself up away from the mat so the posterior muscles are engaged. From there, connect. We're gonna do a version of the swan dive where we just lift the hands, we're gonna rock one time and catch it. So here we go. Rock, catch. I want you to exhale rock (deep exhale) inhale catch.

Exhale, rock the shape forward, inhale catch it at the top. Two more, rock, and catch just one more time. Rock, and catch, now slowly, lower yourself down and then push back, seat goes back toward your feet. Curl your tailbone under and just hollow out here. Give yourself a little shell stretch and breathe, ooh! From there, it's time to do a little side work and we're gonna use our fitness circle for this.

So grab the circle, and you're gonna put it at one end of the mat, with your bottom leg resting on the inside to hold the circle in place. Then, come down onto the mat, stretch your bottom arm out, and take your top leg and place it on the circle as well. You're gonna press down, let go, lift up. The goal is to keep the leg parallel the whole time. So, use your adductors, don't think of pushing down on the circle, think of pulling your inner thighs together.

Then release the tension, then lift your leg away from the circle without rotating it toward the ceiling and come back down. Let's do that again. Press, release, lift, and relax. Press, release, lift and relax. We got one more, press, release, lift and don't relax.

Hold it right there. Now from here, we're gonna do a half-moon. You're gonna take that leg forward and you're gonna rotate the knee and the thigh down so that your toe touches the mat. Then, trace the circle on the way back. As soon as you pass the midpoint, bend your knee and drop your foot, so that your leg rotates laterally.

So now we're rotating the leg and the hip socket. Come forward, straight leg, rotate, touch down. Come back, bend your knee and tap. Come forward, keep the pelvis from moving forward and back. You wanna move the leg in that pelvis, you don't wanna move the pelvis.

Down, and exhale back. That'll help you if you exhale on the way back. Inhale forward, and exhale back. One more time, inhale forward, and exhale back, and then you're gonna come and take that leg right inside the circle. Put your foot against the top of the circle and just press it up.

Press, and press, how're we doing down there guys, you good? Yes? You look good. They're really glowing, that's one for it. Three, and two and one. I hope you are at home too, 'cause I feel like I am.

Oh don't press your leg down, pick that leg back up Jake. Now from there you're gonna lift the circle up. Lift it up one, and down. That's it, up two, relax your shoulder, three, and four, and we got one more. Hold it up there, hold it there just for a second.

Just for the picture, and then lower it down. You got it. Alright, now. The most fun part of this... Pick that leg back up. The most fun part of this is taking that circle to the other end of the mat.

So lift up, swing it around, move your mike pack out of the way and then lay down on that hip. And here we go, you're gonna take that top leg and place it right on top of the circle. From here, pick that circle back up, (laughs lightly) press down, release, lift up, and lower down. Press, release, now we want the leg parallel on this part, we don't want it rotating down or up. So keep the knee pointed forward, that's gonna make sure that you're getting really good work in the adductors and in the abductors of the hip.

We're staying out of the rotators for this one part. And lift, and lower one more time. Press, release, lift, don't lower on this one. Now we're gonna have the rotation. So trace the front of the circle, dropping the knee toward the mat, then take it up, as soon as you pass the midline bend your knee to touch the toe down behind you, your knee is gonna face the ceiling.

Bring it forward, inhale, bring it back, exhale. Bring it forward, inhale, bring it back, exhale. Good, try to relax the arm that's on the floor in front of you so that you have to work harder through the core, to stabilize. And just move at the pace that you can, with control. One more time, bring it forward, touch the front, bring it back, touch the back.

Now take that leg inside the circle, and give me little presses up. For five, and exhale, four, and three, and two and one. Hold there, don't drop it Jake. Lift the circle up and lower back down. And lift, and down, relax your head and neck.

Lift and down, we got two more. Lift it up and lower it down. We've got one more, hold it up there guys. Reach it right there, breathe, don't move it, stay right there, three, two, and now bring it down. Beautiful, alright.

Take that circle, place it off to the side, and grab your flex-band for our next set. We're gonna go into a little quadraped work. This is a fun one. So you wanna get that band... Really important here guys, you're gonna the band and wrap it around your foot so that it doesn't escape on you, especially on this one.

And then, you're gonna come into a quadraped. What you're gonna do is take the band so it's between the knees, hold it in the opposite hand and place that hand right here, fist down holding onto the band. Alright? Everybody got that? Find your neutral alignment in your spine, keep that hand on the floor and I want you to extend the leg back, lifting the band up as high as you can. Before the band touches you bring it back down, and exhale, press and lift, glutes! And come back in, good.

And press it back there, lift up, tighten the glutes and come back in, now we're gonna take it out to the side slightly, not just straight back, 'cause we really want to get into those glutes. So not just back, but back into the side, like a skater, come back in, press it back, reach it up and back, and come back in. Alright, we gotta make this just a little bit harder so I want you to put most of the weight now, on your free hand. As you lift that leg back, you're gonna slide your fist along the floor so you're giving yourself more resistance. And then come back in.

Do that again, exhale, r-r-reach it away. And come back in. Three more, press and reach, ooh! Come back in, two more, stabilize the pelvis. Reach it out, come back in, we've got one more guys. Reach it away, press, and come back in.

Alright, now take the band apart, so you have one in each hand, and just put the other foot in the band, take your first foot out, and put the band back together in the one opposite hand. Did that work? Okay, so good! From here, press it out and come back in. And exhale, press... Transitions are everything, make 'em fluid, make 'em smooth. Reach away, and come back in.

Let's see that again, keep the abdominals connected, press, and come back in. Now you're gonna feel this glute even more than the other one 'cause it was already working to help you stabilize when we were doing the other leg. This is the last one before we add the hand-slide. So, slide the fist away along the floor as you reach that leg away and up. Remember it goes slightly out to the side here.

Exhale press, ooh, and come back and we have three more. Press, make sure you're breathing, and exhale, press, connect with those abs. And one time, press it away, r-r-reach. Lots of stabilization going on there. Be very careful, taking that band out, and you're gonna up onto your knees.

How're we doin'? Good? Alright, we're gonna do a little side kneeling work. So this is pretty advanced. You can do this laying down, but it's so much more fun kneeling. Try it kneeling first.

So, you're gonna be on one knee, you're gonna take the band underneath your top foot, and you're gonna end up holding it, in your top hand. Like so, alright? Then you can start with the knee bent here, just to get into position... Wait for the slow pokes, alright. From here, try to get your hip over your leg, and from here, your just gonna bend and stretch.

So press it back behind you, and come back in. Just kind of tuck your elbow in and that will help you stabilize the arm. Press it back, and come back in. We're gonna three more. Exhale press, and come back in.

Two more, press it back, and come back in. This one stays straight guys, keep it straight. You're gonna lower it down for the fourth, lift it up. Lower it down, lift it up, two. Good, inhale down, exhale, lift it up, three.

You're gonna push your foot against that band even more. And forward, tuck your hand right into your shoulder there. And press, five, we can go to ten right? And six, and exhale seven, that was a yes! And eight, lift it up, and nine, glutes are on fire here, that's why we called it that, and now you're gonna hold it up there, and circle it around. Five, four, three, two, push against that band, we're going the other way, oh my goodness, five, four, three, two, hold it! Push a little higher, and bend it in.

I love it when people do what you tell them to do. It's the most fun part of teaching. Okay, so here we go, let's go to the other side. Gonna put your foot against that band, you're gonna come on down, and ooh, that glute's already workin'. Here we go, (laughs lightly) come on up! Aah, (deep exhale) we're gonna do this a little quicker on this side.

Press out, and slightly back behind you and come back in. And press away two, and come back in, and press back three. And in, (laughs) and four, and in, they're smiling. And five, that was it, I think we did five. And then we...

(laughs) Kelly's like "Yeah, that was it". And then here we go, lower and left, this was 10 though. One, and lift two, we don't wanna be walking around in circles later, three, or have one really good butt cheek and one not so good one. We want them both to be great. And lift it up, let's do four more, lift, and three, lift, press into that band, two, work it, (groans) alright hold it there, circles.

Five, four, three, two, one, we got this, other way, five, four, three, two. Now you're gonna hold it there, you're gonna push into that band, you're gonna lift it a little higher, and then you're gonna sit down on that hip. Ooh-hoo! Alright. So sit on that hip, it's gonna feel really good if you just kind of sit on that side there for a second? Yeah? That's enough.

Go to other side, and just an easy stretch. You don't wanna stay on the stretch too long, we just wanna kind of lengthen it back out and ready to move into our next one. So from here we're gonna lose the toys, yey! The whole rest of this is gonna be done with just your body weight. So we're gonna start with leg-pull. What I like about doing what we just did before leg-pull, is that one of the things you wanna do in leg-pull is feel your glutes fire when you lift your leg.

If you can't feel them fire after what we just did, you need some help. (humorous gasp) Alright, so we're gonna go into our plank position and even in this position, you should feel your glutes. Yeah, from there lift one leg up. Breathe in, now hinge back on that bottom foot and point that top toe. Come forward, flex the top foot, lower it down. Lift the other leg up as high as you can stabilize the pelvis, then hinge and point back.

Come forward, and lower it down. You're breathing guys, it's an inhale to lift. It's an exhale hinge, inhale forward, exhale down. I love a moving plank. Lift, hinge back, come forward, and down.

Let's do one more one each side. Lift, hinge, forward, and down. Nice strong core, breathe in, exhale back, inhale forward, and down. Now we're just gonna swing our hips around, our legs around, put your hands behind you... You can do this with straight or bent legs.

We're doing leg-pull. So, lift up. I'm gonna do it in parallel, you can also do it in lateral rotation of the hip. Shoulders open, lift that top leg up, and down. Exhale up, inhale down, two more. On the last one you're gonna stay pointed all the way down, and then the other leg, here we go.

Lift it up (deep exhale) inhale down, exhale up two, and down... Look forward, not up. Now this one stays pointed the whole way and lower it down. Lower your hips, go onto your forearms, and we're gonna do hip-twists from our forearms. So from here, bring your legs in, and reach them up on the diagonal, then breath in.

You're gonna exhale, take your legs down and circle them in one direction, inhale, come up and around to the top. Go the other way down around, and up to the top. Lower down, stabilize the hips. It should be hip movement, not pelvis movement. Rotate around, and come up, ooh! Exhale down, inhale up, and down, rotate up.

We're gonna do one more. Down around, and rotate up. Bend your knees, come on up, make sure you got room behind you, and just for fun, we're gonna do the seal. So come back off of the sit bones, take your hand through your legs, and open them out. Now after all of that work we're gonna see if we have any control left.

So the goal is to clap three times without moving once you're in that position. So here we go. Roll back, clap one two three, roll up, balance, one two three. Inhale back, exhale up, (exhaling) inhale back, (light laugh)... You can't do this without laughing.

One more time, roll back, clap, roll up clap, and hold, and relax down. Alright, we've got one more really tough one for you. Push-up time. We're gonna do four, really fun push-ups, are you ready? So we're gonna stand at the end of your mat.

From here, you're gonna begin to roll down, from head, so roll down through. Once your hands hit, you're gonna walk out, lifting your right leg. That's it, like leg-pull. From here, one good push-up. So we're gonna go down.

A little deeper, a little deeper... I'm not up yet, and then press up. Now, take that foot that's up. Bring it forward and put it right between your hands. Find your balance, lean out, level yourself to the ground, and press up.

Balance, balance, balance, balance, we got it, we got it, we got it, we can do it! And step back, ooh! Alright. Left leg goes up this time, are you ready? Roll down through, as you walk out left leg goes up. Here we go. One push-up. Stay with me, go down, a little deeper, a little deeper, and press up (chuckles) torture! Now bring that back leg forward, lift the back leg, balance, come up, we can do it.

Balance, balance, balance, and rise up. Ooh, two down, two to go. Nicely done guys, no cheating and holding onto each other. That's cheating. Okay, here we go. Roll down through, right leg's goin' up, walk out.

And lower down, a little deeper, a little deeper, kiss the mat, (smooch) and press back up. Shoot your back leg forward, find your balance point, lift, rise up, (laughs) and stand up! Ooh, okay, those glutes are really talkin' to me. Roll down through, hands to the mat, lift that left leg as you walk out. Alright, fourth time's a charm I think. Lower down, a little deeper, a little deeper, press up.

Step forward, come up and balance, control, up, (laughs) that was awesome. And stand all the way up. Alright, have a seat. Aah, we did it! Sitting tall, take a nice deep breath in. We're gonna do a little spine stretch forward here. Beautiful job you guys, really nice, thank you so much.

Breath in, exhale, flex forward, stay there, take a breath. (deep inhale) And now exhale, stack back up. Take your right arm, reach it up, stretch over. Come on up, take your left arm, reach it up, stretch over, come on up, now take your right hand, hang on to your left knee, and reach back. Drop your shoulders, come back to the center, and switch. Rotate back, come back to the center, just take your hands, rest them on your legs, sit tall.

Give me one deep breath in, (deep inhale) more. Now exhale all that air out, keep goin', keep goin', keep goin', tighten your abs, blow it all out, everything, everything. Hold, breathe in, (deep breath) and exhale and relax. Thank you so much for joining us, and I hope to see you again next time. Goodbye everybody.


Lina S
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Thank you for this fun and challenging class!
2 people like this.
Creative, upbeat and challenging. Don't think that "deliberate" means slow or that a lot of time is spent on explanation or set up. John keeps it MOVING! He's a multi tasker talking and exercising.
I love this man !!
I just love your positiv energi .
Love from norway
Loooooooved it!
John's classes are full of energy and challenges. I always look forward to them.
The "Jacknife-Teaser" combination felt great... as did the rest of the class:)
Love from Shanghai
'interesting' jack-knife/teaser combo-I didn't realise that was possible! Thanks John for a great workout, already looking forward to your next video. x
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Excellent workout! Loved the half-moon side-lying with the circle.
Thanks John!!! Great class, full of energy aaand yes it burned!!! :)
I always love the energy John Garey brings in his classes. This workout was fun and challenging at the same time!
Great class loved it and just what I needed this morning 😊
Enjoyed this challenging and fast-moving class! Thank you!
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