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Reformer on the Cadillac

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Play with Reformer on the Cadillac in this advanced workout with Monica Wilson. She takes a previous class and steps it up. She plays with the traditional Reformer exercises and gives them a slight twist with another piece of equipment.
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All right. Hi. We are going to be doing an advanced Cadillac with my friend Julietta here. There is a class I did with her. It's number 2174. That was also advanced, but we're actually going to take that class and step it up a notch. With this one, you're gonna need a lot of springs.

So we're going to start off with legs springs with the leg strap on, and we're going to hook it onto the bar. Bottom Hook here, kind of the, uh, the tower and Monkey Hook, if you will. So you are gonna want that. You're gonna want your fuzzies are for the very end. We're going to do hanging some delicious hanging. We're going to be using the push through bar and the tower bar. So I have my push through spring and uh, later on, once I take these off, I'll add my tower and monkey spring over here.

I have my roll down bar set up because we're going to be doing our short box with our roll down bar and I have my arms springs waiting to do some standing arms and kneeling arms springs that we're going to do. Let's see. Oh, also hidden under the Cadillac is our trap peas for some of our pull up front and pull it back exercises. Okay. So I think that about sums it up. This is a balance body Cadillac, but I am using my ground springs on it and we will kind of adjust things accordingly. So we'll start with the a hundred. Go ahead and lie down Juliana with your head pretty close to this edge but not off maybe just a little bit. And we're gonna kind of play with things a little bit and not do everything completely traditional.

Bring your shoulders over a little bit more so you're more centered. Let me just check your alignment yet still a little bit more. In other words, maybe some other springs might feel better for you and maybe the arms springs. Uh, maybe the roll down bar underneath your bottom feels better for the a hundred. But for simplicity, I've gotten enough things going on. We're going to keep working with these legs springs for a little bit.

So go ahead and draw your belly in and bring your knees into your chest. Love it and feeling that slip your hands inside those loops. Good. Have the knees a little bit apart. Good cause I want you to go ahead and lift your head up using your powerhouse. Excellent.

And I want you to feel the connection to the back of the ribs and the back of the seat and lengthen those legs out, reaching as the belly pulls in and up and pump and exhale, two, three, four, five and in with the air. And exhale really nice. Little less, Huh? Energy in those feet and knees. Good. Scooping it in. So you want to feel the back of the thighs so that that belly can really pull against those springs. There we go. That's the stomach I want scooping in and up. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. We've got two more.

And last one. Really feel length of the and scooping in and bend in everything. Nice job. And we're going to go right into our overhead that we would do on the reformers. So straighten your legs on the Mat. Yep.

And slide out maybe a couple inches so that you have a little bit of help from the spring. Spring. The arms straight up to the ceiling. Good. So we're still using that connection of the back of the thighs. Scoop back of the arms as the arms come down to the mat. The legs go up to a right angle and then hips right on over and lift from here to go up. Reach for the ceiling and control down with your optos right over your eyes.

As you roll down back of the ribs, good arm start coming up as those legs. Return home and up again. Arms down, scoop it up. That's it. And squeeze up like Jack Knight. That's it. And down. Keep your hips reaching, lengthening. There you go. Arms up and give me one more Juliana, and scoop it in from here.

Good. And now press those hips. Lift the hips up. Good and keep that energy as you control it down. Rips and keeping the hips and keeping and keeping. Excellent. Good for you. Arms Up. Good, right into coordination, triceps. Bend to the mat, knees into your chest. Good and head up. [inaudible] and squeeze forward as your hands.

Press down. Open-Close scoop in and [inaudible]. Good from here. Reach out. Use those hips. I like it. Good job. Squeeze out. Open, squeeze. Good. See if you can keep the triceps pressing down on the mat on the mat. Oh yeah, keep those elbows down too. We got two more. That's it.

One more time. Elbow, staying on the Mat and bending. Nice job. Very good. All right, we're going to turn around on to your belly and we're going to do flying eagle, so we're using the same springs and you can either go put your hand in the loop. Should I get rid of that probably or grab up a little higher and then just tilt this up a little bit and then I'll bring it back down for you. Cool. Second. I give a good hold on the back of her ankles.

They're just off the mat. Reach your arms forward even though there's no tension. There you go. And I want you to feel the length of your lower back and press the back of the thigh and hip down, squeezing, drawing your belly before you even begin in and up to extend your spine, out the crown of your head. Good. And Go ahead and pull back with the arms. And once you pulled back as far as you can, lift up your body, lift, lift, lift, and then big arms up to the ceiling.

Circling forward and lower down and pull back, back, back up with body. Circle the arms forward and down. One more. Pulling down and back and lip lift. Lift and bring them forward and reversing it and up and pull them back. Back, back and coming down. And two more. The arms go up, up, up, yes. And pulling down. And one more time, pulling them up, up, up, up and coming down. And that's enough. Leave the straps around your back and sit on your heels.

Nice job. Very good. So on that you could have had done your coordination and your backstroke and your flying eagle, all of it with the leg springs hooked onto where the leg springs should be. But like I said, we were just working with [inaudible] for fluidity. I wanted to keep the springs hooked down below and Julianna can do it. So, and now we're going to go onto teaser. So I'm going to unhook these legs springs and we're going to switch to our teaser. And I'm going to do it little alternate that we can do with um, teaser.

You can do it with the push through bar from the push through spring setting, but I'm gonna do it from the tower and monkey. So we're going to come here and I add my spring, like I said, from the tower and monkey angle. I'm going to hook it on and then I'm going to put my safety bar always safety strap. It's a little safety chain when it's a [inaudible]. All right, ready for your teaser. You know, lie down on your back, head under here and it's like you're doing it with the guillotine. Meaning it's as if it's cutting off your throat. Yeah. [inaudible] have you ever worked on the Guillotine?

It's a lovely piece of equipment. Straighten your legs. It's one of my favorites too. But one day. All right, now you're gonna put your hands right there. That looks pretty. Maybe slide back one inch. Cause I like it over your shoulders too. Yeah, right there. And you're gonna push the arm straight. Bring your head to look at your powerhouse. Excellent. So I want you to really feel this connection right here and let's roll up into a teaser. Scoop it in and up. You go, up, up, up, lower the legs, down up one, down, up to power house, down up. Three. Good.

And now everything comes down. Use the spring to get deeper into your belly. Beautiful. Juliana head goes down where you can go ahead and rest it for a second and then we're going to straighten by anchoring the shoulder blades. Yes, good head comes up and we're going to come up and shaving down. Up One, bending the elbows. Yes. Shoulder blades. Go Down with that bar one more.

They go down and hold and everything comes down. Beautiful. So we did the teaser last time with Juliana a little differently and straighten the arms on that last class and pull it in. Good legs come up. Two Combo legs all the way down. Shaving legs, shaving.

One more from here. And one more shaving. Good job and roll everything down. Use the spring to help get deeper and enjoy it. Wonderful job. Good. Now you get to enjoy a little tower monkey, which is delicious. So you're going to push up and um, well first let's probably push you out a little bit out. Sorry.

So we're going to put your hands. Can I have in your hand? We're going to put it here and go to straight arms. You're going to push down that way. That's it. So you lengthen out. Your hands are about five or six inches above the mat. Okay. Then you want to push the bar up with both arms, grab the bar, Tuck your knees under, and put your feet parallel and hip width on the bar. Okay?

And that's the tower bar. Now return your hands good. And come up a little bit. Good and you want to straighten your legs by dropping your tailbone into the mat. Great. Your hands are there to really press the back of the ribs and shoulder blades into the mat. Good. Really trying to get every vertebra down, especially your tailbone, getting all the way there, stay there and just point the toes. So you're doing from the ankle down and now flex and be aware of your feet.

Point. Does one roll in more? Does a toe? Does? Do you look like a waiter being able to serve glasses on a tray or is it falling from side to side after three, push a little more with the ball. That big toe. Beautiful. Let's work on strengthening your ankles and keep that locked position. Tailbone down and bend the knees into your chest without lifting the bottom and straighten and bend and straighten.

Nice job keeping anchored and straightened. Now let's do what I like to call a waltz. You're going to keep everything squeezing and use those hips, a strong pelvis and curl up your back all the way up. Rolling all the way until the hips are over the shoulders. Bend the knees. Yes. Use your hips to straighten up, squeezing those legs right over.

And now use the spring to roll down into this phone and this phone and lengthen and use your hips to get longer and longer. Keep your tailbone down and bend your knees and straighten and squeeze up one bone at a time and bend the knees and straighten and keep pushing with the ball that big toe as you come down. So those toes are working. And that's what's nice to do it on the guillotine because it's like a leveler. So you want to think about that one more time. Bend the knees and squeeze and pushing the bar up evenly.

Try to keep it parallel and not the Lottie stance and bend the knees. And from here lift up the, push the bar away and then rolling down. Push with the arms for more length in that upper body, in the thoracic and stretching and bed. Nice job, Juliana. Now I want you to lift your head up and pull your body back as far as you can. That way you got a little sticky.

Now slip this hand inside the spring and grab on the other side of this, pulls him actually going to, even if you don't mind, go like this and then keep pulling. I want this bar to be kinda lined up with your tailbone. So keep going. Maybe your head and shoulders. Very nice. Off the back edge. Now grabbed back onto the bar. Juliana made that look nice and simple and easy and it does get that way over time heals together. Good. Now we're going to do monkey.

So you're going to come right on up to those straight legs. Beautiful. And you're going to flex the feet, lifting your body to those toes point and use your powerhouse to lift as you flex and point and flex and point and come down. Bending your knees nice and right back up to more. Lift up out of the lower back as you flex. Tried to lift up even taller point and one more flex and point and come down.

Good. On this last one, we're going to keep our Pilati stance. There you go. Head to your chest first and all the way up. Lift up out of that spine, head onto those knees. Get all the way up there. Yeah, flax. Yeah, point and flex and point and flex and point and come on down. Nice job. Keep your head to your chest, push the bar off to slip the feet away. Good. And then roll down and slide back on to the mat. I N hooked it and you're going to roll up and we're going to get very nice.

I like that. Keep the transitions. Yes. All right, and I'm going to just lower this for right now and we're going to come back to it in a moment for a nice ending of our short box. So I'm going to put this back down to about the level of the legs springs for our short box. Okay. How are we doing, Juliana? Good slide down. There we go. It's a little suction cup there. Okay.

I feel like that's a little low, but maybe not. Okay. So generally the legs, Spring Hook on the grots coddled Cadillac is about three feet from the mat. I think this is a little bit low, but we're going to play with this. Alright, put your feet against here. I love doing the short box here, but that's just me. Um, so I want you to feel your hips.

Push your heels against those poles and I want you to hold that bar and hug it into your belly. Lower belly belly button even. Yeah, and round your body over it. Over it. [inaudible] good. So press those hips into the bars. You keep that bar into a a mean the heels into the Poles. As you keep your bar on your belly button, roll down your lower back. So you're lengthening your scooping roll all the way out on.

Pull it in. Lengthen out. Inhale, lift the head and scoop over that bar. Yes, Aaron, stretch and let the bar go all the way forward. And again, pulling it into you. Good. And squeeze the seat. Lengthen out, scoop it in. Beautiful. Roll down. That was excellent. Inhale, head up and exhale, scoop in it in and lift out of that lower back because your advanced and straighten your arms one more time. And we're just doing three and do three to five of the short box. And as you get more advanced, when it becomes three inhale, lift the head and scoop it in. Good strength. I like how you're keeping it all in. Straighten the arms. Good. And now hold the bar shoulder with the park. Just showed a little narrower.

Yup. And lift up tall. We're going to do flat back. Arms Up. [inaudible] you got it. So lift up off that seat and pool up and here. That's it. Let me feel the connection of this and this a little more pressing in.

And now go back, pull on that bar and come forward. Yes. And pull into me here. That's it. Draw a line from one hip to the other and pull that powerhouse against the spring. Check you out. And one more because that was just really good. And rest the arms down. Nice job, side bend or side reach. So you're going to inside reach. We normally lean forward, but in this one to feel it more, you're gonna lean a little back for the tension. So you're going to pull in, lift up, let's get a little, you're into your lower back a little bit.

So hold that and pull back the hip bones over the sip phones. Fantastic. Drawing in and up. And now keep pulling those hip bones back with you. As you push your head into my hand and lean back, pull that strap back with you. Bar more. Get this back with you. Now stay there and Ben to the right. That's it.

Reach over and come center and lift off your seat and go to the left. Okay. And Center and pool into that lower back. Support it good. And it's pushed the heels away to really get this. Oh, that's good. You needed the hips and one more set. Push the hips away and in end last time to the left, pulling up and over and center and bring them bar down and reach forward.

You can just stretch forward. Hmm hmm. Yeah. And now we're going to do the twist. The twist. You have to really own it, so you have to give it all you've got and demand that this part of your back goes down to the mat. Okay. All right, so we're going to lift that bar up. [inaudible] from here. Okay, squeeze. Find the connection of this and this. Twist to the right twist, twist, pull this more with you. It's kind of yes. And now pull out that bar and then come back up. Good.

Up we go. Twist to the left. Let's try that again. Bring this rib over here. Ah, there you go. And twist, twist, twist and now reach back and come back up. Very good. One more set. Scoop it in. Twist the left rib over your right hip and reach out with the way squeezing with the right cheek. I like it. Lift up that bar. Street wrists. Pretend like you're going to snap it in too. There we go. Twist to your left.

Keep twisting as you reach out and lie down and come back up with that powerhouse and bring down your bar and stretch. Not Easy. Head down. Woo. Very nice. Now. Let's do the um, side sit ups here. Okay. So you're gonna sit on your right hip. Put your right foot against that pole, the other right foot [inaudible] and good job with the, and you're gonna Hook this leg and it's going to be under the same bar right there though. And now bend your knees and come in more. Yeah, maybe slide out, um, to my hand here. Good. Alright.

I want you to be able to sit on both hips without using, holding on. Fantastic. Okay. This knee is going to help you. The foot is going to be hooked on top and I want you to put the bar right here on the top of your head and put one hand in front and one hand behind your head and just rest it and on top of your head, the bar. Excellent job. Very good. Here. Can you sit a little more on his right cheek? There you go. Yes, yes, yes. And now keeping it on your head. Let's reach all out one solid piece.

Let me see those strong hips and waist. And now take yourself one solid piece. Oh, add back. Yes. And one solid piece out, rich and up. And one more. Reach out with the right waste. Oh, that was good. And up and sit on your bottom and go to the other side.

Good job. So you, when you're super advanced you can go to straight legs on this. Just a little further to pull that strap. Hug this hand right to the front of your head. Good. I like the alignment. So this foot gets to kind of help you. Yap. Scooping in. And we're going to take that bar out. Here we go. And reach that hip.

Good and up. You've got it. And scooping. Don't need to tell you twice. And one more time. Reach it out and skip it up. Up, up. And that is enough there. Excellent job. How'd you like that? Okay good. So now we're going to do tree. Cause short box has a beautiful tree. And so I'm going to hook on my push through bar.

So let's do three little push throughs by putting your feet there. Cause I like to give a little treats. Hands on the bar. Hmm hmm. Good. So we're going to use the hips to push those heels away, right? And we're going to find the Barb pushing away from here. And I want to feel more energy in here as you push the bar away. Yeah.

All right, now head down and roll back your waistband scooping in. Good. So the push through is always there. Also connected. It's like the hug on the short box. Now your head's going to go through your arms and we're going to pull in, pull away from me and I will help you. Yeah, that's it. And stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch God.

And now squeeze from your bottom to push your heels away. Push your heels into those pulse pool. And so you want to use the spring of the push through bar to go right into this vertebra. Right now you want to curl, get this book, get this bone scoop. Good, good, good, good. And then lift up your chest, your sternum, everything from here, it keeps squeezing. Let me see that length in the lower back.

[inaudible] and now I construct you even though you're like Gumby, add two more. So head to your chest in with the air and use your upper belly to pull in and scoop on down. Exhaling and squeezing from the hips and drawing it in. That keep pulling back yet that was the extra little bit I needed. And lifting, lifting, lifting. And one more. Juliana had to your chest and it in and pushing up.

We're going to do that correctly. We're going to pull in the upper belly and press down that. See, beautiful, gorgeous, gorgeous. You want to always use all your apparatuses to make you stronger, not to keep. So keep pulling the spring into you, into your interior. Lower backs squeezing. That's it. Never to reinforce bad habits, right?

You want it to really help you get stronger. Okay, so now here's the tree. You got the general idea. So now you're gonna put your right leg down and let's put both feet down the middle of your body and let's put the right foot right here. Good. That's it. And how's that feel? Good. And stretch to that leg. Re just stretch over it and go ahead and point and flex.

[inaudible] hmm. Hm. God, that's it. And lift up tall. Now lift, lift, lift, and pull those toes back, back, back, back. Good and point. Good. Alright. And now let's go into the tree. So we're gonna pull in and bend the knee towards you. Good.

And using your powerhouse and that hip. Straighten that leg. Let's see if we can keep all those toes on there. Good. And pulling back, bending that knee. Good. And straighten the leg and lift up to it. Pull those toes back and point and two more. Bending it in. Open that knee a little more toward yes. And then push with the hip as you scoop. Good.

And pull it back and straighten that leg and pull those toes back as you lift. And then one more time, point and scoop and stretch. Open that knee a little more. Yeah. And pull it back at all those toes. Good. And pull it back. Opening that knee. So I don't like it. Crossing the center line. Yeah. And then straighten.

Good job. All right. And we're gonna bend the knee. You can hold it with this. Your hands, right Ben, take the foot off and switch. Straighten this leg and foot. They're good. We could probably in down the middle, make sure your foot is down the middle of that and the other foot's down the middle on the Cadillac. Good. And let's stretch a little bit. Flex those feet and get up to it. Point. Yep.

Rounding over just like you do in the beginning of tree, we're gonna Watch a little of hyperextension and flex and 0.1 more flex and point. Good. Now bend the knee with you as he pulled back. Round that lower back and watch that hips stretch from here. This is great. Hip work. Push that hip away and watch the neck line. Good rounding. How's that feel on that hip? This is the, is that the, which is the hip that doesn't like to fire. Oh the other way, Ben. No, sorry. Thank you. That's flexing and now bad.

So when you push with this bar, I want you to push from that hip who that's a lot better but much, much better and well the other hip was behaving quite nicely and decided to show up today and pull back your toes and one more scooping in. And so entry, a lot of times when the leg is up on the short box, you don't feel it's hard to connect how much you have to work the outer hip. And this is a great way to feel that. Good and one more flexing and getting right on up to it. Flex. Flex, flex. Good, good, good.

And head up tall. Pick the apple up off the tree. Alright, go ahead and bend that knee. Take your foot off and I'll grab this bar. Good. We're done with our push through. I'm going to undo that. And we're going to do some kneeling arms series.

Before we get too much into that, we're going to use this bar real quickly right here for some stomach massage. All right, so you're going to lie down on your back with your head here. Okay. So we're slightly loosely, I should say, following a reformer order here. And you're going to put this underneath your knees. Have you ever done this? Okay. Cross your right ankle over your left. Good. And now, um, put your hands, same level as you had for um, the tower. And now slide out a little bit.

I'll help you hold this little bit straighter. There you go. Okay, good. So in [inaudible] you ordered, in order to stretch your spine, you really have to have a good, strong, stable pelvis. So this exercise is all about that. Okay? So we're going to push with our arms and anchor your ribs and your upper shoulders. Squeeze your pelvis and curl that tailbone towards you until your knees are over. Good. And then use that pelvis to lift up. Good. All the way up, up, up, up, up, and now come down in once.

Solid plane, touching the toes first and then curling. Nope, actually you to stay down, you're good toes. And then curl upper back, middle, lower, tailbone down. Curlin and we'll do three this way and then reverse it. Hold. And here. Good. Use those hips as the knees come up over. Good and come and down. And then [inaudible] down. Great job. Knees. This is your third. So we will go into the reverse.

Squeezing up. And as soon as your toes touch, notice how she lifts herself solidly. Good. Curl those knees into you a little bit over your hips. Shoulders more. And now press the thighs and your into your chest and you're rolling down. Upper back, middle back, lower back as a toes. Touch her bottom lifts. Where's the bottom? Where's the bottom? There we go. We're gonna lead with it.

Oh, over those shoulders. Knees coming in. I would love to see a little more curl. Just like, um, short spine massage. And we're always lengthening. Always stretching. Just like tower as the toes. Touch the bottom. There we go. She's on cue now and draw it in. And I believe that was three.

So we're going to push with those arms and lengthen one bone at a time. Lengthen, stretch, stretch, stretch. And now we're going to go into rolling in and out. So I'm going to take the bar and I want you to kneel down facing the springs. Oh good.

And how about arm's distance away and kneel up tall. Good. And kneeling. Nice and tall. Knees are a little bit apart. Good. All right. And we're going to grab onto this bar. I want to actually change it to hook it up there. So we're gonna Hook it all the way on top. You're right where you are.

We're going to hook it up here and then we'll leave it up here. Okay. And you're going to grab onto it. So you're going to squeeze with the back of the thighs and hips and you're going to keep your weight forward on the front of the knees and then curl your head and press that bar down to the mat with the powerhouse. Pull it into you and roll backs. Shaving off your body as you back bend and extend the arms as your head goes back and come up with your head up. Head back at me. Sorry. Up. Up.

Up with those hips and now straight and tall. I want to see. Nice. And Yeah, give me that power then head down and curl forward and you're going to shave off your legs as you roll back into shape all the way up to your chest. Extend the arms as the head goes back and lead with your hips. Up we go. Good. And then lift up and head down. Beautiful. Really feel this back of the legs. Bending the elbows as you shave, extending completely and straight arms. Good and coming up.

And now we're going to reverse it so she's going to lead almost with their head, but really pressing the hips. All of the supported head touches the mat. If you can bend the elbows to your chest, head to your chest, and curl over that bar as your bar slides your knees. Lift your hips over your knees and control that up, up, up. End To more squeezing and take your head back to the mat. Nice. Pull the bar to your chest, head to your chest curl, and it sly down.

Lift the hips over and control. Good control. Roll it up one more time and back. Okay. Leading all the way down, Zen bending, head to your chest, pull that belly button and slide down. Body. Good effort and energy. I love it. A plus for effort. Really like that. Nice job.

Good. All right, we're gonna let go of that. Good. And we're going to leave, um, you know, take this bar, put it away and I'm going to grab those arms springs. So just stay there for a second, Dan. Hook up these arms springs and you're going to go ahead and turn your back to those arms springs. Good. A little bit closer. There you go. And kneel up tall. Good. And flex the feet. All right, so you really want to feel the back of your thighs and your bottom in this exercise, squeezing your weight as if it's over the front of the knees.

And then you want to feel your belly pull behind this line and lift. So you're getting a really good stretch here. You might not feel it as a stretch, but you don't feel your hip flexors working. And then of course, all the arms are going to come from your shoulder girdle muscles here. So I want you to bring the arms just a little bit forward.

Do they feel pretty tight already? Oh yeah. Okay. We can go back a couple inches. What do you think now? Hm. Maybe. All right, let's go back cause it's um, definitely within reason. They're good. Alright. Scooping in. Take your left knee forward just a teeny bit. Excellent. Good.

And Really Langton. Lean your shoulders a little bit for an excellent, almost pulling in, going into the weight. And let's do some arm circles. So we're going to come up to the ceiling. Oh, open to the side. Good. And scoop it in. Excellent. One more. Keeping them in your peripheral vision so you won't touch me. Right. And reverse. Yes. And two more.

Good. One more time from the hips and powerhouse. If you need more energy. Good. Now arms start here and just do a bicep curl. Keep your hand. Yes. There yet. Go and too good. Pull in that lower belly. Yeah. And you're tiny. Hold, hold straight. Arms Up. Pull it in.

Just a bicep curl. Sorry. There you go. And straight up and two more. So they kinda nip you a little bit and straight. Let's bring the arms straight down. We're going to go right into shaving, so I'm want you to do a big arm circle to get there. Good, good. Straight arm, straight arm, straight arms. Thank you. Make a diamond with your fingers. Good, lean. Bring the arms up a little bit, not your back. You got to stay forward into. Press your body into the springs. Excellent.

And bend the elbows behind you as you can and straighten. There Ya go. And bend the elbows behind you. If you can, pushing your bottom into the way to the springs. Pull it. Pressing your belly. Good. One more elbows back. Hold and open the arms in front of you without, you know, cause you're too tall. That's awesome. Very good.

Now we're going to do some leg springs, so I'm going to take these off and you're going to end up lying on your back. We're going to keep it at that leg, spring level. I just got to find my legs. Springs that we started off with with the hundred lie down your back. Here they are. And we're going to do a quick set of legs, meaning we're gonna just gonna go right for it and do all of them with lifted bottom. So hands go right here. When you're advanced, you slide out. I'm gonna get rid of my push through bar here while she gets in position.

Does our shoes so long that it might get in the way? Good. All right. Hands up a little bit higher. Pushing the back of the ribs down. Good. Tailbone down. Let's bend the knees. Sorry. [inaudible] feet right here. Good heels together. All right, get the ribs depressed down.

So we're going to, let's go. We're, what we're gonna do is we're going to go into overhead, not overhead airplane. And then we're going to go into airplane and then straight into our legs. That's what I want to do. So we're going to curl in that tailbone right into knee. Since we did rolling in and out already. And straighten your legs.

We're not gonna do a hundred of these and push and we're going to come down until you're in the lifted leg position. So great job with the legs. But let's come down with the ribs more and keep coming down with the feet and feel it holds right there. Lift the hips up more. There you go. A little bit lower with the legs. Okay, hold. And now big circles. One, two, three, four, circle. Go down and reverse it and one and two you'll love me later.

Three and one more and great job. Can you hold? Can you do a little walking? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and two. Three, four, five, six, seven. Give me one more. One, two, linkedin. Yeah. Six, seven, and up to three, four, five, six, seven holds. Come down a little bit and just give me 20 beats. One, two, three. Out those hips. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more, two, three, four. Whole body's long and lean. Hold and roll down your ribs. Roll down your middle back, roll down your lower.

Slide the feet all the way down. Bend the knees and pull in the knees to your chest and rest your arms down by your side. That's a quick but a mean set legs there. We're going to take off the straps. Very nice job. How do you feel? Good. And I'm going to start setting up my traditional ending. So I'm going to grab my roll down bark.

You get to stay where you are and we are onto a delicious ending. So we're going to put up our roll down bar on the very top hook and make sure it's safe. It looks good. I'm going to grab my trap piece. When you measure the track piece, you want to, for example, I measured this earlier and little cheat, but Juliana, go ahead and lengthen your legs straight on the mat and slide back so you're a little further that way. Good. That's a little too far. Sorry. Good. I'm going to check to make sure there's no kinks. All right, so when, uh, someone's lying down flat, you want this to be hanging about right over your shins, not really close to your ankles or you're too close to your knees. Now go ahead and bend your knees and put your ankles in here.

And that's going to work for the pull up front. So see, I did have it a little too close to you. I'm gonna stand up here. I thought so. And I just looked at that. I was like, Eh, here I am saying Michonne. And it was close to your knees. All right, good. So that still is a little slide back. One inch. Good. All right. And now you're going to hold this for breathing. Okay, so we should know how to do breathing by now.

So we're gonna use the hips and we're going to do five counts for the first one. Ready and pulling up and inhale up to very four, five and slowly. Exhale, rolling down the ribs. Let's do one more at five cat. And it's up. They meet together. You're using the back of your thighs and hips, not the lower back. And slowly exhale, articulating. And now let's go for six and inhale up two, three, four, five, six and slowly exhale while you lengthen. Really pay attention to how your hips feel right now.

And inhale it up to inhale. Inhale. They feel solid. Your pelvis feels solid and slowly exhale, two, three, four, five, six and bend the knees in. Good. Alright. And you're going to sit up and spin around and put your feet turned out against the pulse. Okay? So I want you to turn out your feet. I'm like really?

Turn them out and put your hand right below the legs, spring level, and bend the knees to bring your bottom a little more forward there. Right there isn't one of my favorite things. So you're gonna bring your head to your chest and you're gonna levitate by pulling into the best c curve you can. So you're going to squeeze up off your seat and push into those poles and hold. Yeah, that's it. So that's how you start into that position. From here on out, keep your arms straight and your legs straight.

And we're going to lift your hips up to a diagonal and swivel the foot, the sole of the foot down. If it doesn't hurt you too much, so that it's like going like that. [inaudible] hold the hips here. Everything is a beautiful diagonal, but I don't like how your chest is. So lift the chest, not this forward. Just lift up, chest to the ceiling, head back and do an upper back. Then now we're talking good. Does that bar need to move for you to Ha. So you're going to take a little step back. Good. And then stay there.

So that's also another way you could get into it, but we're going to do that lifted up a little so that your grip, see that's why it should be more at the 33 level. So there are three feet. So grab there and turn your feet out and get back into there. There Ya go. Good. Is that better? Yeah. Okay. Alright, now head to your chest and round your upper back first. I want to see these. Yes. And let me see that. Keep your tailbone curled under as you sit back.

Don't push it up behind me and starting to go out behind you and now you don't have to go so low right there. Yeah. And now come back up. Pause here and I want to see this lift. Squeeze the bottom forward a little more thing. Q thank you. Stretch Open, head back. That's better. Head to your chest. One more curling [inaudible] and the souls of your feet can go back against the pole. Good. And it's just to get this really nice, right? There's good lower curve. Watch those knees. Good, good stretching.

And then come back up and then lift into that upper back bend. I want more pelvis pushing forward. Squeezing. There you go. That's it. Good. And now look forward and come straight and step back. And we're going to go into our pool up front.

So you're gonna put your hands on top so that the fingertips are touching the corner. And right behind your elbow you're gonna grab your grip. So a little further back. Good. And match it with the other. Excellent. All right, Juliana, I want you to hold your weight up and I want you to think about your strong pelvis and powerhouse connection. I don't want it to Hank. Okay. And I want you to give me one foot. We're gonna put the ankle and the other foot holding your weight up, or I did.

I, Aha. Yeah. Good. There we go. And now strong. I want you to pertain and go forward over that bar and then come down a little and then forward over that bar. Yeah, one more. That's it. Now hold. Take a step forward with one foot down and now the other and right where your hands are. I want that grip to be the same as you flip around, we're going to do the pull up this direction. Okay.

Now this is gonna. You're going to practice, um, making sure, very important in your transitions is that we stay everything together. So you would want to see when you're moving your legs that it's pulling up together and out. Not one leg, the other or anything. Okay, so hold those. Armstrong almost took myself out. I got it. Hold them strong and let me see you pull both knees up to your chat.

Od. We're going to try that again. I know you got it. Here we go. Scooping in both knees, up off the mat and out and reach out. Better open those legs. Flex the feet around and you get to hang this time. Chin. To your chest and hang, hang. Hey. Okay. Now I want to see those hips form a straight line.

As you look at the ceiling straight line. Now use this and give me an upper back bend. Nope, not yet. Upper back bend. [inaudible] more and more and more. And now straight line again and now almost straight. Push your heels away. Look up and now three times straight as a board.

Yes to the alignment is key. Three hang head to your chest. Hang, hang, enjoy. Lift up just a hair to slide your feet together. And then at the same time pull both feet out and lightly. Woo. I like that this swung, but that was a light landing. I like that. Okay.

Would you get rid of those for me? So we're going to get rid of the trapeze and then unhooked. Undo that and slide it away from us. So we're going to get rid of that. And just like you measured for the pull-ups, I want you to put your fingertips on top. Good.

And slide the fuzzy behind your elbow. Good. And match that one. They look pretty even I would say bring this one over just back a little bit. Thank you. And then you'll tell me if I need to move them.

Lie On your back with your head right here. Okay, so after a job well done, we're going to get to do some hanging. Put your hands on those a little higher. Yep. A little lower. There we go. And push out to straight arms. Draw your knees into your chest using your powerhouse before we go up.

How do those look now? Oh, Rad. Okay, so you're going to use your powerhouse more than your arms to curl your tailbone towards you and your knees onto the mat almost. You can use me if you want and we're going to slip your foot into here and just stay there and then slip it into here and then probably do a little loop de loop. You knew what I meant. Good. And you can do one more if you want to stay. Even if you do this, you got one more on that guy. Good. And then really keep your foot flex so it feels secure and roll down this bone. Roll down that bone, roll down that bone. Let your arms hang by your side.

We always start off with half hanging. You want to be aware of your holding, any tension in those knees. I like to just kind of sway back and forth my pelvis so that I feel like I've really let all my energy hang nicely. Very good for a few counts and you can just relax the back of the ribs down to the mat. Good breathing, and now we're going to grab these bars [inaudible] and with your head up, slide back towards me and then put your hands right there. Keeping your head to your chest. Slide off the backside of the Cadillac. Good. No pressure on your head. Nope. Okay. Rest your arms, palms up, down so that you really relax. You're okay.

Very nice on that. Just totally releases all of those hips. Nice stretching. It does. You want to take a few breaths while you're here. The key is to really make sure that that heel feels locked in that ankle and that fuzzy. Don't let yourself get to a red in the face here.

Too much pressure. And now bring your hands onto the bar. Bring your head up, lift up, see if you can crawl up your legs to the black part of the strap. [inaudible] [inaudible] Yep. So you swing like a monkey. That's right. And I'm going to swing you back here and crawl your way down.

Okay. Just for some added fun. And then push your hands onto the poles. Back to straight arms again, and then rest in your half hanging position. Soften those knees. Rest your arms by your side. Let the back of the ribs anchor. Anchor. You were tarred.

He did well, good job. Yeah. Any favorites in there for sure. So we're going to rock your pelvis forward and then take one off. Hug that knee. And since you have me, I will bring you out of it. It's pretty easy though to get out anyway and then roll it down and you, and even if you don't have any, you want to hug your knees into your chest and just do a circle one way and a circle the other way and then maybe one more each way. Cause the back really likes to add like that. Wonderful, great work. All right.

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Gerri M
I don't do enough Tower in my own practice so I adopted a lot of the Cadillac work to the Tower and it always makes my body feel so good! Thanks for an excellent class
Amazing teacher .I learn so much from you Monica.
Thank you for this great class.
5 people like this.
I like Monica Wilson workout...but, I must be honest, I do not like the client with chewing gum doing exercises. So sorry, I can't obviate.
1 person likes this.
Laura, thank you for this comment and we'll make sure to have all students double check regarding the gum chewing.
Thanks Laura!
Monica Wilson
Thanks Laura! Surprised I missed that
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies for all the wonderful feedback on this class! Monica:)
I really enjoyed this workout although I have only completed half of it... the Gratz springs (yours!) are amazing...Great job, Juliana, in the hands of a great teacher! I will finish this class soon... can't wait for the last 20 minutes! sounds like big things are waiting for me!
I agree great workout but where was the breathing.. client chewing gum throughout entire workout!
Caroline B
This was an amazing workout your cues, your physical assists and adjustments great.
Thank you.
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