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Prenatal Mat Workout

35 min - Class


Learn how you can stay connected to your body and your baby in this prenatal Mat workout with Leah Stewart. She calls this class "Mobility Advantage" because she moves through different options that you can use during labor. She shares the importance of being mobile in your body and how it can help you be free, open, and calm during birth.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Hi there. This is class and birth, three of our four part series about a [inaudible] birth. Um, and as I've said before, every class, but if you're joining me for the first time in this and you're kin...

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Leah thanks for sharing mor videos...I'm three months post partum but look forward to trying these anyway and also hoping you'll do more post natal series?! Congratulations on your pregnancy.
Leah, thank you very much.. I love to listen how you talk about Pilates and Prenatal Pilates. Having your energy it easier to pass it to my pregnant girls congratulations on your pregnancy. Your new series of classes is beautiful and it's just what I needed for my third trimester ladies. Thank you very much!
Thank you very much for sharing these videos. I appreciate them for a number of reasons. 1. Anatomically what you explain corresponds with what I've learned in the pre natal training I've had through L'institut de Gasquet in France. Though they focus a lot more on abdominal breathing and the role of the perineum in contracting the lower transverse abdominis. 2. Your message of what's really important in Pilates really resonates with me: finding movement that makes your body feel good for the situation and/or task at hand. 3. You give me good ideas for my classes with future moms. :)
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Leah, I am 37 weeks pregnant with my third child and have felt a lot of tightness in my tail bone and hips this time around. I am so glad to have found this class tonight to help me relax and move through some of this tension before labor. I was beginning to think I would stay this stiff for the next few weeks, but your class reminded me of the ways I am still capable of moving despite my fatigue, growing belly, and more limited movement options. Thank you so much!
I so love your classes. My clients are so happy with the material and with the deeper understanding about what Pilates is all about. Thank you very much.
To all you wonderful ladies! Your words touch me so much! I am so grateful for them and for you taking the time to share them with me. I'm so glad that you can either share this information and class with your clients or that you can enjoy it on your own pregnant body
Absolutely loved this ! As a male teacher it is vital to know how to accommodate and adapt classes for the antenatal participants past the usual side lying , seated and 4 point kneeling. This has really helped me. These movements will help my participants greatly for birth and beyond. Thank you SO much. Yours in fitness Adrian

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