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Prenatal Side Lying Flow

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In this Prenatal workout, Leah experiments with doing most of the workout lying on your side because it is a safe position during pregnancy. She plays with articulating the pelvic floor, strengthening the obliques and hips, and gentle rotation while on your side. Leah also adds a few exercises in seated and kneeling positions like variations on the Hundred and Rolling like a Ball.

You can watch Leah's Prenatal Mat Series #1 and Prenatal Mat Series #3 to work on releasing tension in the body and mobilizing the spine.
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Welcome back. We are here for another prenatal Polonius Matt Class and again I'm have linea here who is going to demonstrate model slash client slash everything and we are both again in our early third trimester. So this class is actually a little untraditional in the sense that we're going to actually spend most of the timeline on our side. We'll do some see this stuff as well, but I really wanted to play with what it felt like to do some articulations and pelvic floor work, some stretching and contracting of the obliques and the abdominals in the hips and the sideline positions sideline position since that is one of the safer positions that we can be in while we're pregnant. So join me for a little fun, a little Polonius experimentation for your sideline position. We're going to start with, I'm going to just lie with my arm out, but please just like follow linea here. She has a cushion, towels, a pillow, whatever. Just make yourself feel comfortable.

I wouldn't suggest at this point that you put something in between your legs because we are going to be moving our legs. But feel free to put something underneath your ear or your head so that you have that nice comfort there. Are you ready? So let's go ahead and start by lying on our left side and with your either pillow underneath you or your arm extended, or you can have your arm bent, whichever feels more comfortable. I want you to bend your knees so that you're at a 90 degree angle there. Yep. More or less. Yeah. And in this position, we're actually going to work on pelvic tilt.

So we're going to start with a little bit of breathing first. So just keep yourself in a nice relaxed position, making sure that your hips are in line with your shoulders here. Let's just start with some deep breathing. We're just gonna have a little bit more free form breathing. I know he's still a little bit more structured by this one.

Should have breathe here just to start. So let's take an inhale index tail and inhale. Take advantage of letting that right side rib cage really open and exhale. And as you inhale, lift that right side rib cage, open up nice and wide, and then soften it with your exhale one more time. And inhale and XL being mindful that as we do this work that the underside of your belly, although you don't need it up really tight, I don't want it to be pouring down onto your mat. That's going to put too much pressure on your lower back. So I want you to just, you can keep your hand under your belly if you need to, but just kind of feel like it's just drawn in ever so slightly. Again, just imagine that you're kind of hugging the baby back in towards your spine. So from here we're actually literally going to do our pelvic tilts.

It's going to feel quite different here in this sideline position. So XL, I want you to draw your pubic bone up towards your belly button. And then inhale, I want you to pass through neutral than reach your sits back and can go into a little bit of a arch of your back. Little anterior tilt XL. Draw the pubic bone forward for the [inaudible] closer together, and then inhale, reach it back. And if you don't mind linea, put your right hand on your right Sitz bone. Yeah, and you're going to feel how it moves and exhale coming close to the other. Feel hot narrows in as it comes underneath. You'll get close hit narrows here. Then as you inhale, the hot widens as you go all the way back. Do you feel that sense at all? Good.

Let's go two more. Exhale. Okay. And in how? Reach in that pelvis back and last one. Exhale. Fill that pelvic floor connection. Squeeze those two sitz bones together.

Bring that pubic bone up and exhale, release it. Good. Come back to neutral. Now we're going to do a lateral tilt to the pelvis. So inhale, bring the right ribcage. Excuse me, the right hipbone up toward the right rib cage and XL. Draw it down. Yes. You're literally gliding that pelvis and draw it up. So you're shortening the top side of the waist. Yeah, you can see how my leg, my top leg is kind of gliding over my bottom leg. God, just let that happen naturally. Reach it in. Yes.

And take it out. How's that feel? Yeah, you should feel like you're really getting that space in between your rib cage and your waist, which feels so good as you get into the latter part of pregnancy. And two more. So we're mobilizing that pelvis, getting it prepared for labor and draw down. Beautiful. One more time. Good. And then I want you to bring it back to neutral. Good. And now this is one of my favorite ones.

You're going to take your top arm and your top leg and you're going to reach it out and flex your foot. So you're getting that nice stretch to deal bleak stressor, the lats good. And then exhale, you're going to bring it in. You're going to bring the knee to the elbow. Good. You can kind of forward bend a little bit. Yeah. But not too much in how reach.

So feel that stretch with the obliques and exhale in how we'll reach it out. Beautiful. And XL two more and in hell. Reach and excel. Yeah. Good. You feel that the little gentle pull all the way through the center. Good hole here. Good. Now you're going to laterally tilt the pelvis.

You're gonna lift the leg up and bring the arm up. Yes. And then bring it down. Yes. So you're gonna get that lateral tilt to the policies of bringing it up. Yes. And down. I'm keeping the foot flexed and exhale out. Oh, you'll feel the hip to the outer part of the hip. Bring it down and exhale up.

Okay. And it down. One more time and exhale out. [inaudible] and now you're going to keep your legs straight and actually you're going to bring it in. Like you're going to touch your fingers to your toes and then bring it back and go into a little bit of extension. Ooh, good. Exhale. Now you're coming into your posts or your tilts, a little bit of your flection of your spine and reach. Inhale. Good. You feel comfortable in that position. Good. Exhale.

And then after new guys too as well. Um, Excelsior filling that gentle abdominal work, you'll feel that nice shoulder work and reach. You're stretching out the abdominals. They're not the, they need much more stretching but still feels good and exhale and bring it back. Good. Come to the neutral for me to come all the way back to, into let that top legs just rest. Yes. All the way down. So inhale, you're going to open your body. Just your upper body, getting a little bit of rotation. Just be careful. Hail. Don't do what I just said, which was pop-over. So reach just to get that little bit, that shoulder stretch and then dropped back to center. Yes. And if you can, let me just let your head roll across that pillow and in how re, so you're getting a little bit of that opening, anchor yourself down through your heel. Do you feel that stretch and bringing it back to center?

Just spiraling the body. So again, we're really getting this beautiful dynamic of this oblique work. We're getting this beautiful stretch of the obliques. And then we're getting a gentle contraction as we come back to center. Trying to keep your arm over your head though. Yeah. Like a buyer ear. Yes. Uh Huh. Reach. We'll do my Moore and dry back.

There you go. That's what I want. So you're literally just rolling across the gun, letting my head rest on the mat here and come back to center. Good. Bring the arm in and bring the leg in and really slowly well yourself that you're going to come onto your bottom elbow. Yes. So I want your feet to be sacked, your legs to be stocked. Now here, because we need the upper body control and strength as we do this series. I don't want to see you sink down into your shoulder.

I want to say you say lifted up and out of it and fill those under Sido. Bleaks so a little modified side bend here. So we're going to go exhale side. Then two, you're not going to lift your hips in. How rotate the body Xcel come back to the side bend. Yes. And inhale, bring it back to center. Good. Let's do two more and over.

Exhale and inhale, rotate. Square your shoulders to your arm. Exhale, come back to the lateral flection, pushed down through that left arm and back to center. One more time and reads over. So really get those obliques underneath. Find that side and twist the obliques there. Good. Now here, what I'd like you to do is I want you to put your hand down on the mat in front of you and I want you to pull up into a back extension. Yes, I just feel like the Sphinx, right? And pick your top leg and extend it out.

And you can bend your bottom knee so it's up a little bit further towards your chest or touch your belly. Perfect. So in this position that we're rotate as who need to have that protection, that rotation feels too much. Release it a little bit by bringing your arm forward. Exactly. So I want you to get gentle rotation. I'm going to do some glute work here. So keeping the foot flex, pushing down through that left arm, you're going to lift up XL one and two.

Good. So getting the upper body work, you're really targeting those glutes, getting that lift has that filling your spine has filling your belly. Good. Let's keep pushing down through the arms, up and app. Three more, three and two. You're going to hold up on the last one holds. Bend the knee in. Inhale and exhale, extend. So you're doing a frog. Inhale, exhale, extend, and inhale. Exhale, extend and bring it in guys to fill the glute there.

And then we're also getting that interplay with the pelvic movement here as you bring the leg in and take it out and bring the leg in and out. Drawing energy through the heel. Keep pushing down through those arms and out. We'll release the rotation just now. One more time and out here, hold it. Reach good. Take your right hand on top of your hip. Good. Keep your foot flex. We're going to rotate. You're going to tap that heel down? Yes. Just like that. Perfect.

They're going to rotate back just to the straight line and tap the foot down and rotate it. So again, we're getting some gentle abdominal work here. Getting that pubic bone pulling up underneath you. Then rotate, reach the energy out and tap. Good. Let's go a little faster. So exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Good. Can you feel that? That work with the obliques? Good and back. Good and energy. After the hill. Back three more. You look good. Exhale.

You can see I'm getting a lot of pelvic movement. I'm getting a lot of spiral through my femur, my right femur getting spiraled through my shoulders. This is a really dynamic movement. Good. Hold it there and bring it in lice. Good. Let's see the other side. Let's go ahead and sit yourself up.

Get yourself down when you do the whole Shebang on the other side. Go ahead. Don't take a nap. Okay, so let's start with some breathing here. So let's do four breaths. So inhale, expanding the rib cage and Xcel, and then help. Nice. So you can already feel how on this side it might be a little bit easier just because of the work we did on the right side to keep that belly in a little bit and inhale and excellent. Yeah. And just like Linnaeus is doing, if you've won't feel like you want to hold your belly here with your hand, please feel free to do so. [inaudible] yeah. Is He? Yeah. Good. Mine's sleep and I think, okay.

Now from here we're going to skip the pelvic tilts. We're going to go right into the lateral tilt, so bring it up with the next hill. So lateral tilt, the left hip up to the left rib cage, and then draw it down. Inhale and exhale. Okay. And inhale. Beautiful. Exhale.

Ah, I don't want you to really think about bracing your abdominal wall here. Just a gentle drawing in for support. Yeah, exactly. And as you kind of draw that hip up, it'll naturally happen. Last one. Nice. I think more about that lateral shift. Good. Now we go. We stretched the arm and leg away from each other with an inhale.

Flex that foot and exhale. Elbow to the knee. Yeah. Inhale, stretch. Feel the stretch steel bleak through the let testaments, door side retreats, retreats, and X. Yeah. Yes. An inhale. So you're getting really nice stretch of the rectus here too. And then a gentle contraction of the rectus abdominis here too.

And don't be afraid. We need to work those muscles. We need to have that nice abdominal support here and reach and I safe work of this as abdominals. That's what we're looking for and draw it. And this is our fifth one, I believe. So that's finished with one more. Stretch it out and bring it in. Good. Hold it out here. You're going to exhale laterally. Tilt the pelvis, bring the arm up and it helped reach a down, getting longer as you go down. Good. Try to stay stacked on top of your hips.

Try not to let the body rotate back and reach further out as you go down and Xcel. Make sure again, you have that lateral tilt. Bring the waist, made the waist shorter here and bring it down to more XL. And inhale, take it down. Beautiful. Last one, [inaudible] and in now we do the straight leg Xcels rod and find a little pike of the body and inhale, reach back. You can go a little bit back into extension and Xcel is rotten and inhale, it's hey, get back. Feel that stretch and XL pull it in. Ah, good. I'm burying it back.

He has to just draw the leg and as far as you feel comfortable. Well and draw it back one more time and pull it in. No, and take it all the way back. Now bring it back to neutral. Let the leg go down and you're going to rotate. Let the head roll. Just rotate the upper body and drop back to center.

Good. And inhale. Feel that stretch. Just opening your body up to the ceiling. Feel that stretch to the left shoulder and exhale back to center. Remember to let your head stay nice and heavy that you're just enjoying that movement. And back to center. I'm enjoying it. Are you enjoying it? Good reads and back to sit. It's a little hard to control, but you'll find your spots.

You'll find how far you can go. Reach and drive back to center. Hold it. Good. Draw the knee in and walk yourself up slowly. Good. Beautiful. It's not conducive to keeping your hair nice. Okay, so push down through your right elbow. So again, lifting up onus to that straight line underneath you. Arm down by your side.

Three little modified side bends here before we go into our leg work. So inhale, arch the body to the side. Xcel spiral the rib cage and rotate. Look down at your elbow. Inhale, spiral back. Look straight ahead and Xcel back up. Beautiful. Inhale, side bend. So go, go, go. More and more and more and more and more.

Push down through that right arm. Yes, Xcel rotate. Feel the ribcage spinning around the spine and come back. Open that chest up. Fill the upper back, engage and bring it back. Straight. Beautiful position there, Linda and app and rotate. Come back to center. Feeling strong through the arms and back.

And we'll go one more time and rotate. Now put that hand down and find your extension here. Again, remember you can release the rotation a little bit if you need to, but push down through the arm and extend the top leg and bring the right. Uh, the bottom line going to be to a little bit more. So you're flexing through that left heel and you're going to lift up to get a little glute work. XL One and two. So again, don't let your belly drop down too far. Good. That's such a pretty position. Good. And app and energy through the hill. Make sure you're really just from those glutes.

Just really getting that connection through the hip press. Beautiful press and three and two and hold it. One eight help and think heel to the sitz bone. And exhale, extend. Inhale, bend. Exhale. Push that energy through. That looks great. Inhale. Yeah. So you're gonna start to feel that working your upper body. Good.

I want you to keep strong in the upper body. Keep your endurance up here. And then the burn durance is a big part of labor, right? So we want to feel that we can do this with integrity. We can do this with calm. Good. Well now I have my little ones kicking now. Um, push one more. Inhale and extend.

It will go into the oblique. A little rotation here. So rotate. Tap the hill down, boom. And reach it to the side and tap the flip. And rotate. You find that little posterior. Tell beautiful work and reach it out. So again, keep your chest really expansive. Keep your eyes looking forward.

Feel Nice and strong. Good. And bring it in and take it away. Good. Exhale. Inhale. Love it. Three more. Exhale. Inhale, good. And two and one more and all the way. Hold it. And relax. Beautiful. Good. Come on up. Good. I like that. And give our hips a little bit of arrests. So go ahead and I want you to sit here now for you.

If you want to sit on that cushion, that might help. Yeah, exactly. So we're going to sit with our legs cross for this. They need to be crossed. So if you need to sit on a cushion or some towels that you feel a little elevated to take some of that work off your hips, that would be ideal. Good. Okay, fantastic. So we're going to do a little hug, a tree into a kind of a high body art, but we're going to actually going to work on clamming our legs together today. So arms are going to be out to the side.

So what I want you to do as you do the hug a tree as I want you to think of that, that real like um, common queue of the elevator of the pelvic floor. So you're going to go one, two, three. So I really want you to feel like it's a low below inferior on your pelvis. So pelvic floor, a superficial pelvic floor deep, and then abdominals as you go into that little posterior tilt and we'll match it with a hug, a tree of the arms. So taking our breath in here. So we're going to go XL, go lower, higher, highest. Exactly. They're going to reach your arms around. Make a big circle.

Place your hands down behind you. You're going to lift your knees up and squeeze that pelvic floor as much as your belly will allow. Good. Release it and hold and go. One, two, three, circle around, push the arms down and bring the knees, that good release and we'll make sure you feel that pelvic floor squeezing. Take it around and marine lilies and release and go lower, higher, highest as with your pelvic floor connection, then reach good and are able to meet that connection. Linnea go ahead and one more time. Go One, two, three and swing the arms around and lift up. Now here wants you to hold it.

Maybe you can take your feet and make sure they're as comfortable as you can get them and can do little squeezes with your knees. One you'll feel a little pelvic floor connection. Two yes. Three. Yes. Good. Think of a butterfly flapping its wings grow. You'll feel that. Squeeze right next to the pubic symphysis, the pubic bone up. Four more. Four and three.

Chest lifts up and two and one and release it. Good. Nice. Come into the rotation. Go. Xcel rotate or excuse me, go into the flection. Exhale. Inhale, go over to the side. XL, come back to the flection and inhale half, just three on each side and actually think the rib cage coming over the thigh in. How rotate. Bring the arms back at the upper shoulder. Work. Good. Rotate back to the flection and app.

So a lot of work with those obliques, with that rib cage. Last one. Inhale, looking straight forward. Exhale, come back to the curve and app. Beautiful and other side. Good. So making sure you're just sitting back a little bit on your sits bones. I know it's hard on the bolster. They're good. And let's go into flection in her lateral flection. Yes, Xcel back to the pike and articulate up good and curve and rotate. Feel that stretch to the right side of your waist XL.

Come back to the flection and add one more time. Xcel in and rotate. Woo and rotate and uphold it. Come back to center and rest. Nice. We're going to go into a pelvic curl on elbows.

It's a little bit more challenging. So what I want you to do is face here with your legs straight out. Good. Exactly. You're going to come back onto your elbows here. Yes. Now squeeze your legs together and you can discover if you feel more comfortable with your feet pointed or with your feet flex and we're only going to do a few of these. It's challenging because you don't have that far to go and it's really challenging on the shoulders, but I want you to get that upper body extension and I want to engage the posterior chain of the body, so the glutes, the back, the posterior shoulders, so you can take your breath in. So just keep your eyes forward. XL, roll through the pelvis and lift up. Inhale. Then Xcel roll down as much as you can.

Yes, that's it. Don't worry about that at all. And exhale, go into the posterior tilt and roll up. It's perfect. Inhale and exhale roll. Then we're not going to do that many and really just trying to squeeze your legs together. Get those adductors involved. Exhale, rolling up. Quite challenging and XL roll down. Hold here for me in that extension. Xcel slide the right leg in.

Inhale, extend it out. Xcel slide it in. Well, you did the right leg. I did the wrong leg. You're good. I said right leg and bring it in and take it out. XL is rotten and take it out. Either leg XL drawed and inhale out or keep that spine nice and long. Good. We'll get off the elbows in just a moment.

Xcel drawed and in how reach one more time. Exhale. Go ahead. Now I want you to draw both legs in, up on the toes. You're going to inhale, open the legs. So clam. Good. Exhale. Squeeze it close in. How open and I want you to think about rotating those femurs inward and engaging. That pelvic floor is stretching here. Xcel close. Yes though that gentle control of the abdomen, just like you're hugging the abdominal wall and very gently, but keep pressing down through the elbows. Xcel close. One more time.

Inhale. Exhale. Close. Roll onto your side into the, gets a little tough on your neck too and come all the way up. Beautiful. That's it. Good. We're going to go into a net, another series here. I call it spider. Okay, so you're going to sit with your legs is wide open as you can get them. Again, it's difficult for you. Please elevate your bottom a little bit, but you look pretty good. Then we're going to start with holding onto the shins. So now because it's a tough position to fit in, you've got to really use a lot of your upper body works.

I want you to feel the poster, your shoulders and the lats engaged here. Go ahead and feel that beautiful stretch that you get through your grind, through your pelvis. Yeah, really getting that nice work all the way through the heads. Good. So we're going to play with this stretch. We're also using some articulation of the pelvis as well. So what I want to do is I want you to flex both feet. Go ahead.

You're going to point the right foot and kind of dip. I did it again. Let's start over. Point the left foot and you're going to dip the left shoulder down towards it. Yes. So he'd see how I kind of draw my right hip back. Yes sir. Kind of get a little cheeky here. Yes.

And come up and then Xcel alternates and bringing it Xcel and yes and and uh, good and rotate and we look so cute. Rotate and yes, it makes sure you keep that upper back extension. You're pulling back against this against the shins. Rotate and up. One more set and rotate and up. You can articulate through the flip. Rotate and up. Good. Hold the here. Take the hands, back. Pumps, fingers facing away or back. Whatever feels most comfortable.

Keep the feet down and we're going to push up into a bridge. And how come down? Hinge, tension change two more times. And Nextel. Ground yourself through your feet. XL Up and inhale. Hinge down. Nice. Long body and Dexa. One more time and bring it down slowly. Hold it. Go ahead. No, grab the back of the thighs. Pull yourself up. Good. Now from here you're going to lift into a hierarchy of your back and bring it back to center. Yes.

So feel like you're going to pull your thighs back towards your body and lift up with an inhale. [inaudible] and Exhale, come back to center. Beautiful. Two more. Inhale, bring that chest up. Open up the thighs. Still that stretch to the center body and back to center. One more time. And inhale.

Good. Now you're going to do some leg lifts with it. You're gonna lift the left leg up. So you're going to lift step with an inhale, sit back, a little bit of your pelvis, and exhale down. And Inhale, lift. Draw that right knee up toward that right arm and exhale down. And Inhale, lift up, get that deep articulation through your hips and exhale down.

That's look good. And one more time. Inhale and exhale, bring it back. Lift up a little bit taller, draw the center in. Bring those legs up a little bit more. If he can't or feel like you're lifting him up a little bit more. You guys are getting longer and rest. Nice. Good. Let's go into our last sequence here. It's again c four. So we're gonna move into our last sequence here for this. Um, Matt routines. I want you to go ahead and sit up on your knees and this is a really great, if you're going to feel your thighs are really great pelvic floor strengthening, we're going to do a little variation to the hundred.

I know it's sometimes kind of weird to put the hundred for the end of the class, but that's what we're doing. Okay, so you're going to sit here and I'll kind of move from, you can see lending I hear from the side, so I might not need to, but I really want to focus on, I want you to feel like you're lifting your body from your pelvic floor. That's really what I want you to focus on. So you gonna put your hands behind your head. You're gonna take your breath in. With your exhale, you're going to squeeze the pelvic floor and the glue thing. I'm going to lift the hip.

Then inhale slowly take them down and feel that stretch to the pelvic floor. And exhale, squeeze, lift up. Feel like that a the pubic bone and the sits bones are drawing together. Good. Then inhale, let them open. Why does you go down? Yes and Xcel. Draw the men for that. Lift up through the lower belly. Beautiful Linea.

Then inhale, take it down. You start to feel your thighs. Feel your glutes to more XL. Squeeze it in and inhale. Feel that nice expansion as you go down. Last one, squeeze up. Now we do five more. We're going to add a pelvic tilt. So just the pelvic tilt.

Exhale and inhale, release back to neutral XL. Yes, the quads are a burden. And inhale, take it down. Feel that control. Exhale, because again, your legs are a big part of your labor here. Two more exhale. Feel that squeeze and slowly let it stretches you. Go down. And then we're going to add the upper body. So we're kind of doing a prenatal version of rolling like a ball.

So you're gonna Take Your Chin down and you're going to roll up. So your here, beautiful. Then you're going to roll down and it's an awe and roll forward and bring the pelvis forward. Exhale and inhale. Let us stretch. Feel the sits bones widen as you release and roll down and up and roll with your spine. Yes, two more. And exhale. Don't pull down on your neck. Just let your head come forward.

You're in that flection and roll. Go ahead, last one and exhale. Good. And then I want you to come up. Good. Bring your knees a little together. You me too. Exactly. So bring your hands down by your sides. We're just going to do five sets. Wants to do that. A hundred breathing's to take your breath in to prepare and push back XL.

Okay. Okay. Keep going. And I want you to feel like you're getting longer and taller in yes. Keep those hips. Push forward. Get that opening through those hip flexors, which gets so tight. Fill the hip extension. Yes. Beautiful. Get that expansion through your chest. Good.

I think that was our fifth set, but I feel like one more. And exhale three, four, five in beautiful. And hold it. Take the arms out and go a little faster here. And inhale, rotate as you go down. XL app. Tried to go straight down in here. Oh, XL up and in hill. I feel that twist and Xcel that when we can smile at each other and inhale and exhale out and [inaudible] Xcel at one more time. Beautiful. And in there you'll feel that nice stretch through your head.

Let's do one more side. It feels good. [inaudible] [inaudible] XL rotating, floating around and last one and hold it here. Good. Slowly come down. Sit onto your side just with one laid back. So that's a comfortable position for you. Yeah, yeah. Good. And then I just want you to reach forward as much as you can. Yeah.

If you can go, can you square your hips a little more? Yeah. Get that hip stretch here. As far as your belly will let you go down, you should feel the front hip. Do you feel that the stretch shoe, the glutes, the pure performance, which on some of US pregnant ladies gets very tight, causing sciatic problems. Pick yourself up slowly with your arms and then just gently reached back, pushing your hips forward and you should get the front of that back hip really deep through hip flexors there.

If you need to come out of it, please do. Yeah, that stretch in the front at all. They're of the of your left hip. Good, perfect. Go ahead. Slow Levy leaves. Let's go to the other side. Back leg is back behind you. Try to get it as straight out horizontally as possible. Exactly. Then slowly walk yourself forward going where you feel getting that deep stretch through your hip and breathing slowly up and walk your hands back on your fingertips. Push your pelvis forward, lift your sternum up, adjust yourself where you need to to make sure you get that stretch to the front of the hip. You might need to bring your leg for the back.

I need to bring your heel a little further into your bottom. Once you get the position, you might need to square your hips off a little bit more. Breaking one hip forward, slowly come out of it. Turn yourself forward. Crossing your legs and hands here. Beautiful finding couple deep breath for me as we worked our sides, worked our hips a little bit, our back extension or hip extension.

Just feeling that strength of your body, the importance of mobilizing the pelvis and mobilizing the hips. Just embracing that body awareness and thinking about how you can carry that body awareness and that power of movement through your whole pregnancy, into your labor and into recovery. Inhaling and exhaling. One more time and you're all done. Thank you. Thank you, Linea. Beautiful work. Yeah, that was fine.


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Excellent class! I especially love the side lying hip and back extensor work. Thank you, Leah!!
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Such an awesome class. At 26 wks, I've done nothing for two weeks as we have been abroad visiting family and stuck on planes/cars etc. My body felt like it was falling apart but I feel like this work has breathed fresh clear air into my body! Thank you! I hope all goes/has gone well with your second birth! Lx
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Yay, Leonie! So glad that this class felt great for you I personally love it as well, especially late into my pregnancy Thanks for the good wishes, too!
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I absolutely love your teaching style! Thank you and I hope all went well!
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Thank you for the great class!
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Loved this class Leah! Thanks so much for your great prenatal work!
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I am 26 weeks AND had tailbone surgery about 5 weeks ago, so have been limited on a lot of Pilates movements. This side work was fantastic for me!! Love your creativity!
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Great class - love all the side work!
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Glutes got a much needed workout and stretch! Question for you with the modified bridge- if i feel a lot of weight being taken in my neck and shoulders, am I not shifting enough weight down towards my heels to get the full benefit of the movement? Thanks!
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