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Cueing for New Clients

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Follow up on the First Time Client workshop by Alycea Ungaro in her new Mixed Equipment workout. She builds on the work she did with Lisa, sharing what she would expect after about 30 sessions. If you follow Joe's 10-20-30 session promise, this class will help you see how you can build a program to have a whole new body!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Alicia and Guero and we are back here for eight full session. This workout is building on the work we did in the first time client workshop. So if you haven't seen that, hop back over there and take a look. Um, we worked with two different clients with two very different bodies for their absolute first time sessions and this follow up is meant to sort of project out in time what would happen if we got that client back and we took a little sneak peek in on their 30th session out. So sort of jumping off with Joe's [inaudible] 10, 20, 30 session promise, what would happen with this client or what do I expect of them and how would I build that program after 30 sessions. So Shelby has volunteered her body today to be the second body or maybe it was the first body that we saw. She was a cyclist and a horseback rider.

She had all kinds of um, interesting, um, goals for [inaudible]. And so this is where, what I think our session might look like or could look like after 30 sessions of working with her. Just a quick note that we have a little bit of a knee sensitivity on Shelby, so we're going to be working around that as well. So if we skip things or omit things or add things, I will reference that just so you know what I'm thinking. Okay, let's get started. How are you feeling today? Awesome. Okay, Shelby. So we're going to start a very classically with the footwork, have a seat on the carriage and then swinging yourself down onto your back.

And we're going to start with the toes. So crease of the toes on the bar, heels together nice and high. And if the springs are too heavy or something doesn't feel righteous, just let me know. Okay. Draw the abdominals. Zune earned up. So never out butt in and up. I kinda think of scooping them behind the ribs. Heels are very, very high. Press out. Just sort of test the apparatus, see how it feels today. Feels different every day, right? Go all the way to the maximum length as much as you can.

Get the springs open and then bend your knees and come back in. And we'll take that 10 times, press all the way out and in Nice and lengthen out and in and now a little less work and a little more fun. Press it away and, and, and in and press away and, and lengthen out and in all the way out. And, and I like to get that little baby toe on there. Do if I can. That always makes everybody smile cause it doesn't quite reach and intake. Two more reps and in last one and come in and let's walk up to the arches. That first time client had some pins in her feet.

So this is definitely a goal for me with her to make sure that this footwork is really solid. Press all the way out. Stay out for the first one, just lengthen as far as you can imagine you can push that carriage out so much further by opening the springs. You feet are actually going to hold onto the bar. Like you really could pick it up with your feet and then bend back in and now up to temple. Press away and lengthen out and and see if you can get the heels to drop just a little bit more under the bar. Yeah, so you're really wrapping around, holding onto that bar. It really is footwork, you know, it's not foot rest out and squeeze the legs together and, and I still think I could get a little more hollow in the abdominals out and into more times and outcome in stay and walk up to your heels. Walk, walk and you're there. Nice.

All 10 toes are back and really working at the ankle joint. So press as far as you can. Take one rep to stretch the springs, move the carriage out in space as far as it'll go. One more millimeter every coil opened and then bring it all the way in and nine more to finish out and in. And because the teacher's role is for alignment, I am always sneaking around. One rule of thumb I have and that I always teach is that if everything looks good, change your perspective, get around the room. If it looks good, you're not looking everywhere, out and in all the way out.

And she'll be keeping wrapping the shoulders back so that yeah, look at that. Always ask for what you want. You don't even have to get in with your hands sometimes. Just ask the body to respond. How many more do you got? Keeping count. Excellent out in and stay tendon stretches. Next, walk on down to the tip toes. Take plotty stance with the feet. So toes apart.

Heels together. Press out, stay out. This time no bending at all. Lower, lower, lower and lift. Lift, lift again, lower, lower, lower. I would like to see this leg work like the other leg. So I'm saying it's not quite as straight as the other. Interesting from your perspective when you walk around you can see one legs a little higher than the other. Maybe one knee is not doing what the other one is. So match them to make them the same. That looks better so it feel different up, up, up, equal weight in your feet to the [inaudible] and pull up. Like you could slide your kneecaps up. Lower, lower, lower and lift.

Lift. That might help actually lower, lower, lower. Wrap the seat and use the waist. Try to keep the heels blue together. If you can glue glue, there she is two more times to the re hollow belly to pull the carriage up. Then last one down, pick it up, pick it up, hold it there even more. So the springs never stopped moving. Keep moving it out. Keep moving it out. Keep moving it out and bring it in.

And that first time client was a real mover and shaker. She did a lot of heavy activity, aggressive movements. So it's going to be important for me to make sure that this, by this 30th session, we're really keeping pace and having her moving around and hug your knees into your chest. I'm going to take the bar down. We're going to do the a hundred so grab your handles, they're just behind you and scoot down and give yourself a little inch. Drop your elbows in, curl yourself. Option to just stretch arms and legs out.

Show me your point of control. So heels together, toes apart. How does that feel? Okay. Ah, let's start to pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five in with the air out with the air. And in do three. Why is there so much space there? It reached you three and press your fingers out. I still think you could stretch the leather all the way out.

So that would make the carriage move out further, which would then pull the springs out more and you would get even more resistance. And every exhale is a chance to pull your abdominals in a little more. Ooh, that looked so good. I still want those heels together. So I think teaching Caladrius is like playing whack a mole and just fix that now. That's wrong. And fix that. And now that's wrong again. He scoping up rage, rage, rage, and for the last two pump really hard and really big. Go inhale two, three, four but we'll do three, four, five, one, two, three but Xcel two, three, four, hold, reach, reach more. Okay. If you could do that the whole time, bend your knees off, weigh in and rest your head. No cheating. How's your short span? Pretty good.

Maybe reach behind you and lower your headrest. So by 30 sessions, short spine should be a pretty good part of the curriculum. Let's take the feet up and over into these loops and lift your hips. The answer people are so bendy. Come down into frog. Open your knees and bring your heels in. God, I want you to take a couple of frogs so you can feel. And if I press on this, just like not realizing, just slap me away. Press Away with the legs and then back in and stretch it out and bend back in.

Feels okay. So you have the resistance in your body. Take it all the way out. Keep your leg straight now and lift up with the hips and over all the way. Let the carriage all the way in. You'll feel it. Stop when it stops, all the way. You can. Bend your knees and lift your hips even higher so you're upside down. Nice. Now roll down your upper back, middle back.

Reach your arms lower back and try to get your tail down, down, down, down, down, and pull your heels into your seat. Begin again. Push out to 45 lift the hips. Float over, bring the carriage into a full stop and bend the knees and you're upside down. Roll away length in a way. Rude jewelry. Try to get every roadway on the mat, on the mat, on the mat, and bend the knees in with the heels. Push out again and go straightaway. Up and over. Bear she is, and then the knees. Roll it down.

Take it down evenly. Both sides of the back of arriving on the mat at the same time. Squeeze the heels and draw them in and take one more out. Lift. Yeah, and then roll down. This is your last one. We're going to do coordination after this, so roll it away, away, away, and then slip your hands into these little wooden handles. I'm going to take the feet out and our tug on the handles. Hard. There she is.

Drop your elbows down. Lift your head up to your knees. Follow my count. Arms and legs stretch out to me. Put your palms right on the mat. Open. Close the legs. Knees come in first, arms come in second. Everything goes out together. Open, close. Just the legs, knees in first arms and second with the breathing. Inhale out, open and close. Knees in first exhale. Exhale. Again, inhale out, hold the breath as you open, close. Exhale and exhale two more times. Hold the breath, the exhale. Exhale, last one and you're out.

Open, close in and in and rest. Beautiful. Let's take some front rowing. Actually this is exactly what I did in my own workouts, so come up to sitting and we're going to face. That way you can sit against the blocks. Coordination is so hard, especially for people who do very rhythmical exercises. I think that first time client coordination is going to be a goal for us to do different kinds of routines that do arms and legs at a different time so that she learns to use her body in different ways.

So we're down to one spring legs are straight shelving and you're going to hold down with thumbs in the top. Yes and this one and you'll follow my pattern. Okay. Elbows in by your side and make sure these legs are right down the center. And Lisa, that first time client that we worked with, she didn't do a whole lot of upper body. So rowing is definitely on my list of priorities for her. Sit up tall and straight. You're going to inhale, stretch the arms up to where the ceiling meets the wall.

Maybe a little bit higher. Yes, so pool on the straps will into the bower house. Stay very tall and press the arms straight down. Straight down, straight down, straight down. Just fingertips. Greys the Mat. Lift them up again, hold it there, and then lean into the spring and make a nice circle. Circle, circle. Bend your arms into your sides and begin again. Inhale, and you're up. Exhale, add, lift taller, lift taller, lift taller. Inhale up again, hold it there. See if you can stretch the spring out a little bit more and then open. Open, open around, elbows in one more time, and inhale up.

Exhale down. Lift a little higher. Inhale up, squeeze the heels, reach, reach, reach 10. Circle all the way around and let's change the pattern. Make fists with your hands and flex your feet and put them right by your hips. So this is from the hips and we'll make sure the carriage is all the way in. Bend over, nose to knees. Don't move your hands yet.

Now scorre put the hands out along the leather all the way down below your heels. Roll all the way up to sitting. Roll up, roll up, roll up, arms over legs. Now push me away a little bit. Ah, there she is. Big Lift, big circle all the way around and begin again over with your nose to your knees. Stretch the arms all the way out into the spring. Roll up through the spine. Sit Tall, sit tall. Sit Tall. Push the arms long. Push the arms high and make a big circle all the way around. Give me one more like that over you. Go nose to knees, press out with the handles. Press through your heels, roll up, roll up, arms over legs. Big reach, big lift and big circle and cross your legs. Cross style.

And we'll take some salute. So arms go out and then go up and make a little diamond with your hands. I feel okay. And I think just come a little bit forward and give yourself just a a like a little bit of space between you and the blocks. It won't feel nearly as fun, but I think it might be good abdominals in like crazy. Open your elbows out to the side. Pitch a little forward. Yeah.

And you feel how you want to fall back into the blocks. So that's, that's the challenge. Open the elbows and she eve the back of the head off and then exhale, push up, bend forward and try not to make any contact with the blocks and exhale up. Good again. Then down, now glance at your knees and don't let them move. Woo. So tricky again, bend and no moving, no moving, no moving. All of us want to do that.

So common but will great little detail to work on opening all those wide knees. Don't, Whoa, I saw that. That's a do over. Try again. Bend down, exhale on the up and one more. Good one and bend down. Quiet the legs into the stomach and up. Excellent. Opening arms, switch feet so you can just uncross and recross and we'll do a hug. So sitting up nice and tall, lots of tension in the arms. Pull together and make a big circle. Push away like it's super, super heavy.

And Clyde, the carriage in, that's hard to do, right? Pull together. And then you just have to mentally will the carriage home, will it in two, three to go all the way. Try again and in, in, in, and then open, open, open, not that and that. Inhale two, three and exhale. Two, three, one more time. Inhale and exhale. Two. And that's enough. Let's take these away. Good. Very nice. Step off. Uh, so our super fit, horseback rider spinner likes to do fun things and I'm projecting out by 30 session.

She's definitely gonna be able to do some of these fun long box exercises. We're gonna lie on the stomach and do pull straps. Um, yes. Okay for you. Okay. Good on your belly. Come on out. I'll hand you the leather and I want you to reach up as high as you can. And depending on how strong I remember, Lisa was actually really strong.

This might be an exercise for her that I actually let her work with another spring. Come back another inch. Just another inch. Yes. You also get her toes apart and holding up into the abdominals here. Take your hands just outside the wooden frame. So you're going to scrape the waters as you go. All the way down to the floor. Long arms, longer arms, all the way back. Lift your head, lift your chest, hold that they are in. Squeeze the laps together.

Try to get the arms higher, higher, highest. So hard, isn't it? Bring it all the way down to three. Shaking is allowed. Glue your heels together and pull down one, reach two, three and hold. I think she can come a little higher. Yeah, hold that there. Now I'm gonna let go. Hold it. Hold it. Look at that magic and bring it all the way down. Sometimes we can't do it on our own, but if we get placed there, we can hold it there. So again, press reach and two and three. Linkedin your legs out.

You're not trying to get high or you're trying to get longer, get longer. Yes, Shelby, be good. Crown of the head going out, out, out, out and reach it all the way down. Slide your hands down the leather. This is the T. Reach out all the way nice and wide. Good. And try to act like you're going to bring your pinky fingers together. Scoop into the abdominals and reach one pull to pull. Lift your head, lift your chest. It all comes up together. Stay here.

You know what? Push into my hands. Look at that. So awesome. And then open, open, control it and open again. Press back and feel that again. It's like you're punching back into the back wall. Yes, so more resistance is better. That's why I think an extra spring. Sometimes it's just what you need. Oh all the way. Open out.

One more time and pull. Think about pulling from here. It's not the hands, it's up higher. High in the body. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. Yes. And then bring it all the way down. Excellent. Take your handles in one hand. Step off the side of the box and wait for further instruction. Backstroke is next go. And you're going to lie on your back on the box. She's a very good sport cause I think some of these exercises might be new to her.

Come a little bit forward so you're kind of almost hanging off the edge just a wee bit. Bring your knees all the way in, hang onto these handles, put your knuckles together and bring your head all the way up so your abs are on. So if you had to open the springs just an inch, using your abdominal curl, what would that look like? Whoo, that's perfect. Arms and legs are going to go straight up to the ceiling, just a little bit apart. And then down and together reach and you're going to reach right to your knees. I'm going to let go. Okay. On the next one. Bring it all in and we start again. Arms and legs straight up, a little open.

Press down and together and you are into the belly heals together. Scoop up, scoop of scoop up. Yes and bring it all the way in. Let's begin again. Everything up, everything open and press down and together. Scoob keep working. That Palati stance. It comes from the hips and all the way into more times you are up then open, then press. You've got three counts to scoop up higher, lift up higher, reach more, bring it home, final one and up then open and press get there. Either hold it there and bring it all the way in. So by 30 sessions, I'm never totally convinced someone can do teaser, but by 30 sessions I do like to be working something like teaser. So I'm like, go these straps and I'm gonna ask you to come sitting.

But don't fall off the edge of the box. Put your feet on the edge of the bar. And how is your teaser? Good? So just tip back, reach your arms forward, like you're going to be in teaser. Don't lie to all the way down, maybe a little higher than that. And then take your feet off the bar. Balance. She's magic. She's magic. Heals together. Good. So I'm looking at this beautiful parallel line. Sit up a little higher. So what I find in my flexi people is they like to do this exercise in a big with their, with their flexibility, but a true 45 is a little bit lower than that and far more painful on the abdominals. Sit up a little higher. There she goes. I'm like, oh, can you hold the legs there? Maybe, maybe.

Woo. Very. Okay. Bend your knees, put your feet down, take a breath, regroup for endeared again, curl back. I'm not there anymore, so you have to sorta emotionally prepare for that play for where 45 is. Hold it there. Nice. And then as though you had straps, palms up. We're going to lower the arms and lift the arms three times you stay where you are and lift and lower and lift again and lower. It's hard. It's supposed to be hard. If you could do perfect, you wouldn't have to do it anymore. Come on last one. One more.

Down and up. Stay there. Be Awesome. Turning palms down. Photo shoot. Good. Bend your knees. Sit. Ready. Add some straps. Sure. Okay. On your back this time you have to actually come up with the straps, which is really unpleasant, but so good for you. Hang on. Arms are out. There is no slack on your straps. I'm going to be here. Okay, so just move your hips over to the side. Just a half inch. There she is. Good. Lift your head up first.

Now lift your feet to where you can see them. Good. Then sit up with the straps. Nice. I have your feet. Arms go down and up three times down for one. Up for one. Good. Stay there. I actually want your arms to go down to your hips all the way. That's one. And that's two and that's three.

Now hold and then slowly roll down. So slow, so slow, so slow. Watch your feet. They're going to set these down before you lower everything back. That was great. It feels okay. Not Fun, but okay. Lift your head, lift your feet and sit. And these levels of challenge are so and board to lower the arms down by the hips all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way.

And I lift up as high as you can't go, go, go, go, go, go, go. And all the way down and all the way up to the shoulders and all the way down and all the way up. Hold it there. Good. Which is like nice and long. Reach your legs that read your legs out. We Julie, yes and lower everything. I think that's enough. I feel like that's enough. Throw straps in there, listen to your body and we'd done good. Swing yourself off. So by now there's some familiarity with the springs. There is enough challenge.

One thing that I actually found with Lisa is that she really got into the zone of like paying attention to her body from the beginning of the session to the end. So it was new for her because when you're working externally and like, oh, this is my bike and this is my horse, you're not really paying attention what's happening here. So to watch somebody evolve that way, I could sort of see that by 30 sessions she's going to be like a rock star. So have a seat short box where we're better to be a rock star. Then on the short box, slip your feet in here nice and wide. Good. And you really want Nice, Taut legs, nice and Taut of legs like crazy.

Hugged the waist and round yourself back. And let's just start with flat line. So just to the level of the box or the hips, push through your heels, gas and then Roan yourself up. Good girl. Do it again. Ground yourself back and you can actually stay in that scooped rounded positions. If you can break that strep. Oh and then round in and up, in and up. Stay rounded on the over and again, round back. How comfortable are you going back? Is that available to you? Go ahead, hang on back and lift your head and rounded in, rounded in, rounded in. There she is. And one more time. Come back, push with the heels and hang upside down.

Lift your head round yourself up. It's really good. I want to make one correction. You don't want to go back and actively extend into that. You want to go back and just sort of spill off the box. So keep curling under, keep curling under, keep curling under and then just melt off the box. There you go. Now lift your head, pull the ribs in like super hard.

Squeeze your seat and rounds did come up. Good. Much, much better. Take your bar and let's do flat back. Still trying to break that strap. Yes, big lift. Big Lift. So I like the bar just in front. I like your, your upper arms just in front of your ears. Just the way you would do the roll-up or anytime you have the bar over your head. Oh, this is the focus.

This lift in the body and hinge back and then get higher on the return again. Lift, hinge back and higher on their turn. Keep your eyes straight out, lift off the box and higher on the return. Final one and reach. Bring it home and pause. Let's go to the right, up and over. Side to side. Good. Put the ribs inside the body.

I don't want to see them and come back again up and over and just pitch a little bit forward a little bit. There you go. And come back and up and over. I often say bring your front ribs into your back ribs. Oh, I'm come back other side. Offend over two, three, four through the heels and come back to one more sad. I'm going to start rattle here. Reach, reach, reach, pull the front ribs into the back. There she is and come back and last one. It's hard to see everything going on, but all these little details really make the difference in the intensity of the exercise. Let's take our twists, so twist that way first and look to the back corner of the apparatus and hinge back, which put the ribs away. I don't want to see them.

One teacher always said, I'm going to get some hot sauce for those ribs. Bring it up. Lift and twist. Come on back to the corner, to the corner, to the corner. Not Bad and try not to actively curl down. Try to actually just reach up and out. Reach out, reach out, reach out. Different, yes. And come back. You have some options. That's one to play with.

And twist. Keep twisting as you go. Keep twisting, keep twisting, keep twisting. Yeah, there's no stopping on that at all. You don't stop and then go. You really wind around lift and twist, reach. We forget how important rotation is. You can't walk without rotation like it all starts from this torso being able to move side to side and we don't use it enough in any of our activities, but you need it in all of your activities. Take. So let's do tree.

Pick a leg, any leg. Don't tell me which one. It's like a deck of cards, like a card game. Bring the knee all the way up. You still want some space behind you. Five fingers just so that you don't tip off and fall down. That wouldn't make for a good workout. Stretch the leg up and down. One and two, three and hold it.

Walk your hands up. Bring your nose to your knee. Give it a little love. Let a love passion and take the whole picture back and then stop and square your box. So shoulders and hips. And this is something I really do expect by 30 sessions that you can square yourself. Really actually adjust. So the hips are square and the shoulders are square and walk your way down the leg and just go as far as you're comfortable. Maybe it's halfway, maybe it's full way. Maybe it's all the way into a back bend that's up to your body and had comes up and walk up. Don't move this leg. Just try to get higher, higher, higher.

Oh and one more time. All the way down. Nice Shelby and lift your head and around all the way up, up, up. Good. Sit everything up, straight and tall, all the way, all the way, all the way up. Lift your leg, a little higher of tobacco, a little higher. Lift everything a little higher and switch legs. Nice. If you're um, doing a lot of spinning or biking, these tree exercises can really be a bear.

So it's definitely on my to do list for that first time client. Once I've seen her for awhile. Stretch in bed storage and bend, stretch and hold and walk your hands up. God and watch the alignment of the leg. So not to parallel. Lift the leg, lift the back, and then bring your head right onto your knee. Nice scoop in the belly and tip back. Line up your foot with the ceiling.

Push through that bottom leg nice and straight and walk yourself down, down, down, and open everything back. Good. Similar to that hug that we did when you went back so you're not pushing out and up, you're actually just melting down off the box. Stay rounded. And one more time. Go back. You know on your own some level of independence, certainly by 30 sessions. You want to be owning your practice a little bit.

Not need too much help with setup or breakdown and knowing the names of everything. That's the hardest part. Probably sit all the way up. So straight. Lift your back all the way up. You can let this lower. There you go. I know I was a little demon in there, Huh? Lifted up a little higher. Open your elbows. There you go. And kick your back up. Blah, blah, blah, blah. And then be done. Lovely. Step off.

Take this box off and put it to the back mastery of the equipment also on the to do list. So she sets up, I set up, let's take a long stretch and I think we'll do the long stretch and we will do the elephant. And I know that kneeling is not so comfortable for you right now. So let's just do those two. Stepping on hand, foot, hand, foot. I'm still here to protect and supervise. Heals are together and they're high up. So if you can pick them up and keep them between these blocks, that'll be great.

Sail right over the bar. You can't bring it in too far. It's already locked in. Squeeze your seat, nothing changes and propel the carriage out out, out, and then sail home. Two, three and again, push to three. Make your seat. Do it forward, forward, forward, less pushing back in your heels. Go forward with your feet. There you go. I know it's hard because then you have nowhere to push from, right? It's all belly. Keep your heels high on, no shifting from your gut and your seat. Okay, I'll take that. Sometimes you just have to wait for it, like it's not readily available. But if you're like, okay, I can't use that and then wait for something else to volunteer, it's not a bad idea. Right. One more time. Yeah, and you see all of us doing that in our own workouts too.

Kind of like thinking through it. Okay. Stand up for elephant. So again, we're skipping some of the kneeling exercises for Shelby. Drop your head round, your back heels are digging into the carriage. All 10 toes are up and then push the carriage out. Exhale under. Good. Let's take one count out three counts in two, three and out and up in two, three and out.

And in two three I'm just going to pull you a little bit forward to three. Now push out then under two three and are out a little different in two, three out under with the heels. Two, three, two more times in two, three last one in and hold and step down. Excellent. So we're going to take the long back stretch with hands behind us and feet against the blocks. This familiar? Yes. It's sort of been a mean little exercise, but so good. Um, at least I needed a lot of upper body strengthening just to counter all the other stuff she was doing. So I always want to make sure to include these.

So we're going to start by bending the elbows and going down, down, down with the tail, push the carriage out, lift the hips and come back home again. Bend, push out far, lift up high. We don't have to overtalk it. Just worry about moving the carriage. Go all the way down. Move the carriage out there she is lifted up and come back home. Reverse. Take it out, move the springs all the way down in and up again. Out. Go weighed down in and at one more.

See if you can sit on the carriage to come in. Oh she can. And then lift up and hold it. Good. Don't hold out on me. Take one foot to the floor and stuff. Something comes out. Just coming up right now. So at Lisa, that first time client had a whole bunch of pins in her ankle. So stomach massage was something we had to adjust for the springs, but I'm going to assume that by 30 she might've gotten a lot more mobility and then I might be able to do this on three springs with her.

We'll be experimenting with that. Sit on the pad, feet up on the bar, hold onto the underside of the carriage. Go ahead and give me a nice high and hollow c curve. So you are up and over the tops of your knees. You're not trying to get shorter, you're trying to get even higher and rounder. Yes, push all the way out. Heels are high. Lower the heels low, lift them back up and bend all the way and then now uptempo, we go out, down, up, panda and Anda out, down, up, vendor in and stretch this leg like the other one out, down of end. And let's take four more in, out, down, up and in just two more and last one to change.

Keep it on three springs. Take your hands back. Let's see what that looks like. Good. Lift up. Nice and high. It was so interesting because in that first time session I talked about how she did a lot of rhythmical things. So she really just responded best to things where I could get her in the rhythm and then correct her. That's not always true. Some people need to pause, get the correction and then integrate it. But she needed to go, go, go, go, go. And then I could give her a correction.

So this tempo would be realistic for her, even though she's pedestrian and Shelby's a dancer and all. But your regular people can do that to push it all the way out. Lower lift, bend and now UPTEMPO, we go out, end up, down, end up into in out good. So we're not trying to lean on the blocks, we're trying to push off the blocks. Does that change it for you?

Maybe a little and out down then in good things to play with on your own. Body's like, well what does it feel like if I'm really bad or if I'm a little forward and up and in last one. Yeah. And I feel like you slid a little far back on the pads. So let's reposition. I'm going to take a spring off and we'll do the reach, which is the next one. So we each do our marsh olders. This is the fun stuff. Push all the way out. Come in and lift up, lift up, lift up and out and come in and lift up. These are high, high, even higher than you think.

Like uncomfortably, stupidly high though. All the way back and lived over in the chest. Open the Justo. But the just one more, then you're gonna add a twist. Okay. All the way in. All the way and all the way. Okay, let's go back. Reach and come in. Everything's still working. Okay.

And reach and come in on reach and, and don't work so hard. Have a little fun and reach. Come in and stay. Hold it there. Hold it there. Hold it there. You get the springs in. I'm going to let go. Don't let the carriage move and step off. Excellent. Let's move on.

So one thing for Lisa that we didn't get to do, and this is a bit of a hodgepodge at this point, is um, work the back of her body very much. And I know she works it in a certain way, but I wanted to see her work it in a second long box way, which was hamstring curls, swimming, things like that that work the back of the body. And I know Shelby will love this too because everybody loves the hamstring curls on your stomach facing that way. I'm going to put these loops on your feet. Okay. Come a little forward. So your ribs are a little bit off, just a little and bend your knees. Let's let these hang actually.

Good. Here we go. How's that? Do you feel it? Okay, so open your chest. Yeah. And your gaze is just out there. Okay. Abdominals are in and up. Try to draw the knees together. Is this okay? In the knees? Okay, so just bend, just pen, don't do anything else. Bend, bend, Bend and release. All good. Repeat, bend, bend, bend. Nice.

And again, little Ben, just basic, simple movement. Before we add on the yummy stuff. Hold, lift your thighs just a wee bit off the box. Oh, and then at the bend, what and release. Good. Keep your thighs up in the air and lift to bend to three and release. One more time. Lift to bend and release. Reached down. Take one. Spring off. Stretch one leg out.

I don't care which one unless you work this leg. Okay, open the chest. So stay up a little high. I always think you can hug the middle of the box like right where the metal handle is. You can just and actually use your forearms there, lift the knee and then bent in two, three and release again, lift the knee and bend in two, three and release one more time. You lift and bend to three and release. Change legs. Other one comes and draw the knees toward the center and try again up with the knee. Ah, that one's a little different, Huh? And release.

She has a different feeling about this. Lived on burned. Do Three. Press your hipbone down into the box one more time. Lift and bend to three. Good. Stretch it out. Add your other spring back on one last set with two. One last set with to try to draw the heels together. Yes.

Lift the thighs and go. I like it. Draw the knees together to lift a little higher. This is becoming distinctly unfun right, but in a good way. Lift and release. Excellent. Kick these off. Stay where you are. Scoop back on the box just a little bit.

We're going to take some swimming here, so arms out all the way. Lift up head, chest, legs, and paddle. Opposite. There you go. Inhale. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Go. Keep going. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold it there. Bring your legs a little closer. Eyes a little higher. Yeah, so when we do this again, or when you do this again, take one arm very high in one arm, a little lower, and the other leg very high. So it's really a quite a big opposition. Move track. Couple more since you're here. So perfectly go. Big Swim. I love that. So much better. So rather than this small little scraping, we want to get big juicy movement, step off to the side of the floor and touch your toes.

Little counter stretch to undo all that extension touch storm pumps to the floor because you can, yes. Okay, good. Excellent. I want to put this away and again by the time 30 sessions has rolled around, I want to be touching on some of these varied moves. But second long box can be considered really advanced. Swimming is something we do on the mat right from the beginning and hamstring curls is something everybody needs. So I don't put them in my box of like too advanced. It's not advance is mechanically simple so it's appropriate.

It makes sense on your back. We're going to move toward the long spine and because there are so many versions of this by 30 sessions, you have absolutely worked this into the program in some way. Thank you for lowering your headrest knee. Okay. Okay. Good feet into the loops please. One and whoops to come into frog. Check and springs all the time. Press out nice and long.

So just as a reminder, there are some options here. I think that with Lisa, she struggled a little bit with all of the apparatus pieces and all the props. It was just a lot to do. So breaking it down for her would for me be a little bit like this. We come just to 90 just to 90 and then lift straight up and don't move the carriage at all. Oh, it's still hard and then open and then roll down and don't move the Garrett at all. Don't move the carriage even a tiny bit. When you get to the bottom, make a circle down and together. Come back to 90 don't move the carriage and lift up.

See what happens. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Nice and open and roll down into the abdominals. Two, three and this would really satisfy my desire to get her to control more, to be in her body and not this kind of external. Everything needs to be fast and furious. Press straight up because thinking about what's happening under you and not moving things is very different than like peddling assessed as you can or charging a horse through a trail ride one more time and just to 90 and lift.

And I do think giving body awareness and developing that, that's the best gift of all. That's so that's some of the beauty of holidays is that like you're so tuned into your body. Beautiful. Good. Bring it in. Bend your knees, take these off. So knee stretches. What about knees off? So normally I would give them all the, Shelby's got a little tender needs, so we're just gonna do knees off for her and see how that goes. So here's how we're going to set up for it. Lift your foot bar, lift your head rest and you're actually going to stand up the way you would for the upstretched to prepare. And I have a lot of clients that sometimes come in and just have a wound on their knee. And so you have to work around it. It happens all the time.

Step on the carriage, standing up with your heels. Halfway up the blocks. Yeah, even higher. There she is. And then you're just going to lower into knees off. So you're doing a top down approach. Is that okay? A little bit more. Can you start with the carriage all the way in? Yeah. She can drop your head and push out once till where the legs are totally straight and really lock out the carriage. Squeeze your seat. That looks amazing.

Scoop all the way under what the knees and do like a hundred go out and in, out and in. I won't make her do a hundred and in, I don't know, maybe we'll do a hundred and it out and under. It feels okay. And, and keep going out and in and out and in and in and in. Let's call it six more and five under four under three. Do make sure that last one gets all the way in and hold it there and then you can stand back up. Ah, and step off. Good. So we never kneeled working around it, running on your back. Parallel crease of the toes. Press all the way out, stay out and then work for rhythm up and up and up and up and up and up.

Yeah, so this is your cool-down, right where you take the treadmill down to 3.0 I'm just regulate your breathing, so hopefully you've got a little bit of heart rate raised up before that moment. Knee stretches usually good for that. Not wanting to skip if there's any way to work. The new stretchers in, I always do. Okay, five and four and three and two and one. Bring it in for a pelvic lift. Put your feet on the corners and I might just adjust springs here, not just for Shelby, but also for Lisa because again, I didn't feel like she's necessarily so strong in the back of the body, so curl yourself up, hold the carriage all the way and hold it and hold it in.

Hold it in. Don't let it move. Don't let it move. Don't let it move. I took her down to two springs. Let your heels just fall into the corners and push out lightly. Again, bringing Lisa into that real controlled space that she doesn't really want to be. That's her challenge and that's our job is to find the hard. What's hard for the client. That's how we work with them. Yes, role curl under so it's hard to get the carriage in when it's light. Easy to push out, harder to bring it in and then curl under.

Curl under, curl under two more times. All the way out. Stretched to the tops of the legs. Open the hips, let your heels just collapse into those corners. And last one, press it out to three and round under under. Hold it there. Hold it there. Hold it there and roll yourself down. One Vertebra at a time. Nice. Bring your feet together to the middle. Hug your knees into your chest. We'll do one split here.

We're going to take the front splits, so swing yourself off. It's already set up on two springs. You're going to put your hands on the foot bar. Stand up in the middle of the carriage. Follow my voice. Take the left foot forward in the middle and then heel toe the right foot back till it's on the pad. Catty-Corner or you can hop it too. It's up to you.

I got the carriage. There you go. And put like the outside of the foot against the block. There she is. And then sit forward on your front heel. Oh yeah. And the, the spinners and cyclists. They're like, this is so on fun but so necessary. So this is for the back leg. Okay. Do you believe me? Okay, good.

Push out. I never lie. I'd come in and try to sit on your front heel. Ah, yes. So if it could make a sound, it would make that sound again. Push it out. Got It. Drop your head. Relax, breathe. Oh, open the back hip to the Rory.

Go try to keep your back heel down. Likes to float up. That's normal. One more. This has a whole nother version where we come down onto the knee, but I'm not going to have Shelby do that because she's got a delicate knee though. So after this, just stay. Keep pulling yourself forward. Pulling yourself forward, pulling yourself forward, and then back up and hips up. And you can take this Heelan and that foot down. Good. Let's switch it. Take the other foot forward onto the bar first, front foot, then back foot. Got It. Square off your hips, square off your shoulders. Why are we doing this again?

Oh right. Open the back hip. Sit toward that front heel. Sit toward that front heel and push away two, three and bring it in, in, in your form. Foot's a little bit far off the bar. Can you back it up for me just a little bit? There she is. And press back so, so hard. And we have a dominant leg, right? So if you're a cyclist or a, um, an equestrian and you're always going one way, even with runners, if you're always running around the, you know, the reservoir one way, you get a certain overdevelopment or asymmetry. So these exercises really reveal what's tight, what's loose, which side feels tighter to you. This size, this is looser.

There you go. This side's looser. Sit forward or the heels and forwards. It forwards it forward. Yes. Nice. And then lift your hips and show me the back foot and a little bit before you hop down. I'll take it. Good step off. Let's clean this up and we will move on to do some network. So we're back and we're continuing our workout on the mat.

A Shelby, do me a favor and lie on your back. And Shelby is posing as Lisa once again. So bring your knees into your chest and we're gonna do our a hundred here as well. So just for muscle memory, we will not do the full hundred. We'll only do 50 curl up. Chins. Just take your legs out, 45 degrees, reach your arms, nice and long and nice and vigorous pumping. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. What's going on with the legs? Squeeze them together. Exhale, two, three, four, five in with the air with the air into three, four, five. Make that exhale really deep.

One more breath and exhale, choose three, four, hold and bend your knees and rest your head. Awesome. Let's move on to the rollups. So we're going to use a bar for this. Slide your legs down, hang on, make sure your hands are equal distance and bring them in just a little bit and we're gonna reach up and back. I'm going to give you a little tug. Okay. I'm dominant in drop the ribs in. Just take your legs like a half an inch to the left. Yeah, and symmetry is going to be an issue for Lisa too because like I said, there's that dominant side for the bike, dominant side for the horse, Chin to chest round yourself up into the valley.

And I think Matt is so important for people who are used to working with equipment. If you're used to working with a bike, you're used to working with a treadmill, but when you just work with your body, it's a whole nother thing and you create resistance. And so I think that for that client it's just really important. Work in to your body stance and let's go. Inhale, round up. Exhale, reach over. Nice high arms. Inhale, come back and exhale round it down. I'll anchor the feet, try again. Inhale and up, exhale and over. Give me a little bit of resistance.

In the belly and then round yourself back and down. One more time, inhaler. Exhale over. Inhale back, slow it down and go down super slow. Yes. Good. I'll take the bar, let go. Single leg circles, arms down by your side please and the right leg up. And this is where we would see a lot of those asymmetries that might come up and especially since she had pins in her foot and her ankle.

I'm expecting that some of this stuff is going to be awkward because all of that weight bearing she might not be doing on that other foot has been transmitted up to the knee, the hip, the back. So we're going to see some asymmetries. So I'm making sure that the mat is really focused on alignment. Give me the focus on this up and across, so not across this way, but up and across. Circle around and back to center, up around and center, across, around and up again, across, around and up and anchor this down across, around and up. One more across, around, reverse, out, down, across and really drag it up, drag it up, drag it back and out. Across and center.

Nice lead with the heel across and center and out, down, across and up. One more time. Out, down across, all gross out Graza gras and up. Good. Bend the knee and at least his hips for sure are tight cause all of that. Biking and horseback riding, all of this, any kind of time you cross over this way. She in first session I saw it and by 30 sessions I'm expecting she's got a much better range of motion but that's going to be an area focus for us. Take the left leg up. You are on your own.

Give me a big cross and all rounded up five times over the body, around and up, trying to keep that hip down when you cross. Ooh, that's so much better. And across the body around in, up, reach this long across, around and up. Other way now out, down, across and up, out, down, across and up. Good. Exaggerate that grass and up. Two more times out, down deep abdominals, hollow them up and your final one and hold nice. Bend the knee, give it a little hug, slide it down next to the other one. Arms up to the ceiling. One beautiful roll up to come to sitting. Nice hands by your hips. Scoot your bum forward. Rolling like a ball is next.

Hug your ankles, head into knees and roll upside down. And what's interesting is this is just fun because Lisa had fun on her list. So let's have a little fun. When do you get to roll? Like a ball as a grown up. Pretty much never roll upside down and right side up. And if she's great, which could happen cause this looks kind of too easy.

And I said, remember my job is to find what's hard. Maybe Chris Cross your hands and hold the opposite wrist and let's just see what happens. Go back. I like that one. Yes. And I tried to come up. Yeah, no, really a little bit lower. Yes. And hold that risk. That's perfect. Squeeze in and try cross fingers. Yes. Excellent. Shelby, do two more.

Go back and I see just that teeny tiny little fight for it. And one more time. That's how you want to feel in your workout. Just a teeny tiny little struggle and put your hands down. Excuse yourself back. Can we do some of the abdominal series? We're all on your back. This is going to be homework for Ms Lisa. One the in one leg out.

Curl yourself up one hand on the ankle. There she is. Give me two good polls. Whatever you got there. One to change, one, two and one to one to lift the elbows. One, two, and one two. And I just love all these visual exercises that are like she's in her body. She's seeing what's going on. And for those of us who like again work on all these apparatus, these devices, treadmills, bikes, you know animals, you just, you're out of touch with your body.

So anything where she can see what's going on is going to be something that I'm going to want to work on with her. Bring both knees in for double leg stretch, arms, go back, legs go forward. Good. Circle your arms all the way around before you bend your knees and in reach all the way out. Show me, pull out his stance all the way around. Bend the knees and keep going. Reach out, circle the arms and then the knees. Good. And as the arms come around deep in the abdominals, here we go. Deep, deeper, deeper. Yeah. See, so you kind of end up in hundred position one more time because it's a system circle. Bring it in. Scissors are next. Split the legs. One Up, one down, and double pulse in change in him. Little turnout in lift the elbows even higher.

And I think you could hold up by your ankle. Why not? Don't stop yourself. You know, I see a lot of students and teachers saying, well, I do it this way. Why don't you do it that way? And then if it's easy, you do it the next way. So always looking to progress your own practice. Always double leg, hands behind your head, palm over, palm heels together, those of art. So let's start just somewhere past 90 curl up, a little higher. Open your elbows a little more, little more. Lift a little bit more so not fun. Lower, lower, lower.

Squeeze to lift. Lower, lower, lower. Squeeze to lift. Make this one like the other one. Yes. Sue's a little lazy. That leg, she has her own opinion again. Lower to three. Very common. Lift. Two, three. One more time. Little turnout. Two, three, lift and Chris. Cross, elbow to knee. Hold and lift and lift and lift and change.

A little bit more. Twist and twist. Open your back elbow so much more. Look where you're going to that back. Globo and change. Yes. Every time. Look back. Look back. Look back. Last one, reach to three. Hug your knees. Thank God that's over. Spine stretches. Next slide your legs all the way down. Arms up and sit up or that legs out. Parallel. There you go.

Arms Nice and high. So a good solid basic mat is going to be part of what I want Lisa to do for her home practice. Sit up tall and straight. Round up and over and reach for the legs. Reach the edge of the Mat and don't go splat on me. Resist resists. This is this internal resistance you want to train your body to do.

So you always have a two way stretch or opposition lift up and over. Her legs are reaching forward, her arms are reaching forward, her head is reaching down. But all of this is reaching back this way. So there's tons of energy. If we could graph her or like make a diagram, that'd be like arrows pointing everywhere. Round up and over. Good fingers together. Heels pushing forward, legs pulling nice and tight and bring everything up.

I want to do a little bit on the stomach just because it's important like together and on your belly. So kind of like a swan, but from a dead stop. So scoop back for me. Heels together, toes apart, take your arms out forward and you can almost reach toward the outside of your own mat. And then lift everything up. Arms, head, chest, legs. Does that feel okay? And come down again and lift up. So again, horseback riding, biking, all of that in this frontal plane, none of the back body getting addressed. So all of this stuff is something up is material. I'm thinking by 30 sessions, she needs to have this come down. One more time. Come up. And then I just want you to start to small seesaw up and down. Yes.

And then bigger, bigger, bigger now. Huge. Biggest eyes up. Eyes up to more. Look at her go and enough Benji. Unease and gently sit back on your heels. Don't tax that. Me. Is that okay? Good. So a swan that you can control I think is really almost the safest kind.

Like your in charge of that. Nobody's tossing you around, there's no props, but you just go from small to big, which is a really nice tool for her. All right, roll yourself up. Uh, I'm satisfied with Matt for that. So I'd like to move on to the one to chair and just take a moment with that. Okay. We're going to round out the session with a couple of wonder chair exercises.

Um, a, they're fun. B, they're challenging and they also reveal all kinds of fun asymmetry. So I'd like to start with the tendon stretch from the foot work. So take your hands onto the platform, press the pedal down with one foot and step together. Good. I'm going to pull out his stance. So heels together, toes apart. Walk your hands to the front edge and you can hold on. Yes.

Drop your head and give me a nice c curve. Nice and high up in the belly. Pick up your heels as high as they can be and bring your shoulders over your wrists so you're quite far forward. That looks great. I'm just going to work the legs, the heels together, and lower the heels to three and then lift the heels to three. So those pins in leases foot. This is, this is what we're working on here. And lift, lift, lift. I also want to work the backs of the legs.

So calves coming together, seat rapping. Keep going. Two, three, lift up to now hold it there and pretend you don't even have feet and do the whole exercise with your guts or come a little more forward and drop down with the heels. Your tail goes under. Now pull up from here. This is what's pulling your feet up. Yes. Oh, I should really feel a lot of pressure there. Lower, lower, lower than scoop up. Scoop up. So much different. That nice quality. Lower. Two, three, lift, two, three. One more time. And this last time we're going to stay up and we're going to transition this right into pull up. So pushing down on the chair and lots of gut work.

You Ready? Squeeze your heels together. Push down with your hands and pull the pedal up. Pull the pedal up, squeeze the heels tighter. It helps something to hold onto. There she goes and slowly come down. So don't fall. Yeah, you press the pedal down and then rise up and you can come a little forward. That's okay. Squeeze the heels. And again, if you're always doing those leggy things and bike things and you're not getting a lot of ab work, this is a great way to use gravity to train your abdominals.

This was the piece of equipment Mr [inaudible] invented for his summer clients, so that was small. It could live in the house. You know, you could take it with you and you couldn't get to the studio. You could do your whole workout on it. Squeeze the heels lower, lower, lower. One more time. Show me how high up you can come. So the goal to get the pedal to the top, to the tip top, all the way, close the springs, look at her and then slowly, slowly, slowly come down. Beautiful. Take one foot to the floor, let the pedal up slowly. Ah, lovely. And come on and walk around and we'll do a little undo of that.

So always important to work the body forward and back and side. So anytime I'm doing heavy fluxion like that, I'm also wanting to bend the other way. So let's do a swan and we're adjusting our springs and I'm not going to ask her to do crick. Crazy big swan, but a little bit of Swan, I think that would suit her. So onto your belly in a lie down and scoot a little forward so that your hands are going to take the pedal and push down. And the hands of land just under the shoulders. Perfect.

I came out all by itself. It's just for alignment, heels together and twos apart. So in the beginning, just keep your arms straight, lift your head, your chest and pull the pedal up. Is that okay? Keep the arm straight and you're just going to come up, up, up, up, up and then all the way down, down, down, down, down again, up, up. Now Shelby, Shelby's a dancer but Lisa was not. So some of these movements are familiar to her body, but they're not to everybody's body. So you want to adjust, maybe leave out all the complicated fancy choreography and just do the meat, the guts of the exercise and come up. So I want the lots to work with a lot, store the lots to work.

Now come down and we're going to add a little pumping. So at the bottom, bend your arms wide. I am a little less wide, like just outside the wood. And then push down and then lift up. And that's going to be the whole choreography. So you're going to go down and up, pump, push and lift up. And now with a little dynamic, we go uh, down in a pump, push lift and a down and a pump. Push and lift into the abdominals and down pump, push and lift one more and go down pump, push and lift up hold. And with control lower down.

So I'm going to forgo all the diving forward. There are more advanced variations but not necessary for regular people. Step off and walk around the front again. Let's take the table and I'll talk you through this one. Also, great for the back of the body. And this is really like a synthesis exercise. I think.

Like I'm always thinking of part c for the client as the place where I find a couple of exercises that address everything. So let's talk that through. She's going to separate feet onto the pedal. Shin Pilati stance. Heels together, toes apart. Yes. And she's holding the back. Now hold the pedal up and I'm going to make you hold it there for a minute. You okay with that? Lift the hips and then stay up. So you're gonna lift the hips just as high as your knees, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way.

Hold it there and just shake for a minute. You can lift your heels a little higher. So this is everything right that upper back. Cause I wanted Lisa to open her back. She's got to work her feet, which she had the pins in, she's working the back body. Everything is working. This is a great like put it all together. What's the exercise?

I could really make a difference for her. Have a seat. I'm not going to help you. Let's try it again. We'll lift up. I think you can come quite a bit higher. Ooh, that looks great. And come back down and now since it looks amazing, I'm gonna let her add some pumping. So bring it up and we're going to pump the feet down and up, down and up.

Pick it up, down, up, down, up, down, up. Now a hundred times faster. Up and up and up, up and up, up and up. And four, three, two, one. Stay up. Have a seat. Amazing. Oh my. I am going to give her just one more set cause I'm not convinced. Take your hands back. That's my job. Find the hard, it was really good. I think you could get a little bit more dynamic and really pull the pedal up so you're not waiting for the springs to come up. Here we go. Come on.

And this is what Lisa needs to is to be in charge of the springs. Come up, come up, come up, come a little flat or open the chest. Open the chest. Now work the springs and up and up. There she is an up and up and up. Just three mornings over, up and up. Stay up on this one and have a seat. Be [inaudible]. Good. Step off for our very last exercise, we're going to do a push down because I'm a stickler about ending in an upright position. I'm going to have Shelby come to the back. Let's change our springs one more time.

So this is no one in the middle and she's going to stand in the cutout of the chair and his stance. You can get your toes right to the edge of the wood. There she is. Take your arms all the way up. It's quite light. So if you put a lot of weight on the pedal, it's just going to crash down, round up and over into the abdominals and find the pedal and don't put any weight on it. Just hold it there to feel okay, good. Push the pedal down very lightly and your forehead almost raises the edge of the chair there and then round up into the abdominals. Kind of like an elephant feeling we did earlier again, or like the pullup we did or like a hundred other exercises where we said scoop up into the abdominal, keep your heels down, try again.

Press down. And this is exactly that kind of control and concentration and centering, all those fundamental PyLadies principles that I really want my client 30 sessions out to have gotten a great handle on. So this is all foundational work. Take two more press, press, press, bring it all the way up. One more time. Then we're going to add the pumping. So I know we've got a little bit of dynamic and rhythm and try not to shift your weight back when you come back, push the pedal down, take a little pump with the arms, bend, straighten, lift up, just like we did in the swan and go again. Push pump, Push Ando, lift up and down, pump, push and lift up. One more time. Down.

Pump, push, lift up and hold it there. Squeeze your seat, bring the pedal all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, and then let go. And in one beautiful motion. Stand up and you're done. So good. Good job.

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tu cliente esta realmente bien para la primera vez
Great to have the imaginary progression! I really enjoyed this class! It was challenging, all the great cueing with small adjustments made all the difference! Thank you Alycea.
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Kristie, dear, please, as a Moderator of this page - address - again - as you did with the lady suspecting Alycea of being "on crack", the lady who writes that Alycea does Not give cues, Nor she does teach ...?!? Goddness me ... if SHE IS NOT ... then Who - damn - is? I mean, it's just unbelivable ... so unfair ... so sad ...:( I mean, we have - at our disposal - The Star of the Stars in the Pilates World! Why being so unjust?
Alycea all of your classes are so great and challenging, thank you so much!
Lucie Bécus
I really enjoyed your cues and learning what your focus and exceptions are of a 30 class student. It was challenging and fun!
I really enjoyed watching this session. Great cues and flow!
Thank you Ewa , I'm not seeing the comment you are referring to. If it was in relation to this workout, perhaps it was already deleted by the person leaving the comment? Thank you for the support and acknowledgement of PA and Alycea's importance both on our site and in the Pilates community at large.
Lorie H
Whenever I need a good workout Alycea is a great guarantee. Cues to boot too.
I would love to be the client! Your understanding of the body & movement is just next level!
Lore Miller
Awsome never disappoint Alyces!!

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