Class #2975

Mixed Equipment Workout

65 min - Class


Follow up on the First Time Client workshop by Alycea Ungaro in her new Mixed Equipment workout. She builds on the work she did with Lisa, sharing what she would expect after about 30 sessions. If you follow Joe's 10-20-30 session promise, this class will help you see how you can build a program to have a whole new body!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Alicia and Guero and we are back here for eight full session. This workout is building on the work we did in the first time client workshop. So if you haven't seen that, hop back over there an...

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tu cliente esta realmente bien para la primera vez
Great to have the imaginary progression! I really enjoyed this class! It was challenging, all the great cueing with small adjustments made all the difference! Thank you Alycea.
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Kristie, dear, please, as a Moderator of this page - address - again - as you did with the lady suspecting Alycea of being "on crack", the lady who writes that Alycea does Not give cues, Nor she does teach ...?!? Goddness me ... if SHE IS NOT ... then Who - damn - is? I mean, it's just unbelivable ... so unfair ... so sad ...:( I mean, we have - at our disposal - The Star of the Stars in the Pilates World! Why being so unjust?
Alycea all of your classes are so great and challenging, thank you so much!
I really enjoyed your cues and learning what your focus and exceptions are of a 30 class student. It was challenging and fun!
I really enjoyed watching this session. Great cues and flow!
Thank you Ewa , I'm not seeing the comment you are referring to. If it was in relation to this workout, perhaps it was already deleted by the person leaving the comment? Thank you for the support and acknowledgement of PA and Alycea's importance both on our site and in the Pilates community at large.
Whenever I need a good workout Alycea is a great guarantee. Cues to boot too.
I would love to be the client! Your understanding of the body & movement is just next level!

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