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Overball Extension

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Meredith uses the Overball to encourage spinal flexion in the abdominal work featured in this 60-minute Mat class. Stay until the end of class to see how Meredith uses the ball to help the students understand upper back extension.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Oct 30, 2010
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Let's stand up to start showing this. Matt feels where I'm like, it's been in the sun. Thanks so much. I'm so happy to be here where I feel loved and stuff. All right, we're going to just, you know, all over the place. All right, well just put the ball down right down in front of you. We're going to start with a couple of standing roll down. So if you just shift forward over your toes and shifts back through your heels and find your way into what feels like the center of your foot, then put pressure in the outside and inside of the foot.

Start reaching the arms down towards the ground, creating a sense of upward energy and breathe in. As you exhale, allow the head to fall heavily towards the chest. That heaviness and the head is going to carry the spine forward. As your body goes forward, your abdominals lift up to support that forward motion of the spine. Checkin with both legs supporting you evenly. Inhale at the bottom. Start. Exhaling. Lift like you're being pulled up from your waist by a conveyor belt or a rope or your abdominals. More precisely, standing up all the way and allowing the eyes to come forward. Inhale, exhale.

Head goes down first. Rounding down, pressing the ribs forward. So folding over yourself, reaching the spine into the ground. Stay there as you inhale length and perhaps slightly more forward, or create a longer spine. Exhale, we come back up curling through this spy coming all the way up to standing. I don't routine down. We're just gonna do that one more time. Here we go. Rolling down. It's your time here to Kinda check in with your body.

Where do you feel tight? Where do you feel strong? How's it the bottom? Just bend the knees a little. Stretch the legs back forward, but send the chest closer to the thighs. Inhale, bend the knees. Just two more times. Stretch the legs one more time in here. Folding over yourself as you exhale, reaching him, taking a breath in, rolling up all the way and coming to standing. All right. And then just step to the front of your mat.

Maybe bring your ball with you. Cross one leg over the other and with controls that yourself down into the mat. No fighting. Okay, so we're just going to do a little bit of simple. Rolling first, just hold the ball in your hands. Let's go. Knees to slightly apart, sitting tall. As you exhale, Tuck the tailbone under. Start to guide the spine down towards the ground. Pause there. Just gentle.

Don't go too far. Xcel to Rola. Just stay around right and at the top in here, exhale, folding backwards or moving the lumbar spine. Rounding the lumbar spine in here. Annex fold forwards. Creating ease in the movement are looking for ease in the movement. We're just going to do that a couple more times. Rounding back, pausing and him Xon to come, Huh? And let's say one more, just like so. Exhale, Inter roll back, a little gentle squeeze in that ball and exhale to Rola.

Going to add in a gentle rotation XL to roll back. Pause where you feel strength, where you feel strong. Inhale, turn towards me. XL. Come back in Hilton the other way. Exhale, come back one more time around X. I'll come back routine and come back and inhale. Exhale, come up. Staying round, round, round.

We go back again. Exhale. I'm going to go to the back of the room first and back to center. The front of the room, the arms stay aligned, the both stays firm. It doesn't really roll back and forth in the hands. One more. I'm coming back to Santa and coming all the way out.

So I think lifting the spine, just let the ball rest on your shins and press up. This isn't working as well as I thought it way. Got a new system here. Okay. Take your ball, put it behind your back. I think we all have who've done Polonius at least once you've experienced the challenge it is to to flex our lumbar spine. So we're going to work on that just a little bit, but you want it a little bit of space between your back and the ball and then you're gonna roll down into it. So you may have to adjust it as you roll down into it. But if possible, just reach your arms forward, Tuck the tailbone under, and then slightly allow the spine to rest on the ball.

Now inhale. As you exhale, I just want you to focus on tucking the tailbone and it's not going to be a big movement. It's going to be more energy than than visual, so approval the pubic bone forward. It's like your abdominals are pulling down into ball. Inhale, release. Exhale to press. Inhale, release. Exhale to press. Inhale, release. Exhale to press. Inhale to pause without letting the low back. Leave the ball.

Curl the upper body forward. Focus on the curvature of the spine. Inhale, come down. Exhale, so now the ribs are pulling around instead of the pelvis. Pulling around the pelvis is held in that tucked position. We're going to do two more. Reach forward. One more. We're coming all the way at this time. Rural in yourself, up and sitting up tall. We're going to come straight back down onto the ball. Here we go. Exhale.

Inhale. We're going to reach the left arm back. Let the ball support you enough so that you can feel a solid rotation in the body XL to bring it home. Inhale, reach the opposite direction and XL to bring it home. Pay attention to the pelvis. You want that held round shape in the spine and bring it home. [inaudible] I don't really engage you the waste. Can we do one more? Opening up the body, reaching the opposite arms straight ahead or forward coming back, reaching, opening up the chest, coming back, breathing into hold and breathing out.

Pressing this chest forward to roll yourself up. Use Your hands to help you elongate through your spine and again, start to Tuck the pelvis. Curve the spine back. So once you get there, we're going to raise the arms. Try to take him behind you. Bring them out to the side and reach forward. Hold that nice, stable, strong abdominal position. Arms back out to the side and forward. Maybe starting to put a little energy into the backsides of the legs looking for the stretches you mobilize through your arms. Let's do two more right and one way roll at Parkway. Oh, let's roll up all the way.

I got one more thing for us and it's me. Here we go. Everyone. Okay, so fine. Let's go. Either you have two choices. You can go hands behind your head. You can cross your arms out in front of you. It's totally up to you, but what we're going to do is take the back over the top just a little bit. Don't go so much that it creates lower back tension and lift. Sending the spine maybe just to neutral and curl forward.

I think I'm with you, Christie. I think I want to be here as well. No, I liked it better than this way. I think just two more is appropriate. How are you guys feeling? Yep. Two more is fine. Let's let this one be our last one. Oh, the weird here. Take the ball out from behind you. Put it between your knees and roll yourself down. Preparing for a pelvic curl.

Maybe sliding the feet a little closer to you and allowing the arms to come down. Oh my abs. Feel tired. Inhale. Draw the feet. Enter. Yeah, you got there. Fine. I'm tired. [inaudible] exhale roller. It's trying to think of something else. Funny to say when I can't, so let's just move. Inhale, hold, exhale. Start moving from the chest.

Feel each bone in the spine as you come down slowly through this spine individually feeling the bones. I release the tailbone down. Please put pressure into the ball. Make it all belong. Rolling ourselves, stretching the knees forward, feeling the head align with the spine. Inhale to exhale and roll down. Chicken. [inaudible] the spy sea bass three rolling, Huh. Inhale, hold and exhale to calm down.

Reaching the arms energetically in the direction of the spine. A tumor rolling up and willing to help pressing into the ball in all directions. Last one, we're gonna hold at the top. So staying at the tub, looking again for that talking action in the spine that we started getting. So drawing the abdominals towards the ground, pressing the pubic bone back towards the Chin and release again. It's more of a, it's more something you'll feel. Then you'll see a lot of movement in feeling that backsides of the legs pull up as the pelvis poles, I guess in my view of Poles backwards or into a posterior tilt.

Check out the shoulders. Let's do four more school wheezing, tucking and squeezing the ball as you do. And two and one way. And then inhale to exhale and release all the way down through the spine. Slide your feet a little closer to you so that your low back is supported as you pick your feet up off the floor, uh, Tate out to a tee position with the arms or into a low v. Let's keep the knees slightly separate, but the feet together for the spine twist towards me. Inhale and exhale.

We bring it home. Oh wait for me in ham and draw them deeply back through the ways. Letting the low back and a little bit of opening or a little bit of rotation and coming in in a cross and across. Hold here for me. Stretch just the top leg out. Feel the waist lengthening as the leg comes up, come back to center, keeping the leg straight. Fold the knee back in. Inhale, bring it across to the opposite side. Exhale, stretch the leg, lengthen out through the waist. Come all the way back to its old big long exhale and fold. Inhale, turn, exhale, stretch. Squeeze the ball and come back to center. Fold the knee in. Start inhaling. Turn. Exhale, stretch.

Squeeze the ball with both thighs and come back. Let's do that one more time around and he'll turn. And so reach, stretch, bring it home. And last time, inhale, turn, reach, stretch, and bring it home. Fold the knees in. Bring, take your ball on your hands, bring it to your ankles, and then bring your legs back to a tabletop position. So we're gonna go into, we're gonna do this in external rotation so the heels will be pulling towards one another. Reach your arms over your shoulders, less the arms over the head. Inhale, exhale. Pick the head and chest up. Stretch the legs out on a long diagonal pause.

Squeeze the ball tightly and hundreds in two, three, four, five and a half. Think not as squeezing the ball with your feet, but and said, squeezing with your thigh bones in spreading out the compressing the ribs or contrasting the abdominals, pressing from the upper back. Pull the legs up in. Inhale and exhale. Press them. Dad, are you, what is your, does your ball wobble? Can you squeeze actively with both legs so that the legs come up together and pressed? Two, three, four, five and pull impressed. Two, three, four, five. Last two past two, three, four, five. One more. Hold. Bend the knees, reach for the ball.

Put it back between the knees. Lower the head and chest. Pick up the head and chest. Reach behind the thighs for just a moment. Curl a little bit higher. Arms at your sides, taking the toes down towards the ground, the arms up towards the ears and everything comes back. And any here we reach. Modifying the bell.

How low you lower your legs if necessary. Paroling that and reaching to drag that and reaching down to pull back. Let's do just two more. Last one. Bring it back. Hold here. Let the head and chest come down. Maybe bring the knees to the chest for a moment.

Take the ball, set it to the side, holding onto the tops of the knees. Curl the head and chest up. Well, I changed my mind. Grab Your Ball, put it underneath your right foot and just hold yourself up by your left leg for a moment. Okay. Um, we're going to go this, we're going to go this same side for a number of different rotations, but hands behind the head, you're going to start to stretch the right leg towards the ground. As you bend the knee, you're going to turn towards the leg that's in the air. Stretch it out, come back through center, push down into the ball.

A straight leg is not totally adamant. What is adamant or important is that the backstage is stable. Stretch and pull across. Stretch, say lifted and Polocrosse Stu, two more. Open and together.

Last one and bringing it back and come back to center. Maybe just roll the ball over so your left foot can find it. Come down for a second. Restabilize re situate. I held onto the back of my upward side to help me find an optical position as I lifted myself up. Once you're there, your shoulders are up, tailbone is down, back is flat. Here we go. Stretch the lay and turn as the knee bends. What I did. No, I didn't. Yeah. Okay. And then come back isn't, and that's silly. From 30 seconds to the next 30 seconds, I feel totally backwards. Oh, thanks Deborah.

I'm in the moment. This is our last one. Whatever. Whatever happened on the leather side, bring both knees into the chest, reach around for them and come down and we're going to come all the way up. I'm just going to pick up the ball with my feet. Hold it in my hands, stretch my legs out in front of me. Squeeze the ball just a little bit by pulling the shoulders back and here's our role that we're going to pick the head and chest up. I'm going to curl up through the spine, staying around, staying long, keeping 'em, rolling back.

A consistent shape between the collar bones and the hands. Meaning just because you've got a ball and your arms are slightly more narrow than they would be normally, doesn't mean that the shoulders curl in worth so he's still think heavy. We still think about our backs or still thinking about our abdominals, curling, mobilizing the spine, coming all the way down. Picking the hat and Chester and rolling back and reaching back. We're just going to do two more. Sliding through the spine. Keeping the head and chest, Huh.

And curling. Okay, last one. [inaudible] yeah, I'm left to come up. [inaudible] well let's just put the ball down on your shins. Roll it forward and then push it down on it. So you're stretching through the front of your feet. Okay. And then coming all the way back up for a little twisting. So let's like syfy. Hold the ball in our hands.

We're going to bring the ball into the chest. First thing elbows pointed out this size, lifting tall. Inhale, press into the ball just a little bit more from the back. Then from the Pex and turn towards me and he'll come back to center. So there's part one Xcel to go the other way. Growing Taller. Inhale to come back to center.

So imagine if you will that your head is filled with helium, pulling your spine up. There was barely any tension in the spine because it's being lifted up so much and coming back part to twist. Stretch the arms forward. The, pull the shoulders. Oppositionally pull the elbows back and come back to center. Turn. Stretch the arms forward. A little bit of a squeeze. Pull the elbows back, get taller, and come back to center. One more time like that. Turn the body, stretch the arm. Bend the elbows. Come back to the center.

Turn the body, stretch the arm. Bend the elbow. Come back. Part three everyone. Okay, turn. Stretch the arms. Raise the arms overhead, maybe going slightly behind the ears. Arms come down. Then the arms to go. All the way around to the other side. Stretch the arms. Take the bottle that lengthening. Let's inhale.

Now exhale to back it. Um, inhale, bend and come across. Exhale, stretch. Drawing the abdominals back. Inhale, grow the spine. Exhale, bend the elbows. Fold back and come all the way across. Inhale, exhale, arms. This is our last one in Hungary. Bring the arms back down. Bend the arms and bring it home. Fantastic. Bend your knees and put the ball between them. Hands back behind you. Long back. Stretch the mat. Preparatory, uh, arms. Straight, spine.

Straight. Press into your hands a little bit to pick your hips up, squeeze the ball again. I might go a little bit more together with your feet. Candy, just so they're parallel. Here we are. Exhale, Tuck the tailbone. We're there. We are back in our tilted position. Curve the spine up. Reached the knees out over the toes. Lift the chest through the arms, squeeze the backsides of the legs. Inhale, exhale. Drop the chest through. Keep trying to elevate the ball.

That means the pelvis has to stay kind of high end space and then it finally has to drop as we returned to neutral spine. Inhale, exhale, curve. Shifting the body forward, allowing that movement to allow you some space to open up your shoulders. Exhale, bring the body back, curving the spine, lifting up away from the ground and releasing down again. Here we go. Curl, stretching the knees, pass the feet, picking up the pelvis, looking up and slightly forward and we're coming back. We all okay on our wrists. I've got one more thing to do here. You're good. Okay, here we go. Send it down. Stay there.

Squeeze the right leg hard. Can You keep your pelvis lifted in? Extend your left leg. Rebend the knee. Stretch the right leg. We bend the knee, stretch the left lane where you bent. Stretch the right line, rebound and round on all the way. Don't forget to lift up off the ground until you sit down and sit up. Drop the knees out to this high. Let's see. You can stretch forward. Sorry, that one is a little meaner than I anticipated to be.

Not you're fine, right? So come on. I know you're not mad at me. You couldn't be mad at me. Hold the ball. Flex your feet. Sit Up straight. We're going to turn again pressing into the ball towards me. As you exhale, you're reaching the ball just outside that front leg. Inhale, restack the spine. Pull the shoulders back as a chest reaches for the ball and exhale.

Return to center in how we turn. Exhale. Inhale, lengthen spine. Pulling the shoulders back and come back to center. I'm going to change it. Turn. Keep the ball on your front hand. Reach the other arm back. Lift up. Return that back hand to the ball and Xcel to come home and he'll alternate.

Exhale, reach the back Carmo way. Send the ball forward and he'll lift up and come back to center. Bend your knees if you need to. The hip, Mr [inaudible] and come back home. Let's just do one more. Turn back on presses actively back as a front arm reaches forward. Lift and bring it all the way back and then bring the legs together.

Reach forward over your feet, stretching the spine forward. Roll yourself back up. Moving the hands behind the head for the neck pole. So here's my intention here. Can we use the inner thighs to create more stability? I don't know the answer. Let's find out. Hinge back. Tuck the tailbone under. Round down.

Squeeze the ball. Lift the head and chest. Inhale curves. Starting with the exhale, squeezing. I think it helps. What do you guys think? Thanks. Inhale. Sit Up. Tall school. He's the ball. Try to keep it still as you lean. Tuck the tab on it real hard with those inner thighs real hard.

Pressing the ball into the ground. Pick the head and chest up. Curl the spine forward. Reach along through the top of the head, reaching the forehead to the ball and lift up again. Lengthen. Yeah, and lift. And then curl. How about just one more time for the day ladies? A little rolling yourself a lengthening the body back, talking to tailbone and under we roll ourselves down.

Head is cradled in the hands, picking the head and chest up on the inhale. Exhale, Rola and reach forward. Just stretch forward for a moment and then rolling yourself up just to [inaudible] the ball to the side for a moment. Open like rocker, leaning back just behind the tail, but reaching for one ankle, the backside of one thigh. It's up to you. Make sure you have enough space to roll yourself back.

Lift as though you're pulling your shoulders into the mat. Then round the spine. Justice spine, the low spine. Anyway, yeah, roll back. Rola or not in my case and stretched it back back towards straight. Here we go again. Roll that rule and we'll be lifting the chest around. Just the low back. Keep the shoulders depressed, rolling back up and pulling in the chest through, lets you chew more. Pulling back could go a little higher on your feet if you wanted a challenge personally, don't need a challenge obviously. I think and up. Pause at the top.

Stay there. Let go. Lift the chest more. Can you do it without dropping your legs? Now drop the legs, flex the feet. Sit Up. Straight. Bend. Then Easton, just for a moment and put your hands on your shins. Sitting tall in here. Take the chest forward. Reach the hands towards the ankles. So just a modified spine stretch.

Press your hands into your shins to pull your chest forward. Allow your arms to help you. So a spine stressed with extension. Then reach back through this spine, curling away from the hands and roll the hands up towards the knees as you sit up tall. Kinda nice to go back to the modification. Exhale round down. Let the hands just glide down towards the feet. Press into your arms with your upper back or push down into your legs with your hands. Lift the chest through the arms, round back away.

And Roll Up. Let's do that one more time and then we'll do that. The full real deal. Rolling down, guiding the hands down where it's pressed from the upper back. As you send your chest towards your knees, towards your feet, reaching the chest forward. Maybe back your hands up a little bit, Deborah, and lift your chest a little bit. I like that more. Take it back down and we'll use it stuff up as you roll up this time, straightening your legs, reaching the arms out in front for the spine. Stretch forward with extension XL. The head goes down. The spine reaches forward. We go as far as we can, but we keep our shoulders down.

We inhale to lengthen the spine on all high diagonal or low diagonal. If you have the flexibility, take it all the way back and roll yourself sitting tall. Rounding the spine down again, reaching for length just reaches forward arms. Reach behind the ears, take it all the way back forward and rolling up and again, sitting tall on the inhale. Exhale, rounding the chest forward, pulling the ribs back, the abdominals back. Inhale, reach into the lowest, longest, straightest diagonal spine that you have to offer a stay there. Please reaching back with the arms. Just five little pulses. There's one and here's two, and here's three and here's four.

And here's fat sitting up tall. Step the legs together. Roll back, trying to keep it the arms up near the earth. Oh the way. Grab your balls. She'd be nearby. I'm going to put it underneath the feet. Didn't really rich. Bridging.

Unstable bridging. Here we go. Okay, so unstable bridging for Debra. Her favorite. Here we go. Articulate this spine up. Role. What's wrong Christie? Alright, rolling.

Oh good. Stay there. Hold at the top. Press the ball just at one inch away from you. Roll it with your feet. Pull it back. Roll it with your feet. One more inch away from you. Pull it back one more time. Oral. Pull it back in here. Come down slowly.

Here's my next thought. [inaudible] think we can balance on it with one foot. Me Too. Rola. Stay at the top. Let's keep the left leg on the ball. Reach the right leg up. Just keep it bent. Reach down towards the ground with an old, let's do two to put the foot back down on the ball. That was a little mean, wasn't too wet. This tick. Should we do the F side? Oh Gosh.

Is this what you meant when you said you want it to work like last time Rohingya? Think it might be time to get rid of these balls. Pick up the leg. Oh Oh, touch or go down. Reach down, pull back or lower your foot. Roll down. Take the ball. Can I say we going to get rid of it? That was a totally a lie. Put it between your shins. Curl your head and chest up.

I'm gonna do a crisscrossing type exercise so you may not be able to straighten the legs. Totally. But the balls gonna roll back and forth in between your legs. Hands behind that. We're going to let stretch the keep the knee that's closest to me. Bent. Turn towards it and then change. So we squeeze and we turn.

Keeping everything still around the pelvis, around the low back. Feeling that ribs rotate around the head. Still in the hands. Let's do a few more. Say three more to each side. Here's when you gotta use your INA size here. There's a good lesson. One, two, two, three and three. Center the body, just the legs for the single leg stretch pole. So one leg presses out, feel the back of it. The other leg pulls in. Two. You've got a kind of a, I don't know, I'm thinking like Pistons in a car, although I don't even know what that looks like. Just the idea of it. One bowls, one pushes, well oiled machine. How about one more and then both knees in and bring it down. We're going to do the double leg stretch. Reverse.

Keep the balling in the ankles. Hug the knees to the chest. Inhale, head, chest up, legs down. So arms up and around. Inhale, lift up two inches. Only. Exhale, bend the knees, reach for the legs and bring it all the way home. Here we go again. Inhale, lift, exhale, arms. Inhale, this time come three inches. Bend the knees, keep the low back down and a lower it heading into the full teaser if you wish.

If not just stick with what we've just done. Reaching for the hundred position arms and around. Curl the spine up. See? Of course. Yes. Hello, are the spine down. Squeezable I think it will help.

I really do. Get the low back down. Then bend the knees and come all the way down. Nicely done ladies. Let's do it again. One more time. Reaching. Circle the audience. Well lets team lifting. Let's take the arms this time. Arms down, Tuck the tailbone rural through the spine and Ben then needs to come home.

Rollover coming up. You can use the ball if you want. I'm going to put mine away now. So starting with the table top position, stretch the legs on a relatively high diagonal. Definitely keeping the back flat. Any of vertical Xcel ruling ourselves over, flexing the feet, separating the feet, reaching back through the heels as we articulate the spine down. Balloon Bible, telephone touches, toes point, legs come together and touch. Inhale. Exhale. Holding the abdominals back as the legs. Travel overhead. Flex separate and Henry turn around. Touch again across the top. Flex, separate and, and stick with that exercise if you wish. Or we're going to do the Jackknife.

Inhale to vertical XL. Rule over in. You'll touch down. Press up first and a way with your legs trying to kick away from you XL. Roll down through your spine, one vertebrae at a time. Peeling the chest into the ground. Allow the legs to lower. Slightly. Inhale to bring a [inaudible]. Exhale to roll over. I'm just watching. Just watching. Go ahead. Lifting temperate. So good.

Try to push forward a little bit more. It's perfect. And then slowly down articulating through the spine. You okay? I didn't allow the like slower. Let's do one more. It's happened over and then there's a [inaudible] down at an energetically reaching to the sky, pressing the legs away from you. And with that we'll bring it down slowly, slowly, slowly. Once you get down and hold the back sides of your legs and roll up. Okay.

And let's do some side bending. Side bending. Yeah, you with me? Absolutely. I just came up to mess around with this, but while we're here, here we go. [inaudible]. This is one of my favorite side bending exercises. Just so you know. Lifting up tall through the body. Debra, lean forward just a little bit with just with just your chest. Yeah, yeah. Good. Alright, so side bend to the left.

Lifts up through their righto obliques growing tall through the body to the opposite side and back to center and across in a hold there. Stretch the top arm overhead. Just getting a little bit more of a stretch. Open that arm back out. Push it down and come up. Here's the breath. Inhale. Exhale. The up upper arm reaches open and back down. Still inhaling. Accella. Inhale across to the opposite side. One more time. Exhale, arm. Inhale, arm down. I just changed the breath but it works.

Exhale. Inhale the crass. Exhale line. Inhale em down and exhale to come and then we'll [inaudible] that. Let's just sit all at the same direction. Let's go left hip. Crossing the right leg over the left for the actual side. Bend. Stabilizing the shoulder. You want me to use the ball? I don't. I don't know how right.

Candice is going to show us how to balance on the ball. I'm not sure. I'm not sure I'm going to do that, but please, please, if you wish. Here we go for reels. Pull up away from the arm. This side bend. Lift the body. Lift the ways. Well that's a good idea.

Reaching the top arm over the head in. Y'All. Bring the top on back. Find side plank position. Bend the knees and come down in how we reach out and up. Exhale, we bend at the waist, so don't think about it as inhale. Come back as just a contraction of the lower waist. Come down.

Think about it as a stretch for the upper waist. So you're lifting so much and you're reaching into your feet and you're reaching into your arm to get that stretch to the waist and no fighting you two. Let's do one more. Um, yes, there's a contraction in the lower waist, but can you find that stretch in the upper body, in the upper waist. Inhale back. I'm never putting you head to head again. Scoot your feet a little closer to you.

Hold onto that outside leg reached the top Pharma. Take it across. Should we the twist first? Yeah, let's do it. Here we go. Put the hand back down. No one's sliding. Does anyone need stickies? Here we go. Picking up the bar. What I think about or my thought process is take the bottom hip and start to turn it. Then as you reach down, reach to your ankle, lifting the chest or pressing the chest towards the thigh and then continue turning. So you're reaching under your armpit looking at your hand. Inhale.

I know that was a lot of words. We come back and we bet. So turn the hips, reach the chest to the thigh and then continue the rotation through the body in Hilton comeback. You adamantly need to be pressing back into your legs as well. Yeah, so it's like a, I don't know, a pyramid with a twist on one arm and back and down. Slide yourself all the way down cause I'm hip work. Let's do the sideline lake series.

Starting with lake changes. Pick the top Liga, bringing it forward and keeping the pelvis stuff. Feel free to use your hand as much as you need to. Oh, oh, just one way. I'm gonna take the legs together. We're gonna make a great big circle. Reach out, take it behind you, but don't let the back arch. Keeping the body stable forward. Reaching back and last few times here and one more and then we going. We are we going the other way. We were going the other way back till you get forward as much as you can without a lot of spinal movements. Spinal condensation.

Yeah. That whole though you are working in the hips. It's almost a sense of trying to lubricate the joint last three and into and for the day then and then let's just bend the knees, help ourselves up and swing your legs around to the opposite side. Segment crossing. The legs are side lifted through the bottom waist. Here we go. Picking up the low waist, reach for the stretch in the upper waist, drawing the bottom shoulder down towards the waist, coming back to a straight line and coming down on bent knees and coming right back up. Inhale, exhale, curried everything and bending to her ribs draw down as we sit down last too and back to come down one way and back. And then we just scoot at our feet closer. We reached for the ankle, we sat up. You did the go up first and then we did the twist. So setting ourselves back on, I think there's three of them. Fingers face away. Yeah, yeah.

Picking up the bottom. Yeah. Press the chest towards the legs. Keep more weight on the underneath within the top foot in your comment out and XL Ben to come down in healing to lift, rotating the pelvis, allow the spine to continue that rotational pattern coming back to a straight line and Ben d one more time. Lovely. And just flow and shoulder down. How many back and okay, let me just lie down. Legs straight.

Certainly rotated in our hips and we went up and forward and back forward. Great place to find some focus in the abdominals as well. I might just keep leading with the hill Debra on the way back cause I feel like it will help you keep externally rotated. If you like go toes, then the hip has to turn. Let's do two more like that. Okay. And then back together. Bring the leg forward, circle it a try to maintain external rotation. When you go behind you, it may not happen totally. But the action of trying to wrap around in the hip joint is what we're looking for. Here's three. We're going to do six of everything.

Nice. Three looking for stability. Is this enough of a good stretch? Chris here, do you want a real one? Last one. Okay. We're going to take it to the back. Reach back, bring the leg up, spiral it forward and come home back. Anytime your leg is going back behind you, if you focus on creating an oppositional force with the back of the leg, it will um, help you to achieve a greater stretch to the front side.

I believe there's two more. Yeah, they are. Hi, last one. I got it. And then we're just going to come up out of that, coming to the hands and knees. We're going to do a little bit of upper body work. Push up a modified knee stretch, stretch.

So here we go. Hands on the mat. Slide this legs back into front support position. Hold friends, support position for a moment. We're going to bend the elbows three times. Push up. One, two, three. Lift the hips up.

Cross the heels towards the ground. Walk your hands to your feet. Pike upwards with your abs. So you're minimizing any rocking backwards and forwards with the pelvis. Exhale, Rola, keeping the head heavy. Coming to find a straight back. Exhale, roll back down. Yeah, and he'll pass. Walking forward, holding, bending me elbows. Straighten your knee, arms, bending me on us.

Feeling the shoulders reach down away from the ears as a fantastic last one. Lift the hips. Stayed here. Press the heels to the ground, the abdominals to the spine. Walk the hands to the feet. Take the pelvis straight up and roll up. Exhale, making a change. Folding Fac, finding your way down. Exhale, walking the hands out along the mat. No pushups. Just find friends. Support and hold points. Your right foot, raise your right leg straight up behind you. No movement in the pelvis.

You can talk a little Deborah and you can come down a little candy. Just two more leg pull friend. From here, lift your body and your leg. It's going up into an Arab Basque. We're gonna bend the back knee. Bring it forward towards the forehead and shift your weight back over your hands. Inhale, we stretch back. That bottom heel drops as we send the [inaudible] right up into the air. Exhale, pull forward. Inhale, reach back.

Exhale, pull four. Think about abdominal work, shoulder blades down. One more time and back. This time we're going to go through that Arab ask and we're going to step the foot between the hands. Keep the back leg straight for a moment. Press back through the heel. There you are, Christie, that's for you.

And then just gently guide the knee down and took the toes. You can stay down on the ground. You can also choose to come on. All right. She not through the chest. I've seen this fine. Why can the hands back down? Taking the tucking the left toes under. We're going to start from scratch. Slide the right leg back.

There you are in your friends. Support Three pushups. Bend, press one. Shoulders down and back to here's three. Lift the hips. Walk the hands to the fee. One, two, three in a row. Yeah, and we'll do head goes down. Abdominals pulling in a hands. Find the ground walking forward.

One to very or bend. Press one, elbows into the waist. Press two last time. Pick the hip set. Walk back to the feet and roll up. [inaudible] one more full set like that. Come on down and finding your way forward is, do we do three sets or too, are you guys ready to move on? Yeah.

Well I left like presses, reach ass and and three and the leg comes with it actually leads as we come up into that Aribel ask. Pressing the back foot into the ground. Exhale, bend the knee, bringing the knee towards the forehead, towards the chest. Inhale, press the right heel down as the left leg stretches towards the sky. The chest presses down. Exhale, pulling forward. Go Two more times. Reaching back of the back, upper leg, working back at the bottom, like stretching and up. Okay.

To pull forward. This is where we're stepping all the way through ladies. Here it is up. Step it through keeping the back legs strong and straight. Yeah. And then when you're ready, gently guiding the knee to the floor.

I'm talking the toes coming. And then let's just reach the hands back down. Take that foot out from underneath and sit back onto their feet for a moment. The stretching through the shoulders. When you're ready, come up, get your ball and come down onto your abdominals.

So I'm not quite certain how I want to do this, but here's what I am thinking. Take the bone and just good. And our minds going just in front of my sternum. Not too low, but about their, and I think that for all of us, it's gonna feel a little bit differently. So we're going to be essentially rolling up and rolling back. So here's how it's going to go.

Let your hands just rest out in front of you. Like you're going to go into swimming and then guide the chest into the ball, but the arms pull back so you're actually not moving your ball much. Does that make sense to everyone? And then let the spine just relax the arms slide forward, guiding the shoulder blades back, pressing the chest forward into the ball so it will limit you. But if you keep your chest on it by lifting too high in your lower back, but it will assist you in my mind I think to maximize that.

Good. Keep going. You guys can keep going. I'm just sitting up there by, that looks so good. And then release and let's do that just a couple more times. Extending the spine, guiding the down as a chest reaches up. Oh you guys, it's so pretty and release and just one more.

We're going to hold the high position when you get there, just find your way there and take care time. So when this, isn't this like the single leg calf, let's drop the elbows, let the ball support us enough. So it feels, I don't know, I guess the word is supportive. Pull the abdominals I and then try to guide the chest up away from ball. Like you're trying to roll it forward. Then lift the lay and then we're going to kick one foot in stretch, kick the other foot. This alternating the legs. It's a double cake and a DoubleClick pulling up into the wall with the chest pulling up away from the mat with the dominance.

And we'll do maybe four more, three, three tier two. Why? I don't want to take both legs out, lift and lower, um, bring the ball with you and take your body back all the way. So, right. I'm going to, we're going to do one more thing you guys. Okay. Do you have one more kind of gentle exercise in you?

You wouldn't have to move back a little bit Debra. Cause Candy can't, I don't know if that will work in any way. You'll tell me if it does. You're going to have to roll your ball over your mat and Bennet. But anyway, you're just are your arms. Your arms are out in front of you, your hands are on your ball. Think gentle. You guys, real gentle abdominals in. Just start to roll the ball back by pulling the shoulders down and guiding the chest forward. So I'm not rolling, I'm just, I'm not really pushing into my ball much. I'm just trying to move it by moving my back and then I press the ball forward. It just rolls away. And then just start to lift the head between the arms.

Think of articulation of the cervical spine and the neck guiding its way into this articulation of the mid back. And that's about where we're going to end the articulation there. And then releasing the spine forward. Let's do that a couple more times. Shoulder breakdowns in the chest towards the bar. Lovely.

Any of these? This is going to be our last one. Make It, give it away guy. Give it what you need. Really. I'm gonna stay low. If you feel like you need to come up a little bit higher, you can. And then we're just gonna go all the way down. Rest the back as much as you need to for now. When you're ready, we're going to put our hands under our shoulders.

Press up onto our knees and just sit back on our feet. Let me in the back stretch. Do what you want with your arms. I've, I've kind of gotten into the habit of putting my hands on my feet and pulling myself back. It feels good to me. So it's an option. Let's take if your oh in overhead. Let's take them overhead and walk them to the left and just stretch to the right side of the body and then bring them up to over to the other side, to the opposite side.

And then back to center. Um, I need to scoot forward so I can access my feet if you need to as well. Do So, uh, we're gonna walk the hands back towards the knees and curl over the feet, pressing down through the feet. We're going to finish the way we started with some roll up down ups, pulling up from a roll down, letting the head hang forward, pulling the abdominals. Then perhaps softening the knees just a little bit to let the low back open up. And with that inhale, lifting up through the spine, rolling the hit SKO forward, spiny longings, reach all the way up into a standing position. Let's raise the arms that when you get to the top, don't think too much about arching. Just think about lightly growing, and then the arms are going to reach back to the sides.

We're going to take the body out straight, letting the chest reach towards the floor, hollowing through the waist that's reached the spine over the knees. Again, me, I'm going to bend my knees. It feels good to me. You can if you want. And then articulating up through the spine. Let me know the way back. Noticing that maybe you feel a little bit more connected to your, I didn't. Yeah. Maybe how the arms at one more time as you exhale, just allow the arms to drop down and gather energy back into your body. Oh, I'm the energy in here. Take it for you.

We're done. You guys. You did great.


love that kandis :))!
very challenging class! i loved the combinations of overball back exrecises at the end! boy my back was so working! thank you so much
Tough class, thanks!!
I really love how you guys use the ball during half rolldowns (beginning of class) to access true lumbar articulation. It makes it so much easier to flex through this area (or at least get the feel for it)!
I loved your class, was not easy. very good instructions. thanks so much. I saw kristi in the class too. love your programe. blanche.
Thank you for the feedback ladies! Its always great to hear what you enjoy!
I am a Pilates instructor in Houston and LOVE your classes Meredith! I'm always looking for new routines and you give me great ideas with very clear and precise instruction in a fun lighthearted manor. Thank you!!
Thanks Lauren! It means a lot to me to be reaching people from so far away!
Loved the class, thanks Meredith!
My pleasure Annie!
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