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Advanced Mat Variations

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Work on fun combinations in this advanced Mat workout with Niedra Gabriel. She starts with a quick review of the powerhouse so you can focus on what you need to activate. She then moves on to the traditional Mat work, adding a few variations and sequences throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Apr 23, 2017
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Good afternoon everybody. I'm here with my good friends and peers, all Palladio's teachers and enthusiasts. And we have Stephanie from Silver Lake and Heidi from Long Beach and Yvonne from Newbury Park. Yes. And we're going to do an advanced math class with some variations. We're working with our little weights. I wanted to review the powerhouse before we get going because as we all advanced these parts to it, I want each of you to focus on what you need to activate cause we're not, none of us are perfect. There is a band like your waistband, which is the transverse abdominis and the feeling is like you're taking a band or um, a way, um, about about and you're making it tighter than if you lift one leg up at a time.

Those are the obliques. If you're slightly pulling the pubic bone under that, your lower abs, of course, if you bringing your ribs in, those are your upper abs. And of course there's the rectus abdominis in the front. So you want to be looking at all of them. Each of us have different propensities. Do use some more than the other.

I mentioned this because now in Pilati stand I'd like you to check all those different layers. We're just gonna warm up the muscles a little bit. You want a long tail, nice long stomach and nice, tight glutes and bring the hands up towards the shoulders and press the arms up and I'll lift the shoulders, we breaking the rules and then bring the hands down again and again. And we're working with two pounds or three pound weights. Usually women start this with two pound, three pound weight. This is just a warm up the shoulders because the shoulders and deltoid should be stronger than the triceps and the triceps should be stronger than the biceps.

And we often have quite weak shoulders. It's always good to get them a little bit warm and ready to take on the world. Very, very good. Now bring the hands up to uh, to the weight of your elbows. I'm sorry. Elbows in front of the waist. Turn the hands out a little bit. Shoulders are down, powerhouse pulled up and pull the hands out and a little bit more and together and out a little bit more.

And together and out a little bit more and together and out a little bit more and together. So just notice what's starting to warm up here and how the cuff of the front of your collarbones by the shoulder is getting wider and see if you can keep the elbows from going back. Keep the elbows right in the waist. Very good. Bring the hands down. Now bring the hands up. I'll turn backwards so you can see you going to hold the weight with both hands and bring them behind your head. And again, pull the ribs back, the stomach in the glutes tight and see if you can bring your elbows close to your ears. So most of us are tight in the shoulders. You want to try and get the tips of the shoulders pointing up as best you can.

Lift the arms up, lock the elbows and take their hands slightly back and let the ELP that the weight dip down just a little bit, but that was straight, straight, straight, straight elbows and then back again and stretch. Lock the elbows back. Now lift the toes up here and wait into the heels. And down again. Relax the toes, lift the toes up, lengthen the arms, take them slightly back length and think that you're stretching your whole body up and back. Relax the toes, toes up, arms up, lift. Tilt the weights backwards. Keep the weight into the heels and Dow. Relax the toes.

One more time. Tight buttocks, Lyft. Dip the arms back and back and bring the arms down. Very, very good. Now we have, you know when we sitting down and we're standing up, let's have a hand here and open. So the heels are together. We're going into a deep squat where you bend your knees.

How low down can you go and come back up again? Right now, try not to let the heels come off the floor. In an ideal body, we should be able to get our hips all the way down to the floor without the heels coming up, so we're just working on it. Babies do this all the time and up and bend. Take those hips as far back as you can. Now.

Start to notice if you can that you're hinting from the hips as much as possible. Last one. Press and come back up. Bring the hands down still in your Pilati stance. Lift the toes up. Now flat back. We're going to be lengthening the hips. Go back and see if you can go all the way down towards the floor. The neck is long. Lift your body back up again.

Put the toes down, lift your heels up and down from the hips. Hips go back tight. Buttocks lengthen down. Come back up. Lift your heels and now lift the shoulders as well. So you're shrugging and down. Lift the toes. Hips go back down. Come back up.

Toes go down. Shoulders and heels lift and down. Lift the toes. Lengthen back flat. So you're hinting very much from the hips. Come back up, toes down, shoulders lifting up. So you're strengthening into the ankle. Now we will do the same thing, but just like you do at Walter. Nice tight buttock, stomach in. Drop your head, roll down to the floor, rolling down, rolling down, rolling down. Bend your elbows. If you can go further and then roll yourselves back up.

Piping your buttocks to a straight vertical plane. Pow House active. Lift your heels and down. Drop your head and roll down Rodin road and road and rolled and rolled down. Bend your elbows if you can go further. Tighten your hips as you roll yourself up, scooping the stomach, shoulders over the hips and lift whoops and down.

One more time. Drop your head. Rounding down, rounding down, rounding down, lengthening the whole spine. Rolling Yourselves back up to an upright position and vertical. Make sure you feel that straight line through the center of your body as you lift and come back down. Excellent work. Put your weights down. Come to the front of your mat for the hundred and two squat down just the way we did. So instead of crossing the feet, which is another variation. C, can you bring your hips all the way down? Heels come up. If you need to, hands by your hips. Pop your legs back, roll down onto the mat. Now lift your legs right up to the ceiling.

Flex your feet just for a minute and how high can you reach with your hands towards your toes. Stay this high and start lowering your legs down as far as you can go. And we start breathing in. Five. Exhale, three, four, five into three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five into five. Exhale, four, five into five. Exhale, three, four, five into three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five into four, five. Exhale into three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, last set. Exhale. Three, four, five. No, the legs slowly to the mat. Arms over your head twice. Slow. Arms Up.

Lift your head and reach. Law and roll back. Arms over your head. Tight. Hips lift. Peel off the mat, scooping. Stretch and roll back. Now Flex your feet. Roll up and stretch and, and back and up and stretch and roll. And back.

Now if you've been moving back, let's have all of you move forward cause if we're going to do five more and we're going fast, so arms over your head, tight. Hips and stomach roll up and stretch. Flex on the way down. Point on the way up. Flex in the way down. Point on the way up. Flex in the way down. Point on the way up.

Flex in the way down. Last one, up and down. Oh, okay. Very good. Now look right leg up to the ceiling. Nice. Don't make a single leg circle ankle your hips and in speed. Left down, around and up. Circle the leg and up.

Circle the leg up. Circle the leg and up. Circle the leg. Reverse. Circle the leg and up. Circle the leg and up and up and up and up. Lower the leg down. Anchoring your power house. Left leg up and circle the leg and up. Circle the leg and up and up and up and up. Reverse out, across and up. Circle the leg and up.

Circle the leg and up. Circle the Megan up. Circle the Ligon up. Float the leg down. Arms over your head. Roll up to sitting. Puppies up. Forward for rolling like a ball. Now instead of holding here, I'd like you to hold under your knees. Nice scoop and three time rolling back from this position to roll back to your shoulders and roll up. Roll back to your shoulders and up.

Roll back to your shoulders and up. Now you'll take your legs over your head, like roll over. So you're going to go back, stretch your feet out, see if you can touch the mat and roll back up and roll back. Stretch and reach. Flex the feet and roll up. And one more time like this.

Roll stretch and up. Now I'm going to pop back. We're going to do three more this time we stand up from the role. So just like at the end of class. So roll back, touch your feet to the mat and stand up, Dah, Dah, Dah. Sit down, roll back and Tufts and you can, if you can cross your arms even better and down and row and what's the teacher fell over and sit down. Oh, okay. So little tidbit of information. I read that if you can stand up and sit down without using your hands, your life expectancy is shorter. So even though we have it in our plots method, we better work on being able to stand up and sit down without hand.

Hugely important to keep the flexibility in the lower body working. That's why in Japan you have people on 99 years old going to bed on the floor and standing up. It's built into the culture. We've got chairs and nice high beds, so we will roll down on our backs. Now for single leg stretches, leg starting out straight to the ceiling, arms over your head. Find all those different points of your powerhouse so the navel is pulled in.

The waist is very tight, the spine is long. How high up can you reach with your arms towards your feet and activate your stomach at even a higher stay this high and bend them and stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch both legs in really tight math, stomach, arms, the legs and deep or the knights and arms and legs and reach and in and reach and in. Legs Up. Flex your feet. Lift the little bit. I are tight. Mat, stomach to get extra height going with scissors. Poeple two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five, five, five. Legs up, flex. Lift the little bit higher. Hand, bind your head. Lower the legs, lift them up, lower the legs, lift them up, lower the legs, lift them up. Lower the legs and up. Lower the legs and up. Keep them up. Flex.

Lower your head to the mat. Dredge the arms over your head. Feel that lovely long spine. Lift up as high as you can. Okay. And towards your feet. Left-Hand towards right foot. Right hand to the floor. Stretch it out.

Bring it back up. Right hand to left foot. Take the hand down. Stretch a little further. Come back up first side, right hand to the floor. Now Ben, the right knee, left leg out. Take this hand out and backed by your ear. Back and lift up. Switch.

Left hand goes to the floor. Bend the left knee. Lower the right leg. Take that left hand out and up. Now smoothly switch, bend, reach and up. Switch, bend, reach and up. Switch, bend, reach and up.

Switch. Bend, reach and up. Arms over your head, low or the legs to the mat. Roll this up to a sitting position. I hope you felt your obliques. Okay, so we're going to do combination spine, stretch forward and rocking. Let's have the legs hip a little bit wider than the mat or the width of the mat. Now to start, bend your knees. Nice lift of the spine. Scope your navel and round forward.

Roll back up and sit up tall. Now the legs are going to be long. Do I have room behind me? Yes. Can you lift the legs up to hold rock back and rock up? Hold the legs. Lower them down. Bend the knees. Yes.

Scoop forward up to straight. Stretch the legs. Lift them. Hold, roll back. Roll forward. Stretch. Float the legs down. Bend the knees, school to go forward. Come back up, stretch the legs. Lengthen up through the spine. Lift the legs up. Roll back, row up. Hold.

Float the legs down. Whew. Does anybody know why had you bend your knees? Stretch the back and [inaudible] your quads are cramping because we don't usually do that anyway. My crowds were cramping so I, that's why I did it. So roll down on your backs instead of corkscrew. We're going to do ti tech-talk.

Let's have your hand straight out and press your hands into the floor. Lift the leg straight up to the ceiling. Bend the knees to a 90 degree angle. Press your left shoulder into the mat. Drop the knees as far as you can without the soldier leaving the mat. Bring the knees up, right shoulder to the mat.

Turn your head to the right and twist to the left without the solar leaving and up. Right. Neat. Nice. Going to the right, left shoulder, pressing down and up. I'm going to hold here and other side. Keep the shoulder down as you twist and up and for side and up and other side and up. Now lift the leg straight up to the ceiling. Anchor your waist into the mat and we're going with a straight leg version.

Take the legs down to the right. Left shoulder has to say on the mat so it doesn't matter. Lift up. It doesn't matter how low the lakes go. It matters that you anchor your trunk and then work the range of movement and for side and up and last side and up. Float the legs to the Mat. Arms over your head. Peel yourselves up.

Open the legs out for sauce. We're going to do a few soft variation. First of all, your hands are behind your head. Flex your feet. Nice. Lift everybody twist to your right. Take your left elbow to your left knee and the right elbow up. So left elbow to left knee, not left. Elbow to left knee.

Yeah, you're fine Stephanie and come back up. I can always know the professionals. They always mess up other side, right elbow to right knee. Now pause here. Take your left elbow and switch it up to the ceiling. So you opening up the left side of the ribs, come back up. So this is just warm up. This isn't real. Assault twist, elbow down other elbow up.

See you open and rotate the trunk and come back up. Other side. Twist, elbow down, other elbow, going up, opening the ribs, come back up for a side twist, elbow down. Open the other, elbow up. Heidi, you're amazing. And come back up and last site, twist and bend. So you opening up that chest as much as you can and come back up. Arms to the side, lifting up, twist left arm to right me and stretch once a full soc two and three and come back up. Twist and stretch to three and come back up. Twist, stretch to three and come back up.

Twist, stretch to three and come back up. Legs together and roll down onto the mat. Okay, let's roll onto our stomachs. For Swan, place your hands on the mat with the palms up. And let's have all of you turn your head in my direction so you can see and I'll be doing the opposite.

Do so you rotated your head onto your ear and you're letting the shoulders drop down. No. Tighten your quads, your knees, tighten your glutes. Pull the stomach in. Bring your head to straight and just lift up as high as you can. Go. Relax your shoulders, relax your hands. We're just warming the backup. Rotate your head in the opposite direction and lie down. Relax your head.

And again, lifting up the hands are relaxed with just warming up the lumbar spine. Make sure the legs are straight, turn your head and lower down. And if your neck feels tight, you need to do this. To loosen up the trapezius again, legs are tight together. Tighten your glutes, lifting up and turn your head to lower down. And one more time. Tighten the legs, tighten your stomach and lift and turn your head and lower down.

Now bring your hands in front of you, kind of like a diamond shape. Your head is still turned to one side, so very much like double x kicks. We rotating our head from side to side. Actually make sure your elbows are about in line with your shoulders, so not too far forward. More their elbow. So Square your head.

You're going to lift up again and just open the hands a bit. Your elbows stay on the floor. That is so there's your position. So now you can lift the chest a little bit more and get an arc in your upper back and your lower back. And then turn your head and lower down. And again, turn your head and lift up. And let's everybody bring the elbows in a little bit more.

The elbows stay on the Mat, Yvonne. So your upper back is working. The neck is long. And then widen the elbows a little bit. Turn your head and come down. And again, lift the elbows. So start to notice what your back feels like. As you're doing this, move your back. Your muscles are contracting. But now we're opening up in the chest and then widen the elbows as you lower down. And one more time lifting.

Lift up even more. Tighten your glutes and tighten the hamstrings and lower down. Now bring your hands behind you. Square your head, lifting up, lift the legs off the floor. Reach your hands to the side in the front and rock.

So now we're into the Swan, some rock, rock, rock, rock, rock. Excellent. Lower down just to stretch your lower back out. Push back into your child's pose. Nice long stretch. Walk your hands to the right. Walk your hands to the left and come back onto your stomach and up onto your elbows for single leg kicks.

Now in this position, let's innovate. Bring the knuckles together and can you tighten your quads and your glutes and lift your legs slightly off the mat to there in the air. We're going to do it from this position so we really work deeply into the bat. So here we go. Right foot kick, kick, left foot, kick, kick, left, right foot kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Very good. Lower the legs down and turn your head to the side.

For AA kicks both hands up, high up your back as you possibly can. Get them and extending the legs. Tighten and narrow the hips. Here we go. Kick to three and open the chest. Other side, kick to three and open the chest. First side, kick to three and lift other side three and squeeze your shoulders together.

Lift last one, kick to three left. Lower down. Sit back into your heels, stretch your back out and come to a sitting position for neck pool. So you want your feet nicely flexed. Hands behind your head with your elbows wide. Sit Up, try in length in the spine a little bit more. And first of all, round forward, bringing your head towards your knees. Sit Up nice and tall. Elbows a nice and wide flat back for as long as you can and roll down.

Roll up length in the neck, up and bat. Dive forward. Lift yourself up before you go back. See if you can get a sense of a vertical neck. So the neck is the back of the neck, is pressing backward and between the shoulder blades forward. So you're trying to get as flat back as you possibly can.

Roll down one more time. Roll up, dive yourself forward. Sit Up nice and tall. Get that neck and upper back in alignment length and through the back of the neck and roll yourself down. And now let's have you bend your knees up hip with the part when you reach your hands down by your sides. If you can have your fingers touching the back of the heel, now bring the feet together so the legs are together. Hamstrings are tight. Back is long.

Tuck the tail and roll up until you make a long flat plane from your knees to your armpits. Roll down. Roll yourself up. Roll yourself down, roll yourself up again. Stay nice and steady. Lift your right leg to the ceiling. Flex your foot, lowered hip height and up, down and up, down and up. Bend the knee. Put it down. Lift the hips. If they sag, lift the other leg up, down and up. Down and up and up. Bend it down. Lift the hips a little bit more.

Roll everything down to the mat. Extend the legs out. And we're going from here, right into Jack Knife. So pled. Press the hands really strongly into the mat. Lift the legs up, first of all, to a 90 degree angle. So to set that up, I'd like you to take the legs away from you. 45 degrees, bring the legs forward. 45 go back 45 forward 45 back, 45 forward 45 so we're going to cycle throat three through those two angles. So back 45 forward 45 roll yourself up to a straight line.

If you can roll yourself down to 45 out, 45 up to straight. Roll down and out. Forward up, down, and now roll yourself up and place your hands behind me. You're back. So we're doing scissors in the air, right leg is forward. Left leg is back. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Keep [inaudible] the hips, very steady. Now. Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. Reverse it and start to try and reach the leg towards the mat towards the Mat.

So you're opening up your flick hip flexor. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Lift the legs up, lower the legs down to the mat, all the way down. Bend your feet up. Hip Height. Now in the old archival or the old tradition, you actually supported your hips with your hands so the hips were much higher than they are when we just do bridge the see if you can get into this position. Really hike the hips up so it's kind of at the top part of the sacrum. It's like you're opening up that whole line between the lower pelvis and the thighs and allow the chest to be more curved. And from this position, lift your right leg to the ceiling. Flex.

See if you can lower it all the way to the floor lifted up all the way to the floor if you can lift it up. So it's asking a much more extreme angle out of your hip. Check that you feel nice and stable. If the other leg up, flex, lower down and up, lower down and up, lower down and up. Bend it. Bring the leg down, lift a little bit more, lower yourself, all the way to the mat. So now bend your feet up. So the close to your hands. Again, we going into a full heel of wheel. So you want your feet in line with the outer part of your hips or your heels, more or less in line with your sit bones.

And you should be able to touch your heels with your fingertips. Place your hands by your shoulders. Now not all of you are going to be up for going into a wheel and you may surprise me, but I'm going to come around and help anybody who needs help. So first movement, lift your hips up in the air so you can get the same feeling with the hips as you had when your hands were supporting the hips. Now next movement, pop onto your head just onto the head and rock the chest a little bit forward. Squeeze the shoulder blades and impress up. Let's have a looked.

All of this is pretty cool. Bend your knee, elbows and come down. I have to have a look at you because I'm the teacher and come down. All right, pretty nice. Now advanced, so we're going to be breaking up more congestion. I want you all to try and bring your elbows in a little bit. If your shoulders are tight, they will go out. But start from this place, so bring your feet into your bottom again. Hands right under the shoulders. Lift your hips up, elbows in Heidi if yes, so lift up and then you let them out if you can, but we start with that up and up. Pop under the crown of the head.

Just pop onto the crown of the head here. Now this is a real cool place because everybody can get here. Bring your elbows towards each other and rock onto your forehead to get the chest open. Then Push, oh yes. Very, very important place to break up problems and then lift your head and come down. So I'm going to also do this for you once because what's happening is you're opening a huge amount. I know it's a little tight, but you can get there. So feet a little closer together. Elbows in, everybody. Elbows in.

That's why we did our tricep warm up. Pop your bottom up in the air. Pop your ups. You come onto the crown of the head. Just lift onto the crown of the head so you throw your head way back. Yes. Rock onto your forehead. Before you go up, you walk forward to all of this opens. Here we go. One, two, three, stretch. Yes.

And the whole upper part of the body opens and then lift your head and lower down. Good, good, good work. Okay. Relax. Okay. Our next variation is going to be the side leg kicks. So let's have all of you facing me because we're going to do some fun things here. So first of all, just lie out with your arm long and the other hand in front of you. And I want your feet stack one on top of the other. And from here, lift both legs up, lower the legs down, and then lift your waist so you kind of, you're bending the elbow to go up.

So the waist lifts lower down. Lift the legs lower down. Lift the waist and down. Lift the legs lower down. Lift the waist. Lower down.

Now can you lift your waist and your legs? Very good. Lift [inaudible]. Top leg and down and lift and down and lift and down. And lift and downs. Forward. Forward word back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back, legs together.

Lift higher and lift and lift. Now turn the top leg out, lifted up. Lower down. Lift it up, lower it down, lift it up. Lower down. Bend both knees in. Stretch it out. Both neesen stretch it out. Both knees in.

Stretch it out and swing to the other side. You are killers. Oh right. Lying down on the other side. So here we are, and lift your legs. Lift your trunk. So the legs are down, body is up, legs are up, body is up, legs are up, body is up, legs are up, body is up, legs are up. Keep them up and see if you can support your head or you can have your hand here.

So you're combining both lifted and lower and lift and lower and lift and lower and lift. Now forward and back. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. The bottom leg should not be moving. That fat can now up and down. You want to go as high as you can. Don't do what I'm doing. This hip doesn't go as far as you can. All can do up and down. Now bring both knees in and out and in and out and in and out and in and lower the legs down on your backs. Fatigue.

[inaudible] so why don't you all swing with your legs to the middle and bend the knees into your chest, arms over your head. Lift the legs to the ceiling. Take them out. 45 degrees, rural up towards your toes. Roll down, roll up, roll down, roll up, roll down, roll up, arms by your ears. Lower the lights, lift the legs, lower the legs, lift the legs, lower the legs, lift, touch. If you can, everything to the mat and everything up. Everything down, everything up, everything down, everything up. Touch. Grab your ankles, try and get as close as you can and is lifted. As you can imagine, you're 17 years old.

Arms out by your ears and lower down to the mat and roll onto your stomach for swimming. So nice long arms. Lift your arms and legs up and your face lower down. Lift up, lower down. Lift up and start to swim. Swim, swim, swim, swim, swim and lower down. Sit into your heels, stretch your backs out. Nice long stretch and come onto your hands and knees.

And I'd like all of you to face each other so that so shoulders we're preparing now for all of our plank work. So first I get a sense of your back being long and straight, your hips, your knees under your hips. And just squeeze your shoulder blades together, spread the shoulders apart, squeeze them, stretch, squeeze. So see if you can do this movement without rounding and arching your back. So you're just working the shoulder blades. Now curl the toes under you. I'm going to move a little bit forward.

Lift your knees a little bit off the mat so you're kind of and see if you can get your spine straight. Step back with one foot, one foot in and in the foot out in [inaudible], in white, one foot other in an in. Reverse. Out, in and in. Lower your knees down. Lift the knees up again, just hovering off the mat, right foot and left foot out. So you're in a plank pose. Legs are together. Now press away from the Mat with your shoulders. Squeeze, press, squeeze, press, squeeze, press, squeeze. Rock your heels back. Rock your heels forward. Heels back, heels forward, back forward, back, forward plank. Right hand towards the middle, right at your chest.

See if you can roll to the side. Lower the hips. Lift the hips, lower the hips. Lift the hips. Lower, lift lower. We're coming back to plank. Stephanie. It's okay. Now other hand to the middle, whichever. Rock yourselves around. Plank, lower lift, lower lift, lower lift, lower lift back to the center, knees down, stretches of back.

Now come onto a seated position. You want your legs extended right behind in front of you and the hands. Lots have the hands going sideways. It's a little bit easier. This is the hardest way. We are going to be balanced support back. But before that I'd like you all just to squeeze your shoulder blades together, spread the shoulder plate, squeeze them, spread them.

So try and do it without your whole back moving Stephanie, so you're just, that's a two. You start to isolate the shoulder girdle. Now really keep the shoulder blade squeezing in the chest, very open. The legs along the hands are quite close to the hip. Can you lift your hips up, lower the hips down, squeeze the shoulder blade so the chest stays open as your top priority and down and lift and down. Now lift up again and rightly goes up and down. Left leg goes up and down, right like left like right, like left leg. Now lift up a little bit more.

Squeezer shoulder blades and lower back to the mat. And now we go back to rolling. So we're going to boomerang. So let's cross the right foot over the other little spider fingers forward. Now just for the fun of it, before we go back, can you lift both legs and down? Yes. Lift both legs and down. Change your legs the other way. Lift them and lift them. Yeah. Is that good girls? Okay, so why am I bringing my hands back now?

Gonna lift them from that point to go into our boomerang. So lift, take the legs back, open and close. Come up to teaser hands behind you. And then circle the arms around and stretch and legs float up. Roll back, open and close.

Balance hands come behind you. Stretch and float around and over. One more time. Both sides. Open and close. Roll up to balance. Hands. Come back, stretch and over. And last one opening. Close.

Rule up to stretch. Bring the hands over and stretch. Bring your legs to cross legged for crab. Very, very seldom done. I'd like you to focus on opening up the back of the neck, our culture now in all of us, and I'm as guilty as everybody else ends up with the neck forward. So there's two things we need to start working on.

Bringing the neck back to a vertical plane and stretching it because it actually becomes too shrunk and because I had fallen forward then it gets really tight cause we're doing this. So when we come forward, let's take the first one, slow lift up and drop your head to the top of the head to the mat. Now from here, see if you could pull your shoulders away from the ears and rock forward and get a sense of stretching the back of the neck. You have to actually lift the chest away from your nose to get that to happen. And then roll back onto your shoulders and open and close and row up and stretch and back. Open and close and up and stretch.

Roll back, open and close and up and stretch. Roll back, open and close up and set yourselves up for seal. And we will be standing up after the third one. So clap, clap, clap, roll back and clap at the back and clap, clap, clap up, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap up. Back. And can you stand up and up? Swivel around. Let's all of you. Go to the backs of your math.

Nice lift, nice, tight stomach, tight hips. Round yourself down. Walk all the way out to a nice, strong plank. Powerhouse and hips. Three pushups, one and two and three. Walk all the way back. Row All the way up.

Lengthen up through the fingertips and sweep the arms down. Advanced Mat work is a killer. Thank you ladies.


May I ask Niedra Gabriel where the CRISS-CROSS Variation came from please?
Thank you very much.
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Another fabulous, challenging class from you! Love your stamina and your humor!!
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Another great mat workout
Excellent coaching for the wheel. Very helpful. A very nice variety of advanced exercises!
Wonderful workout as usual from you Niedra! I loooved the different variations on exercises but "rolling like a ball" was my favorite :) thank you!
Pascale Perez
Fantastic class. thank you Niedra. I really enjoyed it very much, very challenging
Maria L
Great challenging workout, really deserves or even exceeds 2/3 level. Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Than you for your comment Maria, its a pleasure to read that you enjoyed the challenge
Thank you Niedra, great workout! Love the class!
Niedra Gabriel
this is great Ira - so glad you enjoyed the workout.
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