Class #3089

Creative Mat Flow

35 min - Class


Play with the Overball and your imagination in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She uses the Overball in every exercise to enhance or deepen each movement. She also uses creative imagery to guide you through the class so you can connect your mind and body in a new way.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

About This Video


Today we're going to play with this squishy blue ball and our imagination. Ready? Okay. So what I would like you to do is sit in a cross-legged position or a comfortable position and just take the bal...


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I' m looking forward to the workout!!! You are simply awesome!!! Trank you meredith!!!!
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Great class just what I needed, thanks for this Meredith 😊😊
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I love it! X
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You are a dor a ble!
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Thank you for an awesome class!!!
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good workout!

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Excellent, love the ball work and the stretching was a bonus!!
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Good Workout and excellent stretching using the ball. This wat I neef.
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Thank you, I love the stretch over the ball in the beginning! Feel the work! Great!
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I always love your workouts - this one was no exception!
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