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Primal Mat Foundations

60 min - Class


Refine your movement skills with this Primal Pilates Foundations workout by Louise Johns. She breaks down the work that she did in her previous Primal Movement Works class. She teaches work that is inspired by general motor development, ancestral postures as well as animal movements. These exercises will help to increase proprioception and coordination so you can improve your learning capacity.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hey there, we're here to do some Primal Pilates Foundations. If you maybe watched one of the classes that we delivered last year, it was an overview of the primal movement works, the system that we ha...

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So glad to see you have a little something on PA to hold us until you come back to Europe for a full training program! :) I love watching you teach and look forward to more!
Sandy - I'm thinking about coming in September- will keep you posted.
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I loved this class. It was wonderful. I think there was a move missing on the second side at the beginning of class. I might be wrong.
LOL - thanks J - you're probably right although I've not checked. Thanks for being vigilant, you would be great to have in class to keep me on track!
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Delighted to see this sort of class as I really enjoyed Philip beachs class. This was wonderfully taught with a flow that really helped mobilise me. Thought provoking, will be lovely to use sections in a mat class. Just a little unsure of the bridge when in side lying???? Not quite following the idea behind the movement
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I loved this class. I really enjoyed the linking and the natural body movements. Horizontal rolling is something we forget how to do and it's amazing how many people are stiff and tight when trying to do this for the first time. Thanks Louise. Great class.
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Thank you! I taught the first part of this series to my people and they loved it:)
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Great, fun class. I has trouble doing Louise's first class. I'm hoping now it will be more doable. If not, I'll do this a few more times and try again.
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Awesome foundation class! Way to go Weezie
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love it :)
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