Class #3158

Connected Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Connect your body to your Mat in this challenging workout with Lesley Logan. She plays with the Magic Circle, using it to turn on the muscles in your seat during specific exercises. She also includes fun preparations so your body is ready for the full version of each movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, I'm Leslie Logan and we're here to play with the mat and a little bit of the magic circle, and it's all about connecting your body to your equipment, which today is your mats. So, ...

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Such a fun class. My body felt amazing after!
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My abs were so sore the next day! Nothing like the good ol' classical method!
Zola that makes me smile! Haha Day after sore work here is done! Thank you again for being in class and rocking it!
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Chanda 4 classes down and many more to go! Love how you smile more during the hardest exercises. Thank you again! xx~LL
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You are adorable Lesley Logan ! Cueing was awesome!! Loved you class so much! Heart rate came up, sweat was on and body feeling stronger! Thank you!!! :)
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Great class, easy to follow but feeling the burnšŸ˜€
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First time doing one of your classes! You quickly became one of my favorite teachers on PA! Wonderful and challenging workout. Thank you! (Side note - love your whole outfit - where did you get them from?!)
Pam haha Thank you! And, super thrilled you loved the class and you got your sweat on. Who said Pilates couldn't get some cardio esc feelings in it? Anyways, thank you for your comment and I hope to have you in class again soon. Stay stong xx~LL

Sue YAAS!! love that burning feeling. Thank you for taking class and for your comment. xx~LL
Stacy F WOW a PA fav!?! That's so cool! Thank you for joining me in class today. All the outfits I wore in this class and my other classes are Carbon38 (Happy shopping!) xx~LL
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