Class #3194

Precise Reformer

45 min - Class


Focus on your arm to back connection in this Reformer workout with Dana Santi. She concentrates on giving everything a purpose so you can move more efficiently. The detail and precision she includes are guaranteed to make you work hard the entire time!
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Hi, my name is Dana Santi, and today I am going to work with the lovely Meredith on a workout that we're gonna focus a lot on the arm/back connection. Meredith was kind enough to do the tutorial with ...

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Wonderful class Dana! I love your precision and the way you fine tuned the Pulling series!
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Every instructor should watch tutorial and then do this video with Dana and Meredith at least once. Holy moly. This tactile cueing on hand placement was incredibly challenging on some exercises and incredibly nurturing on others. Best my shoulders have ever felt while experiencing stomach massage with hands on shoulder rests/blocks. Amazing. Thank you, Dana. Loved this.
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i wanted to like this. But got frustrated with guessing what springs to use
This was such an amazing class and a great way to integrate and process the information in the tutorial. Dana is amazing!
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This class was challenging. So much to think about. It was like I was back in school again.
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Eu adoro as técnicas de precisão. Boas escolhas!
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I liked the legend in this video that makes it easier the understand the explanation.
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I definitely learned Precision principles of Pilates from Dana’s class! I also enjoyed seeing Meredith Rogers working with Dana, plus, I just watched one Meredith’s class and was like, we are instructors and yet we are students. We are switching our roles all the time. loads of fun!
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Looking forward to Meeting you in September Dana at everybody Pilates ;)

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