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Arm to Back Connection

20 min - Tutorial


Explore the connections from your arms to your back in this tutorial with Dana Santi. She shares a very detailed concept that she used to help her find the correct way to work her muscles after her double mastectomy in 2016. Once you begin to understand the precision and control required for this work, you will be able to carry this over to your Pilates practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Sep 18, 2017
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi. And today we are going to explore the arm back connection and what that is and how it pertains to the exercises that we do employees and how important it is to carry it thro...

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Excelent so interesting
congratulation Dana
This was a very profound tutorial Dana and I am processing it all just now in all my Pilates and yoga practices. Thank you so much for your generosity x
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Love the wave!
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So fabulous, would love more of this, especially the feet. thank you
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Centering, Breath, Concentration, Control, Precision and Flow in simplistic beauty! Thank you for this awareness!
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W O N D E R F U L C L A S S!!!
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I really enjoyed this tutorial, it was a great way of being able to connect the arms and the back. I did find I had neck tension through it though so I think I maybe need more practice of doing this without trying so hard. Thank you
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So Great! Thank you!

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