Class #3196

Active Aging Tower

45 min - Class


You will work on functional movement in this Tower workout by Amy Havens. She teaches a class designed to help with daily activities so you can stay vital and alive while you are aging. She encourages you to have fun and trust what your body can do so you can improve your mobility, strength, and gait.
What You'll Need: Tower, Foam Roller


Hi, everyone. I'm here for a wall unit workout and the demographic that I'd like to have focus on for this class is kind of aging people that are still very able to do a lot. But maybe...


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Wonderful class!!!Thank you very much for sharing these innovative exercises.
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Cant wait to this one Amyyyyy:)
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That was just awesome! Coming back off of an injury so so I think this was a good entry point for me overall. I am working hard on my balance and this was a good way to challenge it. Love how my upper body feels now! Another one for my regular rotation, aka my Amy rotation. Love your classes!
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Also, loved the foam roller work! So, basically I loved the workout. 😉
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Amy, i also love the choreograph in you;) felt great
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Love this, Amy! So many good movement principles, including adaptations for Buff Bones work. Thank you!
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Thanks gals, so glad you're enjoying this one!! And yes Holly -- some of the content here very useful for our BB audience!!
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This was great not only for me and where I was at today, but for so many of my clients. I can already see the smiles on their faces for the new twists. Appreciate your teaching!
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Thank you Amy. Loved it!!! This class helped me in particular with some SIJ issues (after having stitches in knee for 3 weeks with very little knee flexion allowed). 4 point kneeling had to be in elevated position :)
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Wonderful class, inspired, thank u very much
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