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Spine Corrector Extension

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You will feel more open and upright after this Spine Corrector workout with Amy Havens. She focuses on opening the chest and shoulders as well as finding more extension in the upper back. She plays with her environment, using a different Spine Corrector than she is used to so that she can find new connections in her body.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Theraband


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Hi everyone. Amy here. I'm using the spine corrector today for a workout. You'll need a theraband. That's it. And I have the longer spine corrector a, this is a different style for me to be working on, but as you lot of, you know, I like to play around on different apparatus, different equipment. I think it's important for all of us movers to change the environment within that what we, what we work on so that you continue to feel new things, new connections, um, and, and just keep playing that card, switch it up. We've got all this apparatus to choose from. It's beautiful.

Why not use it all and feel new things? Um, all the time. Okay, so you'll see me on this today. It actually feels really good today for me to work on this. So focusing today, shoulder opening, upper back extension, chest opening, basically kind of extensor muscles. All right. Less about the flexors, less about the ABS and the crunchy way. Let's just be more open up, bright and long. And with that said, I want you to start a feet wider than your hips. I'm with my hips facing the back of the barrel. Hold onto your theraband just for holding onto it purposes. And we're gonna work on squatting down to get our butt down on the corrector.

So right away, just start with a knee bend. Shift your hips back and sit. Okay. And we're going to go practice that several times. Getting up, lean forward, dig those heels down into the ground and stand. We're going for 10 of these. Bend in hinge and it's a rather low seat to get down on. So you know you're going to have to move your hips and get into your legs.

You could bend the knees first and then hinge to sit, or you could do it all in one motion. Bending in hinges to sit either is good. Focus on the heels pushing down into the ground right here to power you up. Hip extensors right away. So you can see I'm kind of doing a little hybrid of both styles.

One differentiating knees and then hips. And then one I'll merge right into. It's fine to do either, however, it's going to be best for you to get yourself down. Okay, I'm thinking maybe twice more. I didn't count. That's okay. And then the last one where I do want us to stay. Okay, now organize your legs so your heels are more in front of your sitting bones. You've got a 90 degree angle at your knee and then up at your hip. And let's put that theraband right across the front of your Shin bones.

And just for a moment, bring your arms right alongside your frame. A Nice fist, your wrists are extended, and just hold yourself with integrity and a nice upright posture. Take a deep breath, focus on your axial elongation, sacrum tail, all the way to the tip of your head. And the last breath to prepare. Okay, so let's feel our extensors. Here we go. We're going to pull on the Bam. Let's just do an exhale and an inhale.

So arms are nice and straight elbow is straight pool. So look forward, see something out of your eyes. Try Not to lift your Chin or drop your chin. Ideally the point of your nose is straight forward. Okay. And my hands are going pretty close to the spine corrector frame focused right away and opening on the width of the chest.

And as you pull on the theraband, making sure that the head doesn't jut forward so you actually have to feel your neck engaged to stabilize how your head is on your spine. Let's take out two more times and you're probably feeling though we're going to stay on this last one. You guys pull and hold that just the sheer nature of pulling against Your Shin Sitting Upright will make your lower abdominals contract. You feel that? I hope you do. All right, so now let's take the pull again and hold and we'll do a little, uh, percussive breathing rhythm and just pulls the arms. Yeah.

And four, three, two, one, and just rest for a minute. Okay. We're going to go for another round of that. This last second round trip. If you feel it already feel like, oh my God, ugh. All it feels like is that you're rolling this forward. Use this cuing. I'm going to have you think about something from the back of your underarm.

Move it from back to front and then carry that up and over your shoulder and then wrap it again. So armpit from back to front and up and over the shoulders so you can kind of see that wheel like energetic that I like to think about the circles and we'll do that again. It may help you sustain the connection into your shoulder extensors there. Okay. And your upper back. So here we go. Pull that whole, the side of your rib cage is also nice and lifted. Move your armpit from back to front, up and over your shoulders. Here we go.

Yes. Levelize your gaze and four, three, two, one and release. Yeah. Okay. But it underneath your feet, balls of feet, you're going to probably want to tighten up the end of the theraband unless work. I didn't say we're working too much about the front of the body, but I said even it out. Okay. And just work a little bit of bicep connection, upper body connection. So the same thing. Levelize gaze, just getting some blood flow, moving the armpit from back to front, up over the shoulder, down the back. If you want a little more challenge, keep your arms lifted and we'll go for five more. One, four. So yeah, it's about your biceps, but upper back extensors. Keep your posture up.

There is four and five. We'll do a lot more of that in a little while, but just to kind of get you warmed up. Okay. It's been yourself around. Now one of the things I love about the spine corrector, especially this longer one, I will say you've got more room here for your thorax, your rib cage, your head to be on, and the step is not quite such a severe drop. So might feel nice for some variety and it's completely fine if you're on the growths or something else. But I want you to get your sacred right at the front. Walk your rib cage, chest up over the hill and then put your head back. All right, so the back of your, your head should be right on top of that barrel area on the side of going over it that way. Okay.

Put your therapist in your hands just over your lap and a comfortable grip. Take a nice deep breath and we're going to do the same queuing under arm armpit moving from back to front, up and over your shoulder. I mean you can see that loop back to front up over your shoulder to keep that openness here. Okay, moving your arms. Now inhale to the 90 exhale. Oh, by the way, unless you're not ready, if you're not ready, you stop right above your chest and then back down. Okay? Carrying on.

Inhale and exhale. Not pulling on the band yet. I'm just holding it, making some nice arm arcs. Inhale and exhale. Go to wherever your arms allow you to go. Don't push feel movement, right? Even if it's just the ever inkling of sternum coming up toward the throat to the chin, that direction, she'd feel pretty good. Opening things up.

Inhale and exhale twice. More like that. Moving the armpit from back to front, up and over the shoulders. Stretch more and lift and lower the band. One more time. So as the arms go overhead, maybe you can connect the feeling of your thoracic spine. Also traveling with you with this band that wants to go this way, doesn't it? Art Yourself or stretch your legs forward.

So getting that two directional stretch hold and then bring your arms down. Okay. However, the band above your thighs, make a soft fist and then just pull on the band, feeling your center shoulders, decide of your shoulders work, and then pull again and have you do four in each position. You'll see what I mean. So there's low level Ab ducting, the arms. Try not to pinch your shoulder blades together. Okay, now let's move the arms. Unless you're not, you don't want to, I'm going to go right above the chest. You could also stay low four times here. You're going to notice the band comes down toward you and goes back up.

I'm not so much thinking about pulling the man toward me, although it's coming that way as I'm pulling my arms across the room wide and lifted one more there. Yeah, and your inner thighs are together, aren't they? They are. Okay. Now you can stay there or go. The third range, which is that high v that we were just a minute ago. Four times, pull the band. We'll probably come to the top of your head and pull. Notice what you feel in your shoulder.

Blades are starting to kind of just normally naturally come down your back body. They like going there. Here, pull down. Okay. Re Arch the arms to the hips. So we're going to do this in three stages. Pull from low pull from middle, pull from above and then arking down and we'll do four sets. Okay, here we go guys. So open up, stabilize the collarbone, integrate your inner thighs and let's go. Inhale, exhale and ab duct above the chest, above the head. [inaudible] and then all the way down over the hips. Three more rounds [inaudible] and all the way down and keep the legs together. So they're coming together.

As you pull the arms out, they come together. As you pull your arms out, you probably feel your obliques as you arms. Pull out your legs pulled together one more time. Okay. And yeah, and all the way down. Wonderful. Nice. Okay.

All the way to above the chest. Now pull just one arm down pulling you. I'm thinking elbow toward the ground. The other fist, I'm kind of punching up toward the where the window is there, the top of the arch window in a diagonal and then this arm punches up and then the other one pulls down and lift. Pull down and lift. Pull down again. The inner thighs are working nicely and together.

Try not to shift your ribs, but pull and if this too easy, by all means short in that band. Here we go eight more times. So you'll get more work from your rear shoulder right around the scapula and as you pull, imagine yourself doing it. Upper back bend or salon movement quality in your upper spine over the arch. Okay, you've got four more. How does the spine, how do the spine and the upper arms relate? We know extremely intimately last time there. Okay, now rest your arms over your hips.

You might want to slide your hands back out wide. We're going to go up and over that high position. Again, similar elbow bending, but this time is coming here. The band will be right over your face. Don't worry and lift. Other side bend. Extend. Now there's a change. Both elbows are gonna bend right in and up. Okay, here we go.

So elbow extension, elbow extension of both. Come in and over. Start with the second arm bend. Stretch Ben, stretch both arms bend, repeat that second arm. Then we'll vary it up then and lengthen. Bend and Linkedin both arms. Okay, now take this arm one arm art. Get long straight. Arm over your chest toward the opposite hip and then back open.

Now the other arm, keeping the arms straight this time so it's arking over your chest. You've got to pull on the band and release. Now both arms and the risks are going to cross and then back out. Okay, start with one arm over the chest. Exhale back over your head. Inhale over the chest.

Both arms move both risks. Cross start with the second arm. Inhale. Exhale. The opposite arm that doesn't move is reaching that band to the back corner of your room while the other one moves over you. The Risks Cross. We have one more set and when to put it together. Arm and over on and over. Both risk cross. Okay, so here's the deal. It's a lot of work.

You guys go back, rewind, bend the elbow towards your corrector. You've got your diagonal line. Restretch it other elbow bend, straightened out. Both elbows bend and straighten. Now we do the straight arm version over the body on and back. Straight arm over and both risks cross.

I think you see the pattern. We have three more sets and both straight arms over your body and reach. Keep the band as hot as you can. Both risk cross back to bed and elbow. Start with the second arm and pull both elbows. And Are you doing more swan? Yes.

Straight arm and straight arm. Both risk cross. You have only one more pattern and we're almost done being in this position but you'll probably notice you've gained more extension, haven't you? Over that barrel? Yeah. Straight arm. One over that barrel and both arms. Cross. Finished with your arms over. Take a joyous inhale. Exhale. Wow.

Okay. Bring your arms down. That is a long time to be there. Rest for a moment. Bend your knees, place your feet in. Wiggle your pelvis. Okay. I did want to do one kind of like tummy thing and into the zone. Use Your theraband, put it behind your head. Okay.

Extending your legs back again. Unweight your skull and do a really very, very, very beautiful, beautiful cervical flection, cervical flection, cervical. I'm not doing so much the Ras inflection. I just don't want us to really shorten and crunch this spot of us that's try to keep this really long. Can you use your neck a little bit more? I'm gonna move this so you can kind of see. Okay. There. Then also if we work our deep throat and neck flexors, you can somewhat pull your head back into the theraband as you reach your elbows forward. Okay. I'm not very high off my shoulder blade tips.

We're going to pull the knee in and extend us. Exhale that other side in repeat first thing X. Hey, and four more. Trying to keep the hips relatively still. Meaning no hiking on one side end up and down both legs. We'll see what happens. Try not to move this up or body position and exhale and inhale and exhale. So you have to really pull your stomach in. Of course, reach your elbow tips forward to more last time. Hold it in bicycle, a leg. Bicycle. A lake. Yeah.

Keep your head somewhat reaching back in your theraband. Levelize your gaze. Eight more. Can you reach the leg a little longer on the floor? Yeah, just four more. And we'll leave this position six and seven and eight. And then just place your feet. Let this go pull here.

I'm going to just actually take that away from my head. Now how to get up from this position. You can certainly roll up. Why not just use your hand on the floor, slide your hips in and get yourself to here. All right, great. This we don't need for a moment, so just set it there guys. Put your hands back, one on either side of the top of the barrel. Please don't push your arms close together. If you, uh, have any shoulder issues you probably would've known by now with all that overhead arm work. But for those of us who are working on more range, which is a lot of us in our thoracic spine, shoulders, let's gently pull the elbows toward one another behind our back.

As we move the arm pit again from back to front this way and over the shoulders. Okay? Just feel the side. Chest ribs here high. We're going to do a little percussive. Breathing to close those elbows again. Yes. Levelize your gaze.

Sure. This isn't for everyone. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to do that for three. Took me a long time to even want to dry and it's really hard for me. Okay, here we go. Lift those hips. Why don't you to bring your feet closer to gather by a little pelvic curl.

Now just a little bit. Now Lean your body weight onto your arms. Lift your pelvis up. Go into those hip extensors. Use Them. Lift your pelvis up. I don't want you to thrust your head back. Look straight forward. Focus on the shoulder extensors, the hip extensors, the back extensors. Okay, hold. Now how do I get out of this? I don't want you to collapse and to sit the, but right down in the corrector. Look out the window. If you have one, stay lifted. Set yourself down. Let's do it three more times.

Okay. And extensors. Stay for full. Inhale XL sitting down. Do more. We have one more.

Okay. More hips guys, more hips. Let's get more hips. More hips. Yep. And down we go. Also, not fabulous on the hands, but that's part of the deal. Okay. Just rub them together. Let's move into some sideline work. Okay.

So I'm going to turn to face you. Let's go ahead. Use your band, put it around your knees, ran up over your knees, tie a little bow, not too tight, but enough. Okay. Then we'll do some clams and hip extension. Yes, with the band. So close around, but your knees together, ankles together. And I will get in. Want you to really walk your rib cage spine over the barrel, pull this elbow into it, and then make a fist and put your head down.

You could also do it on your, uh, your wrist this way, but I'm being nice to you. You were just on your wrist, so why not just stabilize it and go like that? Okay. This hand will be on your hip and let's just do some plan action 10 times. Make sure that's above your knees and two and three. It's okay if it goes slack at the bottom, you pick it right up anyway and six all that work we did in the upper spine, upper back, feel that going to work here. You should be looking right at me and eight or your class and nine and then keep this last one 10 up. Okay. Lift the thigh.

Try to keep it relatively parallel and to start to pull it back a little. You won't be able to go far because of what we've tied here. Focus on the back of your hip. Okay. What might feel nice to connect is this front bottom leg might need to pull forward to allow you to pull back more. I think you're going to feel that.

Let's exhale and for going for ten five yeah. You might have to push the bottom foot down on the floor a little bit and seven and eight and nine. Hope we're feeling that. Now let's try the 10th one. Go all the way to straighten your leg. Use that, hold it down on the ground. It's pretty from Theravent. This one's pulling forward. This one's pulling back. Hold it there.

Hold us in. Get yourself connected. Now carefully lift it. Re Bend. Let's go five times. Only pull all the way back hold and all the way in. Let's do something with this arm. It just feels nice to stretch. Get a good diagonal and feel your whole body moved together.

And three more like that. Reach. Got My heel on the floor. Last two and n should feel pretty good and hold. Now carefully lift the straight leg from the back lift. You're going to have to dig this elbow into your barrel. Lift, pull down, lift. I'm going to lower this arm for a little extra support for stability. Just three more.

Pull it down and pull it down and pull it down. And that is plenty. Okay, let's do one spinal rotation. It's okay to rotate. This class isn't truly designed for osteoporosis, but we could do it for osteoporosis. I through truly think it's okay to rotate the spine. As long as we've done good elongation and we have to right?

You don't have to rotate in life as long as you're doing it with integrity, you're not loading it, you're not rolling on it. We are doing a little bit of movement, but we're not forcing the rotation. If anything, we're trying to lengthen those segments so more cool life can go between them. Lot compression, decompress. Okay. That's my opinion. I'm sticking with it. I'm going to turn around and then let's do our clam this way and again, your your rib cage spine, right? Walk that over.

You want to get as long of a spine as you can. That's the decompression. If you're just swamped over, then we're in trouble. All right, tight it and press and close and press and close press and my elbow there is on really pulling into the corrector and six right in the hip. Seven, eight, nine and 10 hold it now. Lift, flex your foot and start to pull back and forward. Oohing back and forth. We're trying to keep your upper body in one position.

Hold onto the edge with your upper front arm to help you leverage the pull back five more times. So hip extension and two, you may need the other leg to pull forward to get that oppositional connection too. All right guys, last one. Remember you pulled it, you went all the way down. Hold there. Take your arm in a diagonal. Really feel stretched the band. Okay, now bend it in and return. Exhale, stretch. Get your heel to the ground. Stretch. Inhale. The other leg needs to pull forward so you can pull this one back three and for, go for it. Reach one more time. Okay. Then the harder part of this, I'm going to put this hand back down on the barrel to support me until lift and pull it down for five and four, three and two and one that is plenty. We deserve that rotation.

Move forward, but your hand behind your head. This one, I don't remember where I put it to be honest with you. I think I may have just done this wherever it feels right. The other hand is definitely holding ahead. You're still working on lengthening. That's a great stretch. Okay, so, okay, so let's come on up to standing. Take your theraband off of your legs. We're gonna do a little bit of standing work here before we're finished and I don't even think we need that anymore. I was thinking about it, but you don't need to. Okay, let's work on some front support on her hands. Bend your knees, place your hands up top. This is quite narrow.

My shoulders are about as wide as this is, so it works for me. If this is too narrow for you, you can put your hands on the side or you could maybe just do this on the floor. All right, but we're going back down. Shoulders over wrists. Fingers closed on this exercise. Gaze forward of your corrector. Out on the floor. Hold yourself steady. Okay, we are already in this line earlier when we are lying on our back and I said, close your legs, right? Pick up your stomach.

We did the leg movement into the torso. We're going to do it again and one alternate legs and three and four, just four more times, pool in and six. This knee is coming straight forward for this little round. Now Walk your feet in a little, take some weight off your wrists, just give a little upside down, stretch and then we'll come back and do that again. And then this time take the knee to the opposite four arms.

So little bit of rotation, okay. Once again, front leg will start as here we go and pulled to the opposite elbow and or in the direction of it won't get all the way there lied. Don't any way for the standing leg remains very strong and stable for you. Seven and eight and once again, just stretch. Okay? From here what I want you to do to get up to standing, bend your knees, place your hands on your thighs, come through from our hinge, and then we're going to do a little bit more shifting some weight. So step forward, one foot up on your barrel, lunge deeply into it. Okay, lunch deeply.

I definitely want you to take this knee over your ankle. Almost more over your Meta tarsals. Okay. It's good for you, but some weight into this leg that's reap kind of rebound a little bit. The opposite leg is long. Your heel is on the ground. Okay. You're probably wondering, okay, what next, keep going. What I want you to connect to, what are your heels doing against the surfaces?

Push this heel firmly on the barrel. You should feel this. Should feel the other heel on the floor. Other side in the next three. That'll be one. We're going to step backward too, so you have to push back from this foot to this one. Okay. Other side, we were there for awhile. Take your time. Let these muscles stretch. Let these joints flex.

Get your knee over your second. Uh, our metatarsus. If you can't make the adjustments and then just start to move forward and back. Getting some weight into those legs. Okay, we're almost done. So what I'm going to do with this, after we do that, step back as we'll do to alternating step one foot forward, step that back 10 times. And so you know what's coming. Okay? So let's take three more of these to the next one.

We're launching backward and then here. So weight shifting, lunge into it. Push back, change sides. Okay. Try not to do any extras with your feet. Okay. If you can help it, especially the teachers that are watching this at the, you give clients later. I do this a lot with my clients at home and almost all of them do that extra little tap dance. Try not to have them do that. Okay.

You want to say stick it shift. It's just an interesting proprioceptive in it. Agility kind of thing. Balance. Speed it up a little bit. The, they'll have fun with that shift. Okay. How about eight more? Whatever works for your arms. You could have the theraband another day. Whoops. Okay.

One more each side. Yeah. Okay. And then just step your two feet together. Okay guys, we're gonna wrap it up. Let's step in front of our correctors. Let's just face each other. I'm going to open my stance just a little bit. Yeah. And just take inventory and how your posture feels. Hopefully you feel more upright. I really feel my upper back, it feels kind of Buzzy, tingly. We did a lot for those muscle groups back there.

So just slowly raise your arms if they come to join overhead. Wonderful. I hope that you can win. You clasp them and then reach them up. Feel how long you can feel in your whole body. Anchor your heels. Just take like three or four breaths together.

So thanks for playing on this particular spine corrector. If some of you join me with this one. Um, just to remember, keep playing on the environment in the Palladio studio. There's so much things, so many things to offer in here. Change it up a little bit from time to time. Your body will really be happy. Your mind will really be happy too, and I will see you next time. Thank you so much.


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So good especially after thanksgiving. Full body experience. Feel integrated again. I love your classes.
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Yay, Amy! Yay, Amy on the spine corrector!! I love how you let me participate in your own experience!
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Thank you Amy this was great for opening my chest and shoulders ❤️
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Thank you Amy this was great for opening my chest and shoulders ❤️
Marci C
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Very nice. I feel better just watching this.
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awesome class thank you!
Thanks everyone!
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Thank you Amy Havens -really loved the theraband supporting the head as well as the alternating lunges. Great balance challenge💜
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I love the spine corrector! Great ideas for shoulder work and extension. Lovely class.
Thank you Patti and Melissa -- love getting feedback from you gals!!
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