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Class #3272

Day 6: Center

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 6! Today Meredith focuses on the center and what that means to you. She encourages you to bring awareness, ease, and anything else you may need to feel centered in your practice while she flows from one movement to the next.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you for being here. We made it, we're halfway through. That's so exciting. So today's principle is the principle of center. So what do we think about when we think about center? Of course ...

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Thanks thanks thanks !!!!
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It goes by so quickly! It's a good start for the day! I liked the hip opener as well as the side series.
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That was lovely. Challenging on the new years day but very nice. Thanks.
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My new favorite way to start my day! Enjoyed hip opener and breathing in the New Year!
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Absolutely brilliant Meredith - I love your approach and variations to each exercise - it truly keeps things fresh and inspirational - well done lovely!
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Just love these quick 30 minute classes! And I too feel very centered when doing pelvic curls! Thank you!
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Feeling great! Thank you Meredith
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Thanks so much, Meredith! This series not only works the entire body, but helps to change perspective/mindset in approaching each move.
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I was shaky shaky eggs and bacy today. Thanks for the challenge!
Thank you all for being here and sharing your feedback.
I appreciate it so much.
Happy New Year everyone!!
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