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Class #3279

Day 8: Flow

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 8! Today Meredith will push you to move quickly and have fun while you flow seamlessly from one exercise to the next. It is a mediation in motion that will help you pay attention to what you are doing so you can be present in the class.
What You'll Need: Mat

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We are on day eight of this challenge, and you're still here, and I'm still here, and that is just awesome. So, today we're gonna flow. And flow to me just is like... Meditation in motion. So, we're j...

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Great class, thank you Meredith!
Thanks guys!
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Loved todays Flow!
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I love the flow and the strechiness. Thank you!
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Perfect to warm up on this blustery snowy day! thanks Meredith :)
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Warmed me right up on this cool day. Haven't done boomerang in awhile. I was pleasantly surprised w myself. Loving thus challenge.
Thank you for being here! I am glad you are enjoying this challenge.
I've been away with my family and away from my normal routine.
So excited to be back to practicing mindful movement.
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So good! Busy day so did this one right before bed, hoping it knocks me out!
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This was fun and challenging. The flow was amazing. The series is revealing some areas of weakness that I need to keep working on - those moves that I haven't done in a while or transitions as moves flow from one to the next. Thanks for this series!
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