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Class #3273

Day 7: Efficiency

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 7! Today Meredith brings together all of the principles to see how they all fit together to help with efficiency. She adds Hand Weights to the class so you can get as much work as you can in a short amount of time. This class will definitely make you feel the burn!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Wow. Day seven, here we are. So today we're going to speak about efficiency. And we're going to speak about all the other things. Breath, balance, concentration, control. All the things. They ma...

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I usually don't like using weights. However, I found the class fun and not too challenging. Thank you.
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Love it Meredith! The weights really added a new dimension. Thanks xx
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Another fantastic session, thanks Meredith! The weights added fun and interesting variations and challenge- really loved it!
That was truly lovely. I love this challenge. Thank you so much. Great excercise.
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Feeling efficient, aware, balanced. Flow is e executed so well in all of the classes. Can only imagine what day 8 will bring!
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My favorite so far!
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I did it. That is all.
Thank you all for showing up!
The outpouring of positive feedback is making my New Year start so sweet!
Still here and really enjoyed that class thanks Meredith! First real session with weights and it was an eye opener. My former teacher was BASI trained so I anticipated the cycling would reverse;)) I think my arms will hurt tomorrow even though I only had 1kg weights! Sarahx
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"Keep showing up" is going to be my mantra for this year. Love this class, this series. There's something very compelling about knowing that you've created a sequence of classes. I don't want to break my streak. Wonderful, Meredith!
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