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Mat for Equestrians

30 min - Class


Learn tools you can take into your riding with this Mat workout by Julie Driver. She focuses on building balance and stamina in your body which are crucial for equestrians. She also works on hip and spine dissociation as well as breath so you can use stay connected while you are with your horse.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Julie Driver and today we're doing a mat class that is Pilates for equestrians. We are going to look at building some balance into your body, some stamina, and some hip and spine disassociatio...

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I hope to see more like these! I just participated in a Pilates for dressage clinic and this is just fabulous for all types of riding. Thank you
Thank you Mel W This is my passion and I really want to help both horse and rider develop their connections.
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Beautiful class, loved the deliberate and thoughtful pace, great for realigning non-riders too. Thank you!
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More pilates for equestrian videos please!!! :)
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More pilates for equestrians!
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Loved this Julie. Great for non riders too đź’•
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Thank you! Loved the side plank version of threading the needle!
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Lovely thanks Julie Driver. I hope you don't mind, will be stealing for teaching my own classes for riders :)
Hi Emma Feel free to share! That's the whole point of this amazing website!
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Really enjoyed this, thank you Julie :)
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