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Reset your Body

35 min - Class


Optimize your movement system with this Mat workout by Myriam Kane. She continues her series of Pilates for Walkers, working on resetting your body and reintegrating the primitive movements that have been lost. This is will help us to avoid compensations that contribute to the breakdown of our joints.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


Hi, I'm Myriam Kane. I am so excited to be back here at Pilates Anytime to share with you the second class in the series that I've designed for walkers, runners, hikers. Really helping...


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Amazing! I am shaking like a leaf. Thanks so much for these workouts, very helpful to me. I discovered lots of problems in my feet and legs within the past year that I'm working to correct with the help of the wealth of information from you and other fantastic teachers on this site. I hope you all realize what a blessing you all are. Thank you.
Lori...that’s what this is all about...each of us lifting each other up with what we can share!!! Thank You for your feedback and Blessings to you!
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Its in my favourites straight away!! I have also been on a long body journey regarding hips & achilles and been working in a similar way - this just reinforces some of my new found movements! Thank you
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I loved your video Myriam, I know of several ladies that would benefit greatly from these moves, fantastic stuff thank you.
You are so welcome, Sam...good to hear!
Thank you, Olivia...this primal/Pilates/use-it-or-lose-it/reclaim movement has been such a joy to share so please do keep sharing! :)
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Beautiful session - a great reminder of the power of simple moves done with control and awareness. xx
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This was lovely. Just in time for my hike tomorrow 👍 thank you ☺️
Happy to hear you enjoyed the simplicity, Sarah...sometimes that is just what the brain needs, too! Happy New Year!
Yay, Heather ...and I hope you had an awesome hike!!! Happy New Year!
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