Class #3322

Primitive Movement Reformer

50 min - Class


You will reclaim some of the most primitive movements with this Reformer workout by Myriam Kane. She continues with her series designed to teach exercises that are necessary for healthy walking, hiking, running, etc. She adds the Jump Board for high intensity intervals so that you can improve your longevity and endurance.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

About This Video


Hi, I'm Myriam Kane. Thank you for joining me for the third class of the series that we've been working on, reclaiming, reintegrating some of our most primitive or basic movements that...

Running with Pilates - Playlist 3: Reclaim your Walk


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Very different and delicious. I will come back to this class frequently. Thank you Myriam.
You are welcome, ZA!!
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This is a really great class to watch often for refreshing understanding of the neuro-integration that helps so greatly with out automatic movements like walking -helping us remain intelligent & aware. Thank you!
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That was AWESOME!!!!! 🤩
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Thank you 😊😊
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Absolutely loved this! I am working on your principles a little every day to great effect. Thanks so much!
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Super class. Thank you!
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Really enjoyed watching this, inspiration to teach my classes tonight!
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Fantastic! I am loving all this primal movement. Its so functional and grounding. I do hope we can have some more. Thank you
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Very intuitive movements, so important for aging bodies I.e. all of us! Thank you for sharing Myriam:)
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