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Myriam Kane

Myriam teaches Pilates in Northern Virginia and for Body Arts and Science International (BASI) as a teacher trainer and faculty member.
Read More She created the “Alfresco Buttcamp” program 14 years ago to take her students from the studio outdoors, where they can enjoy the control, breath, efficiency, and flow of their Pilates practice in the exhale of the elements. An outdoors enthusiast, she greatly enjoys taking this learning process of inhabiting the body well outside and these weekly alfresco sessions have developed into active retreats internationally.

Myriam has always enjoyed movement, dancing well into her teen year, and she has been running since the age of 14, sometimes competitively, always for overall health and most often for mental clarity. She has a deep interest in the brain's role in functional movement and the use of Pilates integrated into athletic endeavors. Her own knee injury from wear and tear from improper biomechanics was an eye-opener 16 years ago and subsequent integration of Pilates into her running practice influenced her style greatly, encouraging her students to “listen” as the brain/body will tell you what it needs. Both Pilates and running are holistic practices and she believes that the awareness and focus that it offers allows us to explore what the body is saying (and usually it goes deeper than just the physical) because the body does keep score. A moving meditation that engages the whole person — the body and the mind in sync — can be a spiritual practice.

Myriam believes we were designed to move and born to run, as long as we have good biomechanics and we pay attention to the signals our bodies are sending us...and then learn what to do with those signals. Then, we have the tools for efficient movement and that is very empowering. She feels she has well served her students when no matter where they are or what presents itself they are able to choose to partake, enjoy and are equipped to take care of themselves using their Pilates practice as a guide and honoring the body’s voice.

Always a student, Myriam is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and continues to explore a better understanding of the body through NeuroKineticTherapy (NKT). She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and yellow lab, and is with great excitement anticipating a grandchild in late fall 2016! She enjoys sharing the Pilates adventure with her BASI comprehensively trained daughter Danielle, and enthusiastic banter with her son, who is an osteopathic medical school student. Her son-in-law and future daughter-in-law are also enthusiasts and willing participants in the Pilates method. Myriam is the founder of Elemental Fitness and she shares space in a beautiful studio in the woods with Balanced Bodies in Herndon, Virginia, owned by her longtime colleagues, Carrie Smith and Adrianna Perez.