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Myriam Kane

Myriam Kane

Myriam Kane, Founder of Elemental Fitness, is always fascinated by the unfolding of life, how interests are piqued, how paths are chosen and how we arrive at the 'now', making Pilates relationships incredibly satisfying while learning the story to the beautiful soul moving in front of us.
Read More Having spent the first 14 years of life dancing, Myriam has been running ever since (particularly enjoying the relaxation of trail runs and hikes). Myriam's always enjoyed movement in many forms and believes wholeheartedly it is a main part of why she is still able to do all the things she's done in her youth at the Golden age of 60 such as enjoying her 2 amazing children, their wonderful spouses, 2 (soon to be 3) Grand Peanuts, her sweet husband, their well loved lab, precious Friends and Family AND serve others doing what she loves to do: encourage, educate and travel as we explore Aging Well through movement.

Self-inflicted injuries (sometimes just mindlessness but mostly from poor mechanics) led to Myriam's interest and ultimately education in the Pilates Method of movement, as well as efficient running practice. She currently has the pleasure to share this passion for joyful movement with students and aspiring teachers in her home town, throughout the USA and internationally as a Body Arts and Science International (BASI) faculty and International Educator. As Myriam puts it, from a booboo came a wooohooo!

Fascinated by the study of the brain and body, applied neurology and how it applies to aging vibrantly, the connection of the cross pattern of walking, running and hiking to brain health is something Myriam is deeply passionate about. She says, We are like self winding watches, we are designed to move. The exploration of movement through the lens of Pilates brings about balance, stability, mobility as we reclaim and dust off movements we may not have felt in a while…due to lifestyle, old injuries, habits that no longer serve us. We already 'know', we often just need to reconnect and make some excellent choices.

Besides on Pilates Anytime, Myriam can be found in-studio in Northern Virginia sharing Pilates on the apparatus with clients, via Zoom and on the trails using the TRX for Pilates, Suspended, and Group Classes. She considers it a privilege to be a Pilates Anytime Instructor!

Appropriately summed, We are alive to Thrive! :) - Myriam

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