Class #3257

Reclaim your Walk

40 min - Class


Rethink your Pilates practice as you integrate primitive movement patterns to reclaim your game and walk/run with a whole new purpose! In this series of classes, Myriam will guide you through these neural resets within the framework of a basic Pilates Mat class, a Band workout, and a Jump Board Reformer session to bring ease to your walking and running practice and to turn back the hands of time! Walking, running, or simply cross patterning is a prime neural reset that can truly make a difference in your aging process and is actually natural movement. Reintegrate so that you don’t disintegrate!

A towel is not required for this class, but it may be useful to have a towel or small pillow near for some exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi, I'm Myriam Kane. I'm so excited to be here at the beautiful Pilates Anytime with these lovelies and yourselves. And to share a series of classes that I've designed for walkers, for...


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This looks really good and something that I need. I'm going to try it this afternoon !!!
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Loved this! Thank you .
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Feeling great after taking this class! Thank you!
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My new favorite for hip extensors
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Lovely - my low back thanks you.
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That was great!
Grateful to have the opportunity to share and for the feedback!!! Enjoy! :)
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Loved that class, thank you. Great for walkers and runners!
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I very much liked the concept of the class, i think that this is a much important subject for us with all the populations but especially with older clients. I was wondering why at the end of the class we did not check back with standing moving exercises?
I value everyone's feedback and @Copycat--great idea on the check back!
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