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New Year's Mat

40 min - Class


Last year Meredith made a commitment to moving through life with more ease and grace. This year, she and Kristi are continuing this intention with a Mat workout that includes creative variations designed to feel good on your body. They remind us that if we can create more space in our bodies just by thinking about it, then imaging what we can create in our lives!
What You'll Need: Mat

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It's been another year! And we're back! More girl time. More girl time! And last year, I made a commitment to move through my life with grace and ease, which I can't say I've accomplished, so I'm gonn...

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Happy New year Girls!!!
I‘m so happy to be here at pilatesanytime😀
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Thank you ladies. Great to spend the New Years day with you ^^!!
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Thank you!
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Happy New Year! Loved the workout, the fun, and the always great chat! I too am going into 2018 with the many of the same goals partially achieved in 2017! Love you guys. Xx
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Happy new year!! Great workout to get moving and stretch after this holidays!
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Happy new year!!! Thank you for inspiring me through PA!!
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they are talking but the movements are not showing...weird
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Happy new year Meri and Kristi! I'm so thankful for you both. Thank you for a wonderful class on this first day of 2018. My body really needed this after a week laid up from a reoccurring back injury. This is now my new favorite restorative class. Love you guys!
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Happy NY guys, this video seems to be pausing while the audio continues, may be corrupted. Other videos are streaming fine. x
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Happy New Year! Love this class! Thank you 🙏
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