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Day 9: Strong Legs

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Welcome to Day 9! We have taken time to stretch out the legs so now it's time to get serious again about shaping and strengthening our legs. Monica starts on the Cadillac with the Leg Springs, and then moves on to the Reformer to work the entire body. She makes sure you can feel the muscles in the legs during each movement so you can begin to gain strength.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Cadillac, Pilates Pole

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All right. Welcome to class number nine of our 30 session challenge. It is time to start getting serious about our legs. Getting your shape back in. I'm getting your strength. And then once you have your strength, we're going to use those muscles to get really long. So today we're going to kind of cheat a little bit, maybe a little fun in the legal.

I want to start our reformer workout on the Cadillac, warming up with our leg spring. So when we get to the footwork on the reformer, there will be no question what muscles we are using. So today you're going to start off on the Cadillac. I have my legs, springs, and then I have, I'm going to end with a nice roll down a with the known as a Shari. So I have my uh, push through barr spring. So that's what you'll need in the beginning.

And then we're going to switch over to a full reformer and it's going to, I say full, but it's going to be very precisely the exercises chosen to strengthen and shape your legs. And I'm going to be taking other ones out. So it's a planned quite nicely. I hope you enjoy it. Let's get started. We're going to lie down on your back and your hands are going to be up about eight or nine 10 and we're gonna go straight to full long legs. Grab your springs both at the same time. Dry Your knees in, and we're going to start off with your feet in the straps. And we're going to start off with leg circles.

So I'm going to push an anchor the back of my ribs down, draw my navel in and up, and I'm going to extend the legs and get ready for seven leg circles each way. Here we go. Extend out trying to keep my tailbone down and open. Use the back of my legs squeezy. Innercise together. Now here's something I have to really work on is keeping my pelvis down. As I bring my legs up, I'm going to do one more slow and I'm going to open kinda engaging my outer thighs. Okay. Using the back of my legs, right where the seat engages and squeeze in the inner thighs and drawing it all up without lifting my tailbone. Okay, five more. Here we go. Circle.

And to really put your mind into those legs too. One more [inaudible] and we're going to reverse inner thighs. Squeeze down, open, kind of pushing open with the outer thighs. Control up as your tailbone stays down, and squeeze those inner thighs. One more slow. Okay. Belize in an all the way up to my sternum. Outer thighs, about the width of the mat up with control and squeeze those inner thighs.

Let's do five more. Nice since [inaudible] the mic. All right, here we go. Schoolies around and three, two, and last one. All right, draw the knees in and give your arms a little break in. Next we're going to do walking. So you're going to push your arms and I'm want you to extend nice long spine legs out to 45 degree and tailbones and we're going to walk two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight and Dan, work in the back of the, find the seat. Try to keep your tailbone down as you come up.

You're drawing your pelvic floor and your lower belly all the way up to your sternum. You're keeping your spine nice and flat. You're a lengthening your arms, pushing energy in there. Three, four, five, six, seven. One more time. Put a little [inaudible]. Five, six, seven, eight. Trying to keep my tailbone down on the way up. And I'm going to bend my knees and rest my arms. Next. I haven't done this one in a while. It's called Ron Dijon. Not, not sure if you've done it or done in a while, but it's little tiny circles within your hips in up press scoop. Go out to a 45 Oh, come, come down maybe a little more.

And now open about little wider than your hips. And we're gonna do five tiny little circles here. One to practice control for five, go the other way. One, two, three, four, five. And squeeze your legs together. Draw him in and rest your arms.

Who woke those up a little bit? All right, we're now going to do um, beats, but with our bottom in the air. So we're going to place your hands back. Make sure your have good energy and you're going to anchor the back of your spine and reach out those legs to a 45 as the feet lower your seat lifts. And we're gonna do 20 inner thigh beats. Here we go. Lengthening out, lifting up straight line, and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine hold and rural down.

And bring the knees back in. Rest your arms. And we're going to do our six count frogs. So we're going to put your hands back here and we're going to start with your heels right on the mat as close to your pelvis as possible. Push those arms long journey mapping the back of the ribs. Engage the powerhouse. Here we go.

We're going to use your pelvic floor and lower belly and a curl into for one extend long for to open the width of the mat down to the mat. Slide those inner thighs together. Draw those heels back to your seat and drawing in for one. Squeeze those inner thighs. Use those outer thighs back the legs. Squeeze the inner thighs long and draw it in using your power house.

One more in this direction in for one out for two, open for three down. Scoop that belly and we go hold reverse slide. Like the longest leanness body you have. Open up with control. Squeeze those inner thighs.

Draw the knees in and back to the mat and too long. Yeah. Oh boom. With those inner thighs up with control. Squeeze those inner thighs, leaving the tailbone down as you draw it in and then heels down. One more. The reverse. Here we go. Sliding out all the way from the crown of your head, your long opening with control. Upkeeping the tailbone down.

Squeeze those inner thighs. Draw those knees in and heels go down. Very good. Bring the knees in. Now we're going to do our side leg, spring series, just the bicycle to warm up the hamstring. We're going to take these springs off and we're going to lie on our left side.

Slide back. I'm going to start with my elbow against here. You can do it with a straight arm nice and long. And then bring my feet forward. And now I take the spring that's almost behind you and put your foot in there.

The front arm should grab on the front edge if you have a grads. Otherwise just leave it here. And if you have a strap, you could put your bottom foot underneath that. We're just going to wing it here. All right, so hips in line with your body. Feel the back edge with your tailbone, legs forward in front of you. All right, and we're gonna kick forward and then bend the knee.

Take the knee back and you want to have a nice straight line here, keeping the knee in line with your hip. Take it back as far as you can, feeling the big stretch, and then straighten your leg and we're going to kick forward scooping in your belly. Maybe give yourself a little stretch here, pulling on it. Bend the knee, taking the knee back. Need a knee, right knee behind. We're warming up the hamstring quad, stretching out. Make sure your knee is staying at hip level and then extend behind you. One more kicking it forward.

I want to give myself another little stretch. It's lovely when you have an instructor stretching you. So knees, if you want to give yourself a little stretch, you can grab this and you can pull on it. Providing your knee is healthy and it feels good. And then slide out behind you using that bottom legs together for the reverse.

Here we go. Back of the find seat. Try to keep your hips stacked. I need to feel that [inaudible] lot stronger now and I'm gonna bring keeping my foot down and my knee in alignment. I hope I give myself a little check there. There we go. I'm going to, sometimes your strap wants to pull off your foot too, so you gotta work. Work on that knee to knee and the knee to chest and extend. Stretch back, back of the thigh, keeping your hips stacked, working the back of the find seat powerhouse, pulling in and need a knee, knee forward and extend one more back of the fine seat.

Keeping the leg at knee level, reaching out nice and long, and then pulling in, watching the alignment here, stretching and need a knee. Need a chest and I'm gonna extend. All right. You can either go into a split and turn or just roll onto your valley and roll to your other side. So my elbow is going to be here and you're going to slide your back so that you're in a straight line. Remember, you could do this with a straight arm, but I'm going to have my elbow bent and Kay and I going to bring my legs forward and grab the strap that's almost behind you and put it on your foot. Yeah.

Okay. It's not cooperating with me. Alright. Straight legs. So you're really right here already feeling your inner thighs and everything working. I love to refer to barbershop, pull muscles, working nice long spine. We're going to take that leg forward, bend the knee, take that knee back and need a knee keeping my hips even. I'm adjusting this trap and I'm going to give myself a stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Now I'm not going to cheat. I've had this stretch.

I'm going to keep my thigh and knee right here as I work right here to straighten that leg. Take the leg forward. I'm gonna give myself a little hamstring stretch and then bend the knee to my chest. Take that knee to the knee, you know, work on my hips and I'll let my knee come back on its own this time and I'm going to stretch and all the way forward. Stretch it one more time. Need a knee. Need a chest. Sorry. Need a knee and taking it back with a little quadricep or thigh stretch and working right from the hip. Keeping those hips even and long. Okay, let's reverse back the thigh and seat.

Try to think toda head. Make sure you're not rounding forward so much. Need a knee. Need a and extend stretch, stretch, stretch. Take it back from the thigh, keeping your hips nice and square. Powerhouse in and up. Toe to the head. Need a knee. Need a chest.

Try to keep the integrity of your hips here as well. And then stretch one more. Keeping my hips even. That really changes the spring weather. It's all wonky toady or head. Nice stretch. Need a knee.

And now I'm going to take the knee all the way forward and extend. All right, slip the foot, the strap out of off your foot, and let's get ready for our, I call it the Shari after my aunt, or it's the a shoulder roll down with the push through bar. Okay, so we've hooked up our spring and I'm gonna start with it down with my feet. Hip width apart. There we go. And I'm just going to really work on stretching my hamstrings and articulating my spines. I'm going to get an incredible reformer workout in just a second. Press those arms firmly down. Draw your belly in and up.

Try to keep your tailbone down where it is. Extend those legs, press the hips, curl up your spine so it's a straight line and kick too, and touch that bar and stretch, stretch, and hip. Stay Square. And now we're going to roll down. Exhaling, really articulating into each Vertebra, rolling in one down a time and stretching out. We're going to work from here. We're going to stretch that hip flexor. We're going to really enjoy it and draw it back in. Control it up. Curl up your back, laying thinned out.

Keep your hips even left to right, to left to. All right. Two. We're going to roll down. Exhale, squeeze in the air to your lungs. Rolling down. Tailbones down. Bend the knees and extend. Sliding your legs straight. That's going to be the footwork. Draw back in. We're do.

One more set legs are extended. Squeeze, curling up and watch your hip stay even and left. Hold with the back of the thigh and seat at one more. And here we're gonna roll down. Exhaling, delicious all the way down to your tailbone. Stretch out long and lean. One more time. Drawing it in. Standing the legs.

Tailbones down. Now we're going to use our pelvic floor, lower belly Curlin up. We'll start with the left first. This time right left one more, right. And we're going to roll down your spine currently and each for the relaying, fitting your pelvis away. And I'm going to put this foot down to release and I'm gonna roll down and I'm ready for the reformer. So let's go. All right, so let's get to it. We're going to lie down for our reformer. I've got four springs. You can do it on three.

We're going to start with our footwork and we're going to be moving and groove in. Here we go out for on toes, right? Pulling my navel into my lower back. It's four. We're going to do six more. Switched to arches. Using the back of the legs. We're shaping and strengthening the legs, not just the quads. Give me one more. Find the back of your thighs and see and switch to arches.

Now Glue those inner thighs. Try to firm up the inner thighs. Feel those muscles. Use it to help connect your pelvic floor, pulling up to your lower belly and three pulling it to use that seat. Slide up to heels. Here we go. In and up. Make sure you're breathing to stay alive. That we are moving in a vigorous, good, efficient movement like we have in all the other classes.

Scooping enough. Let's do three more. Pull those toes back, back at the legs and seat back the legs and seat. One more. Stretch the shins as you come in down to toes and stretching out. One, two, three. Really think of those barbershop, pull muscles down to three. You're circling those thighs and up. Always stretch the calf, but work from the knee up to bring those heels down and lift. Gotcha.

Four more and we're going to go into the hundred. Yeah, down, always pulling up from the powerhouse. Let's do one more stretch and in and up. That's how your a hundred should feel. Come on in. Slide a little bit away. Lower your head piece and your foot bar simultaneously. Grab your handles, elbows on the mat, look at your belly as you inhale and exhale to stretch. No and [inaudible] in with the air. Exhale.

Let's work on those legs. Squeeze your seat. Pull those inner thighs together. Dry your belly in and up in with the air. The exhaling. Keep those legs nice and firm. Exhaling like you're pushing away the foot bar. Shouldn't have energy in your feet, right?

That's 80 squeezes in her thighs. One more and we're going to do short spine bend. Both handles in one hand. Use your powerhouse to sit up in a teaser, drop two springs, turn back, roll out, and you're gonna lay, face the leather through your handle and then draw the knees in simultaneously and extend the legs and put them in. Roll down your lower back and we're ready to go. Okay. As your legs extend, lift your bottom before they are completely straight. So you're gonna go out.

We're about three quarters of the way for the last bit we're going to lift like are lifted bottom beets that we do with the leg springs. K. So here we go. We're gonna press and lift simultaneous and then keep lifting on with there. And exhale. [inaudible] heels coming down and lifting off, right? Is there just a little variation and okay, trying to not, we're not in length yet, but we are in work in our [inaudible].

Exhaling. [inaudible] one more. Here we go. Bending the knees and exhale. Squeeze at all that air just like you did on the Shari or the shoulder. Roll down, heels come down. Take your straps.

We're ready for coordination. Look at your all as you inhale and exhale. And here we go. Longingly. Open-Close exhale. Exhale. Squeeze those inner thighs open. Squeeze. Draw it in and bend in with here.

Exhale. Next thing, let's do crosses forward. Open and tighten those inner thigh. Squeeze Seven and eight Dryden. One more set of eight. Here we go. Long. One, two, three, five, six, seven, eight. Draw it in and bed. Alright, we're going to grab our long box. Hang up your handles. Sit on up. Drop the spring while you're here and grab both your bar and your lawn box. Tried to always do things square with both hands.

Putting my bar here, hopefully it doesn't roll away. Go ahead. Alright, we're on one spring and I'm gonna get up here. Can I get gonna? Put my hands and nice long legs. How are your legs from coming down? Grab your leather, grabbed your handle, let go your feet and you should be relatively in place. Let's press our pelvis into the box. Squeeze those inner thighs and use that to stabilize our lower back as we lift our Spellie to our sternum and dad.

And tomorrow. Dan. One more. So I'm really concentrating on pressing my pelvis down right now and down and lifting my belly up to my chest. Okay. Pull straps. Two hands in the loops and long legs.

Yeah, I'm hoping each time you do a session, you get a little something different out of each exercise. Reach Long, tight, bottom, and reaching back. All right, ready for backstroke? Both handles in one hand and mine got caught a little. I remember getting Carlo lesson. Okay. Add a spring with your free hand and then you're going to take a handle on each hand behind you hand, foot. Let's firm up those hamstrings and bottom. Okay, here we go. They're nice and firm. Use them and we're going to roll down.

Here we go. Up One, pretend your legs are in springs. Press down on them. Reach, reach, reach, and bend. Exhale, press down. Inhale. Okay, and exhale. Two more. Yeah, one more. I'm gonna focus on stretching my hip flexor in green, my ribs, man. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and Ben teaser time. You're going to drop one spring with control.

Come back and unroll. All right. Long legs. Inhale, look at your belly. Exhale. Roll Up. Okay. Squeeze those inner thighs. Use that connection to draw your pelvic flora one more.

And it's pulling all the way up to your upper back. Reach. Pressing down as if you have like a one to chair, pedal on your feet. And two more exhaling up and really trying to find that connection in the legs. It's not the quads it's holding from the back of your thighs. And Dad, how am I doing? One more. [inaudible] [inaudible] shoulders open. Last one. And here we go.

Yeah. Oh Great. I'm gonna take both handles, hang them off the back edge. And I'm ready for my short box saying turn the box and I'm going to add a pat. You don't have to if you don't want to. I go in stages whether I like it or not. Added a string. We have two springs. Grab your safety straps. Slide your feet under. Alright, so here we go. For our short box squeeze right here.

Try not to use the top of your legs in this exercise. Okay, here we got squeezing and dry your lower belly and exhale in with deer and exhale. And again, stretching back. Do your arms however you want, but work on here. Here we go. Lift. Keep pushing those heels away. Stretch. Keep pushing those heels away. Let's do one more Romana never liked to hear any sound and I want you to think about that while we do this. Okay? Through the whole short box. [inaudible]. Yeah. All right. Grabbing our bar flat back.

Straight arms. I'm going to, I don't feel like I'm in the right position. Okay. Lifting off my seat and here we go. Squeeze it off my seat. Lifting my belly up to my sternum and forward. So my lift comes as if I've just pushed out that reformer and I'm lying on my back. I'm connecting that feeling to my short box.

One last one. Resting my arms down, side reach, arms or up. Sliding out that imaginary reformer. Lean a little forward to your right XL center. Lift Belize, always lifting up to your sternum. It's really going to help to get back that feeling, not just in, but in and up so that when we do extensions later in the series, they're coming from the right place. Last one. Strong bottom. Last left. Undress. Now we're going to do the twist twist to the right long body from the heel and keep squeezing the seat.

And how's your, is it on fire? It should be not a sound with that strap [inaudible] and twist. Lengthening out. One more. Last one. Squeeze. Rotate. Reach from your strong legs and bottom and stretch forward tree. Here we go. Slip that bar underneath. Maybe slip back a little bit. Slide your right leg out. And here we go.

Sitting up tall. Stretch and bed. Limbered up. Hold it up and walk up and stretching forward. Yeah. And now square hips. You're going to squeeze with your left cheek into the box.

Think of your single leg circles. This leg is reaching a long gap and we're going to go down [inaudible] in with the air and exhale, squeezing, lengthening, lift out of your lower back, down. [inaudible]. Stretch that leg to the ceiling. No, you want to keep Lincoln. He can't lengthen it enough. One more. Squeeze that left hip down. You go in with their index hill reaches like Wong.

Lift out of your lower back. Flex a toe lift, lift, lift. Let's switch legs both legs here and left foot slides out. Stretch Ben. So I'm thinking about my right leg and I'm trying to open the hip and keeping it down in square and I'm going to search fine. Okay.

Obviously the left leg stretching right now, but I'm really focusing on is my right knee rolling in to help with my back. I'm trying to use the right back of my thigh and hip. It's dead and down we go. This leg is reaching the right is really not tightening the quad, but squeezing from the back. Stretch out that lower back. Two more, Eh, this is, you're really good to even out those hips. One more and stretch and stretch. All right, let's bring it down and we're ready for the long stretch series.

So I'm going to bring my pad down. You're going to grab my box and bar at the same time. Always being efficient from one end of the reformer to the other. Coming over here, we need our head pizza. We need our pad over the head piece. We need two springs and that's when it's on.

We're going to lift up our reformer bar. Okay. Hand Foot. Now as this hand goes on, you're going to see me firm up or strengthen the back of my five scoopin. Bring up the other out and pull it belly lifting to my sternum. Out from bottom. Squeeze those inner thighs. Draw that held the floor. One more kneel down. Now you want your heel as much as you can into that shoulder pad so that you can use the back of your thigh and seat to push out to exhale back.

The five pushes that heel belly lifts as you exhale back as side left. One more after this in with the air acts, hailing, lifting both dyes working and exhale. All right, up stretch, slide on up. Ball of the foot comes forward. We're going to use all of this to push up, hold the ribs up and back to the thighs. Squeeze the seat. Drawed in and fold up.

Three more. Back to the thighs. Squeeze a seat. Yeah, two more. Trying to get an upper curve here. Sorry. Am I tanked up? Doesn't show too much here, but watch my back line instead. One more back of the thighs, not the arms. We're going to lower down for elephant then keep your heels back. If you're tall enough, I'm not.

So they're going to come a little in front pulling up and here we go. Back to the thighs. Scoop your valley back the dyes. Picture that elephant. You don't want his saggy size and bottom, so firm it up to one more. We're ready for stomach massage. Step down. Add your pad, add two springs if you can. We're going to do stomach massage on four.

Here we go. Sitting down toes and position arms and again, back to the thighs. Here we go. And Scoop. It's not quads. You're lengthening your hips underneath that bar. Really pull into your lower back. Stretching it. Three more feels delicious. Last one, we're going to drop a spring and then build arms simultaneously here.

Lifting up back the thighs. Stomach lifting to my sternum. Yes, lifting out of your lower back. Legs are staying in a little turnout. No heels. I mean these coming together. No knees.

Locking Greeley from back of the legs really from seat and we're going to drop the spring and do our reach. We're going to inhale nice firm legs. Exhale, reach, reach, reach. Inhale from back of the thighs and seat and exhale two. One more actually cause we're going to add the twist. Yeah, and twist tall and I can twist her because my legs are nice and firm, not my quads. That would make my lower back work.

Okay, and the quads always work, right? So it's more about incorporating more muscles shaping the whole leg. All right, we're going to step off and we're going to set up for semicircle and then we're going to have, I want you to grab your handles. We're doing things a little out of traditional order right here. I want you to grab your handles. Put them down here.

We're not going to do legs circles directly after semicircle. We'll get to it though and lying down. All right. I'm going to twist my ring so it doesn't get in my way because I'm going to do two knuckles as I. Let's when you get in a position, it should be pretty graceful because once your bottom is off, you're going to use it to slide into position. Here we go, lift and slide down. If you don't pull your hair out in the process. Okay, here we go. The bottom stays engaged and we squeeze the air out of our lungs as we rolled down. Delicious stretch for our back.

Try not to have your heels touching the frame of the reformer. Use the back of your thighs and seat to go out a bit and then lift and stretch your quadricep. As you come in down, you go and squeeze and lift and comment and one more in this direction. Squeeze the air up. Articulate how low can you go? Squeeze out my heels are still not touching the Ma, the frame. Reverse. Push the ball, the foot into the bar and use the back of your thigh and seat to go out.

Then down hand coming in and to make it nice and flowy. Enjoyable for your spine. Okay? Yeah. We'll lift and stretch both arms. Come forward, grab your bar, stretch down your heels, knees go forward. All right, we're going to slide back into position. So yes, normally we'd go into leg circles right now how we're just going to hug your knees in, step off, grab a pad, make sure your springs are still on to springs, but the pad over the springs.

And now we're going to kneel down for our chest expansion. Now this is more arms, but the legs are so important to learn how to stabilize that they really, really work. So I love to channel rocky right here. She's amazing instructor in Oregon and I'm gonna be tall, beautiful and tall like she is when she does this exercise and I'm going to end with the air. Look right, look left, look forward and exhale. You always need to loosen up my shoulders. I don't like the way I'm grabbing these. I'm going to change my grab. That's much better. Okay, we're going to go left versus time and in with their shoulders.

Stay relaxed so that your neck can move relaxed and it's a lot because of the back of the thighs and your powerhouse is holding you that way. One more left, right forward release. All right, we are going to stretch the quads again just like we did semicircle. Add a spring. Put your pad back on thigh stretch, so I'm going to grab up higher this time. Knees, all the way against the shoulder pads. Back to that beautiful line in here. Look at your belly going back and back of the thighs. Lift the pelvis. Don't leave it behind you.

We're going to do two more stretch drawing the belly in and up and lift your bottom forward. Good. It's one straight line on the way up. Last one. Engage in the back of the vise, stretching the quads and use the back of the thighs. All right, arm circles. So we'll step off. Drop two springs, return your pad and here we go. Hands in your handles. [inaudible] foot against the shoulder pad, heels there so that you again can get nice and tall and lovely. All right, here we go. And that's what gives you your power chewer. Powerhouse lifts doesn't get caught on that mic pack. One more and we're going to reverse one more. All right.

Keep a hold of your handles. Let's add one spring and we're going to come back here and I'm in my box to give me a little room and I'm going to add my extensions because we're going to do legs circles into long spine massage. I always think of long spine massage as advanced leg circles. Anyway, I have manage there we go to loop them all together, taking way too long to do this. Hopefully you beat me. Here we go. I'm going to hang them up. You can hold on to them and lie down. You can hang them up and lie down. So lying down with beauty and grace.

And here we go. Knees and together, feet strap, some feet. We've done our leg springs so we know what our leg circles are supposed to be like. We're going to go out and back to the fives, right? One, two, trying to keep that tail up on down. Barely staying in and out. One more and we're gonna reverse inner thigh squeezing. They're always going to make this little jiggle on the grots. Let's do one more. All right, and now bend the knees in and I want you to lift your head up and lower your headpiece. And now slide a couple inches out. All right, pressing your arms down the Mat. Long Spine.

It's like an advanced leg circles going forward. And we're going to lift up the hips open and then use the back of your thighs. Depress in to those straps as we lengthen out, shape those legs. Squeeze together enough. Oh, porous. Lengthen, squeeze together. Oh, Ben reach shaped the back of your thigh.

We're going to go into the reverse and open up. This should be even easier to get the back of the Fi. Squeeze the mid line and to reach long and lean like your lifted bottom springs. One more reach. Squeeze year out. Ah, you deserve a stretch and a maybe an inner thigh stretch. Gentle with that.

Good. Alright. Take the straps off and lower em down and go ahead and up. You Go. And you're ready for your knee stretches. Here we go and let's put that head piece back up. And here we go. Hand Foot, all the way against hand.

Let's do a an eight scoop. I want to see if you can keep your scoop, but how long can you get your legs behind you without having to push your bottom forward? It stays almost in place and you use your hips to go back. Here we go. Okay. And pushing and pulling and pulling and pulling. And for two more switch.

Push back. Use those hips to push. Push, push, pull, push. Pull in, three valleys in and up. Last one, switch, swing under, call it in. So I'm using my hips to push out, pull in, push to one. And we're ready for running. Here we go. Step off, meltdown. And here it's getting good. We're going to get to our prize here, but long and lean like you just did the lifted bottom leg springs and run back the signed. See each time you push under that heel, strong hip like from your knee stretches, two more valleys in and out.

[inaudible] and bending it. Arches. And we're going to curl up. Big Breath. Squeeze out that air. Yeah, back of the thigh and seat. Working from here. Pull in your belly and back. And as I try to open the knees as you come in, four tried to regain a really deep scoop in the belly to more definitely not aquatic exercise.

Hold and melt down. Slide your knees together. We're ready for our side splits. So we're gonna step off. Lower your bar, grab your strap pads and sorry, you're going to put a pad under the reformer bar and a pad against the shoulder pad. Drop the spring. You can keep it on too if you're still learning these, but you should really have it on one. And we're going to stand up thinking about our box. We're going to put the foot closest to the reformer bar out first.

Try to keep your square box as we heal, tow it out, keep the carriage and of course, all right, definitely an exercise I'm working on. We're going to use the outer thighs and we're going to scoop in, why am I working on it? Cause I had my tailbone injury, right? So I'm going to hold my arms here. Keep a lift in my arch heel, lift in my inner thigh, pushing out. It's a big stretch on your pelvis and scoop. You forget about those things until you break your tailbone and put a shower.

Last one, let's go down and get some roses holding the carriage. Still Curl under that Taylor. Round up, tall spine, little cumbrae and up. And now we're going to give away our roses. You got to keep these on fire, holding that carriage still roll up your spine and we're going to heel toe, not as sound of that carriage. It's not banging right now. You're keeping everything lifted and super controlled and we're going to bring the other foot turned towards the springs and we're going to put your left foot out now and we're going to heel toe the right. So I'm going to try to keep very balanced.

Keep your feet even. All right, so I'm going to be very aware of my pelvis here, lifting in the arch, in the inner thigh, pushing out and then lifting everything to come in. All the way up. Arms long and think more lift than coming in. One more this time. Take your left hand, your right foot, roll up your spine. Take your right hand to your left foot, roll up your spine, draw it up, hold it in, right hand, left hand or right foot and hold it in. [inaudible] and Monica and then heel toe.

Your right foot in till it's all the way in. And I want you to carefully step down and we're gonna lift up your bar. We're going to front splits and then Russian's, two springs on. I'd like you to make a v back here. Okay, we're going to put your hands on the bar and I want you to put your right foot back first in a little. Turned out pulse it actually, no, sorry. I want your left foot up between your shoulder and your sternum and now Kinda sashay or however, if you're really controlled, you can hop back.

Your other leg is square off your hips and come in. This is a back leg right now. Work the back leg and come in. Work the back leg from it up. Keep your hips square one more. Now we're going to reach your arms long and put them behind your head. Try to have a demi point on that front leg and it stays in perfect alignment using the front leg, working the left hip. Now one more.

And now reach your arms long all the way forward. Okay. And we're going to put the left foot down, bring the right foot in and we're gonna put the right foot up and I hopped back this time you can also sashay it. Even out those hips. Back leg pushes feels the stabilization. Two more cause for the next control. Last one. You need that stabilization k reaching powerhouse.

Front leg. Try to keep it on demi point when it comes in powerhouse. Always pulling it up. Last one. Alright, reaching and I'm going to bring down my right foot. I'm going to carefully roll up and turn around for Russians. So I'm gonna get rid of one of these. Our last exercise, I hope you enjoy this. You can put a pad up on the reformer bar if you want.

Both hands on the shoulder pads pushed down, not out as you put your left foot up, pushed down, not out has you put the right. Follow the foot right in the crack where a your headpiece starts to go up. Okay. Strong back leg. Bring the carriage out until you can hit a right angle with your front leg. Stretch and stretch and bend back leg.

Trying to stay straight. Stretch and bend strong back leg. Reach your arms back and stretch and stretch. Try to open the knee a little as you back. One more reaching long arms. Hands. Lift the heel forward into the crack and a little centered straight legs. Even out those hips and split.

Keep them straight. Come up even out your hips. One more. I won't tell anyone if you do a third in coming up, bring your right foot under you. Bring your left foot down. Bring your right foot back, ball the foot on the up part of the reformer bar heel on the top part. Press down, lift the ball, the foot strong back leg, right angle with the left and push and push. And one more.

Really working the hips and now strong lifting the powerhouse and stretch and two and three. And now for the split, here we go. Heel lifts to the crack and you got to go and up and we've got to keep working on those hand stretch. Okay. Hand up, left foot down, right foot, turn to the floor, and you're all set and you're done for today. Good job.

The Revival Challenge: with Monica Wilson


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Wonderful . . . What a great workout!
1 person likes this.
Very nice workouts! I am hanging in there with you Monica! I hope I can make it through :o)
Monica Wilson
You can do it!!!
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What a good challenge- both mentally and physically. Thank you from my legs!
Jennifer G
I am loving this 30 day challenge!  Thank you Monica for such a wonderful and diverse compilation of classes.  Since opening my home/private studio last year in November and blessed with amazing clients, my self practice has fallen by the way side for sure!  UGH!  But Pilates Anytime has been an excellent resource and your 30 day challenge is exactly what I needed to get back to my daily practice.  Thanks so very much!  XOXO  Peace, Jen

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