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Day 15: Romana Fun

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Welcome to Day 15! Today Monica takes a step back and encourages you to have fun with the exercises. She teaches some of Romana's favorite exercises and she plays around with reversals. She channels Romana's energy during the class so that you feel invigorated when you are finished.
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Apr 02, 2018
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All right, you have done it. You have reached the midway point of our 30 session challenge. Today is class number 15 and we're going to take a little step back and have a little Romana fun with this. We're going to just enjoy a class. You just did two really challenging hard classes and we're going to keep building up. But let's take a moment today to really enjoy and have fun with with the exercises. Let's be realistic. If you're not having fun, you're not going to want to do this. So let's make sure we do have fun.

We're gonna be doing a lot of the exercises as you I'm sure know, have one direction and then the opposite direction. Durham calls it reversals. So we're going to be playing around with that as well as doing some of Romanos, a favorite exercises. She really infuse a lot of energy and really invigorated you and I just wanna want you to get a little bit of a reminder of that and a little taste of that and why you want to keep doing [inaudible]. And so let's look at the mats that I have laid out here. I have three. If you only have one mat, that is fine and you can put a towel down on one side and a towel on the other.

It is just to have fun with the teaser. We're going to roll over on one side, roll over to the other. It's going to be a quick exercise so you don't have to fully have this set up. But if you do, uh, that would be wonderful. When we were at Dragos, he used to have the fantastic gymnastics mats, a to practice gymnastics. So we just got to enjoy rolling around and just being young because you're only as young and as your spine is flexible. So we got to enjoy a nice flexible, supple spine.

So setting this up kind of gets you in that mood. All right, let's go ahead and start with our cit. So I'm going to stay on the middle of the mat for most of my work. One arm over the other. I'm going to cross one leg and I'm going to draw my powerhouse in length in my lower back and lower myself down. Let's lie out the middle of the mat in the first exercise we're going to do is of course the hundred.

So we're going to bend the knees and how do we have fun with the a hundred you're going to choose how you want to have fun with the hundred cause it's pretty much a torturous hard exercise. So we're going to take a big breath as you look at your belly and then exhale all your air out and get your legs into position. Here we go. Then the next hailing, use the arms to really scoop in and up and pump. So make sure your arms are pumping vigorously, but maybe you enjoy thinking of the footwork and you can pull them in and stretch them out and pull them in the footwork on the reformer or maybe you enjoy doing crosses. Have some fun with it. Feel what works. Or maybe you like going up and down.

Oh yeah, my arms are trying to work that or an up and down. Just whatever it is, anchor your powerhouse and exhale and lower the legs and reach your arms back for the rollout. So the arms head pulling in and up and exhale, draw back in. So we're going to be doing an exercise one way and then another. We're going to squeeze those inner thighs, draw that pelvic floor, lower belly, and reach it back five more.

Huh. Rich. And don't be afraid if you can do these exercises perfectly or not. Just enjoy them for more. Uh, we're here to enjoy Pele's.

Yeah, to work hard. Squeeze the guts out of it. My lower back is getting a little stiff here. Yeah, that's a good stretch. Two more [inaudible] [inaudible] draw on the bat. Last one. And then we'll do the rollover. I, I've managed to slide considerably back, so I'm going to lift my bottom forward so that when I do the rollover my head on the mat. Yeah.

Press your arms down, lift your legs up and over and press and open and rural and reach long and low and over. Open. Press and reach long and low. Stretch your spine. Reach out. Stupid. Press Open. We're going to go into reverse reaching long in the reverse.

Squeeze, reaching long in them over. Squeeze. One more time. Stretch out long and lean. [inaudible] rolling up. Nice job, spine. Stretch forward. So we're going to bring the legs down and open. Sit up tall and stretch. Stretch even. Grab the inner arches.

Taking a breath and exhale cause we're going do rollover next. So you want to get really flexible in the back of your thighs or in those hamstrings and in with the air and empty the lungs. Yeah, top three more. Squeezable that Arrow really lift in your powerhouse. Lift. Lift. As you go down. Don't just flatten out your back.

Two more [inaudible] again, you can really get down lower. Stretching the back of the legs, even the baby toe. Last one. [inaudible] all right, we're going to go into open like rocker. So I'm going to rock back. Lifting the legs into position. All right, here we go. Six. Inhaling back, exhaling forward [inaudible] up app up onto those phones in with the air.

Come right up. Ramana really like for you not to hang out back there so you don't hang out here. You come right up, right up. And two more [inaudible] energy onto those sit bones if you can give me one more. [inaudible] breath is super important. Alright, now we're on to the neck poll. So we're going to lower the Lex and we're gonna flex the feet and we're going to put your hands right behind your head, one over the other. And I want you to start bending forward and stretch, roll up and exhaling back, okay.

And write on it. Okay. [inaudible] even if it's not perfect. And XL, Beck. Alright. And uh, [inaudible] in with the air and belly in and up, pulling on your neck, squeezing your heels away. Up. Okay.

In with year and exhale one more time, elbows wide. If you can, lifting out of your lower back. We're going to go into Jack Knife next. Make sure your head's on the Mat, slide mine back on and knees into your chest and we're gonna extend the legs and we're going to have to Jackknife. Here we go. Pressing the arms and over and up. Control it down to more. Yeah. Last one. Great job. Okay. Now I want to go into one of Romanos favorite.

She was so good at these as our scissors and bicycle. So I'm going to have you put your feet on the, um, you're gonna put your hands underneath your hips. Get your legs up. Really want to picture a spine corrector underneath your seat. Just one. Perfect. All right, so knees. I'm gonna just twist this a little bit and I'm going to lift my bottom up and support somewhat by my hands, but really supporting with my powerhouse.

Here I go. Paddle like Jack Knife hands here. All right, I'm going to try to go straight up now and lower and switch one leg. They're both really reaching for the ceiling. Okay. And then out. And to reach one more one and legs here and we're gonna roll down and shake it out. Next is bicycle. Romana used to do this.

Didn't ever stop doing this was pretty amazing. She could always demonstrate it for you and do it way better than you could ever dream of doing so in a visualize her doing it and way into her late years and I'm going to try to do it myself. Always trying to put positive comments in your head. All right, they, you can do this. Here we go. Legs over. Okay. So she was able to really touch the floor as she did bicycle. So I'm going to go for it. Reaching down there.

I almost there almost, maybe not, maybe just in my head and now I'm gonna reverse getting long and low. Getting a little unstable there. Yes. One more each leg. Last one. Alright. I'm not sure if you got to touch the floor but very good trying. So now we're going to have some fun with teaser.

One of my favorite things was to just feel free as you went from teaser, float onto your stomach, went into swan, backup into teaser. Good to the other side into Swan. Back up into teaser. And I loved it because I am not a flexible dancer. Fluid would not be how you would describe me. But, um, [inaudible] makes you feel that way. So I really enjoyed getting a taste of that.

So I'm gonna start off with teaser three. So that is long legs on the mat and arms reaching back. Yeah. And we're going to roll up into teaser three and in with the air and exhale. Okay. So we're going to go over to our right and go right into three swans. Flip back over into this position. Here we go. And we're gonna go.

Legs up, arms up, length, arms, legs, arms. Gonna. Do One more and now ruling over. You want to scoop your upper body, lower body. Pull it up into a teaser. Let's go the other way over. I'm going to go legs, up, arms, legs, arms, legs, arms. One more. And now I'm going to use my powerhouse to keep my arms and legs and scoop. Hold. Let's stay here and let's circle the arms one way and the legs, the other and reverse. Let's do that again and reverse. We're gonna do one more set, man. Last one and everything down. Woo. Good job.

All right. Now we're going to sit up and do boomerangs. So in with the air. Let's go ahead and do a roll up and let's cross the right ankle and we're going to do boomerang seal and standup. All right, so here we go. Scooping in over [inaudible] switch. This is another kind of opposite exercise of teaser with the boomerang being a combination of the two, kind of like the rollover. So just let your body feel fluid.

[inaudible] one more set, lifting with your powerhouse, strong legs open, close hands stretch. And we'll do one more [inaudible] hand, hands and stretching forward. All right, now we'll do the seal. So I'm gonna lift a little forward. Drop my hands. So this is a great little workout that gets you moving and does not take much time, right? One, two, three. Then inhale to go back. Exhale our house in and up. Lex Tail. It's hard to concentrate and talk while rolling. So if I get a serious face, that's why.

Okay, let's do two more and stand up. Yeah. Last one. Stand up and now I'd like to end it with some wonderful exercises that Romana used to end with. We're going to separate your legs a little wider than your shoulders, and let's reach your arms up and you're going to reach up and let's reach over.

Try not to send your hips too much that way, and just grab onto your right leg, okay? And then through your legs and then to your left leg and round up [inaudible] change. Try to keep your hips under you. Up and over, reaching and through the middle and over to the other side, keeping your hips under you as you lift up. Alright, good. Now I want you to lift up onto the ball of your foot. So you're gonna use all your powerhouse, right? Everything's lifting and you're going to twist on the ball of your foot.

Lower your heels. Once you're have your back to me, reach for your back. Ankles, your front one. Ben's your front knee bend. Stretch to reach behind that leg as you lift up onto the ball of your foot. I always have a hard time talking while saying that. Let's try better this other way. Lifting lower, reach for that back lake.

Yeah, we're going to lift up with your powerhouse. Little less talking a little better. [inaudible] stability. One more. Each side. Sticky feet, bending. Enjoy the stretch. Exhale, reach behind you. Use your hips, not just your cats lowering. Last one. That's Hanley, reaching behind. Hips, squeezing under you and up.

Now I'm stable. Lower down the heels. I'm going to bring my legs together and I'm going to put one hand on top of the other and we're going to lift our knees up to our hands. So it's really important to not walk away dead. Place it right under you, right under, right under. But to really leave your workout, leave your Pilati session.

One more set with energy. Now let's put your arms out to the side. Same thing, right under lifting from the powerhouse. Let's do two more sets. I'm watching where I'm going. Not Good. Okay, now let's do a little jumping to add. All right, so get nice and loose. My goal is to touch this beam, Huh? All right, nice and loose. And then you're going to start jumping. Ready? Let's do three jobs. Here we go.

Another one, last one. Ah, so close. See you next time.

The Revival Challenge: with Monica Wilson


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Thanks, that was fun😊
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Love the classical work
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Very fun and challenging! Love it! Thanks!
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Love the energy, and the challenges of the last section. Great class.
Loved this class 10 months postpartum and can really feel the strength coming back.  Thank you Monica 

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