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Day 22: Remember the Basics

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Welcome to Day 22! Now that you are starting to feel the changes in your body, Monica encourages you to remember the basics in every movement you do. She teaches standing work so that you can use this work in your every day life.
What You'll Need: Ped-O-Pul, High Chair, Hand Weights

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Today is class number 22 of your 30 session challenge. You should feel like you're having a new body now. And I want you to feel that new body everywhere you go, not just when you lie down on the reformer or do your mat work, but when you're walking, when you're sitting, when you're standing, when you're working with your clients, if you're applies instructor or what doing whatever your work is, I want you to feel that new body. And so we're going to be doing a lot of standing work today. We're going to revisit what we did on the big chair and see how we're doing on it.

We're going to revisit our arm weights and we're going to end with the pet pole. So keep those three, uh, apparatuses or weights in mind. You're going to use two pound weights. I'm going to start with the big chair on two springs. I have two springs on top.

I have a pillow so I can sit down from by first exercise as well as I'm, we're going to grab some pads to brace our knee for an Achilles tendon stretch. So let's make sure that we feel our body lifting the whole time. And we're going to start doing our pumping. So let's grab one of your pads and put it on the foot pedal and we're going to sit down for our pumping. We're going to be in a Pilati stance, but first so your toes are on the ball of the foot is on the pedal, the first slide, your tailbone all the way to the back edge, and then feel the next bone in your sacrum, the next bone, and you're going to pull your belly behind the line of your hips. Knees are in line with your shoulders. You're going to scoop in those ribs, those arms wrap around heels. Nice on demi point, and then we'll pull the belly in and up from the pelvic floor, lower belly all the way to your crown of your head and you're going to give me 20 pumps. One, two, it's your foot work and six, you really want to be able to see the basics in every exercise you do.

If I took a freeze frame, you would feel it. And Five, four, three, two, one. Let's go ahead and straighten your right leg. You're going to scoop in your powerhouse into your box. You're going to keep your equal way on the pelvis as you pump. One, two, three, push it down, pull it up. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Let's switch. Your hands are easy. They're like holding two champagne glasses. You're not gonna break the dainty glasses. Hold Long.

That leg is your belly scoops. And one, two, three, four, pull it in even box eight, nine, 10 and now we're going to go parallel. So here's Pilati stance. Turn the feet parallel. Knees parallel in line with your hip bones. A little different that you can't hug a midline and press your heels together. So this is a little more challenging, scooping in and up and really work the back of the thighs and seat three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 that's enough there. We're going to go going up front now. So I'm going to step off.

I'm going to get rid of my pillow and I'm going to turn it around so you can see the work from this angle. All right, so we have our politely Xbox always thinking of our standing foot work. Like I said, no matter what point of the exercise, you can see all the basics. We're going to put one foot up on the pedal. We're going to pull our belly in and up, lifting even the standing leg. That's very important. The leg that is long and standing, who take the right foot up to the parallel middle bar and you're going to lean forward. This leg is always lifting. We're not going to be stepping up. Hands are going to start here.

We're going to pull up our arch on our left foot, pull up our inner thigh, pull up our pelvic floor and powerhouse and with two hands on resting on the bar for balance. You're going to pull in and up. For one hips are staying square. I hope and and to pull up that standing leg all the way out to the crown of your head. One more pulling it up. Now we're going to hold and we're going to extend the left arm without changing the box at all. Pull up in the powerhouse, press down that pedal, pull that pedal. Press down. One more.

Polling up that pedal, pressing it down. Now let's do both arms and we're going to pretend we're holding a magic circle and we're going to pull up and we're going to press down two more. Scoop it up. Press sit down. Last one, lift that inner thigh. Lift that pelvic floor, pushing it down. Hands return to the handles. Take your right foot behind you and you should see the standing foot work.

Yes, and now you're going to take your left foot. Put it in the parallel knee has to stay on the board. If I didn't mention that earlier, put both hands on top resting, square off those hips. We're lifting the arch. Make sure you're not rolling in or out on that ankle. Heels nice and up and we're going to lift up the arch inner thigh, pelvic floor and up and down their weight and lift up that leg.

Push shit down. Think about all that work we've doing recently where we're lying on our belly and we're really working our hips. Let's take our right arm up and pull up. Reach the fingertips to the ceiling and keep your left hip under control. It stays down in square. We're not stepping up with the left leg. One more.

We're pulling up with the right and down both arms. Keep your hips square, squeeze that magic circle in your hands. This is imagination now and pull it up as high as you can and down one more. And Dan. All right, we're going to bring our hands here. Come down with the left foot, but stay up on the pedal.

Are we re our standing foot work and now we're going to turn and place our left foot flat on the pedal and our right foot up on the chair. So we're going to pivot. Both feet are here. Take the right foot as that left foot goes down, slide your right foot into that little um angled wood slot. Put your right knee there. Now this is tricky. You want the heel in the middle of your standing legs arch.

I don't really like how far back my foot is. I'm just going to scoot it forward. I half an inch and then to put it so it's, you need to find that alignment. We're really trying to keep these hips square and even even on the same side. So keep working your right hip to go down. I'm going to rest my right hand here. I'm going to put my left arm.

Let's have a little ballet arm here. Really try to push my hips forward and again, pulling up that standing leg. Pull it up, pull it up, pull it up. And it's like your side splits and innercise. Lift, lift, lift and down. Three more.

And Dan. And we're going to chew more. Sending that right hip down, scooping in and up. And one more time. Powerhouse in and up and controlling a down. Let's go to the other side. So hands don't let go of your powerhouse. Feet regain. Turn, pivot. Lower the right. That looks a little more in the right position.

How are we going to anchor the left knee? So my heel is going to my standing leg arch. I'm going to rest my left hand here. My right hip and knee are rolling in. I don't like it. So I'm going to bend this knee. I'm going to roll it out. I'm going to get my pelvis in the right position and now I'm gonna pull up through my inner thigh and that's a lot of work.

And we're going to pull up and harass down and we're gonna pull up and press down and three more trying to keep your left hip down and think of your side splits. You're gonna pull up and squeeze those in our thighs up and down. And give me one more. I'm pulling up through the powerhouse and everything you've got and all right, I'm going to turn back to the front. Both feet are back into my standing foot work.

I'm going to keep my right foot on the pedal as I lower my left and the pedals going to stay down cause I'm in control and I'm going to release the pedal. Staying in control. Keep your hips square. The right foot's going to be on Demi Point K and we're going to use the thought back, the PSI and Glute k, that hamstring and glute to press down and hold while you press down. Lift in the other leg, hold two, three and release. Not a quad exercise. Press down.

Hold to the re release. Keep it on demi point. Anth poorest down Demi. Point two three rollies. Let's switch to the other side. How are we doing on that standing foot work? Are we keeping everything lifting and working? Let's put the left foot up there.

Demi point left hip even scooping in. Using right here. And we're gonna press down. Hold two, three, four, five release and right from here. And press two taller. Lift that standing leg and release. One more time. What goes down? Something has to come up.

Even the crown of the head and release. Nice job. Let's put that left foot down and we're going to turn to the side and we're going to actually just turn to the other side cause we're going to put our right foot up. We're standing in the middle of the chair and we're going to put our right foot up into demi point. Hold the handle in front of us. Okay. Trying to keep it in demi point. We're going to keep trying to get that right hip to go down and we're going to push down and hold.

Lift in that standing leg and release and scoop it in and hold two, three release. One more back of the thigh, bottom all of that hip and release. Let's go ahead, turn forward. Switching legs, left foot, turn to the other side. Okay. Standing leg, you're lifting the arch, the inner thigh, the pelvic floor. All you got, I'm gonna keep my hand on my hip and pull it down and press two, three, four, five. Rollies fixing left foot. There we go. Now I have some traction and from the back of the thigh and use the hips. Two, three lifting and my standing leg. Add one more time. Hips are forward, hips forward, pressing forward.

Press forward and release. Turning towards the front marine down that foot. And we're going to walk behind here so that we're just at the end of the floor board and still in our Pilati stance. Let's have the end of the floorboard perfectly. Divide your heels and you're going to cross over the right leg onto the pedal.

Try to keep your hips square and we're going to try to use the outer thigh here and glute to pull the pedal down. Just halfway. Pull it in. And here we go. Lift in that standing leg, lifting that standing leg and release. Two more. Lift, lift, lift, release. One more time. Lift belly, thigh and release. Let's walk over to the other side. Still seeing the pieties basics and every move you do, the board is dividing your heels scooping in, cross over your leg.

Hold that hip lift in that right standing leg. And we're going to pull down for five, four, three, two, one release. Scoop it in and pull two right here, four, five, release. One more time. Push those hips forward, push him forward. Push him forward. And really, so you never want them sitting behind you. Okay, we're going to bring down that foot and we're going to do an achilles tendon stretch, so I'm going to grab him more cushiony pad. You could grab your pillow or you could grab two black pads, but this is a nice blue pad and I'm going to go ahead and turn it so that you can get a little bit better shot of how the Achilles Tendon stretches. You're going to come close to your floorboard always showing those basics. Kay, you're going to put your, there's a bar in the middle.

You're going to put your right foot on the pedal, push it down any way. For right now, make a diamond with your hands. You're going to put it teetering the edge and I want you to cup your knee with those hands. Okay? All right. Leaning your hips a little forward, making a diagonal that we're pushing down right now with the ball, the foot. This is kind of the easier part. Keep your foot square and aligned and let the pedal come up.

Stretch that heel down, down, down, and then press evenly with the ball, the every toe and then let the come up and stretch it. Stretch it down, down. Maybe your heel can go lower and one more. It's helps you with the two by four standing foot work. And we're going to stretch it down. Letting the pedal come up.

How much can it come up? Ooh, yeah. Alright. We're going to switch legs, hands, feet. Here's this foot. Make a diamond right in between the diagonal and parallel bar. Square off your body. You're on demi point. Yes.

And now you're going to let the pedal come up as the heel goes down. Down. Woo. Let's go. Let's go. Yeah. And always lifting in your standing leg. Don't give up on that. Push down with your ball every toe. Let it come up. Stretch.

We didn't do this last time when we did the um, big chair. Stretch that Achilles tendon. Oh, I think my right foot had more range of motion. Surprisingly. One more time. Push with the ball of every toe until you get to a demi point. Lovely. And now stretch. It will push through the ball, the toe. Let the toes come up, let the heel go down. Dan, how high can that pedal come up? All right, releasing there.

Okay. Now we're going to do press up bottom. So I'm gonna put that pad down. I still have this bar here because they'll have two springs the entire time on this one. Okay. We're going to put one foot up on the pedal. You can alternate, maybe use your left leg sometimes and come on up. So we're going to do our tricep dips and then we're going to remember how to extend the legs, um, and do a dip. I think I'm going to get some, a nonslip grips from my handles.

So now I have my non-slip pads so that I can do my tricep dips when I'm doing the press up bottom. So we're going to, I put my left foot on this time just so I can stay even lifting in my right standing leg. I pressed down with my left and now I'm going to come up finding all the basics. Okay? I'm really gonna think about lying on my belly and pressing my hips into the mat and using the back of my thighs and seat to length and my hips away, and then even creating a little space underneath my belly if I was lying on my stomach. All right, so I'm going to lean into the a big chair. If you're taller, you might have a much better angle with your arms that you don't need to lean at all, but because I'm like looking up to my handles, I have to lean into it a little and then go to straight arms for my five tricep dips. Here we go, leaning in and him pulling up, getting the ball of my foot. All right. Like I said, press your hips forward, lengthen them away, scoop your belly in and it's all about that.

It's all about lift arms are barely doing anything at three and it's lifting. Last one, Holt, come up nice and high. Keep pressing your hips. Lengthen and let's do 20 beats scooping in legs going back and it's one, two, three. Don't touch that cross bar in front of you. Keep your belly pulling up to your sternum. Five, four, three, two, one.

Find your pedal and lower down with control. We're going to take a step off. Oh No, we're not. We're going to stay here. Sorry. We're going to turn around keeping the pedal down. You're gonna kind of step on the wood part and the pedal being extra safe. Feet on the pedal. The um, black part. Alright.

Same thing here. If you're tall enough, you're not going to have this angle. We're going to do five dips and then we're going to go into beats this time. I believe last time we did circle, so press your hips for length and scoop in and up and up you go. I'm going to see beautiful bodies. Here we go. Dipping sternum, belly up to sternum. Dip belly up to sternum. Three, two more. Work those triceps, open those shoulders, chest up to the ceiling.

Hold all of that and we're going to bring the legs up forward and we're going to cross two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and lower too. I'm going to lose that pad as I come down. Turning around. We're gonna turn around safely. Even if you're lost your pad like I did. Keep that pedal down. I'll keep my left foot on. I did a lot of work with my right.

Keep it down with control. Bring it up with control. Press it back next to the other. Lift even more. Now you're ready for your arm weights. Go get them. Okay. We have our two pound weights and let's go through our arm weights series. We're going to bring our arms up at shoulder height.

I want you really working right now. I want you to pull as if you're pulling leg springs into your shoulders and resist every part of your body should be working like mad right now, yet comfortably. If you can do both of those, then your advanced. So we're lifting our arches, we're lifting our inner thighs, we're lifting our pelvic floor and lower belly and we're imagining we're lying on our belly or on our back, really getting our alignment correct. And we're going to lower our arms and we're going to do our curls or 90 degrees from the side. So if I was lying on, we're gonna lift up our arms and we're do five pulling leg springs from the walls into our shoulders and resists. So if I was lying on my back doing footwork, I would have slid my legs straight from the back of my thighs and see and really feel my belly pull in and up to the crown of my head.

So really imagine that footwork to resisting. One more time, pulling it. Everything's lifting and resist and arms down. Now we're going to do the 90 degree curls from here, putting our elbows in our little pockets here. So if we're relying on our stomach, I'd be squeezing my bottom into the mat.

I'd be pulling my belly up off the mat and bend the elbows, right? So you're really putting all of the effort. Two pound weights are hardly what's given you the workout. Three, it's your mind connecting to your body. Pulling up. I want weight on every ball of every toe, pushing the earth away. Your arch lifting.

We're going to do one more polling in and up and down. Now we're going to go into boxing. I want you to lift up your heels, have your feet parallel, bend your knees and roll off an imaginary wall. Get a nice flat back. Okay, so you're going to send your tailbone that way. Send the crown of your head that way. Weights right under your hands and stretch your right arm forward, left arm back and reach more and reach more elbows high as you switch and reach and reach and elbows high as you switch. Keep lifting your belly, supporting your back, no energy in the in the neck, no tension. Reach and switching.

This is number three arms and trying to keep a flat back stretch. Last one, elbows, high shoulder. Collarbones open and last one for the left forward and then we're going to get to little break as we hang our arms. Delicious. Slide your heels together and I'm going to scoop up. Lifting, pushed the ball, the foot. Lift the arch, lift your inner thigh, lift the pelvic floor, lift the belly. Fantastic. We're up here, we're going to extend the right arm as we continue all of that. Lift, left arms reaching down, and we're going to go to the side, reaching, reaching, reaching, and reach to come up and switching arms and lifting. Arches. Lifting everything's lifting, stretch, stretch, reach and switch. We've got three more sets. One arms pulling out.

Lift up the belly to the sternum, to the chest, just out the fingertips and switch. Trying not to push your hip back to support you, but use your waist. Both obliques are pulling in, supporting like a corset and instead of pushing the hips one way, strengthen them. Push them forward is a set number three up and over, over, over and switch and lifting up through the body and lifting powerhouse in and up. Scoop it more. Reach it more. Last set gets a little stretch at the end, right arm up and we're going to lift up through the arch.

Lift up through that pelvic floor. Press the hips forward scooping and let your right arm hang around your head. Wrap around length in it, longer up to the ceiling and switch. We're going to stretch the left arm up, reaching it up. You get the added stretch. Don't push your left hip back. Maybe I'm saying that more for me than for you. Wrap that arm length, that it even more hand pulling up. Great job. We're going to go into the bug. We're going to separate those heels. Feet nice and parallel, and I want you to roll off an imaginary walls.

You get into your flat back position. Weights are kind of touching each other as your arms. Make a beautiful little oval or ballet arms and we're going to open the collar bones. Open that chest, crack a walnut. Lift your elbows up higher, higher. And now resist bringing those weights together at powerhouse. Supporting that back. Open those collarbones. Open those shoulders.

Crack a walnut. Resist random together and lift with the elbow. We'll lead with the elbow. Lead with the elbow as you open your shoulders and resist coming together to more scoop and lifting up. Open those clowns. Shoulders push. And we got one more powerhouses in lifting in the legs and the inner thighs and the back of those arms and lift the elbows. Crackle on it and down. Alright, let your arms hang in. Legs. Swivel your feet.

Heels together and push the ball the foot. Lift up the arch, lift at the inner thigh, lift up the half hour house. Push those hips forward like you're lying on your belly and let's go for the zip up. I'm zipping up an imaginary sweater leading with my elbows, shoulder, staying away from my ears. They pushed down even more. Zipping up a sweatshirt. I said, Shay, I should say. There we go. Up, up, up and pushing down. I always used to like to connect to looney tunes. Cartoons.

Here I'm thinking of like road runner and dynamite right here and he's like pushing down the dynamite. I get a little funny with my images sometimes and pulling up scoop and zipping up a sweatshirt and pushing down anything heavy. We're going to transition to shaving, so the arches are lifting, pelvic floor, lower belly, everything lifts all the way to straight arms effortlessly bend the elbows behind is your shoulders drop. Straighten them, try to push your elbows back, opening the chest, opening the collarbones, working the upper back and three more pushing them open, scooping up your belly postures. Beautiful and to more open the collar bone, shoulders and back of the thighs and scope. Whole body is on a diagonal. By the way, a lot of us like to let our upper back fall into our lower back.

Make sure it's not doing that. Keep your arms forward as they come down. And we're going to go into our tricep cross. We're gonna lift our feet. Bend your knees, go down into our tabletop position. Lengthen the pelvis away. Pull the belly in, up out the crown of your head. Elbows right here, and you're going to stretch back. Five should feel so easy.

Open those collarbones after doing your tricep dips right during your push up front and bottom. Two more elbows, triceps, last time. Straight up to the ceiling. Arms length and down. Head down. Scoop it up again, lifting from the arch, inner thigh, everything's lifting, fighting gravity. Bring the feet back to Palladia stance and we're going to end with circles.

So we're going to hold the end. Hold them facing forward. A slight bend in the elbow. And as if we had bangles around our upper arms, we circle them for up to the ceiling. Six, seven and eight circling the upper arm, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and we're gonna Relevate for the next three we're renovating one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and down slowly three, four, five. Like you're landing on an egg. And again, one collarbones open, shoulders, open, belly lifting up to the sternum, seven and eight and down heels are together. Three, four not separating by overusing the casts. Seven and eight last one. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Hold reverse. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. And I think we're ready for our pedal, for our final exercises. So we're going to be doing chest expansion, arms circles, and then centering.

So on demi point, so I kind of teeter my pad on the edge so that my heels are just a little higher than the ball of my foot when I get on hold onto your handles. This is a little taller than the grots a pet pole. And therefore, again, my alignment's a little odd, but I'm still gonna work with it. You're going to have obviously the pulled down the center of your body, but most importantly is getting your body organized and working just like you did your arm weight. So I'm going to do a little play here. I'm gonna press the ball of my foot down. I'm gonna lift my arch.

I'm going to push my hips forward. I'm going to lift my pelvic floor. I'm going to pull my belly in and up and I'm going to connect with the back of my thighs and my arms. And now chest expansion. We're going to take a big breath look right, left forward an exhale. Here we go. Lift, lift, lift your belly. Look right, look left, look forward, and exhale. And again, I'm going to try to keep moving my shoulders down, pulling those springs. Here we go. Shoulders, shoulders, open those collarbones belly look left.

Look over your eye. Look forward. And exhale. Hips, belly. Again, just one more set. Shoulders right, left forward. Exhaling. One more. I need my hips to work more. Shoulders and hips left right forward. Really saw on the X. Exhale. All right, I'm going to turn it just a little bit in a slide.

My Pads Day all the way back against the pool and I'm going to turn it towards you so you get a little bit better angle for the arms circles and centering. There we go. Alright, so you know, hold my handles in front of me. Put my heels against the pole, slide my ponytail up so I can get the back of my head. It's a little cockeyed, but it'll work. Okay. Take a handle in each hand and we're going to start with our arm circles, ponytail. All right, so hold in the shoulders here.

I'm going to bend a little bit and try to get my belly to pull in to the pull back of the ribs and we're going to circle down and forward and pull it in and up and forward and one more and forward. Reverse in with the air. Exhale as you circle. Inhale as you pull your belly in and up. Exhale as you one more collarbones open and here. Now we're going to go up into demi point for our last bit of exercises.

So we're on Demi Pointe heels together against the pole. Fixed my ponytail again. Come on. There we go. Staying there. Okay. Now I want you to pull into the pole, pushing those hips almost forward belly and press those hands a little below the shoulders. Great. Now keep your lifting up against those springs and we're gonna play keeping the hands a little lower than your shoulders. Pull in deeper and bring them down. Squeeze everything as you come up. Rollies Tumar.

Slide down as your belly lifts in and up. Pull down, slide release. One more sly down. Pull your belly in and up. Calm up, release, reverse. Pull down, slide down, release the arms, come up with a pass pool slide. This really gives you an idea of what your legs and everything should feel like. Last one arms and coming up. And so this, you're going to walk away for the rest of the day, taking your basics with you wherever you go, wherever you work, walking, sitting, and standing. See you next time.


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Thanks. . . Another great class😊
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Thank you for all the great cues-the time flashed by, and I feel so much taller.
Monica Wilson
Thank you for all the feedback ladies! I do love the Big Chair!
Move U
This is a great basic high chair workout. Unfortunately it stopped about 3/4 of the way through. After logging out/in I'm still getting a message "video cannot be played error code 224003". Admin, please help!!!
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Move ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with our videos stopping. I recommend restarting your computer/device to clear away the other processes that are running. This usually fixes the problem. If you continue to have this issue, please email us at
Move U
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Thank you Gia. I will try that :)
Hi Monica,
I have worked with both Wunda and high chair separately. I would like to buy a combo chair like the one you are using for my home because I do not have a lot of room. However, I am afraid it will not feel the same. Can you let me know if it works the same? Thanks so much for your input! Love all your classes :)
Monica Wilson
Hi Jennifer, Overall I am very happy with the combo chair and for the sake of space and bang for your buck, the combo chair is an excellent choice. I do prefer them both individually but I started off with a combo chair in my home studio and it allowed me so much flexibility. You are able to do ALL of the exercises on the High Chair as well as ALL of the exercises on the Wunda Chair. There isn't one you cannot do! However, there are a couple of differences: the high chair section sits on top of the Wunda Chair which I believe makes the High Chair a little higher but I cannot say that for sure as I would have to see them side by side. Also, the Wunda Chair has some side rails for the High Chair to sit upon securely. I thought the side rails would bother me in the Horseback but with pads I do not notice them. I hope this helps! Monica:)
It does, thank you so much!

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