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Day 23: Bringing it Together

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Welcome to Day 23! Take everything you have learned in the past classes and bring it all together. Monica revisits some of the plank exercises from Day 10 in addition to thinking about the art of control. She keeps the pace for the majority of the class but slows down a few movements where she wants to work on precision.
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Apr 02, 2018
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All right, today is going to be class number 23 of your 30 session challenge. And I'm so excited you're still here. Still doing it. Working with me today. We're going to do a pretty good Matt and we're just going to read, look at some of the plank exercises, really thinking about the control [inaudible] that we set when we first started doing this series and really thinking about how to really work our body. So a few exercises, we'll slow it down, but otherwise we're going to keep a really quick pace on this one. I hope you really enjoy it and take everything that we did, uh, on the reformer in the last two classes ago. Um, and put it into this mat as well as when you use the dowel. All those things, everything from the series, from the challenge coming together in this matte.

So without further ado, let's start with our Pilati sit. We're going to stand in a nice Pilati stance, two to three inches apart. Okay. Have the weight on the ball of your foot open up your hips, release those hip flexors. I don't know if you're doing this in the morning first thing or when you're tight or later in the afternoon, evening, but just try to release your hip flexors, try to release your lower back, know what your postural challenges are, and then draw a line from one hip to the other and make sure your Belize pulling behind that line. Take a big breath and as you exhale, empty the air out of your lungs. Really important to set all these things. You're going to be lifting your arches, inner thighs, pelvic floor, powerhouse in and up. One arm on top of the other.

We're going to cross one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down to the mat with control, right? So we're going to pull in and up, pull in and up, pull in and up, rounding that back, lowering yourself down. Lift your bottom back halfway. Slide your legs straight by wrapping, being in, squeezing your seat, drawing your belly in and up and exhale, reaching behind you. Just enjoying that wonderful stretch. We always start with the a hundred we're going to inhale, bring the arms up and exhale, squeezing out the air. Draw your belly in and up to lift your head. Length your legs. And let's start in with year two, three, four, five. Exhale.

And just like the a Pilati sit in with the air. I want to see your arches pulling towards you, your inner thighs pulling towards you, your pelvic floor, lower belly. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, scooping it in, reaching those legs long in with here. Think about your hip flexors, releasing your lower back, lengthening, and with your two, three, four, five vigorously pumping. Steal Yourself, imprinting your spine on the mat.

Let's do two more. Last one. Now Roll Up, reaching for your feet and lift. Let's just start bending your knees. We're going to start with a roll back instead of a Rola, and we're going to squeeze your legs together. Round your back and roll back. Just your waistbands.

Pull those inner thighs, pull that lower belly, stretch that waist. Take a breath and exhale forward. Try not to take tension in your neck. And again, stretching out that lower back. This might be basic, but we're just setting the ground work so that we're going to work really hard down to your bottom of your shoulder blades and coming forward. As you exhale, pulling your belly back back, back into here, and one more of those in with the or to start. Exhale, pulling your belly to support your spine and in with your annex, hilly. Squeeze at era. Great. Now we're going to go all the way down. Pull back those inner thighs. Pull back that lower back.

Stretch your back arms lift and exhale arms coming forward in the head. Squeeze the air out, reaching your arms underneath your knees. Stupid. Now one more. Don't roll back with your shoulders. Roll back with your lower back first. Stretch that part out. Roll all the way through. Stretch it back.

Arms head drew. Exhale, squeezing out that air, drawn that belly in and up. Slide your leg straight. Really working in the back of the teeth, thighs and seat and pull back a heavy weight. Reach your legs up and stretch back. It's inhaled to start. Exhale, squeeze in that air out and in with you. Linked in that lower back, middle back, upper, and we'll do one more.

Think about your role over that's coming next in with year. Exhale, one bone. The next, the next, the next, and reaching your arms up and back. Now reach, press down, lift the legs over and exhale. Open and rolling down. [inaudible] and sweep those legs down long and over. Open and down. One more rural Deon. Exhaling, one bone and the next, the next. We're going to go into the reverse. Always pulling that belly in and up.

Exhaling. Two more reaching la stretch. Think of your tower. Roll in down. One more. Okay. Squeeze those inner thighs. Draw them close to your body. Slow and control. Keep the right leg lower the left, maybe even bend it and slide it straight.

Engaging the back of your thigh and seat. All right, press the arms down. Big Range of motion here to your nose chorus to your left shoulder over to your ankle here. You want to keep scooped, really stretching out and open a little bit and center. Now to tempo here. Cross around chorus around up three year round up to back the fire and seat one around and up. Other way, reach around him. Feel your pelvis nice and square on the mat tomorrow.

Last time and hug in that knee. Stretch. Engage the back of the thigh and seek scoop. Slide grabbing than the left knee. Stretch extended stretch. Press your arms down. Karasik using your powerhouse.

Reach all the way down to the opposite. Incl feeling the stretch scoop back of the thigh and seat. Open a little bit. Center to Tempo crusts around. Keep it high around three to that. Ankle it up. Bottom leg is pressing. Last one into the mat.

Reverse around back of the find seat. Squeezy the your ribs out of your lungs. One more and hug it in. We're going to slide that leg straight to match the left and we're going to bring our head up and exhale to sit up for rolling like a ball. [inaudible] reaching, reaching, reaching.

Lift your bottom forward and you're going to get ready for rolling like a bow. All right. Now I want you to pull your belly into your lower back and your, that's what's going to make your weight shift. So you're more at your center of gravity is going to be back a little bit and then your toes can kind of come up onto the mat. So we're going to draw your belly in and up and it's going to pull back and your toes can come here. Let's try that again two more times and drawing up belly in and up.

See if you can even get that pelvic Florida connect. And one more time relaxing those shoulders and powerhouse draws in and up. All right, so hopefully your lower back is nice and round, even exhale more and get your head closer between your knees. And we're going to do six rolling like a ball. Here we go. And exhale. Ooh, more of inhale [inaudible] and for more.

And here we go. Pull the belly in and exhale the air. And two more lower belly massage. Let's do one more massage in that spine. Should feel great. Rest your feet, lift your bottom back and watch the shoulders and the triceps. And we're gonna slide. Let's go ahead and do a roll back. Squeezing, drawn it in, rolling back your lower back. Just like rolling like a ball.

Here we go. Rolling like a ball, right lower, middle. Bring in the right knee, reach for that incl. Slide the back of the left leg. Great. Not just straightening the knee and switch. Slide the back of the right leg straight and switch and switch and right and left, right and left.

Get a really good scoop from keep challenging myself here. I'm watching my body trying to get a good scoop. One more set, and then we're going to go double leg, stretch and in with the air. And exhale, pull the belly into your lower back and up. And exhale. Pull the belly into the lower back and up. And exhale.

Feel the connection of your inner thighs to your belly. Feel the connection of your arches with the inner thighs. One more and single straight leg. Squeeze out that air and switch. And now to tempo, back of the thigh. Reach, reach, pull the belly in and up. Hen Up, stretch, stretch, stretch. When we're set. I enjoy the stretch both legs up, hand over him, behind your head.

Take a big breath, squeeze. You're out of your lungs. Awesome. In your squeezy or out back of the thighs. Squeeze. You're out. Back of that size, belly in and up. Two more last time and we're going to crisscross. Feel the square pelvis. Draw the belly in and up to the right knee and the left. Straight, straight, straight and switch and switch and one more.

And keep reaching for your ankles as you sit up. Open the feet. Let's get the heels right in the middle of your boxes and we're going to lift up and exhale, squeezing the air out, scooping in your belly, colon it into your lower back and roll up and lift off the back of the thighs and seat. Draw the belly. Lift up the crown of your head. Grow Tall. There's a lot of effort here. Exhale and inhaling them. Such a basic exercise, but so much in it.

Squeezing the air out. You're doing like the peel down on the wall and up. Okay. Starting from the lower belly, middle belly and up. One more time. Feet are parallel. Very important. Exhaling, they're not turned out, Huh?

Try to get the crown of your head as low to the mat as you can and close to you if you can. Not out here, but in here. [inaudible]. All right. Now I'm going to draw my belly into my lower back to switch. Just like rolling like a ball. That center of gravity.

So I'm going to feel my arches pulled to me. My inner thighs, my lower belly, releasing the legs. Let them float up to your hands and we're going to hold and we're going to focus on something cause we're gonna come right back up to meet it. And here we go. Inhale back. Exhale up. Exhale. Right up and for five more. [inaudible] and again rural and come right back up. Oh my back up. Lower belly. Squeeze your out. Three more.

All your rolling exercises should be a massage for your spine. Two more aunt last time. Okay. Keep your belly pulling into your lower back, but move a little forward with your weight. Squeeze your legs together. Release some. I'm getting ready for corkscrew.

Circling to the right powerhouse, pulling in ribs, trying to stay contact. And we're going to circle around. Pull your belly in and come center. I want you to think of corkscrew on the reformer that we just did two classes ago. You're going to resist with the upper body, not moving so much as the legs kind of Tick Tock Circle Long, releasing those hip flexors, other sides and center. Now you can lift your bottom when we come around. So right around and lift the bottom and down, left around lift and right just lifting the bottom will get bigger later and left around and up. Now Rola, reaching for those ankles. Open the feet, arms out to the side for our saw.

Lift up, twist, twist, twist, twist and exhale reaching for that toe. So think about all the exercises we did on the reformer the other day and how you really worked your rib cage, your twist, your thoracic. This was the spine twist on the stomach. Massage and reach. Reach, reach in with the Arab. Feel the Pelvis Square. Feel both hips on the mat. Keep your left hip down. Keep your left hip down. Reach past your baby toes, squeezing out that air out of your lung right here.

Roll up your spine, twisting to the other side. Exhale, the belly pulls in and up. The belly pulls in and up and come up. Touristed twist the, twist it one more in with the air emptying your lungs. Lifting space as much speeds here as like can pressing past lifting my pinky and roll up with that powerhouse. Twist into the other side and exhaling, lift, work that tricep and rolling up. All right, everything together. We're going to flip over for Swan, but we're going to start with neck roll. Just warming up. Proper placement.

So flip over hip twist, right? And I want you to press your pelvis down. Remember this, just like we were on the long box and you're gonna press your pelvis, you're gonna reach your legs away and you're gonna try to create a little hole or tunnel under your belly for a little mouse or someone to go under and through. And then lengthen your spine out the crown of your head. Work, work, work. Once you feel like you have that control, then you're going to lift with that powerhouse lift with that powerhouse. Lift. Lift. Let's circle over the right shoulder. Chin to the chest, all the way over your left shoulder. Look forward. Look to your left. Those legs need to be active.

They're trying to squeeze together. They're trying to reach away your bellies, pulling up into your lower back and lengthening out the crown of your head. Let's do that one more and then we'll fall into swan or lift into Swan, we should say, so hips is pressing down. No space right here in your hip flexors. There's no tunnel there. Okay, and we're going to press that down. Press your hips, reach the legs out long. Draw those shoulders back. Draw that belly up. Lift with the belly.

Lift with [inaudible] belly lift left with the belly. We're going to look left first. We're going to circle down. We're going to look right. We're going to look forward. Stretch your neck, right chin around, all the way to your left scoop. Keep reaching your legs and we're going to go into swan. Here we go. And arms forward, legs up and arms, legs, arms, legs, belly squeaks, belly, hips. One more.

Okay. Hands Scoop into your child's pose. Stretching back onto your heels. And we're going to go forward for single leg kick. So we're going to put our hands down, always in control, fists pushing into each other. I want you to really push your forearms into the mat.

I want your underarms to be engaged and lifting. Shoulders rolled open. Press the hips down. Reach your legs long and now lift, lift, lift that belly. So much work is going on. We're going to lift both legs from the stomach and the hips and we're going to pull the right one in. One, two left to right to left. Two.

We're really trying to get stronger for the finale of this mat where we have a lot of leg pulled down, leg pull up, and some snake had some twist. One more set. Good and kneeling. Sidekicks, right? Facial cheek on the mat. So being very aware of your pelvis and powerhouse hands behind the back. Heels. Press your hips down, reach the legs, scoop your Bellion. And we're going to lift those long legs. And three kicks like grasshopper, one, two, three. Press those down. Reach it out. Belly lifts, two, three, switch hands, reach and left.

One, two, three, or reach. 'Em. Love scoop in your belly. Use that pelvis to lift your powerhouse. One more set hands. Squeeze up and kick to three. Shaped that bottom. Scoop it in. Lift two, three. One more hands. Elbows. Press that pelvis. Reach those legs and belly. One, two, three, reached those legs. Scoop, scoop, scoop. All right, round your back.

Sit on your heels and stretch. We're going to do neck pull next. And then Jack Knife and spine twist. So flip a little hip twist. Start with your heels as close to the edge as possible. And we're going to do neck pull.

I'm going to start with my hands behind my head and I'm just gonna start from a city seated position. So we're gonna put our hands behind. Elbows out. Take a big breath, grow taller, grow taller, like in rowing. And now exhale to go back. Think of a flat back on short box control. Lengthening that lower back, lengthening your leg in the opposite direction and curl the rest down in it. But my hands by my side and with the air, exhale, my back loves to get tight on me.

So I'm going to really work on control here. If you can keep your hands behind your head on the way up with control, go for it. But I want to wool up with absolute control in with the Europe and I'm going to try not to flip my ponytail like that next time and two more. Squeeze your out, draw your belly in and pull your arches to you. Pull your inner thighs towards you. Roll up your spine. Okay.

Lower back, middle upper and push your heels away. Draw your belly in up. I'm going to come right on up for those last two. The goal is to keep the elbows nice and wide, but I thought relatively in control. One more after this. Exhaling Lincoln. Need the lower back, pushing your heels away. Last one. Wow.

And with [inaudible] stack stack, stack your spine up and Linkedin online aligned. We are ready for Jackknife. Press your arms down by your side, bend your knees into your chest and extend the leg straight up. You're going to pretend your hips. I love thinking of my hips on an escalator going right up over my shoulders. That's how much control you're going to have. Pressing together, reaching the legs long, longer to the ceiling, anchoring your belly more and the hips are going to lift over. Here we go, and they lift up and rolling down control. Dan, could you picture the escalator? Let's try that again.

Over on the escalator, up to the ceiling and do one more over, up, all sitting up for spine twist. Again, reaching for your ankles. Always inhale and exhale so you're always working. The transitions. Arms out to the side. Push your heels away. Take a big breath, lifting up to the ceiling, up, up, up, and then squeeze the air out. Exhale, exhale, exhale more, and exhale. Yeah, really stretch in with the air. The feet aren't moving.

Lift the arms. Reach them long reach and long. Tighten every muscle in your arm. Reach him out of your shoulders. One more set. Exhaling Belize. In and up. Heels and in with there. And last time, exhale, don't move back. The thighs and Cedar always engaged and in with here. Let's try our sides kicks.

So we're going to lie on the back of our mat. We're gonna reach long from foot, fingers to feet. And I'm going to bring my feet a little forward. Keeping this long. I'm going to put my hand behind my head and I'm going to put my left hand right here just a little bit forward and back. Okay. But most importantly, how are my hips stacked? Controlled stomach in no waist hanging on the mat.

CV can create a tunnel here. So important to create a tunnel right here, not just hanging and being flopped into the mat, right? Just cause we're on our side. We don't lose our polities box. We don't lose our powerhouse. Reach your left leg even longer. Two kicks forward. One, two, two kicks back.

But I like to stop right here. Elbow stretching down to my toe. Engage in the back of my thigh and seat. Stretching out that hip flexor. One, two. Try that one more slow. One to anchor here. Reach longer. Stretch back of the thigh and see our shaping and here we go. One, two, stretch to stomach, back the thigh and seat in with the air. Rib.

Squeeze out the air in with the air. Exhale, four more in with the air. Exhale, don't let your leg get shorter. Make it get longer. How's that waste? Everything's working here. More and waist last one and the neck reaches long out the crown of your head and legs together. We're going to push it up and squeeze down. Belly in and up. Stretch that lower back for more exhale and three.

We're going to do kneeling sidekicks later, so make sure you have your side box. Really last one. Hold five little circles. Nothing in the hips. Move. One, two, three, four, stomach fat, reverse one, pushing back too. Don't forget to go back three. I say it twice because we always forget to go back and now we're going to work that waste even more as we scoop in and lift, lift and roll onto your belly with that control. Keep your hips reaching. Keep your legs lengthening, belly in and up. And one, two, three, four.

Let's do (267) 091-0123, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 reaching those legs. Roll on to your left side. You should be long from finger to toe. Bring your legs forward, keep the left arm long, and you're going to put your right hand right in front of your belly. Energy is still out the crown of your head, reaching out, long hip stays stacked, reaching those hips long scooping your belly.

Keep your waist active, and we're going to do a little double one to reach the leg longer. Again, pause when it's straight with your body. Now let's shape the hamstring and glute as you squeeze the air out of your lungs to hold your everybody in place. And one more slow and reach. As long as your belly pulls in and up in the waist, engages, engages, and now eight one, two and back to forward. Work on your posture and try not to have your left hand be arrest for your head, but it'd be more like neck pull where it's pushing the back of the head into your hand and three more or four more back [inaudible].

That's an extra one, even better. And belly sciency. Two more reaching that leg walk. One more. I feel my leg working. I hope you do too. Alright. Legs together. Hips are still stacked up and squeeze down and up and squeeze and up and squeeze.

Work the outer thigh and inner thigh to mark up. Stretch your spine up to the cry of your head. One more axially and five little circles. One, two, three, four. Reverse one, two, three. Reach out longer. Nothing moves from the hips up and rests. Yeah, onto your back. And you're going to bend your knees into your chest and we're going to shake out your legs and we're going to be ready for your teaser.

And we're going to start with teaser one. So I want you to press your arms firmly into the Mat and imagine you're on the reformer and lengthen your legs for the foot work. Pull in the belly in and up, and you're going to reach your arms back in with the air. Exhaling. We're going to come up for teaser one here. We go in with the air and exhaling and I want you to really feel your belly pulling back and you're going draw your arches back, Jules. Squeeze those inner thighs, pull that belly in and up and reach back to more. Squeeze here up. Try to find the back of the thighs pressing ant rolling down. Very important to feel those hips engaged. One more so those hips are engaged so you can press down, pull up with the belly, back the thighs, pull up with the belly one more.

And now we're going to do teaser. Three. Press down the back of the thighs. Scoop your belly and scoop. Scoop reached two more. Arms and reach. Scoop control. One more. [inaudible] and arms and scoop. Reach, reach. Ah, right, so the same position that I'm in right now.

We're going to flip over and do swimming. Okay, so hug your knees into your chest and flip on over. Hands. Turn and reach your arms. All right, return to your neck. Role. Position. We're going to have your hands here. You're pressing your hips down, right? You're reaching your lungs, you're going to scoop your belly in and up so much that your arms can just go forward. You're gonna reach your right arm and left leg higher, pressing that pelvis equally down.

You're going to lift the other lamps and head above the water. And let's go into three, four, five. Exhale, belly lifting in and up into three, four, five. Exhale, two, four by one more and melt into the mat. Round your back and sit onto your heels. We're going to lift up and stretch this time I have flexed my feet. You can either keep your feet down as you stretch or you can flex also, but most importantly, keep a really good distance here so that your hands could actually float back. My necklace is getting in the way here, but I'm giving you this right now because I want you to think about crab and when you're going to be coming forward onto the forehead, you don't want to be like boom, crashing on it, right?

So you're gonna want your belly necklace scooping it up and you're going to keep stretching forward with your belly back. Going down. Keeping your space stretching. There we go. And coming up. So when you're able to do crab, you can, you're going to make contact. We're going to do leg pull down and leg pull up. So we're going to keep our heels here. We're going to stretch our arms as forward as we can. Keep them shoulders rolled back into joint and now we're going to be lifted into our plank position. But nothing changes from our natural. Here we go.

Pulling your belly in and up, squeezing, reaching. So my hips are squeezing down to the mat. My belly is lifting up. Long neck, right leg. Stretch that left. Pull it forward with the powerhouse and left leg up. Stretch back the right Achilles. Come forward and down. Start it with strong hips. Square body, right up, back, stretch, back hand here.

Let's not lose the powerhouse as I lift my leg. It's so easy for me to forget. So scoop it in. Press the hips down, right leg up. Pull with the powerhouse forward and switch. One more time. Power House. Now, right hand to your left. Keep your hips up. Keep your hips working.

There should be like your star or your twist or your, yeah, just your story. Your twist. We're ready for leg pull up. We're gonna lift our hips to kick right and flex down. And we're going to lift our hips to pick left and flex. Now to tempo and left. One more sec, and then we'll go to our kneeling. Sidekicks. Tuck your right knee in. Now lift your hips up. Lift, lift to get your hip over their hand underneath the shoulder.

How's your alignment? Left leg. Long left hand behind your head. Press your hips forward like they're on the mat. Yeah, really working your right hip. Scoop your belly in. And we're going to lift the left leg and we're going to kick forward and back and forward. Higher and back. Find your hips. Reach your left leg, add your hips. One more. And now five little circles, one and two, belly three, four and five. Reverse one, two, three, four. Push your hips forward as you sit up.

So pretend you're on your mat and you're going to be pushing your hips forward so that your pubic bone and hip bones are making contact. Releasing those hip flexors, drawing your belly in and up, up the crown of your head, and we're going to fall onto our left hand as we keep our hips pushing forward and our right hand goes behind her head. The right foot is extended. I'm making sure it's hard without a mirror or a teacher teaching you to make sure your alignment is just right. Your hands should be under your shoulder, elbow straight up to the ceiling, squeezing the left hip forward. Lift the right leg for five kicks, one, reach it out two, and to reach out to your hip, hips are forward, right legs reaching out of the hip, trying to keep it up, up, up like gutters. A fire under.

Let's do one more forward and back and we're going to fight circles one and two. Keep your left hip working for reverse it for five. It's one and two and three, four and five. Push your hips forward to kneel up tall. We're going to go into mermaid, so we're going to sit onto your right hip and I'm going to put my hand here. You really want to feel like you can sit without any assistance.

So find what that is. Knee over knee, ankle over ankle, and then extend your right arm up to the ceiling. Scoop your belly and take a big breath. Reach for the ceiling, exhale over so you're squeezing your air out of your lungs. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, lift through the Paris switch hands and drop this right elbow. Exhale as you reach away. I'm trying to keep my hips stacked, pulling my belly in and up and with the air and other side, pull up in the barrows. Squeeze here, try this. Come all the way onto your left hip. Stretch over. Relax that left shoulder. Lift through the powerhouse. Slide out a little further this time, squaring off those hips over and up and again.

Oh, last time. Squeezing your out. This way we're going to do a teaser transition for the other side. We're going to slide out a little further. You can go all the way out if you like, and then I want you to use those hips. Squeeze them together to pull you up. All right, so hands here, draw the belly in and up. Don't fall off your mat. Teaser other side. I'm going to come a little closer to have room here and I'm going to squeeze.

One side is always going to be tighter. So you want to find which one is which and you're going to lift up through your body. Squeeze, squeezy or out. This should be a nice stretch. Slowly trying to drop my right hip as much as I can and it's going to slide out to that elbow, reached through that way. Step those hips, stacked those knees, stacked the feet, lift with your strong pelvis anchored and over the first thing up, I'm growing taller here. I always need to grow taller, right? Five foot two needs to grow, grow, grow, and again out to my elbow or a little further stretching, kind of like your side. Stretch on the ballet, stretches and up for the last time, anchoring the pelvis, stretching over, squeezing out that. Inhaling up. Exhale out a little bit more and then coming up. Powerhouse, lift, lift, lift.

And we're going to do another teaser transition for our snake. So we're going to have our feet right here. One foot in front of the other knee, slightly bent. Hips are going to face you. We're going to have a hand in line with my shoulders when you're looking at me this way and my right shoulder and my right hand in line with the back of my body, but a little bit in front of my shoulder, we're going to lift up into a huge rainbow.

This is a wonderful BW breathing exercise, and I want you to really think about it because we're going to be putting it into the reformer soon. So you want to feel that control of lifting up rather than depending completely on your arms, your hands and your feet, where the carriage would slide out from you. Really think about a pull up on the one to chair member. That's your litmus test to see how good your powerhouses. So we're going to make a giant rainbow using our powerhouse.

I think I have my legs in the wrong position. There we go. Crossing the top leg in front at. We're going to take a big breath and exhale, and so you're powerhouse is facing. Think about what we've done with our hips. We're going to squeeze them down. We're going to roll up in those shoulders. We're going to draw that belly up to our sternum. Exhale, and we're going to pull up and twist back.

Should feel delicious. One more. Scoop it up. Exhale, hips, powerhouse in and up in with deer. Pull your carriage hole and bad. Now let's do the twist. We're going to pull in a little tighter hand here and we're going to come up where? I'm going to make a giant rainbow with my body, with my waist this way. Alright, so we're going to come up. I'm going to push my hips towards you, towards the camera.

Scoop my belly, and I'm gonna squeeze here and my lungs. I'm going to push my hips towards you. Moving from my center. Keep my hips towards you. Pull my belly up to my sternum. Lift up to the ceiling. Back to you and my big rainbow with my waist muscles and come down.

We'll do one more and up in with the air. Hips solidly facing you. Exhale, squeeze the audience with your hips going forward. Trying to keep my shoulder over my head, our exhale. Hips to the ceiling here and bet. Alright, right or transition for the other side. Scoop it in other side.

Feet are a little straighter for the snake right hand here. So again, think about the pull up. Think about your reformer. All of those pulling together in this mat. We're going to lift up your hips square with the mat. How do you feel? Confident, secure. Push those hips down.

Draw that belly, exhale through those arms up and twist. One more. Sometimes you have to adjust a little in between from your center. Hold your carriage as you exhale, shoulders open, coming up, pull up, pull up, pull that carriage in and come on. All right, pull it a little tighter for the twist. Now I'm going to use the left waist to make a giant rainbow, right?

I left hands, little sweaty, little sliding away from me and here we go. Hips are going to face you really get that feeling. Exhale, back to face. You trying to get your left shoulder over. Exhale, opening from your hips, from the chest, and coming down. One more, pulling a little tighter slipper hand add up.

This looks like the one arm twist on the reformer ant back, hips to you, chest from your belly forward and bend. Great. And now we're going to lie down on your belly for rocking. And I want you to think about everything we've been talking about, being on your belly, pressing your hips down into the mat, lifting your belly in and up. Katz. So that's everything coming together. So lie down on your stomach and start by getting rid of any tunnel under your hip flexors and push them down. And you're going to reach back and grab on to either the top of your foot or the ankle. And we're gonna press the pelvis down and we're going to look.

Press your hands in and we're gonna lift your belly in and up. Roll up in those shoulders and we're going to rock. One powerhouse. Lifts your chest up to your chest. Squeeze your bottom down. I have to work my right hip one more. Oh right. And now I'm just going to stretch out long and you're going to put your hands under round your back and sic onto your heels for your child's pose.

Because now we're going to slip our hands, our knees, through our arms for rocking. So we're going to, if you don't know this transition, then you might want to watch it first. But I'm going to cross my ankles as my knees slide through my arms and then I'm going to grab my toes. So scooping member that lift in my waist. Ooh, there it is. Okay. So I'm going to keep pulling my belly in and up until my shoulders are over my hands and now I'm going to my ankles as a shoot through, right? And then you're going to grab your toes and now you're going to lift in. Push your hips forward like they're on the mat. Lift in your hips, relax and heck and shoulder. Keep lifting the head.

Make sure you have plenty of room. Touch the forehead down and then stretch the neck. Try to get those hips lifting up over your knees. Try to keep lifting in your waist. Now think of rolling like a ball. Roll your lower back. You're going to cold your hips up.

Switch and lift up over your knees, scooping in and up, stretching down and Roland back and switching feet, knees. Now here we go. Hips. This is also like, um, rolling in and out on the Cadillac will two more sets. I'll switch up and over. Nice. I really like to pause here cause it's so important to get the back of the thighs and the scoop and exhaling. And one more. Always lifting in my waist. Lift those hips over. Feed your crab up over the knees, stretching down, Rah. Go ahead and sit back on your bottom.

And we're going to go into balance control. If you remember, we introduced the prep on the reformer bounce control, step off. So we're going to do that here. We're going to introduce the preps. So we're gonna roll back. I'm gonna Undo my knees, I'm going to roll down and then I'm going to extend my legs up to the ceiling. And you're going to bring your hips up and over, press those arms firmly into the mat and you're going to scoop in, have those hips lift on an escalator again and then you can lower your feet down and you're going to slide your hands back. Because of my, um, arm band, I have to do one at a time, but ideally do them both. I'm going to grab onto the mat, but you can grab onto your foot and do it.

But I really see that I can get into my lift of my belly lift in my hip when I hold on like this. And here aunt's like holding onto the reformer, pushed the ball, the foot lift, the other one with your powerhouse up the middle of your body. I'm going to try to get more on the bottom of my ribs instead of my neck up to the ceiling up. And one more time left. Okay. Both legs here, ruling down in control, rolling into seal balance. We're going to do six seals, one and we'll stand up. Of course. One, two, three, lower back stretches. Exhale, two, three, end with here. Two, three, draw the belly in and up.

Really work on clapping with your hips and your inner three more. Might throw in another extra one there, but always okay, two more. Draw that lower back. Exhale that air last one. We'll stand up. Exhale, back of the thighs lifting, pressing those hips forward, undoing those arms. Wait is more forward as a stretch. Let's do our pushups. We're going to do two sets, arabesque, pushups, two sets of three.

All Right Justin, a little bit here. We're going to keep member how we started off. So disciplined, so diligently. Way on the ball of your foot. Stretch out those hip flexors. Stretch out that lower back. All of this is so important cause it's like you're lying on your belly, on your long box, right? And we're pressing our hips forward.

We're scooping our belly in and out. And now we're going to take weight off of our right leg and go into an Arab ass down into a pushup. So I'm going to just switch my weight, work the back of my right thigh and glute seesaw down. But energy reaching, reaching, walk out. Keep that right leg up. Bring your shoulders and hips forward, and three pushups, one belly to three. As I tried to get my left hip down, hiphop leg, walking back light as a feather.

Now make sure your left foot's a little turned out and make sure you really reached through your fingertips forward and up to the ceiling to come up. And then switching legs. So we're gonna go to your left. I feel like my hips could push forward and stabilize a lot more stomach in and up. When in doubt, all those muscles like even in [inaudible] have to work more. Yeah. So when we're kneeling, we worked those hips, hands walking out, hips three times one up, two powerhouse.

Three walking back, lifting the left leg. Okay, apt. We're going to scoop in and out, strong hip and Dan always pressing those hips forward, lifting up in your powerhouse and enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you.


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Thanks Monica, feeling great!
Monica Wilson
Woohoo! That's all I can ask for:)
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Such good flow and energy- also feeling great and ready for the next class!
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I am feeling very strong on day 23! Sooo good! Love it
Monica Wilson
Awesome! I bet you can feel all those small muscle groups awake and alive as you strengthen your Pilates Body. Great job! Monica:)

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