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Day 24: Beautiful Posture

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Welcome to Day 24! Monica uses the Spine Corrector to stretch your back while working your powerhouse so you can return to beautiful posture. If you don't have a Spine Corrector, she explains how you can do these exercises on the Mat.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights, Magic Circle

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Welcome to class number 24 of your 30 session challenge. Can you believe it? 24 so we'll only have six more after this and you're going to complete all 30. So great job sticking with this. Um, I am going to do spine corrector today. It's one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

You probably hear me say that over and over again. If you don't have a spine corrector, it's okay. I did think about these exercises today. Um, where you're, I will tell you how to do it on your mat, on your Yoga Mat. If you have a tower mat, a low tower mat with a strap at the end, much better. But if you just have a exercise mat at home, I'll try to help you cue, cue you through that as well.

So don't skip this if you don't have a spine correct. I'll still try to walk you through it. See if you can grab some arm weights, some two-pound arm weights and a magic circle. If you don't have arm weights, then grab like two, two pound cans or something at home. Um, so let's go ahead and warm up with our hundred and series of five. So we're going to, so if you're on your mat, you know you can lie down and get ready for your series of five. And we're going to role do you always do a roll back Lincoln in your lower back.

Your tailbone should be off the front edge and holding in tight. And then pressing your arms right here. Stretch those legs long. Press your shoulders, open belly and enough and pump and exhale. So we're always drying those arches towards us. Always finding that front line. Always pulling the belly in and out. Vigorously pumping those arms, getting the blood pumping through our bodies for our warmup.

That's 50 in year. Two, three, four, five. Exhale all the air out of your bunk. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Then exhale three more and to [inaudible] one more in then single leg stretch. So reach for both ankles, ankles, ankles, stretch the right leg grabbing, I mean the left leg, grabbing the right and switch and switch and switch. Draw into the barrel. Always pull your lower back into the barrel, into the belt. One more and double leg stretch, pulling in and rich and pull it in and four and exhaling. And three, make sure you squeeze your hair, your lungs as you reach for your ankles. Two more squeeze here out as you reach.

Last one back of the thighs and seat. Squeeze here out. Roll up, reaching for your ankles. Let's begin with our short box. So if you don't have a spine corrector and you have a mat, go ahead and use this strap right here. So you're gonna put your feet under here and you're gonna have the feet hip width apart while you do your short box. I'm going to slide my spine corrector a little forward so that I have the right tension there. Okay, so if you don't have one, you're going to pull, just do it on the mat. All right, and we're going to not use any little weights or magic circle right now.

We're just going to roll back so it's a little twisted here. Here we go. I love, love how you can really get your lower back stretched out here. Polling my arches towards me, my inner thighs scooping and I'm going to roll all the way back. Dry My belly in and out, stretching back my arms in with their exhale. All the air out of my lungs is I reached from my ankles, pulling my belly into the barrel and again, draw the waist back. Exhale all your air reaching your arms back as you brow lower belly pulls into bell arms.

That head squeeze at era. So it's basically the roll up if you're on the mat and draw back and exhaling and into [inaudible]. Draw the lower belly in and up, in and up. Squeeze or out of your lungs. And one more. So we'll do four arches, inner thighs polling, always into the barrel, into the barrel. Being very aware of that contact. Use the barrel to get stronger and now stretch all the way forward.

You could have also hugged your body as well. Now we're going to do it like neck pool where we put our hands one over the other, behind her head. Get all my Mike out of the way here. All right, pulling up on those bones underneath your school. Now, no sway in the back. I'm going to draw my belly and I'm going to lift up through my upper back and I'm going to stay tall as I lift it up. [inaudible] and exhale forward and back of the thighs and the ribs. Really make that connection and x alley releasing those hip flexors and really getting the back of the thighs back of the Reps. Exhale.

Let's do one more lift up through the crown of the head, stretching back and exhaling. [inaudible] great. Rest your arms for a second. We'll do side to side. Really feel how both hip sit bones are anchored into the map, into that Cha, the spine corrector. Lifting up and we're going to live lift, lift, but drop the right elbow down and then lift up through the waist and lift and drop the left while you anchor the right while you anchor the right while you anchor the written lift and powerhouse in and up and drop the right elbow while the left one stays down. Left one stays down. Wonderful stretch. You deserve it for doing this challenge and up and dropping the left. The right hip stays there. Both heels are pushing away.

Your waist is still lifting. I think we have one more set at to the right, pulling your [inaudible] lower belly into your lower back. Stretching slightly forward in front of those hip bones. You don't want to be straight up. You want to be just in front. Last one, oh her dropping that left elbow, stretching the right ribs, keeping your right hip bone down and up. Great job. Now we're going to do the twist, so lifting up, we're going to twist to the right twist, twist, twist, reach out, lying almost onto your side.

Pull into the barrel, the pull up, twist tall, pull into the barrel to reach away from your heels. Pull. Now pretend you're having a pole in your hands and we're going to drop those shoulders. Lift up through your spine, twist, twist, twist, twist, reach out and you're going fishing and pull back up and lifting up through those fingertips. Tourist twins, just as in reach out as if you're going fishing back here. Pull back up and now hands go back behind our head. We're going to do a little round the world, so hands here and great place to practice your around the world. We're going to pull and still can do this on the mat.

Remember and we're going to reach long. Reach the right hip squeezing. You're going to draw the belly into the lower back. Twist all the way. Face the other way. Coming back up. Untwist other way, lifting tool chest back of the left thigh and hip. Pull your belly in in a rural through the other side all the way to the other side and up untwist. Great job. Reach forward. Kay. Next we're going to do side sit. Up, so I'm going to keep my left hip but hooked.

I'm going to put my right foot right in front and I'm going to Tuck it under here. Center your hips. You should be able to sit on your hips. I'm going to let that strap tighten as I go out. Hands behind your head. Draw that belly in and out and reach out and come back up. Belly in and up. Use those obliques and I'm going to put my foot here.

There we go. And up and three, draw that belly in and up. Work over as far as you can tomorrow. That's a hard flexibility for me. One more. I'm going to really emphasize it on my last one, reaching my arms up, reaching over, over, over. Let's go into mermaid while we're here. Okay. I'm gonna let go of the Strap for my mermaid.

I'm going to stack my feet and I'm going to reach my arm up feet here and we're gonna press both sit bones down, lift the belly in and up. Reach over or reach over. Worry each for squeezing the air out. I'm going to straighten my left leg. If you had that strap, it would hold you better. And we're going to reach over scooping in, stretching, and now sit on both hips as you come up and fold that leg back up and drawing the belly in and have breaching of her exhale powerhouse in enough.

So all your tools that you're practicing and are all coming together, you can do it on any piece of equipment, any mat. One more up through the hips, up through your body, exhaling in with the year. Slide out that left leg. My hips are squeezing forward to you like they did in snake and twist. We're going to go to the other side for our other sides, sit-ups. So I'm gonna grab my strap, Tuck my left foot.

Now both of my hips are facing you and they're in the middle. And I'm going to put my hands behind and pull it in my powerhouse and I'm going to reach out over the barrel. Delicious. But now work on the way out and over, long, long out the crown of your head. Scoop it in. Using those obliques in waist muscles. End The Raymour. Reach over, lengthening, not crumbling, and over over over one more reaching and scooping in working that waste, and now I'm going to work that stretch, stretch, stretch that so hard for me on my other side.

I'm going to go let go of my strap. Make sure I'm centered. Feet are going to be right here. Left arm up to the ceiling. Lift up in my waist. Exhale as I reach over, lifting up, straightening my top leg, and I'm going to slide out. Make sure that right hip is working to anchor you and powerhouse lifts as that leg folds in and up through the waist. Exhale, [inaudible] lifting up through your body. Right leg extends out.

You go stretching. This is like your stretch and twist, right and up. Hips are forward and last one up and over. Dropping any tension in your shoulders or neck. Lifting in your belly, right leg, up, out, stretch all the way. Keep your hips stacked as you fold back up. Great job. Let's grab our strap again and we're going to do tree so still can do this on the map. If you don't have a mat, I should have said you can put your feet under like couch or under a big club chair. To do hold yourself steady or without a strap.

Much more challenging. All right, I'm going to slide this back just a little stay. Oh, well, there we go. Grabbing my strap. Okay, so anchor both hips always [inaudible] box. Always Square, right? We're gonna draw almost like rolling like a ball. I'm going to pull my right leg and I also have to work my hip.

I'm going to pull my stomach into the barrel, but I'm also going to pull up my right hip to go a little forward and stretching it up and bed. You can hold like that or you could hold here and one more. And now hand over. Hand walking up. Okay. And I'm going to stretch forward over that leg. Lifting in and up over that waist. Both hipbone square into the barrel, always into the barrel.

And now I'm going to pull deeper into the barrel to rock back and I'm going to pull even deeper to st in my arms. I'm going to leave this leg right here as I walk down and stretch and I'm going to be in my head and I'm going to pull into the barrel and I gonna come up Andover. Okay. And pulling back in my waist deep into the barrel. Get the back of the thigh and see to really engage to hold that leg up as I stretch up and back and forward.

Even slide up your leg to add a little more challenge if you can. And searching forward. One more leg rocks back from your waist. Pull your waist deeper into the barrel, sliding down, reaching that right leg long. Keep your hips square. This is the hard part. Keeping your hips connected to the back of your pelvis into that barrel and stretching forward and you're going to flex that foot and you're gonna stretch, stretch, growing taller and onto the [inaudible]. Sit bones and switch legs.

So right leg under that strap under that club chair, whatever you have holding you. And we're always gonna [inaudible] roll in that rolling like a Bob, pulling your way. Waste back, sliding that left hip a little forward and lifting up out of your waist to stretch and bend and stretch and bend and stretch. Keep the right hip. Really feel it on that barrel. And now I'm going to stretch forward, pulling the belly into the barrel. Roll back and now walk down and stretch. Really letting go. My upper back and neck.

Squeeze in the air out of my belly and my whole way ribs out of my lungs and pull him back the waist. Let's get that leg a little higher. [inaudible] into the barrel. Long neck. We're going to end with our breathing and our arm circles, which I'll feel delicious after this. And one more scoop and feel the waste evenly on the barrel with the leg up.

Keep walking down evenly through the spine. One vertical brought a time. There we go. Stretching and forward. Great place to keep working on strengthening your tree. And now we're going to bend both sit bones down. Come right onto those sit bones and stretch. All right, so now we are ready for rowing.

This is where you're going to grab your two pound weights. I'm going to grab them feet. Get to stay under the strap if you'd like, or you can let them go. I think I'm gonna let him go, but if you're on the mat you can have it. We're going to start with knees bent actually with if you don't have the strap, I like to use a lot of the back of the thighs, so press your feet down, back of the thighs engaged and seat tense. Start you're rowing, you're going to squeeze those inner thighs, draw that pelvic floor, lower belly, and then we're going to open the shoulders.

There's open the collarbones. Pull into the barrel to push back pool into the barrel to keep publishing port legs straighten as you go forward. Opening the collar bones again, lifting your waist circle to the ankles. Tumor Scoop. This helps so much when you're on the reformer pulling back, pressing for it.

You can still do this on exercise Mat and stretch lifting in your waist. Lifting one more. Pull the back of the thighs. Draw the pelvic floor. Lower belly, [inaudible], solid powerhouse. Press back, keep pulling into your barrel. Keep pushing back those arms. Lift the back of the arms circle big circle, ankles stretch too. Three. All right, RightAngle. Here we go. 90 degrees back of the thighs, drawing that powerhouse in and up and we're going to lift those elbows as you go back and exhale tall and stretch those legs simultaneously.

Hands reach. Keep pulling into the barrel. Imagine your lower back as there as your shoulders open. Collarbones open triceps work to lift those arms. Waist works to keep lifting as you arm. Circle back to the ankles. Tumor hands up at 90 degrees.

Lift up in the powerhouse in and up. Keep lifting as you go forward. Leg stretch at the same time. Hands reaching forward, scooping into the barrel. Imagine your waistband can touch it. Keep opening your collar. Collarbones keep lifting with the back of the arms circling.

I think we have one more. Bend the knees. Bend the elbows off of those sit bones. Lift belly and under pelvic floor even and then forward sliding those legs straight. Reaching forward. Pull the belly. Come on. Keep the distance between your belly and your thighs. Keep lifting your ribs up away from your pelvis.

Great job. Okay, we're going to keep your legs straight now and we're going to do from the chest, so we're going to stay lifting off of those sit bones, engaging the back of the thighs and the ribs together and we're gonna slide our arms up. Grow Taller as you press down. Taller, taller, taller. Lift up and open. And Lyft, Lyft, Lyft. Hi. Dressed to more forward with those arms pressed down and grow taller, taller, taller collar bones open. Now lift off of the sip bones. Feel the belly in and up. Lift, lift, lift.

Exhaling care. One more in with the air. Exhale in with the air all the way to the crown of your head, keeping Haley. Exhale from the hips now. Okay, and I'm going to flex my feet. Here we go. Head down. Pull the belly back into your lower back towards that barrel. Press the arms forward. Roll the lower back up.

Roll the middle back up. Roll up, opening your collar. Mounts in with the year. Grow Taller, taller, taller. Exhale again in with here, Zepatier, heels. Exhale, put some energy into this in with the or. Show a little life. When you're doing, don't get tired here and one more ant in with here will slip a little butterfly in here. Exhale, roll it up in with the air. Lifting Taller, taller, taller, taller, and exhale. All right. Like I said, we're going to to a little butterfly in here, so we're going to add another one. We're going to stretch heart and we're going to roll up your spine and we're going to lift up your arms. Hold the arms here.

Let's bring the left weight back to the middle of the barrel and I want you to twist, pulling your waist back and kind of bending that left elbow and then both arms up, pushing those heels away. Twist as you bring the right arm back to the barrel, bend that elbow as you twist and pull your waist back. Push your right heel away and back up. One more each side to twist, twist, twist. It's kind of like the short box twist and you're going to pull back your hips, pull back your waist and back up.

One more. Lifting tall. Whoops. Twist first. Push those hips away evenly. Twist the air out of your lungs back in the middle. Squeeze. Watch how my plots, these frame, my box moves simultaneously and doesn't leave my hips forward and rest your arms. Now we're going to do shaving, so as our legs cross, we're going to pull our waste back into that barrel and we're going to circle the arms up. I want to pull and lean a little forward. I'm going to bend the elbows and in with the exhale.

Inhale, draw that belly in and up. Exhale, three more eyes a little forward. Ah, shoulders and elbows back. One more. Pull the waist into that barrel. Open the arms as you switch legs for the hug and pull in. Squeeze, push up, scoop your Valliant. Push up, scoop, push open.

Take a breath and we're going to reverse the breathing. Exhale and in with the urine. Exhale and inhale, push, show open. Open the back of the arm. One more exhale. And still connecting the back of the thighs with those ribs and relax.

We're going to do teaser one, two and three. Let's put our weights down before we completely do our teaser one, two, and three. It's always good to revisit our roll back. So we're going to press those feet down, pole the mat towards us, using our back of our thighs and our glutes. Round your back as you exhale. And we're going to squeeze those inner thighs, draw that lower belly in and pull into the barrel. Exhale. And we're going to go a little further. Now drawing in to the lower back, down to the bra strap or the bottom of your shoulder blades and forward.

Squeeze air up. Draw into the barrel. Use that barrel to get stronger in your powerhouse. Go all the way down. This is how your teaser should move with absolute control. So if you're on the mat, you can still do a rollback, right and in with the air and exhaling. And then find the back of your thighs and slide them straight as you stretch forward. And we'll do one more with the arms going overhead.

So pulling into that barrel. Arms lifting. Wonderful stretch [inaudible]. So you're going to your full Rola if you don't have a spine corrector and reaching forward. And we're going to go into our teaser prep where we're going to hold the right leg long and reach for it and find your range of motion with that leg up. Pull those inner thighs towards you. Scoop the belly in, reaching back.

You might not be able to do it this big when both legs are up, pulling into the barrel. One more. So you can do this on the mat with one foot on the mat and exhale, pulling into the barrel, into the barrel, into the barrel. Switch feet. Try to engage the back of the left eye and pulling into your center and exhaling and again, and we're going to try to add the other leg and let's do rolling pat. Okay, two more. Pulling into the barrel. Yeah, my next, a little tight there, but one more and we'll do teaser to back the thighs. Pull into the barrel. Two more.

Last one, pulling into the barrel and teaser. Three, reach, reach, stretching over. While you're pulling your belly into the bale and pull up. And two more. Yeah, belly ended up back at the thighs reaching last one. Stretch and up. [inaudible] great job. Hug in those knees. We're going to get ready for some canned cans.

I want you to hold on to these handles and we're going to get right onto your tippy toes. How are we going to get on those by pulling your belly again. You can do this on the mat with your hands behind you wall. Open your shoulders, draw that belly in and up. You're going to go right, left, right and kick. Left, right, left and kick and repeat it one more time. Alright, on your tippy toes and pulling into the barrel, pulling into the barrel, pulling it and kick. Pull into the barrel, pull into the barrel, pulling kick. And again, right left, right over your shoulder and left, right, left over your shoulder. Great job. Go ahead and straighten your legs. Stretch forward. And we're going to go into our grasshopper rocking and swimming series.

So we're going to flip over onto our belly. And we've done these a lot on our la second long box. We've done it on the mat and now we're going to do it here. So you're going to cross your hands on the front of the barrel and you can do it again on the mat and you're going to put your forehead down and we're going to lift those legs from our hips. Same theory as we've been working on hands head here and we're going to crush your hips down.

We're going to lift your belly up when a role open those shoulders and we're going to lift. I'm going to come forward just a little more so my head makes contact and we're going to lift up. We're going to pull in, squeeze, pressing those hips, lift up and 10 counts down. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Reach out, draw the shoulders, back, belly in and up. Hips, hips, belly and belly in lift, lift, higher end bend in extent in one, two, three, four reach five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. One more long legs, shoulders, back, belly in and up. Hips, pressing scoop and in your belly to lift, bending in the Nice Stuart showing out. And what great shaping of these things. Seven, eight, nine, 10. All right, you might need, you could also do it with your hands here. When you do your grasshopper, by the way, you are going to come back just a little and let's really press those hips down. Okay?

Cause we're gonna do rocking right now and I don't want you to fall forward on your face. Yes, you have to adjust. But let's start with the hips, then the belly pull the mat behind you. Then take one arm back to find your balance. Then take the other as your belly lifts, lifts up, lifts up, and we're going to rock back. Rock forward, rock back, forward, back flow. Press your feet into your hands. Get Braver, get stronger back of the thighs and seat one more.

Now extend your arms and legs must get back. Just a hair and swim. I'm don't like that. Sorry. This, this good back. Just to hear more. Get a little more out of my legs. Pressing those hips in this leg. Yan are good in two, three, four. Exhale, two, four, five and yes, they have longer legs, hips pushing. One more time. I was determined where you, okay, we're going to go back into a beautiful child's pose position here as you just stretch over the barrel, relaxing that neck and head and stretching. Hm. Okay.

Now we're going to go into our legs series and have your magic circle handy. So if you just have a mat, this might be the trickiest and the most difficult to do on the mat. You're going to basically be doing your shoulder bridge series, right? Because your hands are going to be under your hips, so that's extra challenge. Some exercises might've been easier on the mat, some might be harder scooping it. We're gonna. Let's circle, we're gonna pull our belly into the barrel, open the legs, reach with the back of the thigh, stretch as low as you can. Go.

Squeeze together enough and for more any on the way down. Exhale and the way up Belize in and up. Really getting a good stretch on those hip flexors, reversing it. It's my favorite series and up really returning to beautiful posture. Can you see it? Can you see the long line that Joseph Plot, he's always tried to fix in our bodies? Three more.

This shape is so important and pilates. Tomorrow, this line and one more. Reaching along longer, longer, longer. Oh, and bend the knees for a little break. Drawing that belly in and up. All right, we're going to do walking. Same thing you do it.

He could give your wrists a break if you're doing shoulder ridge and then come right back up. Reach the legs longer, longer to the ceiling. Belly deeper, deeper and eight counts. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and further down. Region four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Took it easy on the first one. Challenge yourself on the next two Ricci. Squeeze those inner thighs. Pass each other and up. Don't let any muscle in your body relax. Tone your body from head to toe with this arc of control up to three, five, six, seven, eight.

Bend the knees for a little break and we're going to do scissors. Same thing. You can do them as a shoulder bridge and reach the belly deep. Stretch those legs off. Exhale your air, reach the right one down the middle of your body. Don't let it go out wide and switch left down the middle of your body. Deep, deep, deep answered and switch. One leg up, one leg down, but your belly is anchored, anchored, anchored. One more.

Try not to let your top leg go closer to your head unless you're touching the barrel on that side. And we're going to do bicycle. I'm going to pull the barrel in just a little bit. There we go. And right light goes up, Belize, back and the fine seat. Connect with the back of my ribs, always to stretch out low as low as you can. Try to touch the floor. If you're on the mat and switch, get this fabulous stretch and switched three in each direction.

This is a lot of work. You're going as long with the straight leg, as low as you can, and then bend, longed with the straight leg, and then bed. Last one with your left Belize, pulling the other knee in. And now reverse. Use the hamstring and glip to be close to your bottom with your foot as then it stretches out. And two more sets. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and out of the exercise. One more set, powerhouse in and out. Back of the find seat.

Last one, back in the science seat and bend those knees. All Right, grab your magic circle. Oh Darn. So I'm going to have to be a little bit Nero. Coordinate it, and you're going to put it between your ankles. All right, and we're going to extend up and we're gonna pull our belly in and press with our inner thighs. Three, four, five and release. All right, we've found the right muscles. Let's bend the knees. And this time we're going to go a little lower. Reach forward, add an ankle, pull your belly in and up as you squeeze. Two, three, four, five. Great job. Now we're going to pump, pump two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now we're going to move with that pump lower. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight en up, two, three, four, five, six, seven, two more sets. Oh yeah.

We're working and shaping those legs. Belize in and up. Seven and eight and two, three, four, five, six, seven. One more set one. We're really working hard here. Scooping in seven and eight. Don't worry, this class is close to being over seven and eight and bend in. Take your circle away. Lie Down. My favorite year. We're going to do our shoulder rolls. We're going to like corkscrew.

Feet close to your seat. Squeeze those knees in inner thighs together. Pull your belly in and up. Take your knees to your right there. Keeping contact with the mat. Pull to your left here. Keeping contact with the barrel over here. Right shoulder. Don't let your shoulders rollover over to your left.

Polling your belly into the barrel to get it to work. Oh over your right hip. Pull the navel into the barrel to go over there. Your left hip. Keep your feet close to your seat, knees to your nose. Let's do a full circle and those ear, shoulder, hips, toes close to your seat. As you stretch over, keep the toes on the barrel over to your left, pulling your belly in so it's hip, left shoulder, left ear, belly, nose. Sorry. Over reverse nose, ear, shoulder, hip. I'm really working on my inner thighs, the back of my legs to keep my legs just like they are. Powerhouse and obliques. Pull us back into a circle. One more each way, sir.

Let's enjoy it a little and pulling center and reverse that circle or scooping. Let's do one more like that. You deserve it. Oh, over round. It's really nice to change up the tempo sometimes and reverse. Oh, over around. Scooping in. Hi. Yes. Extend the legs. Grab onto your ankles. Enjoy that stretch.

Maybe in flex your feet. Good job. Now Scoop your belly n lift your hips effortlessly towards you as you push the barrel away and you must end in your rest position here before we move on to our breathing and our circles. All right, so you'll need your weights for this. And if you were on the mat, that was definitely a challenging series you could have done corkscrew instead of the shoulder roll down. All right, how your knees in gracefully roll yourself up. And I'm gonna move the barrel a little bit for my breathing, giving myself enough room for my legs to reach out over there. All right, and we're going to grab your arm weights.

If you had the heavy weighted bar, that three pound bar, that's more delicious, but in an effort not to grab 3000 tools and props that I just stick with my arm weights. So I want you to lift your tailbone forward off the front edge, long legs and roll back. Rolling. So your tailbone should be off the front edge. There is space underneath your waistband so that you can open up your hips as your belly draws in and up. Let's keep your arms over your shoulders to start taking a big breath. And now exhale. Let's bring our arms down by our side and inhaling up your arms should not move from your hands.

And now we're going to exhale back. As our powerhouse pulls in and up, I see a lot of times moving the weights just from our little arm hands and even the arms. You really need to connect it to your shoulders, to your ribs, to your powerhouse, and exhale forward. So watch as I lift up, you're gonna stay connected to your powerhouse, longer arms in with the or. They look strong as they come up and exhaling back. And as they come you're in a reach two exhale three. As you come forward, it's the back of the ribs are staying anchored and you're like almost pushing down at pedal with those arms. Exhaling one more in with the year and we're going to exhale for three counts. Exhaling, exhaling to your body is beautiful and long and lean and inhaling up on this exhale. Let's go ahead and exhale, bringing your head up and keep using your belly to reach for your ankles and reaching. I need a slide. Same with you.

Back your bottom to keep reaching forward. I'm going to put my weights down for a moment as I slide my spine corrector enough to give me room to finish with our arm circles isn't an a, pull it this way so that I can sit on the other side. You want to have like about a hands with distance or five or six inches between your bottom and the barrel when you're using the spine corrector and we're going to do, let's do another roll back. Let's have the hands here. We're going to pull in and then you're going to it still feel a little cla? No, let's try that.

We're going to pull back and roll over. How does that feel? Maybe just a hair going forward. All right. That looks like, feels like a better proportion. You might need a towel or a pillow under your neck. I am sure I could use one, but I'm going to work on my stretch rather than, it's not straining right now, so I'm going to pull in and I'm going to inhale going back as far as I can and exhale, opening my collarbones and my shoulders just like a muscle. If I'm on the wall and in with the, or, this is great cause you can feel the back of the ribs connecting to the barrel.

And one more. As my arms go down, my collar bones open the back of my neck lengths. LinkedIn's lengthens. I'm working hard. One, we're gonna reverse in with the air and exhale powerhouse in and up. Opening my collar bones as much as I can. Get in those shoulders, back in with the air. Exhaling, rolling up in my shoulders as much as I can. One more. Exhaling. Again, bring your head forward. Keep pushing, open your shoulders, keep pulling and squeezing the air out of your lungs. And then use that energy to slide the back of the legs straight.

Reaching all the way to your ankles, stretching over them, relaxing any tension in your neck and shoulders. And thank you so much for joining me for another day. See You for class number 25.


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That was a tough one. . . Thanks!
Savannah B
Really enjoyed this workout. I wish there had been more cues for the actual movements rather than just the breathing. Particularly for moves where you’re lying back over the spine corrector, I kept having to come back up to see what she was doing, since there were no verbal cues

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