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Day 25: Feel the Freedom

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Welcome to Day 25! Now that you have formed a strong habit and created a strong foundation for your practice, Monica encourages you to feel the freedom of your movements. She goes through the work on the Reformer and the Mat and then prepares you for standing work that will come in later classes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole

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Okay, today is class number 25 of your 30 session challenge. I am again so excited that you're still doing this challenge forming a strong habit. You've laid down a solid foundation with all of your basics. You're really challenging your powerhouse and challenging your range of motion. I'm um, today wanting you to feel the freedom that all of that brings. So we're going to be enjoying the freedom of a well tuned machine, your new body, the revival of your body.

And we're going to be doing an intermediate reformer hoping to do it in about 25 minutes or less. And then just about a basic little extra, uh, than basic mat in 10 minutes. And then finishing up and please stay with me as we finish up with just a few exercises on the wall because we're going to introduce a one legged wall. Sit. That'll take us to our standing arms series next time. So, and always finishing, standing ready to walk away is a wonderful way to end your Pilati session. So let's go ahead and begin on our reformer four springs. You're gonna stand closer to the edge, weight on the ball of your foot.

Really working on your [inaudible] just like you did on your mat. And we're gonna draw the belly in. Rounding that back, lift the legs from your powerhouse. Roll out your spine, and we're gonna put the toes two to three inches apart and ready? Here we go. Pulling it out, pulling it all the way out, all the way up. Stretch it out, stretch it and feel the arches lift. Feel your inner thighs lift. Feel that pelvic floor. Lift your lower belly. Feel it. Stretch all the way up to the back of your ribs. We'll do one more.

Pulling out to the crown of your head and arches and scooping and try to make your transitions, keeping your muscles engaged, your powerhouse engage. That's for six more. And you want to keep a nice tempo, so you're going to get a nice cardio workout out of this and scooping it in and up. And that's three, two back and the thighs, one one and up to heels out should go. If you need to adjust in between, that's all right. But keep it moving. Arms are trying to open the chest, press into the mat, scoop and in an app, stretching it out, pull in it and stretching it out. Pull it as do four more and get your belly to pull all the way up to the back of your hips. Scoop and it hit and two and last one.

And we're going to go down to toes and pull out. Really connect the arches. Entered the highs pelvic floor, scoop and in and up and stretch while keeping your energy out the crown of your head and pulling up and stretch while not giving anything to that stretch. Anna, you keep all your weight lifting up out of your neck and coming up and stretch your Achilles tendon and stretch the CAS, but work your seat on the way up. Stretch work the hamstrings and back of the thighs. Stretch or work your inner thighs.

Squeeze and pull up three, pulling it up. Make that belly work to scoop into the mat, up to your upper back. Last one. Stretch. Pull it up, up, up, and draw the carriage in. Slide a little bit away. Lower year foot bar as you lower your head piece and grab on to your handles. Elbows on the Mat. Lift your head as you inhale. Exhale, go out for the a hundred same thing as your footwork, and exhale two, three, four, five in with deer squeezes inner thighs. Exhale, one, two, three, four, five. Pull the belly in and up. Exhale, vigorous pumping. Excellent. Pull your belly up against those arms. There are long fingers.

There are long legs. You're using the seat to stretch the femur bone, the thigh bone out of your hip. [inaudible] you're pulling your belly in and up against it. That's 60 really squeezed up, dear one more. [inaudible] Ben, everything handles in one hand. Rola using your powerhouse to transition your cheese or drop to springs for short spine massage. Make sure your head pieces down. We've lowered it earlier. Loop your leather through your handles.

Use your powerhouse and inner thighs to pull everything over with the feet. They slip in. Arms go by your side. Here we go. And think of your foot work. Stretch out long, lift up long and with dear empty your lungs. Ah, stretch, stretch, stretch, heels come down and out. Up. Oh, oh over, oh over.

Fantastic. So we've got two more. Really try to lift up your seat right when your legs go long. Use your seat to lift to the ceiling. Keep the space between your pelvis and your ribs. Don't collapse your pelvis into your neck.

Stretch it now from the ribs. Reach it longer longer, and then pull down your heels. One more belly in and up. Stretch your pelvis away from those rips. Keep the nice sea curve. Keep lifting your pelvis. Don't collapse. Exhale, exhale, exhale and heels coordination. Grab your wooden handles or your handles. Slip the straps off your feet. Handle slight forward.

Head lifts and exhale. And we're going to begin coordination in with their open claws. Exhale, exhale, member that pelvis stretch long the way and pull in. Pull in your ribs and squeeze out the year. Three more long. Open chest, two more. No tension in the neck and shoulders. It's your upper stomach and enough and hang up your handles and sit up with control.

And we're going to set up by long box for swan and pull straps. I'm going to grab my bar at the same time. I'm going to Tuck it under and I'm going to, it's going to be absolutely ready for my short box. All right, we're going to keep it on two springs right now and we're going to get on from behind. Up. Hands are going to go a little bit more forward. Push out and then lower your pelvis. You could use a pat on the side if you want.

Have your hips right on the edge and hole. Okay, so you're going to press, we've done this so much in the last few classes. Press all this down working. Use your belly to create a little hole and you're going to end with the air and exhale. And now we're going to use our belly to come up higher belly belly and then shoot up trying to live my belly. And then that one's a hard one in with the air and exhale in and lifting up. And Ben.

One more and down and bigger bottoms working Belize, lifting and up with the stomach tight with the hips and end. All right, we're gonna put your hands back on top. Lift in that power house. Let's drop one spring. We're going to go out for our pull straps, their hands almost towards the top edge. Let's think of our planks. Are we squeezing our hips, scooping our belly and open those collar bounds and lower down. Grab up on your leather, holding onto your handle the feet.

Hold the carriage out. And now we slide into position seam exercises that we've been doing. Press your pubic bone down your hips. Get rid of any tunnel into your hip flexor. Reach those legs long. Pull the belly in. Roll the shoulders back.

Pull the belly up to the sternum, up to the sternum, up to the sternum and control down. Long arms down and squeeze linkedin stomach feels nice. Reaching down, pressed roll. Open the shoulders. Reach those legs. Pull your belly up to sternum and down. Let's go for the tea or pull straps too. That makes the snake look easy. Right arm, straight out, palms facing back roll. Open your shoulders if you need to.

Press that pelvis first. Strength, scoop your belly in. Lift your belly up, lift your belly up and range and long and reach one more. Try not to let the spring take too long of a break, but it continues. Movement both handles in one hand, stepping off, lifting the belly, add another spring. We have two on now. Handle in each hand behind you. One hand foot to the foot bar, bottom stays lifted.

Bring the bottom forward off that front edge backstroke. Inhale, stretch, stretch, stretch, and exhale here in with your exhale, fill your lungs with air and exhale two more each time. Get Out of your shoulders. Open that chest. One more. Wonderful. We're ready for teaser. Now go ahead and roll up, twist, and you're going to lower one spring.

Use your powerhouse twist back unfold. You should have slid back a little. Your tailbone is no longer off the front edge. Here we go in with the air. Exhale, use that powerhouse. Reach for your feet and arms powerhouse.

Chest Open. Last one. Hold the arms. Reaching for your ankles. Draw that pelvic floor, draw that lower belly, articulate as you roll down. Nice timing. Here we go in and exhale the re pumps again. Okay, and forward.

I keep moving my reformer spring one more and rolling. As soon as I'm down, we're going to come right back up. Don't let that spring get a break. Work your body, your a well-tuned machine, one more and down long and articulate and delicious. And we're going to get rid of our straps. Now I'm just going to hang them on the back edge, my head pieces already down. I'm going to turn the reform the box to short.

Grab my bar into position, grab my pad. I'm going to put it right here. Hands with distance from the back edge and I'm going to add a spring while grabbing my safety straps. Here we go. All right, so we're going to do basically the roll back as we hug. That's the first exercise. Lift off the seat, exhale all your air and start with an inhale and exhale and didn't with year end decks out.

Again, I'm trying to connect the back of my thighs to my heels. Pushing away. Stretch. Ah, keep those hip flexors open. Don't tighten up here. Lift your belly instead. One more. Actually two, since we're doing intermediate, your pelvis should be flat and in contact with the box. Oh one more. Ah, there it is. Exhale all the way in with Whittier. Squeeze out that air.

Okay, ready? We're going to do flat back squeeze. Find the connection or the back of the dyes and seat with those heels. Instead of tightening the quad or the hip flexor and we're gonna pull the belly in and up to lift those arms. Nice open chest. Reach the crown of your head more to the ceiling more, more. And let's really stretch. Here we go, yes, and exhale and the belly pulls in and up.

And exhale each time. If you can get your pelvic Florida law tire higher, higher, and then forward. Try that again. You're lifting. Lift Taller, taller and forward. Nice job. Let's do side reach. Squeezing up, belly in and up. And we're going to lift up and stretch our ribs. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and pull it up.

Create space between each vertebra. Reach each one away from the next end up. Can't reach if your pelvis comes with you. Keep your left hip grounded. Keep it with your powerhouse, with your powerhouse, not by pushing your ribs back to Holden. Pull that belly, keeping the right hip anchored, anchored, anchored. And one more set. Let's make sure we're breathing. We're gonna inhale and exhale. Last one and exhale.

Give your arms a tiny break and we're going to do the twist. Lifting Taller twist. Get that pelvis to go first. Pull Baca. Delicious lift tool. Wist more, more.

Pull the pelvis out first. Keep Long. Keep always those ribs pulling away from your pelvis. Create space, more space, more space and up and stretch it up. Tool list. Reach out those fingertips and scoop in and up to come up.

One more set. I believe out the crown of your head, out the crown of your head and one more and reaching, reaching, reaching and up. All right, stretch forward. You deserve that. You get a little break. Not many times in [inaudible] slipped the Barney here. Legs roll up. I hope you're getting a good sweat on I am. We're going to slip that right foot out. Hold underneath it an extent.

Belly goes in and up. Belly goes in and up. Walk up to the ankle. Make sure your hips are square. Scoop the belly in and up. Stretch forward. Exhale all your air. We're going to inhale to rock back and you're going to exhale to pull the pelvis, the back of the waistband into the box, and then walk all the way down.

Reach that right leg out of the hip in with here. Exhale, stretch up out of the lower back. Roll back. Rolling that powerhouse. There we go. Should feel very comfortable. Okay.

On this next one, stretch out. Get your shoulders over the hips. Get out of the lower back. On this last one, we'll go all the way down and then reach your hands. Drop the belly, the waist into that box. Reach the arms. Pull everything. Fuck Scoop. Okay. Lifting up out of that Paul, this had, or the lower back.

Sitting up tall. Bend the knee. Pick your apple off your tree. Wow. Great switch legs. So now we have the left leg coming up, stretch and bed. Stretch it in bed. Stretch your right back. The thigh should be pushing into the box.

Your left hip should be long. Scoop your belly and stretch over it. Square off your hips, square off your body. Draw the belly and pull back. Draw it in deeper so you go into the box and then down, stretching you in with the year. [inaudible] it felt so good. I wanted to go for that full stretch tomorrow.

You can if you want. Pull the waist. I'm just trying to stay consistent. Hands are here in with deer powerhouse. You could even slide up to that like stretch hard. One last one, going for the full back bend back of the right thigh, stomach, left legs, reaching, arms reach. You can stretch because you have strength.

Okay. They go hand in hand and stretching forward and then bend the knee if you need to to stay tall and stretch it as straight as you can without giving up your posture. Even on the hips, picking the apple off your cheek. We're done with our box. Let's go. We're going to bring our pad forward a little. Grab our bar and our box. Take it back here. We're ready for the long stretch series. All right, so our bar will go down while I'm here.

I'm going to get my carriage ready for the next, for the leg springs when I do that. Okay, because I'm back here so I'm going to be nice and efficient and hopefully they'll stay on my little hooks. They're looping the extensions for your frog and leg circles. That'll come in a little while. I'm just going to hang them down here for now and going to lift up my head piece. Put My black pad over it. Keep working. Two Springs, we are on them so you don't have to change anything. Hand foot between the shoulder pats hand when that hand goes on, lock the left hamstring glute. Scoop your belly in, up your crown of your head. Other leg floats up and here we go.

Out and scoop the belly in and up and out and open those collarbones and stretch. Here's where your foundation really pulls off for working hard on those last mat exercises and forward. Give me one more on this last one. Pull forward so much, so much that your knees float down. Don't lose that angle. Heels back and exhale. Exhale, exhale. Hmm. Two more.

Obviously a breathing exercise. Last one, crawl onto the fingertips and then lift and then keep lifting and up. Stretch hands. Float the toes forward so you're on the ball of your foot. Exhale, squeezing. They're out of your lungs and back of the thighs. Hips press down and fold up back. Squeeze the glutes, draw the belly in and up. Oh Wow. And let's float down those heels and we're going to do elephant again. Exhale and draw your ribs and shoulders a little forward for this alignment and push out and draw it in and back of the thighs, back of the ribs and back of the size. Really connect here. Exhale to come in.

Inhale up. Exhale. Do your pull up to more. Do that twist on the reformer, [inaudible] or snake when you have to draw the carriage back in. Great job. Step off to the side. Slide your pad down. We're ready for stomach massage. We're going to add two springs, so we're on all fours. All right. Yeah, we're going to sit down with control. Turn feet in polite stance arms at the same time and here we go.

Pull belly is lifting. You're lifting those arches inner thighs. Pull into stretch that back. This is like your ruling, likable four or rolling like a ball. You're about to rule back on your lower back. You're pulling into it so much. Last one, drop a spring. Hands go back at the same time.

Touch the shoulder pads. Use your belly to lift up and that's what straightens your arms almost onto your sit bones and out Dan. Lift at it, scooping it and back the thighs. Inner thighs. These stomach massage series exercises are not exciting, but I love how you tone your body from head to toe in the stomach. Massage. You have to work everything.

We'll do one more back of the thighs, belly up to your storm. Keep it up to your shirt. Keep it up to your sternum. As you come in, hands are now reaching forward. I just dropped one spring, so we're at two and exhale and inhale and exhale. Have your arms lifting up. Don't let him get lazy as your last one. Follow the line of your back. If you can twist out and in and twist and pull in. Pull your powerhouse up to your sternum, to your chest, bone and blind. Pull it away from your arches up to your chest and it one more sec.

No, my favorite exercise. Last one, and let's end with a good reach. Reach, reach. Okay. Step off, lower your bar down and we're going to get this pad off and I'm going to put and hang up my little extension straps that they're so ready to go and we're going to lie down for semicircle and then frog in like circles. All right, I'm going to do knuckles as you know, because I'm five foot two, but you can have your hands here. If you're taller. I'm going to ask for a little more articulation, an extension. Got My hair cut there and my body, so I'm going to go to fists. All right, lifting my hips from my hamstrings and glutes, drawing my belly in and we're going to go down, upper back, squeezing the euro. Take a moment to wrap your upper back around that mat. Go as low as you can. Use the hips and balls of your feet.

Then squeeze those hips up. Stretch the quadricep roll down. Okay, slight lift up. One more meltdown, powerhouse. Back of the thighs and hips. Hold it still as you left. Common stretching.

Reverse hold right there. Don't go all the way out to a straight leg. You lose part of that exercise. Tumor, hips and glutes rolling, articulating. See if you can keep your heels up off your frame of your reformer. One more. See how minor up right now, an exaggerator right here and I'm going to roll down.

Okay. Keep 'em up as you come in. Lift with your seat arms at the same time. Grab for the bar or your ankles and take a big breath. Let's stay here for a second. [inaudible] stretching the Quadricep, the front of your thigh. One more breath.

Lower the heels if you can now, and sliding back. Be Nice if there was one fellow swoop, but my top does not allow that efficiency. Grab your straps. Don't knock yourself on the head. Draw those knees in feet and you get your spine gets to relax from home stretch. So we're going to pull the belly in and up.

Keep your pelvis down, pull the belly all the way to your chest. Pound key, your tail. Bhante stretching it, stretch out. Pull it two more. [inaudible] last one's day now, and we're going to do circles back of the thighs. Press into your strap. Feel the thighbone. Reach out to those hip paths.

Three and squeezing together. And two last one. Ah, it feels great. Reversing it. Stretch out of those hip bones. Reach those legs longer. Two more last time. Ah, finally got my right hip flex. Have a release. Here we go for a nice stretch.

[inaudible] and you're going to do an innercise stretch. Okay. Go ahead and bend your knees and as you straighten them, try to turn your knees out and open them a little wider. Be Gentle though. Don't tear anything and legs together. Okay.

I'm going to slip off my straps. I'm used to uncoupling them right here. You're welcome to try that and I sit up with the straps in my hand so that I'm ready to go when I'm doing more advanced exercises like chest expansion and five stretch. Today we're going to do knee next though hand, foot, hand. As I put my other foot, I'm going to pull my powerhouse in. Get into this nice jockey, horse jockey position and out. Andean really makes sure your feet are making contact cause you're supposed to work. Get out of your neck and shoulders.

Connect your arms to your upper body, to your ribs. Stretch those hips too. One more switch. Smooth, quick, smooth, quick belly up to the chest, back of the thighs, back of the thighs to one. Switch out length in the thigh, out of your hips. Don't take it in your shoulders. Three, two, one. Lower down with care.

Step off and lie down for your call down of running and pelvic tilt feet and here stretch. Yeah, everything's still lifting out the crown of your head. Feel the arch. Lift the inner thigh. Lift the pelvic floor, the lower belly. Stretch your spine out of the crown of your head. Last set. [inaudible].

Draw it in arches on the corners. Length your pelvis away from your chest, from your ribs. Roll up your towels. And here we go. Back the thighs and seat. Then reach, reach, reach and out and stretch, stretch, stretch and reach and stretch. That's four. Let's do six mark. This is going to prop us far side splits right now, so really don't throw this away just cause it's a cool down.

Feel those muscles in those legs, not in the front of the leg. Saddle sink. Yeah, one more and hold and melt down. Slide the feet together. Hug the knees in. Let's step off and enjoy our side splits. Grab two pads. You can decide splits on two springs.

If you're just learning 'em or need a little edit added control. I'm going to do them on one spring. I want to feel the burn in my inner thighs. All right, so we're going to stand up close to the springs, one foot the other foot. Then I'm going to take my right foot. In this case and put, put it on the frame of the reformer. I want my politesse box square lifting up the crown in my head.

I'm going to keep that energy as I heal toe. I'm not trying to push down. I'm not trying to push out. I'm holding in and up and now I'm going to have a lift in my arch, a lift in my inner thigh, pelvic floor. Hold a nice ballet arm, classical arm. Push out from the outer thighs. Lift up, up, up, not pulling in. Push. Shout out out. Pull up, up, up on this last one. We're going to go out, out, out.

We're going to stay out. We're going to reach to the mat. Pick up some roses that they've just dropped. You roll up your spine with those roses. Give them away and then come back and up we go. Okay. Oh, they threw his roses again. We're going to keep lifting in our arches.

This is the harder one. Hold the carriage in. Lifting in your body. Give those roses away. Hold it in and heel toe the foot back under your hip. Close to the springs. Bring this foot. Turn it around. This time we're going to do like a saw, so left foot goes out.

Pilates box, right holidays frame. Everything's lifting length in that lower back. Keep the lift, keep the left. If you don't set up right, the rest is a disaster. So nice box arms reaching out. Push with the outer thighs. Lift the arch, the pelvic floor, the lar valley push. Scoop it all up. Last one for the sob.

Push and reach for that right foot. Roll up your spine. Push. This is your outer thighs working. [inaudible] pull up articulating your spine. Lift your arch, lift your inner thigh. Hold your kerogen. This is your inner size, dreaming and up. This is your powerhouse. Lifting and up and heel toe. Your right foot back under.

You almost try to keep the carriage quiet carefully stepped down from your reformer and lift up your bar. At a spring we'll be on two springs. Now make a v. We're going to do front split and your thigh stretch or thigh split. Okay. Or kneeling front, split, whatever you want to call it. Hands. Put your right foot on the bar between your right shoulder and your chest bound heel toe, the left foot back.

And then if you need to, you can hop it over the black pad. All right. Most importantly, square off your hips. Mine are a mess right now. Have Weight on the heel of the foot on the outside of your foot. No weight on that arch. And now keeping your hips square. Draw the belly in and up and exhale and Hank over as if you could round over the bar. This is one of the main parts of the stretch. Push out with the back hip.

Pull in scoop your belly and hang over that bar back at the left thigh and glute delicious. Now lift your powerhouse in your hips so that they are square in not the same level as your right knee. Use your powerhouse to draw your energy up to your fingertips. Hands behind your head, and now work the right hip to push out. Pull it in. Work the right thigh.

This really strengthens the knee. Okay. Now for our delicious thigh stretch, we're going to place your hands on the bar. Then left knee goes down. You can use the bar to help stretch, stretch, stretch, push your left hip forward and down to go out. You can straighten your right leg if you want.

Okay, pull forward, stretch, stretch, stretch. Two more hip goes forward and down. [inaudible] stretch that hip flexor that so as heel tries to stay in contact with that Pat, last one, and Ford. Now hold your weight from the back of your hips, pushing them forward, drawing that belly up to your fingertips and stretch, ah, up, down with that right foot up. With that left and now we're going to put the left foot and we're going to Susie Q heel-toe, whatever you want to say. And then if you need to, you can jump your right foot. I was able to get it to move just right again, square off your hips, draw your belly in and up. Keep weight on the outside of your right foot, on the heel, on the ball of the foot. Do not collapse in the arch. Push out with that right foot. Pull in, hang over the bar while keeping your right foot down.

Let go of tension. Push out, comment, hang over that part one more. Now pull your weight back. Make sure you have a locked right ankle. Strong hips are at the same level as your left knee powerhouse poles all the way to your fingertips. Hands and push with the left hip. Pull in it. Push your head into your hands.

Pull it in. One more push. Your right hip should be like two and scoop. And now we're going to bring that right knee down. Push your right heel against the shoulder pad and pull on the bar to pull your hips forward. Forward stretch far forward. Roll up in the shoulders. Push back with the right glute and hamstring.

Stretch the left hamstring and scoop forward. Lift the belly, lift the belly. Squeeze the hips forward. Two more big stretch, and we're going to caress that right hip forward. Lifting up out of the hip flexor. Stretch it one more, squeezing it forward. Lifting. Lift your belly up to your fingertips. Exhale, arms down. Wonderful.

Let's step off and let's come down for Matt. We've done the hundred, so we're going to separate here and we're going to stand with one arm over the other. Keep your energy up, up, up, up as you lower yourself down. Lift your bottom back and we're going to do the rollback. So we're going to exhale. Squeeze the hips, rollback arms lift. Exhale, arms forward, head. Pull the belly back. Pull the belly back, slide your leg straight. Reach forward, roll back from here. Pull the belly back, pull the belly back.

Exhaling arms head. Exhale, squeezing the back of the legs into the mat. Stretch it forward. Draw back. Yeah, and exhaling. Articulation and alignment. You should be super warmed up. Now draw those arches to you, those inner thighs, lower belly and stretch it back. And just two more. [inaudible] and stretch and ruling back.

[inaudible] and get ready for your hugging, right knee in for single leg circles, right leg stretch. Press and open the chest and cross around them. Chorus around them. Caress. Stop it. The nose crests around, up to, I think that was five actually, rivers. What I'm going to count to open around three regene regenerates four last one, and hug that knee in. Slide it straight on the mat as you bring in the left, stretch it up.

Arms Press and crossing one and two, drawing the pelvis and three that pelvic floor for one more and reverse. Use the back of the thighs you reach. Stretch that hip thigh out of the hip and region and two and one more. And Hug it in. Slide it straight so that you in with the year and you exhale.

Rolling up for rolling like a ball. Grab onto your ankles, dry your belly in and up. Stretch your head forward in with the air. Exhale in with your exhale. Four more. Don't collapse like short spine. Keep your pelvis lifting up. Exhale, not a dead weight. Two more. Very important to massage the spine.

After the reformer. Rest your feet, lift your bottom back, and we're going to do another roll back massaging the lower back. Stop when you hit the back of it, your shoulder plates and stretch the right leg forward and switch and right and stretch that thigh out of the hip. Reach it. Draw the belly in and up. Two more sets, right, left elbows up and double leg stretch and in with your exhale and exhale in with exhale, two more. Reach it, lock. Pull it in. One more. Oh, your fingertips and right leg and sewage head switch and switch. You're almost home. Then we'll do the wall. Almost done. Three, two, one and both like SAP.

Handle for hint. Exhale on top of the bottom of your shoulder blades. Reach out, pull up, hips, reach two more. Last one, bend the right knee. Exhale, twist, stretch that right leg out. Switch one more and Hugin roll up for spine. Stretch forward, opening those legs, arms up in with the air. Exhaling, lift the belly, lift the belly, lift up, up, up, and now we're not letting our ribs collapsed. Lifting up. Exhale. Okay. Inhaling up. Exhale, lift the waist, lift the weight, lift the waist, and with here we'll do one more feeder parallel, not turning out. Lift the waist, lift, lift, lift, and inhaling up and draw your waist back. As you bring your legs together.

Slide your hands under for seal, and we're going to collapse. Two, three, massage. Exhaling, massage. Your lower back, massage your upper, lower as you inhale up, or as you exhale hard to breathe and do this. Hard to talk him. Sorry, we're gonna do two more though. In stand up. Last one. Cross standing up. And now let's go finish with our wall. Okay, so grab your two pound weights and actually turn around and walk straight into your wall.

So I want your toes to touch the wall and that automatically draws your vision up. Okay? So your head's not going to Bonk against the wall and your belly is going to pull in because it doesn't want to touch the wall first. And you're gonna turn around with your belly in with your head up. And we're going to get your heels right against that wall. Okay, we're going to start there. That's your goal. You have a natural curve in your lower back that's wonderful and behind your neck, but your lower back.

If it stuck like that and it never is able to round or stretch the other way. We have a problem. So we're trying to pull our belly n to our lower back, stretch it into the wall and I'm not there with my heels against my wall. So I'm going to keep my [inaudible] frame box here and walk my feet out a little and then try it again. Maybe even do a little bend in the knees so I can really draw up my arches, my inner thighs, my pelvic floor, my lower belly, and see if I'm making more contact and I am so I'm going to keep it here.

Now I'm going to lift my arms up. Now if you need to, you can move your feet almost like three feet away from the wall, not really quite two feet, let's say. And if it still doesn't get your small of your back onto the wall, then go ahead and have your head and shoulders rounding forward, securing that small the back. And every time you do this, get a little bit higher with the shoulders and the head until they're on the wall and they get your feet closer and closer and closer until they're against the wall. Here we go in with the air, lifting your weights from your powerhouse, exhaling and in with the air. I have to keep my back and my ribs. Exhale, your arms might only be able to lift shoulder height one more and exhale reverse. But we're getting towards the end of our series, so I think you're there. Now. Add in with ear Belize scoops in and up. Exhale one more and we'll do the pill towel. Open those color balance.

Open the chest. Exhaling, lift through the crown of the head, laying the chin to your chest. [inaudible] peeling off the wall, lifting in your body, lifting your arms, hanging into each vertebra. Keep lifting the waist. Keep lifting the weights like spine stretch short, and you're going to come to your shoulders are at the level of your hips and circle one opening in the shoulders to the jury and reverse one, there's always a lift in your waist. Three and we're going to roll up like we're pulling up a heavy weight. We're really engaging our pelvic floor in our lower belly or inner thighs are arches. We're articulating, rolling up, not skipping a vertebra. Slide up even taller, and one more.

The lift in your body. Resisting gravity is so important for freedom of movement. And three circles here. Lifting in the waist to the re, reverse it, opening the shoulders and the chest, and we're gonna draw up those arches. Draw up those nursers, drop that pelvic floor powerhouse. You don't lock your knees and now separate your field feet and you're going to walk them forward.

So they're about a foot and a half to two feet away from the wall. For our waltzing, we're going to do one just lifting in our waist, lifting in our body, sliding down to the level of your hips, and use the back of the thighs powerhouse to come this time. Let your arms float up simultaneously and press down as your belly pulls into the wall and slides up. One more. Inhaling on your way down and we're going to exhale those arms. Come now slide your heels together. Hold them there, push the ball.

I'm going to slide them in just a little more so that my pelvis is square on that wall, right? And we're going to press the ball the foot away. Press the side of your foot. Press pulling up your arches. Inner thighs, pelvic floor. All right, hold your body straight and we're going to lengthen the right leg up and we're going to go on left leg. We'll do a wall. Sit for threeK , pull into the wall, hold your balance. And now we're going to slide down. Keep your weight, keep your weight and slide up and sliding down. That left leg is right underneath you. Back the fine hip. One more back the thigh and hip. And now rest that foot down. Switch your weight just a little bit so that that right foot is lined up heel with your belly button and chest bone. Don't lock that knee.

Okay, so it feels a little odd right now, but now we're going to lift up that left leg and here we go. Keep it under the middle of your body. There we go. And slide it up and two more powerhouse. Even hips. Oh yeah. One more. Even hips and back to the tie and seat. Oh, I think we're going to be ready for our squats are one legged squats.

Walk your feet back into the wall. Press your weights. Let me see that body position. That's going to happen with our standing arm spring series next time, and I will see you for those arms springs.


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This is a beautiful workout; perfect for a Saturday morning where I have my reformer and Gratz pilates mat at home. Away from my studio, I have the luxury of exploring my own movement and this was perfect for that. A favorite for sure! And yep, I am sweating! :)
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So good!
Monica Wilson
I'll be coming back to this one a lot myself! Thank you for joining me in my challenge:)
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Difficult to heel-toe a sweaty foot!! This was a lovely workout- it built up beautifully to the wall work. Thank you- my classes are going to enjoy those one leg wall squats!!
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Hard one.
Monica Wilson
If it makes you feel any better Margaret, I’m taking my own challenge right there with you!
Thats good to know. Im right now about to do my last one. It has been a real challenge. Ive learned a lot and appreciate my body more than ever for its power. Youve been an inspiration. Thank you

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