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Class #3388

Day 26: Standing

35 min - Class


Welcome to Day 26! Today Monica works on using the powerhouse in an upright position. She starts with awareness exercises to ensure that your alignment is good and then moves on to standing exercises using the Magic Circle and Arm Springs.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Magic Circle


All right, we are here today with class number 26 of your 30 session challenge. I hope you enjoyed class number 25 and the traditional workout Plati session where you did reformer mat and some wall an...


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Very intense!! Very nice!!
Short but intense. Feels great on my body. Thanks
Haven’t done some of those standing springs for ages. Great to put them back into my repertoire- loving the series. Thanks.
Loved this workout so much! This series has been super tough for me as I was definitely behind the strength curve when starting but the circle really helped with mindfulness and engaging in the best way. Thank you! Looking forward to revisiting again when even stronger.

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