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Class #3389

Day 27: Keep the Flow

50 min - Class


Welcome to Day 27! Monica teaches one of her favorite routines that starts on the Reformer, moves to the Ladder Barrel, and then returns to the Reformer. She works on maintaining a nice flow, even when she changes equipment.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Welcome to class number 27 of your 30 session challenge. Today we're going to do one of my favorite routines if you will. I would love for you to get to the point where you're making y...


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I think this is my most favourite session so far- a perfect combination of harder exercises and then the reward stretches on the barrel( which I made with my clara barrel on the cadillac bed, and my wunda chair as my foot anchor), and then the last splits on the reformer.Thanks Monica. Happy!!
So glad you enjoyed this class and I love reading all your feedback! Thank you so much! Great creativity too!!! Thank you for sharing:)
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Hi Monica. I am so sad that I'm almost done with my Challenge. I will miss waking up with you! I don't have a Ladder Barrel so this class took much longer as I fiddled with my equipment to figure out what worked best. The Pilates Arc worked well on my reformer and since I have a Clinical Reformer I was able to move the bar and I adjusted gears to modify it. What worked great for me when you did ballet stretches, was using the Jump Board and standing against it to keep my legs and hips in check. It really helped me open my chest and shoulders as well. I will definitely enjoy it more next time!! Thanks again. I have been loving this Challenge. It has been refreshing and rewarding getting back to the basics and focusing on the Classical method. Joe was 30 classes your body will be transformed:)
Hi Caroling and Christy, Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas and helping others envision what they can do if they don't have a Ladder Barrel. It brings me immense joy to hear how much y'all are enjoying this challenge! It was my dream to offer Pilates Anytime followers a 30 class body transformation and y'all being part of it completes that dream!

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