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Day 27: Keep the Flow

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Welcome to Day 27! Monica teaches one of her favorite routines that starts on the Reformer, moves to the Ladder Barrel, and then returns to the Reformer. She works on maintaining a nice flow, even when she changes equipment.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Welcome to class number 27 of your 30 session challenge. Today we're going to do one of my favorite routines if you will. I would love for you to get to the point where you're making your own combinations. Um, but I love to do the reformer and then it's tradition to go over to the barrel for your Swan. And why don't we just stay there and do some backwards stretch and some short box and throwing a little ballet stretches and we'll come back here for long box. So do know that have access to a barrel. You can do your swan on the reformer and you can do your obviously your short box and everything here. So if you don't have a barrel, don't dismay.

But it is luxurious and really nice to be able to do this combination. So thank you for being here today and I'm so happy that you are here and keeping through it. Let's go ahead and start our reformer. We're on four springs and we're going to go ahead and use your powerhouse to lie down toes on the bar for your Pilati stance. And here we go. Pulling out for 10 drawing in and up and scoop. Pull the carriage, pull the carrot, chow, pull it in.

Lifting, pulling your lower belly into your lower back, sliding it up to your upper back. Really lengthening your hips in the opposite direction. Last one. And let's go to arches real fast and out and stretch. Lower belly in and up, pulling up the Ri. Stretch, stretch and pull and reach and, and, and hips. And seven.

Let's do three more and last one up to heels and out and pull those toes back. Stretch it out, pulling back, trying to get the feeling of my lower back, lengthening way from my hips. Four more. And back to the thighs and seat. Feel the back of the ribs down. Sliding your legs straight. Let's do one more and down to toes.

And we're gonna do tendon stretch, pulling out and DA, two, three up to three. We release those hip flexors. Use the hamstrings and glutes. Draw the inner thighs in and up. Draw that powerhouse in and out. Stretching, scooping three, two more, and we'll go into the a hundred last time for our warm up and draw it in. Slide a little bit away. Lower your foot bar with your feet.

Slip down your head piece as you grab your handles and you'll be ready for your short spine massage in with the air. Reach in in two, three, four, five. Exhale. [inaudible] okay. Yeah. To opening my shoulders. Okay.

Squeezy my inner thighs using the back of my legs to lower my feet. Yeah. Okay. Using the side of my hips to reach out. Ooh, let's do three more [inaudible] tomorrow. [inaudible] vigorously pumping those strong arms. Last one, band everything.

Dropped two springs teaser transitional ways and drop one drop two stern around rollout and loop the leather through your handle. So we're on two springs now. We're done with our warmup. Draw both knees in simultaneously. Put Your straps on your feet and roll down and long like your footwork. Lifting in with deer and stretch out [inaudible] and heels come into in with the air and your lungs before you start. And again, rolling long, always stretching out and full inhale and exhale.

Let's try to lift before we hit straight legs, Huh? So daisy, lifting those hips. Oh, all the way down. We'll do one more, but let's inhale and a full exhale. Expanding those lungs. Slide your leg straight up into the hair. Long back of the neck.

Excellent. Reach the arms long to lengthen that lower back down and now slip the handles and leathers off here. Feet dry your elbows. Nice strap. Got a little cut here. There we go. Dry Your elbows into the mat and lift your head up and coordination in with the year.

Open gloves. Exhale. Exhale. One more and we'll go to crosses, crosses two sets of eight and it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight n one more and it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight in. And we're going to go into rallying both handles in one hand and turning around, dropping the spring and make sure you have a hands with distance behind you. And here we go. We're going to squeeze those inner thighs and draw that lower belly in.

Open those arms. Press back, scooping it, lifting up. Big expansion of those lungs, lifting into a c curve and to draw into and open am press and big open other the shoulders. Reach those arms away as you scoop into that back more and we're rolling back in her thighs. Pelvic floor, open. Press back calling for lifting up. Feels delicious. Big Stretch, right angle for our 90 degree rowing. Pull that back straight and tall like you're sliding up on the reformer Matt and flowers and pulling back.

Lift big C curve. Stretch out that head out of the neck and the shoulders. Two more. Try to keep them nice and fluid. Lifting back, lifting forward, reaching back. Paul, lifting up circle, circle. Circle one more. Arm Zap, lifting back and forward and holding back. Lifting up. Big Opening of the shoulder blades and stretch.

Leave your handles. Flip around or spin around. Slide on back against the shoulder pads and hands from your hips. Here we go. And Lift and press. Romana used to always say keep that spring moving so you keep it moving. Moving, moving and set for right there actually. So you're going to take it out. You're gonna pull it out. You're going to take it out now. Can You keep it out?

Keep it out, keep it out, and then let it come in. One more. We're gonna open those collarbones. Lift through that spine. Keep that spring moving. Keep it still out. Out and rest. One more and forward. I might've done four here, but that's all right.

Better and open. Open, open and flex your Tufts and draw your belly back. Keep pulling into your back all the way up. Almost like mountain climb and where you have to go from a c curve all the way to a straight back. Dry your waist down. Roll it up. Keep rolling it up. Little variation to this rowing. Push your heels away. Alright, one more time. Draw that waist back. Stack your spine. Keep your shoulders in joy. Keep stacking your spine. Reach, reach, reach. Let's do some shaving.

Crossing those legs simultaneously. Push into those straps and let's keep that spring moving. Shall We? Okay. Just enjoying the movement. Feels different. Shoulder blades down. Maybe it's not pretty, but let's keep moving. Last time.

Open those arms, switch legs and in with the air. Exhaling in with here. Exhale. One more. Exhale, reverse the breath. Exhale, reach for the corners. Exhale. One more time.

Hopen chest pushed with the back of the arms and rest. Hang up your handles and let's grab our long box. Just setting it up. So we're going to grab our bar, our alarm box. Okay. And then we are going to have a nice little system over on the ladder barrel.

Let's go. We're going to go right? Yeah, to our backwards stretch and I want you to use your bar for it throughout the whole time. Go ahead and bring your feet out just a little bit. Have your sacrum square against and centered on the barrel. Soften your knees so they're right over your ankles. You shouldn't have your waistband on the barrel. And I want you to hold the bar just shoulder with apart, right over your thighs.

Take a big breath and exhale into a nice round c curve. And right now, I want you to feel the ball of every toe pushing down into the floor, lifting your arch. Feel the inner thighs lift towards you. Feel your pelvic floor open up your lower back. Again. Exhale, opening up your upper back and let's pull in and up through your powerhouse. Lengthening each vertebra down, one at a time. Scoop in your belly into the barrel. Always exhaling, lengthening through the upper back, the neck and reaching and in with the air.

The arms come forward and the head and exhale, expand those lungs, drawing the belly in and up. Lifting from your inner thighs and pelvic floor. Stay here with your hip bones facing forward. Slip the bar right under you. Hold the barrel in the bar as you stretch forward as far as you can, lengthening out of your lower back and then slide the bar down and grab the bar underneath as well. Big exhale and rounding up always from your powerhouse. Lift those arches.

Lift those inner thighs. Lift your pelvic floor in lower belly, and then we're going to slide this out. Slide down your tailbone a little bit and again, links in a way from that. Say Grim linkedin away from each vertebra is pulling into the barrel and lengthening away from the next reaching long those arms, keeping the neck long. Try not to look behind you and too soon. That is an exhaling banding.

Those lungs lifting in your powerhouse, scooping in the lift here to straighten your legs, just run the bag of the legs and into your lower back and put the bar underneath and exhale, stretching that lower back. Slide down and stretch. Try to touch your head down to those legs. One more here. Getting ready for our round box. I slid down a little bit in with the ear to start.

Exhale to roll back. Don't add anything, Vertebra. If you have any coming off, the first ones have to stay down. Pulling that belly in and up and in with the year head too. Exhaling, squeezing out that air. Squeeze those inner thighs together, lifting in the power health, lifting out of your lower back. Put the bar underneath you.

Stretch forward as you lift out of your lower back, keeping your hipbones facing forward, and then slide all the way down. Still lifting in your waist, still lifting and everything. Go ahead and separate your legs and we're going to reach through. Keep your bar where it is and reach through. All right?

All right, and now we're going to do your short box. Keep your bar with you. All right, so that was a delicious stretch. Let's put our bar down right here. Resting it. Try not to let it slip. I was a delicious stretch, but let's keep up our rhythm. Now keep up our reformer.

So we're going to be about a little bit in front of here. Hug your belly, scooping. You just stretched out. So let's go for it. We're gonna draw that naval in, rolling out. Exhale in with the year end, scoop into your seeker and again the Raymore lower back, middle, upper and stretch and in with the air. Expanding those legs and again, two more. And exhale, reach long arms, trying to touch the floor, hug your tummy, stupid in.

And one more back the legs. Ribs really letting go of those hip flexors. Stretch 'em out, reaching, really aligning your body scooping in and stretch. Oh, we're going to grab our bar and slide back just a tiny bit. Find equal weight on your sit bones, drawing that belly into your lower back, lifting long to the ceiling. Pretend you're pulling your belly into the reformer mat up to your head and come forward and draw it into your lower back, up stretch, stretch, stretch, and two more.

Try to break the bar in your hands. You're trying to snap it in half. Have Nice energy. Keep your shoulders in joint in with the air. Exhale up and lower down, side reach, lifting up, lift off those sit bones, drawing the belly. Ended up lean a little bit forward. Keep lifting up and then over over over and come center and scooping.

Expanding those lungs, expanding those ribs and exhale and lifting everything you have as you stretch over over and exhale and lifting up and reaching, reaching, reaching and one more set and both sides. Linkedin, both sides. Reach, reach, reach and consider both sides of your waist left and up and over. Over over and rest. Let's go for the twist. Arms, Zap, lifting up, twist the left, drip over the right hip. Lengthen out and come back up. And again, scoop it in tune with the right rib over the left hip. Lengthen your waist, keep lengthening as you come back up. And let's go fishing up to west.

Reach out to a long line and pull up in that long line your heavy fish and tuna list and reach out and pull up that heavy fish with your waist around the world. Up. Twist, reaching long pooling to center other side. And again, lift, twist, reaching center, other side and center. Bring down your bar. Go ahead and side your bottom back and stretch. Put your bar down.

We're going to do a little tree and then some ballets strategists. Resting the bar right there. Bring your bottom a little bit forward. Anchor your left hip and left foot into place and stay balanced as you draw the right out and stretch it one and two and three and walk up the foot and grab onto your ankle. And I'm going to do a few flecks and points and circling, and then keep your hips even as you stretch out of your lower back. Draw your belly in.

Keep pushing the left hip and heel away as you pull your waistband into the barrel and then go down in with dear empty your lungs all the way up out of your lower back and stretch, curling back. Pull into your barrel with the waste slide. Reaching back, coming up from your powerhouse. Always pulling into the barrel. One more long, right leg up to the ceiling as if you're hanging from a fuzzy.

Stretch it back. Draw back in. Exhale the lungs hip. Stay even on that barrel. Lifting down your lower back. Flex your. Tell him. Pick the apple off your tree. Let's do a little side tree hand here. Open the leg to the side, reaching away, pulling your waste into the barrel. Bend the knee behind you. Cross it over both hands behind you.

Lift and stretch other leg left. Find Your Square. Draw up the left stretch. Bet Taller. Bet stretch walking up. Grab onto that ankle flex point. Flex point. One more set, circle and reverse and now both hips or even reach out of that lower back.

Push with your right hip and heel as you draw the belly into the barrel and down you go. Add in with deer and exhaling, squeezing out those ones and lift out of your lower back and two more pulling into the barrel. Always important. Left leg lifting again as if it's hanging from a fuzzy in with the air. Empty the lungs pulling into your barrel and stretch up out of your lower back. One more rocking back if needed and pulling into the barrel and exhale energy and both legs. Exhaling, reaching forward, feeling great. Grab your toes, hands stretch a little side tree. Yours might look grander and bigger.

You might be able to go all the way to a back bend here. Go where you can, but make sure you're trying. Crossing that ankle for your hip stretch and we're going to do a little bit of ballet stretches coming down, keeping your energy going. I'm going to put my bar aside for this just so it doesn't fall while I'm working. Turning your back to the rungs. I'm going to slide my heels back against and I'm going to pay attention to my posture, pressing the ball of every toe, lifting my arch, lifting my inner thighs, lifting my pelvic floor, hands for me.

You're going to be back here and I'm going to cross my right leg, lifting it onto the center of the barrel, keeping my hips even lifting up and exhale. Let's move with the rhythm of your breath in with the year. Exhale in with dear x n with the air. Exhale, we're not going to do the full series. One more, just a few to compliment our tree. Let's go ahead and put your hands up here and we're going to keep both legs straight and pull back and working those inner thighs. Stretch the hamstrings, scoop those inner thighs together. Stretch for that split. Maybe you can go to the full split now. Slide your right foot towards you.

Does stretch your hips square off those hips and big breath and exhale. Feel both hips lifting up through your spine. Feel both hips against the rungs. Make sure your right hip here isn't forward. Pay attention to your standing leg. Are you lifting in it? Is it working? Does it have energy?

And one more. Pay attention to your hips. Are they not only on the barrel ladder bale, are they also square in those rungs? Let's go ahead and slide this leg straight. Relevate on your left foot. Turn lower the heel and then open your toes. Bring the right foot as forward as needed to give yourself nice square, right hand in the front, left arm up and you're going to side bend over in with the air.

Pushed your hips underneath your shoulders and exhale. Don't have them behind you. Lift from that arch all the way up and up to your fingertips and over okay in with the air and exhaling in with the air up. And exhale over last time here in with the Syrup and exhale. And we're going to do a little side split here.

So we're going to slide out and scoop in and out. I'm thinking of my side splits. I'm using my hands as minimally as possible. Now we're going to use them though to Relevate turn your back to the barrel. I am short, so I'm going to lift up onto this.

You can maybe stay down if you're taller and more flexible, and I'm going to split out, square off my hips and come forward, split out. Try to touch my toe to my head. Lengthen out and come forward. One more. Split out. Touch my toe to my head as I lift. Keep pushing with my right hand. Grab my foot square off the hips as much as you can. Let go. Bring down that Shin against the barrel and your foot down onto the floor.

Press through your hips. Forward. Lift in everything you've got. Put your hands simultaneously on the barrel and lift. Lift, lift as you stretch the quad, the hip flexor, and cross it behind you to bring it down and other leg. Here we go. Put your feet in Pilati stance. Both hips are against the barrel. Put your arms behind you, lift in all you have and let's cross the left and lift it over.

Squaring those hips up in with Deere and exhale over. Stretch, stretch, stretch in with Deere, and Exhale, lifting, lifting, lifting in with the air, and exhale forward to the Ri end with Deere. And the right foot is arched. It's lifting your inner thigh and pelvic floor. One more. Everything's lifting in that standing leg. Really great energy, not taking it in the knee does not hyperextend to hold you last lift.

And now we're gonna put our hands up and go into a split. Keep the legs straight and scoop him it. Keep your hips square and use those inner thighs. One more. Stretch and pull. Cross the leg and let's stretch out your hip, both hip bone. Stay again and in with your lifting up. Exhale, always fighting gravity and with the air exhaling up and back again in with here. And exhale.

Try to keep your left knee as low as you can. I think I have one more in with Deere up the crown of my head coming forward like a candy cane. Watch that your hips are squared in between those rungs last time. Exhaling back. And let's go ahead and slide that leg straight and rise up onto the ball of your foot. Turn lower the heel, open the toe and bring the left leg as forward as needed to to have your hips right under your shoulders.

Lifting from the right leg all the way up to your fingertips and empty the lungs and in with the air. Add. Exhale to the other side, trying to leave your hips where they are. You're reaching away from them. Always Watch your standing leg. Make sure your hip and glue are working to hold you, not your hyperextending knee lifting even the inner thigh always. And one more time in with the air and exhaling, reaching in with the air and exhaling. And now we're going to split out.

So we're keeping both legs straight and use those inner thighs more than those hands. And one more time pulling it all together for your side splits. We're gonna Relevate turn our back to the barrel. Lift up if you need to like myself, square off your hips, slide out, square off and come forward. Two more. Slide out. Bend that knee. Lifting, lifting, touching your toe to your head and stretch. Pull it in, square off if you need to again, slide out and then lift.

Lift, lift than continue to lift by grabbing ons. China, press that left hip forward while keeping my chest up. And now I'm going to bring down my left Shin. Bring Down my right foot. Bring the knees together. Let's work on our alignment here. I'm gonna pull my belly in. Squeeze my bottom forward.

Have a straight line from my knee to my hip, to my shoulders is my goal. Nothing sitting back towards the barrels. I get that delicious stretch. Crossing that ankle over. And let's get ready for Swan and we're gonna turn around. Put our ball of our foot on the bottom.

Rung the heel on the second rung and lived your body so that your [inaudible] box is centered over the barrel. Shoulders on the front side, hips on the back side. I'm gonna reach my arms long. I'm gonna reach my knees long to the floor. Press my pubic bone down, press into the barrel, press my back of my thighs into the barrel. Scoop a tunnel. Under my lower back so I can do this. Here we go.

Breaking in with the air and empty the Velux, stretching out long and lean upper back bend, squeezing those inner thighs, reaching those hips. Bend when needed in with the air and scoop back in for the exhale again in with Deere and do the locks in with there and do the [inaudible] at in with the air. And then one more press lift that tunnel in with the air. Exhale and with your shooting out well lengthening those hips, lengthening that upper back. Stretch back when needed in with tear and hug into the barrel.

Very nice. Come off. Let's go back to your reformer for belong box. I'm going to go ahead and Tuck my bar under since I'm done with it and I've got one spring on and I'm going to get on for my pull straps. Both hands on the box, one foot at the other, squawk up to the second third of the box. Hips reach out just like you did your swan. Do you remember this? Nice long hips tunnel under your belly. Come down in a solid plank.

Grab onto your leather straps, grab onto your wooden handles. You need to scoot forward just a hair, and I'm going to let my feet go and slide into place. Lengthening out the neck, reaching my legs like Swan. That's why we do it. First. Drawing the belly in and up and let's keep this spring moving. Reaching. Yeah. [inaudible] one more pull straps.

One scorekeeping being my knuckles on the floor, pulling them back to my hips, reaching down all the way. Let's go to the tee, putting your hand inside the loop and slide straight out. And here we go. Shoulders and powerhouse and reaching back and she reached those fingertips. Add the spring, comes home, the spring goes out at coming home, back stroke. Both handles in one hand. Step off to the side. This one keeps getting caught a little and add a spring and one handle in one hand goes to the box foot, hand. Let's use that bottom and hamstrings to come forward to the front edge.

Rolling through the spine. Here we go. Up Open, reach, reach, reach, and bend into your box with your powerhouse. Back the thighs, lower the legs. Not tensing the quads to more. You're getting ready for your teaser. One more time. Really working on that upper c curve coming up. All right, get ready for teas are dropping a spring ant rolling down, turning into place and here we go. We're going to keep that spring moving Paul. He can get out pulling it in, pulling it out, pulling it in one more and we're going to roll down circles. Okay, what to keep it navy three holding the arms up, bring your carriage home, reverse arms come down, arms come up from your powerhouse.

One more and Dad. All right, we are done with our box so we're going to put our handles back here. I'm going to grab my bar that I tucked under trying to do things with minimum of motion. Returning it since we've done our short box already and I'm going to lift up my head piece, grab my pad, I've got hidden down here, put it over the headpiece, add a spring, add my bar and I'm ready to go. And let's keep that spring moving hand foot already in a plank.

Dried up, push it out, dry, length it out, dry it in. Push with those heads. Clear those shoulders to try to keep those heels steady over the ball of the foot, not pushing back. Drawing the energy. So forward and that in with you in with the lift the belly up to your sherm. Tomorrow. Last one, crawling onto your fingertips. Lifting the energy all the way back and up. Stretch. Slide the ball the foot forward.

And here we go. Lengthen out, calling it. We're going to do two and then a combo keeping your spring moving combo. Push it out. Last one. Okay.

And draw down those heels. Mine are going to be a little forward and lifting the upper body. Push, pull, push, pull. Push those hips, scooping it. Push. Pull up every toe. One more. All right. Let's step down and we're gonna Bring our pad down for stomach massage.

Go ahead. We're going to keep that spring moving, sitting down toes and Holt, and here we go. Pull out. Press lift in. Same as your ballet stretches. Energy is pulling up those inner thighs, pulling up your pelvic floor and powerhouse. Oh, working to lengthen your lower back. We've got one more. It's not a press out with the quads. Hold in. Drop a spring the same time the hands go back.

Lifting all the way up and really feel you'd lengthen the arms by lifting out of the waist, not by straightening the elbows. Pull out back to the size. Press out, draw the belly isn't up. Two more last time. Feel that waste working. Arms forward. Drop a spring. Exhale in with the air. Okay. Exhale. Two more. Last one going into our twist.

I lost count. Let's do one more set. Should be three strong foundation with those legs to twist away your waist and here. All right, let's lower down that bar so we can do our semicircle. We're going to get rid of this pad. We're going to grab our straps and put some extensions on. So you're going to loop the strap through the leather so we can do our frog and leg circles.

So this is some kind of a little bit more of a intermediate with a few advanced exercises in here to have a nice flow and a very therapeutic okay system today. Lying down, kind of with your bottom, almost off the front edge so that you can slow lift up and slide right into place. You can have your hand flat or knuckles. They do knuckles because of my lovely height challenge. Okay, and start with the ribs, not with your seat. Articulate the upper back. [inaudible] keeping the carriage as still as you can. As you melt down, try to keep your heels up off of the wood or the metal frame. Slide out, lift and let's keep it moving again. Here we go. Yeah. Ah, AH, yeah. One more.

Jam Out, up reverse and out. Up Pan into more. Last one. Hips, ribs, letting go of any tension. And now simultaneous hands move at the same time. Grab onto the bar or your ankles. Lower the heels.

If you can grab back, slide back, grab your straps and knees, come in, don't hit yourself in the head. Slide the straps on. Okay, and here we go. Pelvis is square and flat like it was against the barrel. Stretch, pull, stretch, pull. It's very important to work each exercise like it's you're working out the reformer sometimes. Sometimes it can help you. One more and sometimes you should work it. And here we go.

Circle one pressing down to you on three and far one last one. Reverse one. Pay attention to your legs. Are they circling evenly down the middle? Are they more dominant on one side? Are you squeezing them all the way together? And let's enjoy a nice stretch pulling him towards you. Let's do a little inner thigh stretch, bringing them together and slipping them off.

I'm gonna go ahead and let go and round up. We're ready for our knee stretches. Sung in a lift up my bar, my head pieces up already and getting into position. Hand, foot, hand. As the other foot goes down. I'm going to pretend someone hooked me on my belly and here we go. One, so we're on two springs. Always pulling the powerhouse. Pulls out those springs, pulls into your back. Watch your knees that they don't. Slide two, one, switch, push, pull, push, pull and pull it. Chest lifting other waist for more. Then we'll go to knees off, chest up. Last one here.

Knees off. Transition into your seek herb. Think of your pull up for sweep those legs long out of the hips. One more lower down. Lie Down for running and pelvic tilt. Lowering down with ease.

Centering yourself and how to go stretch out and what it should feel. Absolutely lovely. A lot of times my clients will start off with running and I crack up. I'm like, are you already done? They enjoy it much to one and we're going to go into pelvic lift arches on the corners. Here we go. Length in your hips to lift up, press out, lengthen your hips away from your waist. Press pause, press pause. For more knees go in between the big toe and the little toe. Don't let them roll in. Two more.

Pull that pelvis away from your back. Last one, releasing any hip flexor. Keep lengthening and then lie down. Slide your knees together. Hug it in. We're ready for our side splits and our lovely split series, so I'm going to drop a spring. You can do it on two. I'm going to put a pad for my foot against the shoulder pad of pad underneath my foot bar and we're ready for our side splits and let's go ahead and stand up as close to the springs as you can. Body State Square one foot out to the solid frame.

Notice I have my Palladia box. I'm going to keep it as I Suzy. Queue this foot out onto my pad. Come on Pat. That way my feet stay even to lengthening a start off by feeling my tailbone, not short. My lower back and rock up. I'm going to push out equally with both outer thighs.

Now I'm going to lift with my inner thighs, lift with my pelvic floor. Let me hold some nice classical arms. Push out pulling, and let's do two more. Pushing out, pulling it on. This last one. Push Ya. Reach down, pick up some flowers, dried up, nice upper back bend, opening your arms, lifting up, going down. Hold the Kerogen, holding everything in.

Upper back bend and now keeping the carriage quiet. You're going to come in close to the springs. Bring your foot, turn around towards the springs, left foot up, square body, heel, toe. That right out, keeping the kerogen. Okay, and here we go. I'm just going to feel my alignment as I push equally and now everything lifts doesn't just come in, it lifts. Let me lengthen my arms out. Stretch as far as you've want to pull up. Challenge yourself a little bit though. Push with those outer thighs.

Lift the arch, lift the inner thigh one more out. Twist and roll up. Twist and roll up. Paul Up. Hold that carriage in. Twist, pulling up the carriage is still twist. Pulling up. You can now heel toe the right foot in.

Bring the left foot in. Carefully stepped down. Add your spring for your front slits. Lift your bar up. Make a v here and let's go ahead and go up both hands on the foot bar. Put your right foot between your sternum and your shoulder and either Susie Q or do a nice controlled hop back into place. I'm going to square off my hips first and then draw my belly in to keep my body square. The back heel pushes out, pulls in, pushes out.

Draw your body hip onto that heel, taking your body forward. One more heel and stretch forward. Forward, forward. Now come back to a right angle with your front leg powerhouse in. Lift your arms up, hands behind your head.

Front leg pushes out. This is really good for your front leg, the thigh, the knee. One more and we're going to reach forward and we're going to lower the left knee down and just do three stretches here, pushing out and pulling it as you pull in. Really pull over that bar, stretch out the front leg. Can stretch and stretch. Pulling over that bar.

Last one left hip is working really hard. Left heel and coming in, stretching over, lifting up, lifting up, lifting up. Let's lift all the way into her back band and then coming forward, right foot goes down, stand on it. Left foot comes forward, left foot up between your sternum and your shoulder, Susie Q or hop the left, right foot back. And my right foot loves to misbehaves. This is great for me.

I'm going to make sure my right cheek is working out my right knee pushing out right now and in pushing out with that hip. Don't let that foot ankle roll in and I'm going to hold it. I'm going to pull back my leg to a right angle. I'm going to scoop up to the ceiling is a lot of balance and stability here and pushing with the front leg and in at two. So your ballet stretches should have helped you warm up for this.

And then reach and hands. Knee foot goes down, right is pushing back, right hip. You can stretch out your left leg, stretching that hamstring, always a strength and a stretch. One more strength in that right hip stretch in that left leg forward hanging over that bar. Keep that right hip working. Keep your powerhouse lifting. So you can easily lift up into your back bent, coming forward and elegantly and gracefully step off and you're all set.

And that was a bit of a reward for sticking through this. Good job. See you next time.


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I think this is my most favourite session so far- a perfect combination of harder exercises and then the reward stretches on the barrel( which I made with my clara barrel on the cadillac bed, and my wunda chair as my foot anchor), and then the last splits on the reformer.Thanks Monica. Happy!!
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed this class and I love reading all your feedback! Thank you so much! Great creativity too!!! Thank you for sharing:)
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Hi Monica. I am so sad that I'm almost done with my Challenge. I will miss waking up with you! I don't have a Ladder Barrel so this class took much longer as I fiddled with my equipment to figure out what worked best. The Pilates Arc worked well on my reformer and since I have a Clinical Reformer I was able to move the bar and I adjusted gears to modify it. What worked great for me when you did ballet stretches, was using the Jump Board and standing against it to keep my legs and hips in check. It really helped me open my chest and shoulders as well. I will definitely enjoy it more next time!! Thanks again. I have been loving this Challenge. It has been refreshing and rewarding getting back to the basics and focusing on the Classical method. Joe was 30 classes your body will be transformed:)
Monica Wilson
Hi Caroling and Christy, Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas and helping others envision what they can do if they don't have a Ladder Barrel. It brings me immense joy to hear how much y'all are enjoying this challenge! It was my dream to offer Pilates Anytime followers a 30 class body transformation and y'all being part of it completes that dream!

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