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Day 29: Show Your Strength

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Welcome to Day 29! Show off your strength on the Mat and Spine Corrector! Monica brings the Reformer to the Mat and has a bit of fun with the exercises. She plays with the order and adds a few new movements so you can really enjoy your workout!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Mat, Pilates Pole

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Apr 02, 2018
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Welcome to class number 29 of your 30 session challenge. You're almost at the end and you should be feeling strong, your muscles balanced and more vigor. So today let's have some more fun. We're going to continue to play around with our new strength and we're going to add a few different exercises and play around with order and bring the reformer to the mat and just have a good time on on the rubber mat here. Also, I want to say we're going to use our spine corrector towards the end. You, if you don't have one, you can use a mini barrel or a half barrel, whatever, um, you have at your studio. If you don't have one of those, you can still do the exercises just on the mat. So don't fret about that at all. You might want a weighted bar for one of the exercises for breathing on spine corrector. But again, uh, if you don't have that, you don't need it either.

So let's get started with some fun. Matt Work here showing off our new strength. So we're going to stand in plotty stance and I want you to have one arm over the other. Really feel yourself. Push the earth away, feel your hips even. Feel your shoulders even your powerhouses into your lower back. Lengthen the tailbone away. But most importantly, lift in your powerhouse, up to the crown of your head. Keep that lifted feeling, and we're going to cross one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down, lifting, lifting, lifting until you're down.

And then take your bottom back. And let's go ahead and roll out, stretching out that lower back, slide in the back of the legs, straight in with the, and exhale back the arms. I just want you to really release those hip flexors, pulling in that powerhouse, stretching it out. And now we're going to reach those legs long as we lift those arms up to the ceiling. We're going to lift the head up and come up into our hundred from the advanced position in with the air and exhale, and let's start in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. So you should really feel your heels glued so your inner thighs can be glued so that you can pull in your powerhouse in and up. And then on the back line, you should feel the lungs expanding on your mat.

You should feel that powerhouse into your lower back. You should be lengthening those hips away from you in with here. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Remember one of the first classes we really pumped and exhale with vigor, those arms reached those legs. Three more. Two more times. Yeah.

Last one. Yeah. Lower the legs. Bring the arms up and back in. You're ready for your roll up in with the air head and empty the lungs. Okay.

Scooping into big sea curve. Dry Heavy, weight back length in the legs that way. Scooping in and stretch and six more. [inaudible]. Exhale all the way forward. Pull those inner thighs, squeeze them, draw those arches towards you and let's do five more. Its arms had exhaling, stretch, skol and back your waist like you're pulling back a heavy weight and former.

Here we go in with the air. Oh his. Inhaling to start. Excellent. To finish in with here. Really focus on lengthening your lower back today. Right now I'm still lengthening it that way and now even more. We're going to do a lot of play with teasers. Two more, so you want to make sure you're doing that.

[inaudible] lengthening that lower back instead of gripping it. Yeah. Yeah. We're going to do one more and we're going to the roll over. [inaudible] stretch. This should be a rollover position in a second and stretch in with the air. Press the arms. Stand over you. Go Open. We're rolling down.

Three Sweep Kirsch. If you can push it, you can roll down. Pushing the ball of the foot down my mat is, I can't get the floor stretch. Open stretch. That was three. Let's reverse. Click the heels open and over. Squeeze.

[inaudible] two more. Xcel over lengthening the lower back. One more. How are House squeezes? Pull those legs towards you. Pull them towards you, Paul, and towards you. Pull them toward you. Nice job. I want you to go ahead and sit up completely. If you had a strap, go ahead and grab it and then we're going to slide back until our legs are straight, but sitting up tall and we're going to do the tree.

So dry your belly and get really used to pulling into your lower back. Because if you don't, you're gonna feel exhausted and fatigued by the end of the Mat. We don't want that. We want energy. Hold the leg up, walking up, stretch it out. How are those hips? Are they even and stretching forward? If you don't have a strap, you can stick foot always under like a couch or a chair to hold you. Then I'm going to rock back evenly my pelvis until that leg is up to the ceiling. There we go.

And now pull my lower back into the mat and walk down and curling it up. Stretching up out of my lower beck tumor, pulling into the map. Okay? Yeah. Check with year and exhale. And if you don't have a strap, it's probably even better workout without the strap. Last time you're gonna use your hamstring and glute instead.

But now I want you to stay here. If you have bars you can hold underneath. I'm going to press my arms by my side and do my circles crass, around, up, crass, around, up, back of the ribs, expanding the lungs. One more and reverse. Feel the back of the thigh pressed crossover. Open, reached down, open, reached down, crossover. One more. Oh, open and reach.

And Go ahead and leave the leg there and you're gonna come up right and exhale, expanding those lungs. Rolling up one vertebra at a time and lift up out of that lower back. Stretching over. Let's go ahead and pick the apple off the tree. Maybe do a little side tree here. This one's a little harder without a strap. You're going to open to the side. The left leg opens as well, and roll into your lower back, stretching it, pushing that left heel away in with you're trying to keep the leg open and a big stretch. Bend it, cross it, hands behind you.

Make sure this knee is as open and flat as you can, and a big stretch over switching legs. So instead of single leg circles, we're just playing with it. Yeah. So stretch strategy, hold it up. So if you don't have a strap, use your hamstring and glute to hold you. Stretch forward. Exhaling, roll back your hips evenly from that long lower back. Leave the leg up to the ceiling pole into your mat.

It's delicious. Really in with year [inaudible] pulling into your spine, lengthening that back, stretching up. Make sure your left outer thigh is pushing the ankle into your hands here and then leave it there. As you walk down. It's working too and forward. And one more. Yeah, and staying down. You're going to press your arms down and we're gonna cross around up for more rich, crossing high around and reach and to one more lifting as you crossed rivers up to my right shoulder. Stopping at the dead center.

Three around, up to around up last one and leave the leg in with the air and exhaling, scooping, scooping key. Always pulling into that back. Pick the apple off the tree. Square enough, those hips, side tree grabbed the arch or the inside. Get out of my way here. Open right leg open somewhat too and rolling down in with the air. Keep that right hip back, keep it really working.

That waste thought that a lot more here than I do on the reformer. So that's a nice things when you play around with these exercises. All right, so instead of just single leg circles, we did tree Combo. Lift your bottom forward and we're ready for our rolling like a ball. So we're going to round that lower back, stretch it and six times in with your back. Exhale with your back. Three more.

Make sure you're feeling your lower belly pulling into your lower back and up to your ribs. I see that cause now we're going to put our hands here and we're going to do stomach massage. Relaxing those shoulders, draw in that lower belly flex point and drop it back in and scoop in opposition. Flex 0.3 more scoop flex and two more flex and last time flex and in. Yeah, carefully put your hands behind you sitting almost on those sit bones. Lifting out flex Andy and stretch the lower back is in the opposite direction.

As those legs go out. And two more. One more time. Feel that powerhouse strength and rest down your feet. Nice job. The spine stretch forward. We'll take the place. We're going to take our back of the last one. All right. Have stomach massage.

So let's do series of five scooping in, rolling back. We're going to do it in a bicycle way, so we're going to sweep it up and stretch and reach. Feel that belly powerhouse strong. Scooping in. Let's do one more set in the double leg. Stretch region. Opposite Direction. Same thing for double, but this time hold the legs and exhale. So you start with the arms.

Start with the arms and it pulled together. Five more. Here we go. Big Breath. Started sailing. Yeah. Okay. I'm a terrible counter. Let's do two more. Last one. Strong. Nowhere else. That's what I'm talking about, right? Like forward, left leg. Boom, boom, boom, boom again.

[inaudible] one more set with a double beat and now passing. Quick. Quick. Okay. Breathing. One more. Exhale. Both legs up, hands behind your head and reach and pull up. Reach. Make sure each up and your belly down.

Three more up, out, up, stomach's in and up. One more hips. Work hard, Chris. Cross up, up, up. Pull into the back tourist to a street line if you can. One more time. Hug the knees in. Hallelujah. Rolling up. You get to do spine. Stretch forward, arms up at shoulder height, and press the back of the thighs. Draw the belly in and up and empty your lungs.

Aw. Inhale to come up. [inaudible] and four more. [inaudible]. Make sure you have no tension in your neck, okay? Okay.

Exhaling [inaudible]. Really try to do this with your breath. You inhale all the way up when you can't inhale anymore, you exhale down one more [inaudible] mm with year and now you're going to rock back or stretch your lower back, right? So we're gonna pull into our lower back, reach our hips this way so our legs can float up for open, like rocker and come as much as you can now onto your sit bones and six times. Always inhaling back. Exhaling forward onto those sit bones onto those hip bones. Lift the sternum. Okay.

Pushing the back of the thighs into those ankles. Into those hands. Okay. And three more [inaudible]. Okay. By now, you're feeling balanced, so your body's working uniformly.

One more equal. Hips [inaudible] up, up. Lift Up, pad of your lower back. Think about tree that we just did. Squeeze those legs together. Leave the legs, stretch your lower back while you reach your hips that way, and you're ready for corkscrew. And we're going to go all the way up. Here we go. And down to the right.

Reach and up and to the left. Big exhale to come up. Yeah, to the right. [inaudible] pressing those heels. Press those hips. One more set. Okay, and last one. Cool.

Don't lose your energy. Roll right on. Open those legs. Let's go for saw twisting. With that inhale, pulling into that lower back. Keep your left hip seated down as you exhale. Inhale, lifting that waist in. Twist. Exhale, reach that left. Pinky up, up, up in with here. [inaudible] in with the air. Cleanse those lungs. Exhale.

One more set. There's no quads in this. It's all powerhouse lifting. Okay. Ah, twist and exhale and inhale. And we're going to go onto our belly for swan. And this is your twist, your hip twist, you're gonna lift up and down.

Let's start off with our neck roll. Press your pubic bone down. Lengthen your legs. Scoop a tunnel under k, always prepping correctly. [inaudible] lift with that powerhouse. Left lift on the count of three. Let's shoot your arms forward and use those hamstrings. One, two, three. Okay.

Ah, that felt great. Scoop into that back. Round over. You can also tuck your feet and stretch. You can also think you're use your powerhouse like crab and keep reaching forward. Has you grab on [inaudible] any of these, whichever one feels better to you, but do keep [inaudible] around back and quickly on to for single, like kick. Let's push our knuckles together. Open those collarbones. Press those hips away. Lift that tunnel up. And here we go. One, two left. To reach the left leg, reach the right leg.

Squeeze those inner thighs. Pull it. Keep lifting your sternum from your powerhouse to one more set one and right cheek on the mat. Hands behind your back. Reach lifting. One, two, three. Scoop in and switch. Yeah, here, lift. One more set. Squeeze.

Lincoln kick to touch your head with those toes. Last one. [inaudible] [inaudible] powerhouse. Round your back again. Okay. Now instead of Nick Paul, I'm going to flex my feet too.

We are going to do short box. You can use your strap. You can, I'm not, I'm not going to use a weighted bar for this, but you could use a bar. I'm going to put my feet under the strap hip with the part and I'm going to start with my hug, which is kind of like the roll-up. Yeah. So I'm gonna wrap my arms. Big Inhale, big exhale to expand my lungs. Push the back of my legs away. Little uneven here. [inaudible] [inaudible] lifting into my c curve and I get to feel the hamstrings go that way.

My hips go that way as a linkedin, my lower back. Stretch back those arms in with the hair. Keeling up that spine again tomorrow. Right. And I reach all the way back. Pool Hug. One more.

This is for you to feel good to make sure you're doing that right now. Great job. Stretch forward please. Your hands one over the other, like in a neck pool. Roll. Open your shoulders, roll up your spine, over your sit bones, and we're gonna do the flat back. Pull your pubic bone, pep up, your lower belly and forward. No quads, hamstrings, glutes. Exhale forward.

One more. Lifting Tall, straight, straight, long. Exhale and stretch. Lord. Side, reach up and little forward as you go right. Really feeling that left hip. Stay down and come center and up and left and center and it's a side bend. Our spine needs to be able to round to bend to the side to arch so that we can stay healthy, supple, young. One more. Very important.

Release the hand, stretch forward. And then we'll do our, um, let's stay down when we put our hands behind her head and we'll do the twist. Here we go. Expand those lungs back of the thighs. Scooped to twist, reach, touch the elbow and up and twist. Pulling out from the lower belly and up and twist. Reach and lengthen.

Twist. Pour into your lower back. And now let's grab on the left hand and twist and reach. Reach. And up. There we go. Other hand, twist those ribs scooping in, reach, reach and up. Great job. Stretch heart. Now slip your feet out. Let's do some sidekicks. Roll onto your right side. Line your body up nice and long length in those legs.

Bring your feet forward. Alright. You learn to think to about your hips in the back of your thighs and that one to chair sidekick series. So let's see it. Lift the left leg just a little and scoop one, two, and back of the thigh. Make me, I want to see that smile on your bottom as you go back and scoop it. Reach out of your hip low and for two, back to powerhouse to back the thigh. Two. This is three.

My confusing enough with my numbers to have one last one reaching long and back. All right, let's keep our hips stacked and push that leg up to your ear and squeeze those inner thighs down and up to your ear. Length in your neck, out of your head, your head, out of your neck. And three amps. Stretch. And my hands going to go back and low. One more and great bicycle.

I'm, Oh, I'm sorry. Let me do little circles. First. One, two, three, four, five, reversal. One, two, three, four, five. Kick forward. Bend the knee to your chest. Keep your heel on your bottom. Need a knee. Keep taking your knee back and use the hamstring and glute stretch forward. 10. Need a chest. Need any back and extend long.

One more forward. Need a chest. Need a knee. Keep using the hamstring and glute to keep the foot glued and then extend. Reversing, and don't roll onto those ribs right now. That goes back, but this doesn't go forward. Towed ahead. Need a knee, knee to chest, extend back, reach for the walls, reach behind you and then toe to head. Need a knee.

Need a chest. Extend One more. Reach and out long opposing your powerhouse. That's pulling up. And now we're going to go into grind. Rhonda jumps. So we're going to kick it forward up to your ear behind you as you turn in that hip. But don't lower those ribs to reach up to your ear.

B Hind you and together. One more. Look up to your ear. B Hind you and together reverse. Make that bottom smile and then return in your hip to bring it up to ear, nose, and two more bottom legs reaching as well. Rotate in that hip to bring it up to your nose.

Add one more back behind you. Bottom is smiling. Rotate in that hip as you go to the ear, to your nose and for side posse. Slide your toe up. Need tries to go behind you. Extend and pull a heavyweight back and toe poles, knee and extend and reach. One more. Use your flexibility here and then reversing.

Keep those hips stacked as you go up. Bend the knee behind you towards your shoulder blades. Use your inner thighs to squeeze your legs straight to more flex knee. Toe is close to your body as you can and extent. One more flex. Bend the knee. Squeeze.

Use those inner thighs. Get them tight. Nice. Work onto your belly. Small pillar for your forehead. Press your pubic bone down. Lengthen your hips. Small Tunnel and give me 20 beats. [inaudible] ten one, two, three, four, six, seven, 10 roll to your other side. You can also do these with both hands behind your head.

Challenge yourself where you want to go and you can kick forward for two and back for two and phone back and that's three. We're going to do seven more. I'm just saying we're bouncing forward for one, two and back. Two and Fart two and that's five. Let's do five more forward reaching out and reaching and stretch the bottom legs working two and reaching and two and long. One more ribs are staying in joint too and long legs.

His hands going to hold my hip in place and I'm going to push up and squeeze my innercise. Don't forget to lengthen out of your neck and push up with the outer thighs. Squeeze down with the inner. One more outer thigh, inner thigh, five little circles. One, two, three, four, five. Be Very careful. One, two, three, four, five that you're not overworking your quad. Take the knee back, back, back, and extend from here. From there, reach out to more forward, back. Stretch that hip flexor. Stretch the quadricep. Squeeze that leg straight. One more.

Taking the thigh back, back, back, and extend legs together. Reverse back of the thigh. Don't roll onto your chest. Toe to the head. Need a knee needed the chest extent. Two more. Back Toe to head. Need a knee. Need a chest. Extend One more back toe to head. Need a knee and extent legs together. Ground Rhonda Zam.

Here we go. Forward up to your ear. Rotate in that hip. As the leg goes behind you and forward up to your ear. Rotate. Get the back of the [inaudible] seat just like you did on the one to chair. One more forward up to your ear behind you and squeeze.

Reversing back up to your ear, up to your nose, and two more back. Here's where you rotate to your ear, to your nose. One more back of the thighs. Scoop in your belly. Pull it up with those hip muscles and long leg side posse. Sliding that toe up as you bend the knee back, back, back. Extend. Flex it down. Two more. Open up that hip and reach long. Pulling a heavyweight down.

One more open that knee. Try to work on your flexibility. Reversing flex up. Bend that knee back. Inner thigh. Work here, lengthening, squeezing like a mermaid tail and flex bend. That knee behind you. Toe is close to your body as you can. Last one up, knee, toe extended. Nice job. All right, every bone on your back and you're going to bend your knees into your chest and you're going to shake out your legs. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. All right, so here we go. We're going to do teaser, one, two, three, four, little crisscross teaser, and then boomerang. Are you ready? So I hope your lower belly is nice and, and we're not going to do a thousand reps of everything, so don't get too scared. So pretend your feet are on the reformer, dry your belly in and up and you're going to press your arms down, reach your legs forward with your scooping your belly in and up and reach your arms back. And let's go for teaser one, pulling that lower belly back. Good.

And then rolling down right into teaser to pulling long in that lower back down with those legs. Scoop it up and rolling down. Everything rolls down for teaser three coming up like a flower that's folding up at night. And then everything reaches and opens during the day. Let's go ahead and bend your knees and you're gonna extend your right leg. Reach it. And we're going to do teaser four. Keep straight.

Um, keep your knees and buys together in with the, you're pulling your lower belly into the mat. Exhaling straight. Yeah. And now pull back. Reach your hips. This is a little more challenging. One legged and coming up for a twist because your hips are now trying to press against each other. Twist over that straight leg. Come forward and down. Switching legs. Squeeze and pulling up and coming down.

Add over that straight leg. Dan, forward [inaudible]. Nice job. Now extend both legs and we'll do a little teaser crisscross here. So pulling it up, place the hands behind your head. Bend the right knee and straight. Pull into your lower back and straighten one more set. Show me what you got and left.

Nice job. Cross the right ankle over the left and we're going to do boomerang sitting up nice and tall. Scoop it in. Let's see if you can pull into a long lower back to lift those legs up. And then sharp legs open. Close. Roll into your teaser. Hands behind you.

Now, big float with the arms, the advanced boomerang here and here we scoop up those legs. Sharp, open glass. Reach those hips away. Hands, big circle as we go down. One more set length on those hips. Pull that lower belly back. Sharp ruling up, arms reaching as you roll up. Hands, head diving forward as you big circle.

Stretch one more and then we'll do seal and stand up. Pull and back. Open glass ruling simultaneously. Hands. Now. Big Circle as you go down. Nice job. Go ahead and scoop into your lower back.

Hands under the ankle. Still feel strong. Inner thighs. One, two, three in Methuen. One, two, three. Exhale. One, two, three, five more. Even hips. Even clap. One, two, three, one, two, three. I think we have two more hat. So this'll be your last one.

You'll stand up with strength and beauty and grace. And let's grab our spine corrector. Come on. Okay, so we're going to grab our spine corrector. We're gonna put it pretty close to this front edge for now. Let's see. Really close. In fact.

So like I said, if you don't have a spine corrector, use a small barrel. Even some pushup handles. Those are really fun to use too. But if you don't have any of that, maybe a Bosu ball or however you call it, um, you can also just use the map. So we're going to start off with some pushups here. All right? So we would've just done seal on our mat.

And why not enjoy those little series here? So I'm going to stand again, strong lengthening my hips as if I'm pushing my pubic down into the mat, creating a tunnel under my lower back, reaching long. And that's super important when we do Arabesque pushups in just a second, cause you have to have equal and opposite energy. So I put my hands here. You can also put them to the side like this, and then bring your thumbs, your elbows right over your wrists. Walk your feet back into a nice push up plank.

Don't rock here. All right. All those things I just said. And you're gonna dip down and pull up and dip at one more strong PyLadies body. Come back. Let's go ahead and stretch. Maybe go forward for a nice stretch. Come back in the position, right lega and dipping down one, two, three and bring that foot down. Let's keep your hips even actually left leg and one, two, three.

Bring that foot down and stretch again. Nice job. And let's go ahead and turn around. So where I'm going and put my right hand, not all the way off to the side as I turn around because you don't want to tip your barrel. I'm going to put my hands again to the side and let's do our kicking up here and leg pull up front. Here we go. Up Flex down. Switch. Right. Hips working. Yeah, left hip now and switch.

Keeping reaching. One more open chest. I'm just working on my body here from head to toe. Nice job. Let's go ahead and turn to the spring. Your feet actually under you and I'm going to have you stand up and we're going to do star. Let's start with your right hand. So I'm going to start with my back towards you.

I want your hand right here in the middle of the barrel. I want you to walk your feet out. Yeah, and now start by squaring. Really push that right hip forward, left arms here, and we're going to kick forward and back. Keep your right hip going forward. Now kick forward and back and one more set. I almost cut it short on you the last time.

We're going to kick forward and then lift your right hip as you're taking your left leg back. Keep lifting your right hip, looking behind you at your toe coming back and we're going to go forward. Go to the other side, left hand left. There's many different combinations here. Have a nice shoulder over wrist bridge here. Good foot in the center. Here we go.

Forward and back and forward. Keep your plots box looking forward. And now big circle. It's a circle in my head. Keep pushing my left hip forward. Feel it strong. Now I'm going to start looking back and I'm it. I'm going to do some triceps. Why not? So put your hands facing you. And here we go.

Three dips. Shoulders over hands and dip down. One. I'm going to walk forward more cause I'm going to go lower. Even more. Dip hand up too. Let's do two more after this. One more. Good triceps, lower all the way down. Spake, stretch forward.

You are almost finished with day 29 I want to do some breathing. So here's where you can grab that bar. I'm going to pull, give myself a lot of space so that my legs can lengthen. This is a nice way to open up and nice ending. So go ahead and sit down. And then if you don't have a weight, don't worry.

Let's roll the tailbone off and just is like backstroke where your tailbones hanging off that back edge. Rolling back. You might need a pillow here and do your head in with the air and exhale. So you want to feel your belly pulling in and out. Having the back of the ribs. Exhale, exhale on the barrel and exhale back to your thighs. Opening the chest.

Okay. Or again, two more. Let's exhale for three counts here. Exhale, one, two, reaching and further in with Europe and exhale. Now you can do that without my eyes closed. I can eat my bar straight. Here we go, [inaudible] and in with the air. As I exhale forward and bring my head up and slide my bottom back, and then I'm going to reach all the way forward.

I'm going to leave my bar here. Let's go ahead and stand up and end with some good energy here. I want you to go ahead and cross your hands member this earlier and need a elbow. Put it right down. Strong politesse body. One more set right down in the middle, right down in the middle, arms out to the side, right down in the middle, left, right? He ready for some jumping. One more and we're ready for some. Jump in here we go.

Get loose and I'm breathing and energized and we're going to go down and let's do it again. Two more. Down, up. One more. Take your powerhouse with you and have a great day. See you for our last class. Number 30.


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Fun!! Thank you for the energy you are conveying so beautifully. Its infectious.
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This was challenging, but fun! Enjoyed the flow very much. Thank you! 

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