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Day 28: Keep the Energy

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Welcome to Day 28! Today you will work hard and maintain your flow on the Wunda Chair. Monica gets creative with the exercises so that you can keep the energy and spirit that you cultivated in the previous class. She included challenging movements like Horseback, Single Leg Tendon Stretch, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Mat, Wunda Chair, Knee Pad

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Welcome to day number 28 of your 30 session Peloton challenge. Today we're going to do the one to chair class number 27 was a little bit of a treat, a little bit of a reward. Today we're going to work hard, I want to really focus on flow, and the one two chair can be very choppy and very fragmented and I want you to keep up the energy and spirit that you had in the last class and bring it here and just be very creative with the exercises that we're using here, kind of really bringing the reformer to life. A lot of are gonna be repetitive that you've already done earlier in this challenge series. So we're going to revisit it and see if we've gotten any stronger. So let's start off with your footwork.

You're going to need two pads at some point for the horseback later on, as well as a place mat or an exercise Mat. And we're going to start off with one spring on top and one spring in them on the bottom for your footwork. I'm going to put my pad close to the front. Yeah. And let's go ahead and sit down with our toes on the pedal sitting as close to that front edge as you can. The hands are going to go to the back. They can also go to the side or in the front in a little I dream of cross in front of you like I dream of Jeannie, but I'm going to start right here. Ready in position and ten one pulling in and up.

To press those heels together. Scoop the belly in and up. Five six streets. Find seven growing taller, nine and 10 let's go to the arches. Try to sit right over those. Sit Bones, wrap those feet around. Let's try here and one, pull the pedal up to three. Press those heels, get innercise working. Five, six, seven, keeping those heads hip still. Eight, nine, 10. Let's slide up to those heels and crossing those hands.

Pull it into the upper back and upper back and hips. Working together as if you've slid your legs straight. Really letting go of those hip flexors. Let's grow taller, taller yet. Six, seven powerhouse, eight, nine and 10. Let's do tendon stretch coming forward.

Turning around and I'm going to reach my arms up and roll off an imaginary wall. Transition. Super important. One foot on foot. We're going to keep our powerhouse engaged the whole time. Hands on the back edge. Shoulders here and stretch down those heels to three.

Let's scoop up and expand those lungs and stretch that lower back and draw those arches and inner thighs and pelvic floor up and three stretch to three, keeping those shoulders over those risks. Scooping up and stretch, stretch, stretch Paul Paul. Paul really makes sure you're stretching your lower for our pull up and our teaser and our horseback stretching. Let's do one more and we're going to go into our hundred releasing the pedal with one foot both feet on the floor, roll up, grabbing your pad at the same time. I'm just gonna toss it to the side and let's go ahead and do our hundred I'm and to turn the pat the pedal this way. Here we go. Sitting down, rolling back and draw those knees in.

Take a big breath, expand those lungs and stretch those legs out and pump in with air vigor. That's 20 at inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. [inaudible] in there. [inaudible] two more. [inaudible] and into your series of five last breath. Okay.

And single leg stretch and stretch and stretch and reach and pull and stretch and reach. Pull, scoop reaches. Do One more set. Double leg, stretch and reach and pull and scoop and pull and reach. Pull three. Pull two more long and pushing out. You're remeasuring, former and single. Straight leg one, two at switch to reach and reach and stretch and reach and stretch and two more sets. Last one. Both hands behind your back and rich. Pool at scoop.

Pool three, two the last one, Chris. Cross one, two and pull at hug and up we go. All right, I'm going to turn it around again and we're going to do, hey, quick push down on one spring, see any, come over here, drop in a screen, kiss your back, got a little tight there for then a little, give it a nice stretch in alignment and I push it a little bit away. The line myself up. How about it bodies distance away so I can reach for that pedal. All right. Lifting up through the arch, pelvic floor, powerhouse and m.

D the lungs. Expanding my lungs. Reaching forward. Down we go. Stretching down and I'm gonna pull up arches, pelvic floor scooping up and to reaching my upper back away from my middle. Away from my lower drawing my energy up. Let's stay down for the third bend round to more bend around. One more. Leave the pedal down. Draw your weight up. Crawl into your fingertips.

Keep your weight forward on the ball of your [inaudible] foot and lift everything up against gravity. Let's do a little swan. I'm going to come around this side. Push my chair a little bit. Go ahead and lie down with my ribs off the front edge. Squeeze my hips together. Innercise. Linkedin, those legs. Pubic bone down and belly tunnel underneath where it's do pumping care.

We're gonna go one. Open those color rounds. One more. And now who left? And I need a slide chest to hair back. There we go. At what? Polling? Open my shoulders. Pulling open and scoop linkedin.

He knows legs. One more set and pulling. Open. Two, three, linkedin. Those legs lift in the powerhouse. Ah. All right. I'm going to slide back. Put my feet to the floor. Let the pedal up. Pulling back. I'm going to grab a pedal pad. I mean for a teaser, the re not teaser one, not teaser too, right? So turning right around, I'm going to sit on my pad and when my knees are up, I'm going to have a hands distance behind me. Honest.

All right. Hugging my knees into my chest and taking a big breath. I feel like I'm supporting myself with my lower back, so I'm gonna really make my belly pull into it. Pulling my weight, lengthening that back, lengthening my legs in the opposite direction, reaching my arms, bending my arms behind me, thumbs with fingers, pressing the back of my thighs as I go down, drawing everything in and lengthening to come up and to control work. One more work. Hold that power house.

Everything lifts forward and we're on to horseback. Grab another pad. We're working our body today. We're going to grab here and here and we're going to swing onto our horse. There's many ways to get on. I'm just going to go straddling to the side. Just have a little bit of room.

You're bottom just off that back edge and flex those feet in those stirrups. Bend the elbows by your side. Let's change the alignment of our spine into a nice c curve. Just feeling correct. Alignment here, and we're going to point the toes. Squeeze those inner thighs, draw that pelvic floor. Lift up into our seeker, lifting up, up, up, and then the hands go on the pedal and stretch the upper back away to three. Curl it up to three and stretch and squeeze those inner thighs.

Draw that powerhouse in one more and pull it all the way up. Coming up in your horseback and sit. One more. Here we go. Point those toes. Squeeze those inner thighs. Draw that pelvic floor scoop up, up, up into that upper back. Hands go down. Here we go. Stretch in with the air. Two more.

Last one down and all the way up. I'm going to end in circles and shaving here, holding that tough position and circle one circle to circle three a little higher up and shaving one, shaving two, shaving three and float down onto my saddle. All right, we're going to do some twisting. Here we go. So I'm going to put my pad right on this front edge. I just need one. You can have one on the pedal too if you like. I'm gonna make my x like I've taught you before and I'm going to sit down right here again, drawing my weight into stretching my lower back rather than contracting it, I'm gonna extend to a teaser and I'm gonna Cross my right leg over and reach my arms and I've taken my right arm back to that back corner and I'm going to move my box simultaneously.

That's my [inaudible] box that is moves to a straight line and then try to hold the lower body while you twist the ribs untwist and come back up each time. I'm going to try to get a better twist and squeeze and reach. Reach those legs, reach those legs and twist against that reach. UNTWIST and coming up and one more squeeze twist straight line in both directions. Then twist, twist, twist. Here I'm going to bring this arm, do a little fish working my waist. One, two, three. Now try to live both at the same time. One, two, and three. Arm goes back.

Pull everything in, lengthening the legs, always ending other side. Take your pad, switch it to the other side. And here we go. Lining up again. The line of our hips, pulling into my back again, not letting it tighten up on me. Left ankle over right, reaching left arm goes back to the back corner. Pressing those hips long scooping against them, reached to a straight line and then hold those legs as you twist and untwist after coming back up and reach. Yeah, straight line. Twist and twist. Scooping up. One more.

[inaudible] twist, twist, twist, twist. Hold those legs long. Look over that leg with the right arm over a little fishing here and working that right waist. One more and then we'll add the legs too. Whew, two more. This is going to prep you for the star for sure and arm goes back over and then gracefully control the pedal home and step off for your next series.

Let's go ahead and grab your pad and I'm going to make sure, yep. We have one spring in the middle and we're going to do mermaid kneeling. All right, I'm going to put my pad right here and we're going to lift up our powerhouse. Everything's up because we want to gently lower our knees to that pattern. Lifting up all our energy, we're gonna lower down those knees without making a sound.

Hand goes in front. Really good stretch. Lifting up those inner thighs, lifting up that powerhouse, and here we go. Over, over, over and lift two, three, and up and over, over, over and up to 31 more. This time I'll go ahead and let you look that way. Let that on wrap around your head and length. It should be on your head. I got to keep working towards that. I'm going to Tuck my toes under. I'm going to live to get tucked my right toe and I'm going to lift up and press down and go to the other side. Grab your pad, turn it around right here so you're lifting everything nice and controlled.

Powerhouses up light on those feet so you can just come down with your energy lifted. Of course, if you don't have good knees, do not. You don't even need to do this exercise, but you don't have to lower down like that. Left arm is close to your head. Lock the right shoulder into play. Square, even hips and up. Up, up. What comes up must go down and squeezing. Balling up. Two more. Up, up, over, over, over end lift two. One more time. It's up, up. Bend over, over and lift up on this one. Stay down, turn phase, rap all delicious.

Keep that right hip forward length. Lifting up both arms up, Tuck your toes and everything lifts and great. Okay, I'm going to turn my pad just a little bit and I'll sit on it for backward arms. Go ahead and sit down gracefully. Stretch your legs in front turn and bring down the pedal and make sure your shoulders, I'm hoping are directly over your sit bones.

Pushing my heels away, drawing my belly in and up. Pull up the points of your elbows. Press down in grudge. Pull up the points of your elbows. Pull in and go, Todd, this is your long backstretch on the reformer. We didn't do it yesterday. Last class, right? We're doing it today. We're gonna do one more. Squeezing those inner thighs, drawing everything up. Now we'll turn your hands around and do it again.

Push those heels away. Open up those color bounds and elbow points. Up and left. We've done these earlier in our challenge and left three more opening up that chest. Two more. Very important for all the other exercises. Last one. Alright. Carefully twist to return your pedal back home.

Reach forward. Dratch you can cross your legs or turn them to the side to stand up in a pull my pad with me and we're going to go into our tendon stretch. I'm going to put my pad away for a second. You can have it on the pedal. And I'm going to switch my springs to one top, one bottom. You can also challenge yourself to one middle, one bottom.

I'm keeping them a little more help today because I'm going to try to do it one leg. So, and then I'm gonna follow up with a table and also doing it one leg. So just giving us a little extra help so we can do our one legged, uh, tendon stretch and one legged table. So we're going to put our arches, push it down, hands on the front edge, and you're going to have the feet push down, lift the yard, squeeze those inner thighs together, always lifting the pelvic floor. Try to draw your weight forward. And let me get rid of here without a little bit forward. And I'm going to take a big breath.

I can expand my lungs and I'm gonna try to round my lower back, pulling my weight into there. All right, on the next thing I tried to five pulling that pedal towards me on a diagonal. Here we go. Pull in one and two and three, four, five. All right, sitting down. We're going to now do one leg, so I'm going to put my left foot a little more centered and I'm going to put my hands here and the right leg out to the side. Five Times. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five. Oh right. Putting it down. Switching left leg goes out, right hip over foot.

Trying to reach out my left leg in five times. One, two, three, four, five. Whoo. Not Easy sitting down. Now we're going to do table regular and then forward side, and we're going to switch forward. All right, you ready? We're gonna put your hands back here. Put your toes on the pedal and I'm going to have a little bit of plotty stance.

Easy peasy for the first set of five cause it's on a little heavier spring, right? Here we go. Squeeze the hips. Make sure it starts from there. My hands are sliding a little, but here we go. And one, pull it up easy too. Three, four, five. Now extending the right one, two, three, four, five and side. One, two, three, four, five. Forward one, two, three, four, five. Both feet on. And one, two, three, four, five and right. Three, three, four, sorry, five and forward steady. Two, three hiphop, four, five foot down, returned out. And we're onto the pull up. Here we go. So I'm gonna start the pull up a little bit harder and then we'll change it for pull up one arm. So let's do one spring, middle, one spring bottom. Maybe you've worked your way up to even harder spring as in not giving you enough help and we're gonna reach up and I'm going scoop.

Push the pedal down with one foot on the other, hand to the back edge, and I get a dry in. And again, I'm going to take a moment to breathe into every vertebra to round my back. All right, another breath. And on the next exhale we'll pull up for three pulling up last one down an inch, pull up an inch, pull up. Last one, man down with control. Step off, hands, slide to the back. Edge foot comes down, always rolling up with beauty and grace. And we're going to switch those springs to help us a little bit more. We're going to change to one top, one bottom, and we're going to do pull up with one off. All right, so same thing. Lifting, always keeping our muscles working.

[inaudible] and one foot down the other. All right, so now I'm going to start with my right hand between my sternum and my shoulder. Hips squeezing forward. It's nice if you have someone spotting you, but you're going to reach one arm out to the side and pull it just a little more of the side. Try to keep my hips square as I pull up. One, two, and three more crooked than I like. We're working on it. Here we go.

Obviously if I was more square, I'd do this easier three times. Here we go. One, one more with more control. There we go. Told you I was going to be doing this with you, so we're working on it together, right? We're going to make it through this. Okay. Next.

We're going to do a lovely sidekick series, so I'm going to pour my one to chair a little bit this way, so I have plenty of room to lie my mat right in front of it. Okay, nice. It's centered. We're going to be doing a lot of Nice work here on our mat. All right, I'm going to change my springs to one spring in the middle. Just one letting go. The other one.

All right, and we're going to do a nice Pilati sit and we'll do some sidekick series. Okay, and then I'm going to face you. No, I'm not. I am going, I will face you, but I'm going to put my feet towards line yourself up kind of down the middle of the one two chair. Okay. Sliding. Nice and long. The top leg is going to be flexed and on the pedal hip square, take the bottom leg and put it in front of the front edge. Your bottom arm, flex it or bend it, I should say. And this arm is in front of your belly.

We're going to get the bottom and the back of the thigh. Pull your belly in, square out, reach your hips long, and we're going to pull that pedal towards you. One, two, three and this is going to really help in our pushups series in a second and scooping in and pull in towards you two, three and and again, scooping in. Pull this cheek, make get smile. Make it lift and release. One more. Scooping in hips squared. Pull two, three, release. Now let's lift the bottom leg at the same time.

I'm going to slide just a hair out because I need my foot a little more flexed on that pedal. There we go. I wasn't quite making contact. Hip, square, polling in. And as I pulled down, I'm going to lift two, three, and down and scooping in and working my waist, working my inner thigh, working the back of my thigh and bottom, squeeze, scoop, scoop. Let's do five. So two more scoop. Pull that pedal towards you. Make your cheek, smile and back. And last one, scoop, scoop, scoop. Great job. Now I want you to lie down on your belly and have your feet in a [inaudible] stance on the, on the pedal. We're going to have a long mermaid tail.

You're going to scoop a tunnel under your back, into your belly. Sorry. And we're to pull that pedal down using the back of the thighs and make that bottom smile. Okay. Release it. The reamer. Release ENT.

Yeah. One more. I'm going to pull my heels together this time. Okay, great job. Let's go to the other side and a band. My knees slowly release. Turn over, line myself up down the middle. This time my top leg is my right foot and I want that on there.

The bottom leg, it's going to go forward. Bend that left arm and line up my Palladio's box. There we go. Okay. And pulling down. We're going to make this cheek, smile to the three and release and here we go. Scooping in, smiling cheek two, three, release n scooping in and smile, two, three release and three two and we'll do one more and pulling that pedal towards you. And now we're going to do five sets, lifting the bottom leg, inner thigh, and pulling in, reaching to three reallys and pulling it and lift two, three release and pulling towards you. Lifting two, three release. Try to lift long through the neck at the same time.

Don't shrink like I was and we'll do one more stretching long. That was my best one. And release. Slowly take this leg off and you're going to lie down on your back for a semicircle series. You're going to want your knees bent and your bottom a little bit away from the pedal. You don't want to be too close. We're going to rest our feet on her arches and we're going to do the two one way and to the other way. All right, so pressing your arms down.

I think this is a good angle. Alright, I'm going to take a big breath and exhale. [inaudible] without pushing down the pedal. I'm going to roll up my back. Here we go. Scooping in. I'm going to curl up, lifting, lifting, lifting into a straight line, gently push down without making a sound and then roll down my spine. [inaudible] and then I'm going to let, let the pedal come Baca. And again, curling my tailbone towards me. Lifting, lengthening out to a nice line, slowly lowering. Try not to make a sound. And then rolling down, articulating. Let's actually do three and three. You Ready?

Last one. Curling, lifting, gentle and down and left. Reversing down Kinda the easier way. Go to done that way first curling up. Or is it keep your bottom up and lift it and then curl down. Whew. I Dunno. Which one's easier and press lifting. If you lifted right, you can lift up the pedal and down. Oh mind over matter one more hamstrings.

Englands curl it up. I'm sweating. Are you lifting it up and curl it down? Oh we, nice job taking your feet. I want you to hug in and we're going to turn around and do our little corkscrew and balance control a ticktock series. So I'm going to turn my back and I'm going to lie down.

Keeping one spring in the middle. Always Nice. Roll down hands here. All right. And we're going to start off. We're not going to want to move this pedal. And we're going to start off with a cork screw. So nice and long.

Here we go. And I'm gonna bring my feet to the top edge of that chair up and coming down to the right, around and up and to the left. So here's where I want you to get a little creative and again, and I want you to think of the series on the reformer and put it here one more. You might've done corkscrew here, last one, but have you done tick-tock? So we're going to come here, six my shirt a little and then we're going to go to the right. Well I look your way and center and to the left and center and I noticed that doesn't feel great. So as I go right, I am going to grab on, let's see my right, my left hand is actually going to go the opposite and go lower on the frame. So as I go right, I'm going to reach, there we go.

Say I look, let's try that. You want to play with things looking. That feels better. One more set and left. Okay. And Center.

And now let's go ahead and try to do your balance control cause that's what would be next, right? So I'm just playing around with this myself. So we're going to scoop, reach those legs long scoop in the belly and pull Jesse corkscrew right back up and then hold. And then maybe walk your hands down lower and then reach the right leg and pull it down and reach the left and down and reach the right and down and left down. One more set and left. And we're gonna curl down, squeezing those inner thighs and bringing it all down. Transitioning into rolling like a ball. So I'm going to have you come to the front edge of your mat and we're going to do a little rolling.

So I'm going to scoop in balance and roll back next and massage your spine. Three more. Massaging it one more. I'm feeling like a flat tire, so I'm really working on that. Lower back, holding it here. I'm going to side back just a little cause I know boomerang is coming up next.

And so I'm going to extend my legs for the open like rocker. Ready. Hey, pulling into my lower back. Extending and rolling back. Good. I'm not going to hit anything man. In with the air. Emptying the lungs, emptying the lungs. The Rhea two three more.

Okay. And to massaging. Putting this series in here to really work out the whole body. Cross the right ankle over the left. Reach lowering. And we're going to do a big Swan Lake. Forward.

Little teaser here. Lifting the legs. We know we're not going to hit anything. Switch. Rolling up. Hands. Big Lift. Whooo. Big stretch again. Switch hands. Lifting.

One more set. Open question. Hands. Last one. [inaudible] oh because and now we're going to go into our seal and then we'll stand up and do a pushup series. So we're going to slide our hands underneath and clap two, three. Exhale. I'm going to slide a little forward. Maybe you do need to too.

I don't want you to hit your toes. That's not fun. I want you to relax and it's not relaxing. If you're going to hit yourself, let's do three more on stand up. Keep your energy up for me. Two more. You're on the home stretch. Last one, cross lift. And let's do our pushups. Here we go.

So we're going to keep it on one spring in the middle. And we're going to do our pushup series here. This is the most challenging of the pushups series on the one to chair. And even if you just hit the plank position, I'm going to be really proud of you. So you're gonna, I'm gonna be really proud of myself. So you'd be proud of yourself too. All right, so I'm going to lift up and this is really a challenging series where it's reserved for the good athlete, great athletes, circus performers. So again, you're just hitting a plank. I am truly happy.

So we're going to keep the pedal up, do not push it down, and you're going to put up your foot and get into a pike. It feels good anyway. And then you're going to bring your hands a little further out and bring your shoulders, and we're going to push up one, two, and three, and now just the pedal one like you did earlier. Squeeze your seat one more, and now both. One, two, three, Pica. Give yourself that great stretch there you go into a little bit of a backup bend pipe back up, and we're going to bring one foot down the other foot down.

Walk those hands like elephant back to your feet. Grab onto your ankles, stretch, maybe separate your feet, stretch, reach for one foot, reach for the other through again, Susie Q, your feet back into a Palladia stance and rolling up and up and always resisting gravity and anything that they throw your way. Have a great time. I'll see you next time.


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First time I have tried one arm pull ups- need to practise those!! Cirque du Soleil here we come!! Great class as ever.
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Agree Caroline! Thank you Monica, loving this challenge😊

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