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Creative Foam Roller

55 min - Class


Discover what your body likes to do in this creative Foam Roller workout by Jennifer Golden Zumann. She is joined by her team from Pilates Chicago as she teaches movements that will connect you to your center. She includes fun variations of exercises like Double Leg Stretch, Tendon Stretch, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Golden's, human and A. I'm here with a bunch of my crew from Palladia Chicago. Uh, and we are going to do a foam roller class today. So let's start standing up, grab y...


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so creative and fun!!! thank you Jennifer
A great class - a perfect combination of awakening and stretching the body and challenging moves. Thank you for the work and energy you put into every class making them unique and satisfying. The time just flew by in this one! all the best to you! xx
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Just loved this! Agree with sandyjgrant. The tip for lifting the leg while laying on the roller on the inhale was very helpful for me. My new regular roller class. Thanks!
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I feel amazing after this class! Thank you❤️
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Great class! What a great spirit you have. This will get me through my day!
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Very great class and excellent teacher!
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Amazing class! Love how the foam roller releases the tension in my body. Thank you:)
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Excellent instruction to cue just enough and have it be understood without question! Such a balance of feel good and challenge!
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what an awesome class! my favorite one on here so far. :)
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Fabulous class - thank you so much!
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