Class #3197

Foam Roller Movements

40 min - Class


Work on precision and detail with this Mat workout by Amy Havens. She starts with an opening and massage on the Foam Roller to prepare your muscles before you start. She then goes through traditional exercises, adding subtle movements with the pelvis and other parts of the body so you can fine-tune your movements.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller, Theraband

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Hi everyone here for a mat workout today and you'll need your foam roller, we'll start with a little bit of rolling and opening up and slight massage if you wanna call it that, just to prepare our mus...


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Enjoyed this video with the roller, deliberate and effective movements!
two personal bests with this vid: best hip flexor stretch over that roller, and BEST ROLLING LIKE A BALL ever! It was so fun and easy after doing all that roller work. Thanks AMy.
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Such a lovely class Amy- the movements and sequence were very well thought through. Thank you :)
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Loved it, thank you.
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She wasn't exactly spend an hour on each point/area. Just 4/5 roll each time. While not an expert, it helped me and I don't see the harm in this
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This was so fabulous!! Great for me, great for my elderly clients, but such a wonderful use of the foam roller. Thank you!
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Thank you all so much! :)
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I used the foam roller to support my head during the side lying exercises with theraband. Better alignment of my head and spine! Also those taking class might like to experiment with placement of palms/for arms during those last 4 delicious stretches using foam roller. I began with plans out and drew them towards one another as I lifted my torso and really enjoyed it.
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This is a perfect post competition workout for me. It rolls and stretches all the right areas ­čśŐ
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Always love your workouts and fine tuning. (Love the outfit too! )
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