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Creative Tower Progressions

45 min - Class


Challenge your coordination and stability with this creative Tower workout by Melissa Connolly. She uses minimal spring changes to flow through movements that will work your entire body. She includes variations and progressions to exercises like Parakeet, Advanced Bridge, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Tower, Yoga Block

About This Video


Hi, I'm Melissa Connelly and I am happy to be here at plottings anytime to present to you a tower routine. Um, the springs that we're going to start with. Um, basically all the springs...


Great flow, lovely variations! I really enjoyed the class!
I like it, thank you
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I loved it!! great class
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I love the arm springs. We are limited on space so it's a nice way to get to use these exercises without having to try to move the machine around!
This was a great tower class. Love all the variations and use of the springs. Thank you.
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I loved this class for several reasons: The minimal spring changes, clear instruction and I didn't have to move my tower. I too don't have enough room to get all the way around my tower. THANKS!! I will come back to this again and again.
Great fun class...creatively tough
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Awesome class! Very challenging. Thank you:)
Beautiful start to finish, within reach but had to work for some of that balance standing spring work.
Got some great ideas here seated arm work standing arm work and standing on the block to work the glutes was great ! Good energy thanks!
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