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Creative Tower Progressions

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Challenge your coordination and stability with this creative Tower workout by Melissa Connolly. She uses minimal spring changes to flow through movements that will work your entire body. She includes variations and progressions to exercises like Parakeet, Advanced Bridge, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Tower, Yoga Block

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Hi, I'm Melissa Connelly and I am happy to be here at plottings anytime to present to you a tower routine. Um, the springs that we're going to start with. Um, basically all the springs that we're going to use today are just your, um, leg straps, your purple springs, your long yellows, and just one red spring to attach the push through bar best it. So what I have started here, if you're counting the holes, it's one, two, the third one up from the bottom. Attach your yellow springs. Typically they hold the handle straps, but I want you to just change them out for the feet straps to start with. And then we'll play some on the purple ones eventually, which are up one more hole. Okay.

So just take those traps off and I have my handle set up when we need them. All right, we're going to grab our yellow straps facing the tower. Place the straps above your knees onto your thighs. We want just a little bit of resistance intention on those straps. So lie down on your backs and feel that there's just enough resistance, not a lot.

And then bring your head down to start feed or planted onto the mat. Knees tracking up. Let's roll the shoulders back, open through your collarbone, and then just with these springs, you want to feel that they're gently pulling you towards the tower so you're creating the sense of length down through your pelvis and your back. Breathing in through your nose. Take an Exxon, just draw the abdominal muscles and tight again. Nice deep inhale, widening across your chest, lengthening through your spine, and exhale. Take an inhale and on your next exhale, go into a pelvic tilt, curling your hips under, rolling through into that small arch. Exhale, you're pulling against the resistance of the straps to deepen your apps and let those straps release you into a small arch.

Exhale, pull the abdominals and release into a small arch and then settle down into a nice stable position and your pelvis sink your stomach in. As your right leg floats up. Exhale, lower it down. Sink the ABS in. Lift the left leg up. Lower down. Exhale, feeling the stomach muscles contracting to raise the leg. Just one more on both sides. Exhale, left lower with control. Exhale, left and lower.

Take both of your legs up to a tabletop position. There should be more resistance here, but using those apps, tap the right foot down. Exhale left from your abs. Lower exhale left. The tendency for me anyway is to roll the shoulders here when it gets tough. So try to keep that chest nice and open and wide.

Exhale left last one and lift. Let's carefully place one foot at a time down onto the mat again. Find that nice stable position. Feet grounded. Knees straight up. We're going to roll our hips out. So starting with your pelvic tilt, roll the spine up, up, up and up. And then rolled down. Raising the arms up and over overheads, reaching back through your fingertips, reaching down through your tailbone. Exhale, let's rule, uh, pressing the arms down and then as you roll down, feel those springs pull you down.

Creating that nice length and separation in between every vertebra. Roll the hips up and then roll the all the way down through the upper spine, the middle spine, the lower spine and table keeping the tailbone weighted on the mat. Hands go behind your head. Lift had neck, shoulder blades app lowered down, and I like this because it helps me pull the legs towards the tower. Finding a nice long neutral position of the spine. Exhale, lift and lower curling up without any tension in the neck or the shoulders.

Exhale, lift and PAS. We're going to lift and rotate to the right. Feeling that right shoulder blade, lifting up off of the mat. Lower down through the center. Lift up and rotate, so laughing in the left shoulder by lifting up. Lower down. Exhale, lift in, rotate lower down the pelvis stays weighted onto the mat. Equal on left and right.

Lift lower last time. Exhale, rotate and low or bring the arms down by the sides will raise one leg up and then the other leg up to tabletop. Curl your head, neck, shoulder bays up, eyes on the stomach. Start to pump the arms. Breathe in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five into four, five XL shadows, abs in deep, three, two, three, four, five exits. You three, four, five, starts a length of legs. Fat. Exhale, two, three, four, five, five, two, four, a five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Bring the legs down to four. Five exits. Two, three, four, five, seven, two, four. Thought XL gradually lowering my legs. Two, four, five. Exhale, two more times. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Last, one, two, four, five. And exhale, two, three, four, and five. Bend those knees. Hold the back of the thighs. Rock on up. Okay. Having some tension on the straps. I'm going to slide back just a hair sitting up straight, reaching the arms forward. Let's pull the stomach in, and again, this feels so nice to get that traction with the thighs reaching forward as the belly pulls back and then around it up again. We round it back. Exhale, breathe in.

Pull the stem again to round forward and left the ream wire roll back. Inhale, exhale, scoop and lift to our rural. Inhale. Exhale, pull the abs back left one more time. Ruling down three-d en scoop the belly and left God. Okay, so we're going to take those traps off of our thighs.

We'll do a quick sweat. So let's take the straps, the loops off, place some onto our leg strap. Okay, and we'll bring the handles back to our long yellows. Okay. Holding your handles. We're going to sit onto the tower straddling the tower, going into some seated arm work, so have enough resistance here. Feet are planted on the ground with your heels under your knees, sitting up straight. ABS are in [inaudible].

The arms back reach forward. Press back, reach for filling this in the back of the arms and then mid to upper back and forward. Exhale five four. Press six for fingertips. Reaching down to the floor, press down and back. Two more. Exhale back. Last one. Hold for a moment. Widen across your chest. Reach forward.

We're going to scoot an inch or two back. Bring the legs up onto the tower. Palms are up, toes are pointing forward. As a belly pulls back into a c shape. Soften the elbows into a bicep curl. Repossessed. Exhale, curl. Reassess.

Really strengthening in the arms and exhale for plug those shoulders back. Five and exhale, six, four more tight. Squeeze seven. Exhale eight, two more. Last one, length in the arm. Sit Up straight from here. Take those legs, straddle the mat again and Scooch back a little bit further. Again, feet are grounded. Me Is over. Your heels, palm facing down.

Pull the elbows back and reach strengthening from those mid back muscles. Exhale, pulse, squeeze. Resist. Exhale, pull, squeeze, reassessed. Exhale, five more and four you can gently squeeze the mat with your inner thighs. Last two and one or pull. Reach the arms forward. Turn your palms in, pulling the right elbow back. Start to rotate to the right. Inhale, center, left elbow back. Pull in, rotate and center. Sliding that right shoulder down.

Reach the right arm forward. There'll be no tension on the right left arm forward, no tension on the left. And then get into that back muscle. As you pull and reach. Exhale, pull and reach. Last one. And or reach God. Transition. We're going to take those traps into one hand and then just turn around onto your back. Okay, good.

So from here I like to be further than arms. Distance Away from the upright poles feeder flat down on the Mat. Arms are lifted, put about 10% tension on the strap so there's a little resistance. Pull the shoulders down onto the mat. Exhale, lower the arms down. Control length in your neck as you press down to and up per us down three and up just to morphin the stomach draw and every press and her ass.

This time as you press down, raise your hips up, lift the hips, lower straight down. Press up, ground your feet lowered down. Feel the inner and outer edge of the foot equally pressing into the mat. Ass lower last time. Press up in. Stay. Now lift the arms halfway between the knees and the Mat and do small circles. Reaching out through the fingertips to circle three, four and five six seven eight nine Jeff, 10 reverse one key but small, three, four and five six, seven, eight, nine, 10 arms length and roll the spine down.

Stretch the arms up to the ceiling. When the tailbone touches the mat, please set elbows on the mat. And press. The arms and bench try suppresses two and bend. Exhale, three. Bend, press four, bend and five. Keeping the back of the arm connected to your mat. Shoulders down, chest and collarbone. Stay Open. Two more. Last one. Now Bend your elbows as a right arm only presses down.

Lift the left leg up and switch side. Left arm down, right, like up and down. And switch three and down. Switch four. Exhale. Five. Sink the belly into lift the leg. ABS, animal left x sale and switch.

Good. Two more. And switch last one. And release. Good. We'll take the straps and turn around onto your stomach. Okay, so sliding back so you have enough resistance here and the arms. We're going to open the legs, hip distance apart, or even a little wider.

Place your forehead down onto the mat. Going into the Flying Eagle, the arms are long. Fingertips are reaching. We're pulling back. Come into a back extension, open the arms and lower down again. Pull back, lifting into an extension. Open the arms out to the tee and lower down. Pull back right next to your sides. Reach arms long. Lower down. Two more. Exhale, pullback open, lower last time.

Pull back, open and lower reverse. Take those arms out the sides. Pull back and reach down and forward. And again, pull back, lengthening, head to toes. Reach down and forward. Three more arms wide. Pull back, reach down and forward. Two more arms wide. Pull back down. Forward.

Last one into more extension. Reach down and forward from here. Carefully let go of those straps. Let's press back into a child's pose for a moment and then rule yourself up. Okay, good. We'll go into some legwork from here. So our purple springs are one, two, three, four up from the bottom. We're going to lie down on our backs for this series.

I like to be arm's distance from the upright poles. So slide yourself down. Make sure right in the center of the Mat and we'll place the feet into the straps. Okay, so start with a leg straight up towards the ceiling. Pull the shoulders down, abs and both legs. Lower. Exhale, squeeze through your inner thighs. Control the legs app per ass down and resists the left per ass down.

Resists the left. Two more here. Lower the legs, control the legs up, lower the legs, control the legs up, going into a scissor. Lower one leg down. One like hi and switch. Switch three, switch four, switch five and six. Switch seven, eight, nine and 10. Now scissor the legs, right leg up, left leg down and open them into the helicopter and back to the center. Left leg up, right like down. Open around through this center and scissor.

Three open or around. Center says or four. Open around center. Scissor. Five. Open and together. Scissors. Six. Open around together. Three more, four more if I can count. N This is eight. Open around together.

Two more. Nine. Helicopter to gather. Last one. And together, walking up. Two, three, four, five and down. Two, three, four, five. Shifting up to three, four, five and down. Two, three, four, five and up to four. Five down to three. Four, five to more to four. Five down to three. Four, five. Last, one to four. Five down to three. Four. Hold it. Turn the legs out, squeeze the legs tight together. Bend the knees into a frog. Push away for five. Ben and push away abs. Pull and as you lengthen, three per us away for hold it there on five.

From here, we're going to bring those legs down a little further. Bend the knees and raise them like a circle. Lower Bend. Lift up. Lower Bend. Lift up. Lower Ben, raise up nice and controlled. One more.

Let's reverse. Bend your knees. Stretch legs out to lift them up. Ben. Stretch long to lift. Bend and Stern. Watch to lift up to more. Stir Rach, lift up. Last one. Stretch.

Lift up. It's turned out by for ten nine, eight seven six five four three two n one reverse a bicycle to stretch. Three length and four five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Bring those heels together. Toes apart. Separate the legs. Cross the right leg in front. Separate left leg in front and he'll accell. Three open. Squeeze. Four open. Squeeze. Five. Pull the stomach in.

Six and seven and eight and nine. Last one. Crisscross. Traveling up to three. Four, five. Down to three. Four, five. Going up to four. Five down, two, three, four, five. Three to four. Five. Down. Two, three, four, five, four. Two, three, four, five, down to four or five. Last one down, two, three, four, five. Bend your knees with control in. Let's take one strap off. Let's take the left foot out of the strap.

The rifle stays in that left foot. It's going to push down onto the mat. Now keep resistance onto the spring. You have your right knee in line with the hip and the foot in line with your knee. Hold onto the upright poles. Dig that left foot down and press the hips up. One and down. Five reps. Lift to down.

Lift three down. Lift four down. Hold it up on five hips are square. Press the right leg out and in. Press out in. Exhale three.

Press for hold it five. Raise the leg up and down. Lift up and down. Lift three, lift four, five. Your thighs are in line with each other. Circle below the height of the left knee for five, four, three, two, one. Reverse for five, four, three, two, one little gonna raise like roll the spine down.

Raise your head. Let's walk up that leg to give it a nice hamstring. Stir Roach and then take that strap off of your foot. Okay. Side two left foot, goes into the strap. Setting yourself up. Make sure you're still in the center of the tower, holding onto the uprights, knee over your heel, foot in line with the knee. And we press up into a straight bridge.

Lower the hips equally to the mat. Press up lower to the mat. Prs. Up and down to more per ass. Lower last one. Press and hold. Lengthen that like away. Pull it in. Press two in, press three in press four.

Hold a straight on five. Lift the leg up. Exhale, lower left. Control it down. Three and down. Four and 5,000 lines. Circle below the height of the knee. One, two, three, four, five. Reverse one, two, three, four, five reasons like as you rule the spine down from here, lift the head. Let's walk up that leg, give it a nice stir up, and then take the strap off of the head. Okay, good.

Let's come all the way up. All right. Next series. Yeah. So I have one red spring and gonna attach it to the um, the top on the side upright pole and we'll attach the push through bar. Okay, so stretching out the hamstrings a bit. Next with a push through the Fico against the Metal Upright Poles. We're going to send that bar up towards the ceiling.

So lengthening the spine nice and long. Now hinge your body back from here. Lower the chin, pull the stomach and round forward. Pulse forward for three, two, one. Slowly roll back, connecting to your abs, pulling the shoulders down the back. Lift up.

Now take your left hand across the rib cage so it's touching the right ribs. Keep your shoulders nice and square. We're going to lean back. Pull this up again. Feel underneath that left hand. Push the bar forward and pulse. Three, two, one. Control the back. Shoulders square with a bar. Raise the arm up.

One more. Lean back, abs. Pull in away from that left hand and pulse. Three, two, one. Roll back. Lift up with control. Now take the left hand towards the opposite upright pole into a nice rotation. We're going to reach that arm back for your, that long line from your left fingertips, but right hand lift the sternum up as you arch up around. Lower the bar, round down over the right leg.

Take that left arm, sir. Good around stretch. Sweep it across the body into a twist. Two More Circle Saas. Take it out. Lifting up and around. Press down over the right leg. Take that left arm, our around. Big Circle. Nice full range of motion. Make it feel good and stir Rach, and one more. I take it out, lifting up our around.

Drop the head down and stretch. Take the left arm around. Sweep it all the way across and stir hatch. Send to yourself both hands onto the bar, pressing up, lean back, lower the head. Pull the stomach back to the spine. Rounding forward and pulse. Three, two, one.

Let's roll the spine back and raise arms length in right hand to left rib cage, the lean back. If you had an ABS, pull in and pulse. Three, two, one. Roll back and raise the arm and stretch. Shoulders Square. And again, one more time. Ran Forward. Pulse. Three, two, one. Roll back and raise it up. Going into our circle, saw right-hand reaches a crass anchoring the sit bones looking underneath the left arm, right are more. Reach two. I pause just for a moment. If you're that stretch, fingertips to hand lift up and arch around.

Press the bar down. Stretch down over the left leg. Take the right arm to the left big circle. Sweep the arm across and twist two more. Stretch it out. Lift up and around and stretch it down.

Take the arm to the laugh. Big Circle. Sweep it across. Last circle, saute. Get Out, stretch, arch, upper out. Just drop your head down and push the bar down. Stretching to the left. Big Circle. Raise the left arm, twist across, and then find center. From here, let's let go of the bar. Reach the arms forward, roll down onto your backs.

Arms come down to this size, and then just slide a little bit closer to the tower. We're going to prepare for the parakeet so the fee will go onto the bar and I like to have the arches of my feet on the bar about hip distance apart from here, we're going to bend the knees, pull this stun again, reach those legs long. It's a good check point here to check where the bar is. Make sure it's not too far behind the upright poles. And now bend the knees, stretch the legs up to the feeling. We're going to rule ourselves up, up, and app length in their right leg back. Inhale, stretch. Exhale. Touch the bar.

Take that left leg back and stir Rach, touch the bar. Rule the spine down. Take the arms all the way back overhead. Bend the knees and as the legs go down, the arms reach down and here we go again. Bend the knees slowly lift those legs to straight. Roll the spine up one vertebra at a time.

Their right leg will flow back to time. Stretch and stretch. And how left leg stir Rach and and stretch and hap. Let's roll down, sending your arms all the way back. Bend the knees, bring the bar through. Arms go down.

Last time. Bend the knees, lengthen the legs, rural the hips up. And we go for three reps. Inhale right leg. Tap in here, right leg tap. One more. Three. So itch sides. One tap and two tap and three. Tap. As you roll down, bring the arms all the way back.

Bend the knees, reach that bar through. We're going to lift the arms up in line with their shoulders. Start to raise your head. X a roll up. Sit Up nice and tall and ruled down. Arms reach back. Take the arms in line with the shoulders.

Raise the head. Exhale, roll and lift. And lets roll it down. Reach forward as you pull your stomach back. And one more time. Raise the arms and exhale with control. Rule up and now bend your knees.

Let's take the hands on the outside of the feet. Rock back and lengthen the legs. We're going to go to the balls of the feet, pull the shoulders down and do a little prance and two, switch three, switch four, switch five, six. When she got the calves and maybe if you got a cramp in your feet, stretching up that curve. All right, good. I'll link Finn. We're going to take those feet underneath the bar. Try to lift the feet up towards the bar. Reach your hands towards your feet.

Let's keep the legs there as we roll back. Take the arms out to the sides. Exhale, roll aging to the bar. Rural. Circle the arms. Exhale rule. Arbery's legs to the bar when lifting up. Now grab hold of the bar. Bend your knees.

Place the feet against the upright poles. Strfat PSAP are up again. Lean back this time. Tuck your tailbone under a lot. Roll the out. As you bend your knees, your head touches the mat. We're going to tech the tab on, rural up your thighs. Touch the bar that's says stay there.

Roll down one vertebra at a time. Send your hips back. Lengthen the arms up. Lincoln, your spine. Second wrap will advance it a bit. So tuck the tailbone rolled down, rolling up so your thighs and bar touch. Now grab hold. Get a good grip on that bar. Lift up just to the crown of the head lightly.

Tuck your chin, roll the spine down. Send your hips back and raise up to a long diagonal. Last, rob, going for the full advanced bridge. We're going to Tuck the tailbone roll down, rolling up pos through each steps so the bar and the thighs come in. Contact the head, touches the mat. Get a good grip on that bar.

Lifting up lower down. Tuck the chin to the chest. Roll down one vertebra at a time. Sen the hips back. Stretch up and forward. God. All right. From here we're going to stand up. We are going to need a yoga block. I'm pretty students, so I'm going to grab this yoga block so it is ready.

I've got a on my tower and come on up to standing. Okay, so standing with our hands onto the bar, rounding through your feet, feet, hip, distance apart. Just take a moment to feel that standing alignment so they enter. The outer foot is pressing equally down. You're holding onto the bar. Feel like when you're holding onto the bar, if you are going to let go, you would fall backwards so we're slightly leaning back, opening across the chest.

Now come down into a squat and press up sliding down an imaginary wall. Lower per pur up and lower. Press up. Two more lower per us. Hold it down on this last one. Do a little pulse. Push into your feet.

Pulse for ten two pulls, three, four and five six, seven, eight, nine. Press all the way up on hen. Heels together. Toes apart. We're in first position. Come into a plea. I inhale accessing up. Still keeping that back nice and long. Push into your feet as you lift up. Tall, lower down per ass. Up. Lift.

Two more. XLF. Last one. We hold it down. Pulses one and two and three squeezing into the glutes. XL Five push down. Six, seven, eight, nine. [inaudible] all the way up on 10 heels together. Toes are together. We're going to rise up onto the balls of the feet, keeping your ankles together tight. Hold that bar, using that and come down and her us up.

Lengthen and low per us app in hill three per us up to more and lift. We are going to hold it down. Keeping those heels lifted. We pulse. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Oh, it's a thigh killer. Lower those heels. Separate your feet slightly. Okay. Take your right leg straight behind you. Now make sure that it's not turned out, but all five toes are reaching down to the floor. Your hip stay square. You want your shoulder sister pulling back.

The leg is going to lift the body pitches forward and then lift back up. Okay, so just hinges from your hips. Go forward and left feeling the back of the [inaudible] as you lean forward and lift. Just two more hips are square. Keep the chest slightly lifted. Last one, lifting up. We'll replace the feet. Bring that right foot next to your laugh in line with your hip side. The left leg back again, check it's not turned out. It's nice and parallel.

Hips are square. Exhale, let's pitch forward. Inhale, left. Exhale too. Okay, and hill left lower. Thery. Okay, and left. Just two more, really waking up in the back of that leg again. And one more time.

Abs are in back is working left and stand on two feet. Good. Okay. We're going to take this bar down. This is where we're going to use our yoga block. So I'm going to turn the yoga block vertical. Okay. I don't know how far to tell you it is, but pretty much you're going to be arm's distance from the tower and then I would place that yoga block somewhere. We can stand on it. Okay.

So with our spring tension, take your purple springs up. One more hole from where they were for your, um, supine legwork. Okay, so safest way to get into this. We're going to take our hold onto the m bar, the uprights, and then take your right foot into the strap. Hands are going to hold onto the tower.

We're going to place that left foot onto the yoga block. Okay. So the yoga blocks should be in the middle of the Mat. Keep your left knee bent and lean forward. Okay. So elbows can be slightly bent to pull those shoulders down. And the leg is pure allow. We're going to press that leg back and bring it in.

Long leg back and in x hair. And in just two more here. Just five and let's hold a back on five. Keep that like long. Cross the midline one inner thigh, two and hamstring, three four, five combination. Bring it down, press it back, cross the midline, center and down and back.

Cross center and down. Press, back, cross center. Two more. Press back. Cross sends her last one. Press Costs Center and lower. Just go ahead and lower that strap. Okay, step off of the block. We'll place the left foot into the strap.

Okay, once it's there, hands onto the tower. Let's stay in that right foot. Okay, so the right knee stays soft, the left leg stays long. Lean forward, shoulders back, press it wa. Connect every rep to the back of your thigh. Press squeeze. Three. Press back four hold their five cross, the midline inner thigh. Wome inner thigh to cross, three, four, five. Now combined, bring it down. Press back, cross center, bring it down. Press back, cross center and three prs back.

Cross center. Two more. Press back, cross center. Last one. Back. Cross center and release. We go that foot out. Okay, good. So I'm just gonna move this yoga block out of my way. We'll do some standing arm work with our yellow springs. Let's bring them up. Um, I'm going to bring them so they're a little below the height of my shoulders here. I have them from the top, the second one down.

Okay. And then let's turn around and alright, so having enough resistance, heels are together, toes are apart. I want you to lean forward, reaching into the straps, stand, operate again. Lean forward. Reach into the straps and stand. One more. Lean forward and hold that lean open and hug the arms for three and two and one. Now bring the arms down, lean forward, reach.

Open the arms and hug. Bring it down, stand upright and reach. Open the arms and hug. Just one more down and scoop and open and hug. Now open the arms. Come up, right. Bend your elbows. We're going to go into the salute. Rise up into the balls of your feet. Press app and lower press.

Up and lower. Press up in hold at. Bend your elbows. One arm at a time. Switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch to more. Switch and sit. Now Bend your elbows. Press up to release. Go ahead. Legs are turned out.

We're going to lunge the right leg forward, keeping the hip square. Bend your elbows from here. Reach out left arm and rotate to the right. Punch the right and rotate to the left. Pick up the pace. Switch three, switch fourth, switch five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Now Bend your elbows. Stay here. Reach arms down. We're going to circle the arms left now.

Press back on your back leg. Point your friends lunge. Reach. Lift them. Point and lift up to more. Feel free to suspend that leg up and down. Suspend up and lunge down and stand up straight.

We'll switch thigh left legos forward. Bend any elbows, right arm punches, force we rotate. Exhale, twist, switch. Pick up the pace. Three, four and five. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Come to the center, circling the arms. Reach forward, lifting up, reaching to, lifting up, reaching three and up to four. Since Ben, last one, five. Just lower it down and step it back. God. All right, turn around. Okay. Feet are parallel.

Hip Distance. Standing up tall. We started this seated. We're going to do it standing, so press arms back one, press two, press back. Three, four. Next five. Rise up. Harassed for five, four, three, two, one. Lower down. Step the feet back. First position heels together. Toes apart. Come into a police. [inaudible] by sub curl one. Squeeze to exhale. Four, five, six tight. Squeeze. Seven shoulders back, eight, nine, 10. Stand up straight. Swing those heels apart.

Few parallel hip distance. Take a small step back. And to squats. We rolled out arms one and left. Pull back to nice and strong through our thighs and our backs. X, Sam left five and six pull seven keeping the back straight. Two more and 10 who let's bring those feet to gather. Totally.

Heels touching. Palm Facing Ed. If we're gonna float the right leg app, pull the right elbow back. Bend the left knee. Here we go. Left and lower notes with stitches. Stay Square left via that. Pull and reach for balance. Pull and reach. Lengthening the right leg.

Pull the right elbow back length in the left leg. Puddle, left elbow back. Exhale. We have four. Exhale, three last and we step it forward. Okay. Attach your pursue bar for the last rat. Okay, so the spring is good. We're going to have the feet hip distance apart. Hold onto the bar.

Inhale, lift your chest, look up, come through the center. Exhale, round down. Pause with the bar in line with your knees. Pulse three, two, one continuous with cat stretch. Reach the arms forward until that spine gets long, you peek forward and then scoop Babs and Tuck the tailbone. Roll Up. Yeah. Inhale, lift the chin, lift the chest, arch the spine. Come through the center.

Lower the head round bar in line with your knees. ABS. Pull in as we pulse. Three, two, one. Continue stretching forward. Okay, look forward. Lengthen through the spine. Pull the ABS in, rural the spine, up, standing upright. Lift the chin, lift the chest arching, and then come through the center and have an amazing rest of your day.


Great flow, lovely variations! I really enjoyed the class!
I like it, thank you
1 person likes this.
I loved it!! great class
1 person likes this.
I love the arm springs. We are limited on space so it's a nice way to get to use these exercises without having to try to move the machine around!
Michael Mary S
This was a great tower class. Love all the variations and use of the springs. Thank you.
2 people like this.
I loved this class for several reasons: The minimal spring changes, clear instruction and I didn't have to move my tower. I too don't have enough room to get all the way around my tower. THANKS!! I will come back to this again and again.
Gerri M
Great fun class...creatively tough
1 person likes this.
Awesome class! Very challenging. Thank you:)
Beautiful start to finish, within reach but had to work for some of that balance standing spring work.
1 person likes this.
Got some great ideas here seated arm work standing arm work and standing on the block to work the glutes was great ! Good energy thanks!
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