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You will feel the length in your body after taking this Tower workout with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt. They teach the class in blocks using each part of the Tower. They include fun variations of exercises like Cat, Side Kick, and so much more!
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Mar 14, 2018
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Joan and welcome. Welcome back to our tower class. So we're going to teach it in blocks and we're going to start with the rollback bar. Then I think you should start, I think I go into, so we're gonna start with the roll back bar, but if you want to set everything up before you start, if that's works for you, you need to roll back bar. You need to push through bar plus spring. You need arms springs and like springs. We'll go over it when we get to each block because sometimes it's slightly different, but we're going to start with the rollback bar.

We have our s rollback bar set up all the on the top, so if that works for you, otherwise adjust it accordingly. You're going to be lying down on your back with your head towards the tower unit because we're going to start with the exercise called the breathing. So you're going to hold on to your roll back bar and your legs are about hip width apart. There we go. And you're going to take a big breasts in, pressing the bar down and curling up your pelvis into a shoulder bridge. As you inhale, then you're going to soften your throat.

You're going to exhale and roll through the spine until the tailbone is all the way back down. Let's do that again. Inhale, when you go all the way up, lengthening and try to coordinate the breathing with your movement. So at the end of the exhale, the spring is back. Your hips are back on the floor. Let's do it one more time. Inhale, rolling all the way up. Make it nice and smooth, and then on the exhale you're going to roll all the way down. We're going to inhale and roll up and stay there for a second. Then on our way down, we're going to put more weight onto our right side.

So the right ribcage comes down first and you roll through it down until everything is back to the mat. Very nice. You're gonna roll back up. And I did not introduce the ladies for today. Go to the left. We have Aaron and we have k. Dot. So teacher. Here we are. Roll up a little roll in all the way up. Re our back on the right side.

So soften the right ribcage and roll through the rib cage to go all the way down to the hips are down. Very nice. And then roll up one more time to be even onto the left side to roll down. Launch all the way down. Let go of your roll back bar. Roll yourself up, Phillip, yourself around. So your feet are against the Poles for the roll down ball.

So we're going to start with the roll down, holding onto the bar and an as you roll down, feel how the pubic bone pools up, sending the heels away to get that curl and make sure you show the blades land. Then lift the head, soften the sternum. You can even soften your knees a little bit as you roll yourself back up. There we go. Let's do it one more time. So cruel. The pelvis under, think of the pubic bone pooling up. As you send those heels away, the shoulder blades land, the head comes back up, the sternum softens, the knee softens and you roll yourself back up.

Place your right hand in the middle of the bar. The left arm goes around your waist. You roll down evenly the same way. Now Watch out that arm that holds the bar, that shoulder ones to stay up. So make sure it lands on the mat.

Then bring the left arm by your ear and then side bend to the edge of the mat. Do not go over the mat. Just think of reaching for the top corner. Then thrust this arm long and send that heel into the pole to create a stretch. Do we have contact? We have contact. Then bring it all the way back into the middle of the mat.

Your body repped yarn around again to lift the head and roll yourself back up. And once we're up we change sides. So the other hand on the bar, we roll ourselves backwards. Think again of that pubic bone rolling up once or all the way down. Make sure that the shoulder blade is on the floor side. Bend yourself to the edge. Reach with that arm, reach with that heel and get that lovely, lovely stretch.

And then bring it back to the middle. The arm goes around, roll yourself up. So we're going to do a little variation on this theme. So change hands again. We're going to roll down all the way. This is all the same. Once you're down, check your shoulders, bring the arm back up, side bend all the way to the side. Still activating that same heel. But now close the left leg towards your right leg.

Once it's close, cross it over and while you're crossing over, still think of sending that heel away. So flex that foot, Aaron, Yap and push to the center of the heel. Then bring the foot back, bring the body back into the middle arm, goes around and roll yourself back up. Once we're up, we change sides. So are there, aren't we roll down all the way. The arm comes back up above us. We side bend our body, press through the heel, close that leg, bring it over the other leg, push through the heel and get that fool for lengths. Very nice. Then bring the foot back against the pole. Bring your body back to the center.

Arm goes around and we roll up. Ready for a round the world. So you're going to place both hands back onto the bar. You're going to roll down until the bottom of your shoulder blades are on the mat. Are you going to stay in this curl the whole time? We never going to sit up. You're going to twist to what? You're right.

Roll up on the right side. Stay that curl. Move over to the left and roll back down right away. We going to do two more of those circles. Are we going to up on the right curling up and then stay in the scoop to go into the left right away. One more time. We going up on the right, we started down, so we're going to end down. So we end up in the middle and then uh, Yup.

And then roll up straight. She asked me to straighten out our spine and then roll back down to that same height and then go to your left. So we go up on the left side and down on the right side. There you go. And up on the left and down on the right you have one more time.

We'd go up and we'd go down, stay at the bottom, and then roll yourself up all the way and let go of the bar. Then you're going to get your leg springs and you're gonna lie down on your back with your head at the end of the bars and hook yourselves in. Okay? You want to make sure once you're there, your arms are going to hold the pole and you're going to push out so your arms are straight. Trust me, you want straight arms for this one. So straight arms really pushing evenly through the palm of your hand. And Keto.

You want to just bring it up just a little bit? I'm having her move up her hands just a bit because that helps with keeping the rib cage soft. From here. Start off simple. Just put normal frogs. We're just going to push out. Okay. And Bend it back in CFF position for you and the push through the hands.

Just feel what it feels like for your body and pull it in one more frog and bend your legs in. If you need to adjust anything, that would be the time to adjust. Now we're going to push out from here. You are going to think of curling your pubic bone under and just lifting up so the pubic bone curls in and it curls down. Yeah, I do not want you pushing down into your back and pushing your hips down. I want the pubis to curl in and curl. It's not fun and relax your neck, Aaron and cruel in. Good.

See it curls up. Really think accrual net poops n if you need to for some people pushing your feet down helps for others that doesn't do anything but you might want to try it. And then Benjamin is back in. Now we're going to put it together. So you're going to push out, curl up, bend your knees in as the feet come down and the hips and in. So it's all together. So its out. You lifted up, you lower it down the hips and Ben back in, obviously the teacher was not very clear. So you push out, lift the hips up, lower the hips down. I was just struck by their beauty. Blown away. Push out long, curl the hips up, curl the hips down and bring it back in.

Then straighten the legs straight up to the ceiling. 90 degree angle, push out a little bit more, your arms a little bit straighter. So the springs are not limp. Nobody likes limps springs. From here you're going to lower your legs down to 45 degree angle and back up and down to 45 and up down to 45 and up and out comes the fun part. We go down to 45 you curl that coxix under and you come up into a beautiful line and you roll it down as you bring your feet back up. So you press out, curl the coccsyx up.

Yeah, roll it down as the legs come back in. And last time press the legs out. Curl up. As you roll down the legs, come back in and just bend your legs in. That wasn't so bad. I made you look. Of course I make you look good and push out long from here.

Lower down to 45 degree angle. And just to relax those legs, just do scissors. So just scissors. I'm just pressing. Relax your neck, relax your throats, and then start to bicycle the legs. Just good. And reverse the bicycle. If you're paddling backwards, relaxed the next, keep those arms straight. Then stretch the legs out to 45 degree angle. Bend your knees back in and bring them in. Open the legs a little bit. So in that frog, now we're going to do Joe's fog.

So what you're going to do is bring the legs down and you go out stretching the legs, lift them up and bend in. So if you're going to count it for those anal people, you go one up n n good. And you push it down the floor. Stretch out long, lifted up, straight legs and banded. And one more for Aaron. Stretch it out. Legs are straight band. Now we reversed it. You go out to 45 the legs lower down. They stay on the floor, they come in, knees come into the chest and we go out.

She's got it though and bend it in and stretch. Good last time. Keep that long. Keep the ribs soft and relax and take your feet out. Dan. What we're going to do is push through bar.

Yay. So [inaudible] pushed through by, there are several different kinds of bars into different, several different kinds of springs. So for today we're going to use the red one and the blue one both on the top. So that's how we're going to set it up. Now if you have the push through bar that has that fourth bar, that one that connects from here to there, you might not need the extra spring because you can place your feet against that bar to help you to come up. It'll make sense when you see the exercise. So you want to create a tension that helps you in order to do the exercise.

Don't make it too hard on yourself. So we are going to push the bar down. You're going to face the bar and place your knees over the bar, and then you're going to lie down on your back and then bring the legs up a little bit. That's okay. So if you had that fourth bar here, you could then place that feet and anchor yourself to push through the heels. Okay? So if you have it, you have it. If you don't, you don't. So from here we're going to go cruel enough.

So we're gonna do a reverse curl. We pool from the front of our body, we roll ourselves up, and then we're going to roll back down. Yes. Positioning is everything. So I don't want you to go too high. I just want that pelvis off the floor. So you're gonna recur up. Come in and a little bit going a little closer. There you go. And Curl. Nope. Bring your knees up. There we go. Curl. There we are.

And Roll back down. Don't just say no to me and Corolla. Yup. There you go. See you got it. And then roll back down. It's a little high, Aaron. So now we're going to change it and we're going to roll up and we're going to stay there. Hold it there, and we're going to go down and five counts are going to go five, four, three, two, one, one more time.

Curling up and hold. So we're going to focus on the East centric control as we rolling down. Two, three, four, five. Good. Carefully take your feet off and, and um, of the bar. Roll the bar up. And for the next one, if you have two springs, you only need one. So let's take the blue one off and then you're going to lie down on your back with your head facing the tower and hold onto the bar as you come on down. When you're lying down, move a little up so your hands are slightly in front of your shoulders.

Your legs are bent and hip with, apart from here, you're going to roll yourself up. So you go roll up, lengthening through the spine and make sure you're in the right position here. And then roll yourself back down. These professional girl's got a down, the right hand moves a little bit towards the center of the bar [inaudible] and the left hand goes behind your head. The left elbow is going to stay on the floor. So as you come up, you're going to create a little rotation.

That's the side of the hand that's up, goes up and then forward, and then it comes back down to go down. So think of that rib cage going up and forward, and then it comes back to go back down. Now at the same time as that goes forward and up, the other ribcage goes back and down. So you're going to move the bottom side underneath you. Then that side comes forward to come back down.

So as the top side goes up and forward, this side goes back. Then it goes forward to come back down. Let's do that one more time. We go up and do that rotation. Try to get that vitamins, IBI and you, and then bring it forward. Now at the same time, you're going to slide your right leg out. So the right side comes up, the right leg goes out and push that heel away and then everything rotates and everything comes back home and press it around whatever we don't arch and then come back down one more time and then lift up. Make sure we have that rotation of going backwards and forwards and then come back in and then change hands.

So the first time the elbow stays on the floor, so the left side goes up and comes forward and around there we go. And then the site back to go back down and we go up to go forward where you go back to go down, take a bottom side with you. So we go up, the bottom side, moves behind us, thank you and bring it forward to come back down and go up. If there's a little delayed reaction over there and come forward and back down it's life, you know, life TV, you have a two second lily and go and go around and now stretch the left leg out at the same time. So we press it around the corner and then reached out. It helps that hip to stick on the floor and reach or you send that heel away to get that opposite rotation.

And then we have one more time to go around and, and relax. Change hands again for [inaudible] grand finale of this exercise. And that means it's like a walking pattern. We keep changing hands and feet at the same each time we come home. Okay, so the right side comes up and the right heel goes away.

Control the return as you return, change hands and go right into the other side to bring it up. Go back. And now the most important part is the return part. So reach the going down. We want to control and lets one more set, curling up, keep that ribs in and control down.

And the last time with the left side, curling it up, staying up and then control. Are we even know? One, one more. One more. That's what I said. Hey have hurry and then roll back down. I see the potential. Let go the bar carefully. So what you want to do from here is then come onto your knees and we're going to do cat stretch with straight arms. Now there's a cat stretch with bent arms, but we're not doing that one.

So you're going to kneel in front of the Pushtu bar. You want to align yourself up so there's no tension on the spring. It's just there. You want your hips right over your knees. Everything in line from here. In a perfect cat world, which you live in, right, like Aaron does, you're going to think of lifting up and Brian Dean forward going down without moving back and you're going to lift your sternum and lift your sitz bones up and then slowly round and come back. Your softening. So as you go down, you want to think of starting with the top of your head.

So this pole starts, which is your head and it goes down. You lift the sternum, open, the sitz bones mount to come back up. You start with the pubic bone, it curls under soften the rib cage. Nice. Kayla, you're good too. And belly down. Headstarts you go down, try not to go back, lift the sternum, open the sits bones and come back up.

Starting at the bottom, starting good. We really curl this under. Stock comes in and relax. Then you're going to sit down and put both heels. I'm going to do a push through with straight arms too. From here on the push through. I'll start with Aaron this time because last time I started with Keto, I want to make sure I'm fair.

You're going to curl your coxix under before anything else moves and you can see how that softens her rib cage and she goes down. You feel that? Then lift and push through and we're just using this as a stretch. Just sort of straighten you out if that's possible and up. So nothing moves here. Start with the pubic bone. Curl under. There we go. Back curls. Do you feel that fat goes first so it starts there and push through? Keep this lift. There you go and roll it back.

Go ahead and lift the bar up. Now what we're gonna do is you're going to keep a long spine, long gated spine. Arms are straight. You're going to hinge back. Okay, and come back up. Aaron, watch those ribs. They're smiling at me from way over there. So hinge back. Yes.

Beautiful. You feel that? Good. Now what we're going to do is hinge back. You're going to take the right arm off, you're going to push through the right heel more. You're going to circle that around side band until you get to the side of the push through bar. From there, you're going to then take it off, circle back around, push the bar up and grab onto your ankle, your calf, the pole, whatever is totally possible. Aaron, you're really good over there for having your back to me. So from here holding, what you're going to do is you're going to have the right spiral half internally, spiral in, and then spiral out. So it will spiral in and it will spiral out.

So it spirals in and it spirals out. So you get that yummy stretch. You feel that, how are we doing over there? Stretch. And one more time in and out and then come back up. So go the arm back up to grab the bar and we have a second side, thank God and flat back, back.

This time the left arm comes off, circle that around all the way over. If the right side of the push through bar push really through that left heel. Yes, you could see what happened with her leg when she did that. Then circle around and grab on here. Foot the bar. And from here you're going to push that up.

The hip is going to spiral in, it's going to spiral out. So the hip will spiral in the left pelvic half and spiral out. It will spiral in, spiral out. And as you spiral out, you can think of pulling yourself either more forward. So you get even a deeper stretch. You feel that.

So you just start to put in and pull out and relax and come back. And the just to even out your body. One more push through. So start by curling under good and push it through and pull up and push the bar straight up and forward. And then just relax the bar down and relax. [inaudible] then after all that stretching, let's do some side leg springs.

So we're going to get rid of our push through bar and we going to make sure our Lex springs are set up in the heights that you feel comfortable with. We're going to start on lying on our side and you're gonna move to the back edge of your mat and you going to hold onto the back pole. If that feels comfortable, you're going to bend your knees and we're going to start actually without the spring. There we go. And bend the knees in all the way to a 90 90 position. The hand that's in the front, move it a little bit away from you. And then from here you're just going to turn your head towards the Mat and then that allows that ribcage to slowly spiral, rotate inward and then rotate it back.

It will come back later on. So just turn the head and then Murray, let the rib cage roll inward and then bring it back. Let's do it one more time. The head turns, the rips follow, and then bring it all the way back. So once you're back, please your foot in the back spring. So you use the spring behind you and then straighten that leg out in line with your body. All we're going to do is press this heel away. So we're going to lengthen this side more and then relax it and press the heel.

And I want you to really feel what happens in that hip and relaxed a little forward and press out and release. Press it out and leave it out. Keep that length and bend the knee in towards your chest. Stretch the leg back out in line and press that heel away to reemphasize that hip motion. Bend the knee in towards you and press the heel away and that presses the hip all the way. Bend the knee in. Press it out. Find that stretch and now stay here.

Keep puling the spring open and allow the electrical slightly behind you this time. Don't change the hip yet. Bring it right in. Lock. Bend the knee in. Open the coil of the spring as you straighten the leg. Continue to open the coe oil as you go, and then continue to open the spring more as the leg goes behind you and then bring it back and bend the knee in. We're going to add onto that. We're going to press the leg out. We push the heel away. We allow the leg to go backwards.

Now this time we're going to add that rotation. So I head turns to the Mat. We allowed the hip to move backwards a little bit and we get that beautiful opposition. Mm. And then bring everything back to his side. Bend the knee in towards you.

Stretch it out in line, re-emphasize that hip. Bring the leg behind you. Allow the hip to move backwards or spiral backwards. As your head turns forward and you have that oppositional rotation, bring it back for the final time. Bend the knee in. Stretch the leg out. Reach Long.

Bring the leg behind you. Rotate everything. And now stay in this rotation. Keep pushing the leg away from you. And now just lower the leg down and bring it back up in line with your body. Don't overshoot paring it down. And up and try to keep the legacy parallels possible down and reach.

One more time. We go down, we go up, you bend your knee in and once the leg is in, you're gonna take your foot out of the strap. We'll do the other side. There we go. So lie down on your side. The arm is long, the knees are bent. So from here we are in. Start with just turning your head so the head turns to sternum, turns down towards the Mat, just have a nice and relaxation and then stack the rib cage back on top of itself. The head turns, the body turns and just release and then come back up.

Let's do it one more time and turned ahead to rotate. Try to keep your pelvis stacked on top of each other and then come back. Then reach for the spring behind you and place your top foot in the spring. There we go. And we're going to start with the leg in line with your body. So stretch the leg out in line with your body. Make sure it's parallel.

Keep pushing through that heel. And now just lengthen that side out. So he's just gonna press the heel away and then relax the hip and press the heel and relax. Press through the heel, reaching long. Now keep this length in the waist and bend the knee in. Bend the knee in. Press the leg out in line and push me away reaching long.

There you go. Bend the knee in and stretch it out and send it away. Ooh, not too high. There you go, rich. And bend the knee in, adding on stretch and long and in line with your body. Keep pushing that spring open as the lego slightly behind you without changing your hip. Bring the leg back. Bend the knee in. Stretch the leg out. Reach long and allow the leg to go slightly back so you actually are reaching towards each other. Bring the leg back in the middle, bend the knee in. We're going to add that rotation. Bring the Lek in line, press it away. Bring the leg behind you.

Allow the hip to spiral outward as we turn our head to wards the mat. And you want to make sure that you really push long so that we don't arch that lumbar spine. Bring the leg back in line and then bend the knee back in and stretch it out again. Pushed through the heel, bring the leg behind you. Allow that spiral to happen of the pelvis going backwards or outwards, and then bring everything back on top of each other. We have one more time to go. We bend it in, we stretch it out, we reach long with the leg. The leg goes behind.

We allow our head to turn and keep this in. Yes, there you go. It feels turned in actually, and now lo where the leg and lift it and lower it and lifted and keep reaching through that leg. Keep opening that spring. One more time. Bring it up. Bring everything back in line. Bend the knee in. Take your feet out of the strap and then we're going to get ready for our standing exercises. So here we are, magic of cameras. We're ready for our standing.

So what we're going to do is first of all, the standing lean back. So you're going to be at 90 degrees. You're going to grab your arm springs, you're going to have your arms out at 90 from here, you're going to think of elongating your spine, so it's a long spine. Remember the pelvis is just going to slightly think of bringing that pubic bone up about and then you're just going to hinge back and come forward. Make sure you keep the ribs so you want to think of that pubic bone going up towards your nose. Keep those ribs and you feel that and come back and you want to make sure that you don't send your head back. Yeah, the two Poles, the head and the pelvis, all stain in lining long gating that spine and you're perfect behind me, aren't you Aaron? Then we add the squats.

You're going down and if you have the flexibility in the squat, I want you to sit on the floor. Now in order to help yourself up, you really want to think of lifting those elbows. If you don't lift the elbows, you'll be staying sitting on the floor. See you hinge back. Be Daring, live dangerous. There you go. And lift. You were perfect. Of course you were so hinge back. I feel like it. And sit there eco. See you survived. You didn't die and come back. Now one leg, the trick to one leg is most people when they squat back, they just lift the leg straight up, which then sends their hips back.

If you think of that opposition as you go down, you're lifting. Slide that leg out forward. So you have that opposition going with the spine. There you go. And it slides out and then you come up. Huh? There's potential and slide out. Either leg, lift those elbows.

Good. Once more. Each leg he can smile. There we go. Well last time relaxed. The next good woo. And you can let go of the springs and you're going to turn around for some more. So you're going to turn around and hold on to the handles and you gonna to step out. So you just have some tension on the springs. Joe Day. Don't go dead. There we go.

Just have both feet on the floor. We're going to use the tension of the spring to connect into our reps. So what you're going to do is you're gonna press slightly into the spring to push the rips in and then relax. It's like pushing into a wall. So press and find that connection right there.

And let's do it one more time. Press beautiful. And now we're going to do it on one leg. So you're going to present, stand on one leg and just Perez and find that connection and then release. Press into the spraying to find the release or the connection. And then let's do it one more time. Peress through, hold it and change legs again and right away for hours into it. Find that balance and bridge Perez in.

And once you there, also check your foot position. If your feet are even on the floor so you're not leaning on the outside or the inside of your foot and release one more time, press. Most likely you're going to be on the outside. But hey and then change legs again. We are going to press and we're going to hold that position.

So now the hips are going to say still, you're going to keep even pressure with your hands and you're just going to rotate and rotate. So the ribs rotate but not the hips. Rotate around and around. Keep looking straight forward and reach and reach. And now see how fast you can do that.

And and rotate and relative. Keep your hip still don't move. Yeah, there you go. And then change sites. So start slow and then speed it up and you might feel as you go. When you go slow, you can make them movement a little bit bigger and as you go faster you might want to make it a little smaller. So play around with the dynamics of speed and range of motion as we, there we are. You feel that the hip working.

Okay. See you fix yourself. How awesome is that? So let's change legs again. Now here we go. Let's bring our right leg up. We are going to press I left side slightly more forward this time. Now as we bend our standing leg, we're going to bring the opposite like back and our, their arm goes forward. And then when you come up, you straighten that leg and you press the other side through into the spring and press through. There you go.

Bend the standing leg. Don't just lean now straighten that leg and bring this side forward including that ribcage and then change the rib cage, bend the standing leg, lean forward, sort of like your like your seesaw and then come back up and press through the other side. There you got one more time through. Press through reach, come back up and then change legs. Here we go and find a balance. Bring the leg behind you. Bend the standing leg and reach I think so and very ABAG up and then rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. Let it come. Yep. There you go. And change reach. So if you feel you're getting into trouble at some point you also might want to check the height of your springs because sometimes that makes a difference as well. Rips in and press through reaching long.

We reach. There you go and bring it up and make sure you come all the way up. Bend that standing like a little bit more. Last time for perfection. Here we go. Ben, the standing leg, lean forward. Go down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and then [inaudible] get back up. Live, live, live, live, live, live, live, live, left, and then place your feet on the floor into like Pilati stance or parallel part, whatever you feel like. Bring the arms open to the sides and reach. And let's just do a side bend. Reach you all the way over.

Make sure that bottom arm stays in front so it doesn't get pulled away from you. And then come back to the center. Lean forward a little bit. Yes. And Go, hurry. And make sure that the leg of the arm that is up is really anchored down there and come back up. One should there bounce yourself back. Let go off the straps. Bring likes to parallel.

Just roll yourself down. Okay. And then roll yourself back up. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great day.

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Fantastic fun functional precision! Thanks guys.
1 person likes this.
So much fun! Precise cues, creative variations, and yes, very lengthening!
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Awesome class! My legs feel so much longer now:) Thank you!
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Glorious--yummy stretches and connections with the trunk/serape. merci!
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Nice the rotations!
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Is there another class by you guys that more deeply explains the rotational hip stretch within the forward push through with rotation? I was feeling the stretch on internal hip rotation and you were cueing it on external so I’m thinking I missed something.
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Love this one...such wonderful rotating...loved the end sequence w all that balance! Thank grateful for you 2 , a fresh tower workout and of course, PA
Hi Honorine Thank you for your comments. We apologize if we were not clear. You might want to check out our classes #2271, 3370 and/or 3373. Hopefully they will give you more insight. If not, please let us know and we will answer your question the best way we can.
Alisha R
Thank you again for another fabulous class! After spending last year studying Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis, I really appreciate the clarity you are sharing with moving the spine in these exercises and in your tutorial. The rotation work is so important. Hope to see you soon.
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go to 6:22min and watch that bird dive in the ocean. Great class!
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