Class #3371

Lengthening Tower

40 min - Class


You will feel the length in your body after taking this Tower workout with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt. They teach the class in blocks using each part of the Tower. They include fun variations of exercises like Cat, Side Kick, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Joan and welcome. Welcome back to our tower class. So we're going to teach it in blocks and we're going to start with the rollback bar. Then I think you should ...

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Fantastic fun functional precision! Thanks guys.
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So much fun! Precise cues, creative variations, and yes, very lengthening!
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Awesome class! My legs feel so much longer now:) Thank you!
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Glorious--yummy stretches and connections with the trunk/serape. merci!
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Nice the rotations!
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Is there another class by you guys that more deeply explains the rotational hip stretch within the forward push through with rotation? I was feeling the stretch on internal hip rotation and you were cueing it on external so I’m thinking I missed something.
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Love this one...such wonderful rotating...loved the end sequence w all that balance! Thank grateful for you 2 , a fresh tower workout and of course, PA
Hi Honorine Thank you for your comments. We apologize if we were not clear. You might want to check out our classes #2271, 3370 and/or 3373. Hopefully they will give you more insight. If not, please let us know and we will answer your question the best way we can.
Thank you again for another fabulous class! After spending last year studying Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis, I really appreciate the clarity you are sharing with moving the spine in these exercises and in your tutorial. The rotation work is so important. Hope to see you soon.
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go to 6:22min and watch that bird dive in the ocean. Great class!
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