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Quick Energetic Mat

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You will become energized in a short amount of time with this Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She uses the Fitness Ball to challenge your stability while working your whole body. She includes fun variations to Kneeling Side Kick, Push Ups, and so much more.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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May 30, 2018
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Hi, welcome to this quick bar class. For those of us who are short on time, I know I am seven times, so we're gonna move quickly. We're going to work hard and we're going to hit all the bases. Here we go. So you're going to turn on your ball so that your feet are on your mat and your arms are reaching out in front of you. We're going to start to walk down the Mat and let the pelvis come down towards the feet. So my most of my back with the exception of my pelvis is on the ball.

From there, push into your feet, reach up and back. If it doesn't feel safe to straighten your legs, don't just keep them bent. So there is one option. Arms come around, arms reach forward and come back down. Second option would be to go all the way out. Allow the legs to straighten.

Just a little bit more of a stability challenge there. It feels good though. Arms around and then, and again, reach up and back. Arms go to the back. Straight legs are bent, knees, arms come, blow back around. I almost just fell off my ball. Well, wouldn't that be a site? Let me keep my knees bent for the next one. We go back and around and four.

Let's just do one more. Going up and down the ball. So back, upper back is supported by the ball as the arms go overhead to the arms out to the side, reach forward and now walk back so that the ball supporting just the power of this hands behind your head from the pelvis. Reach your body back so your shoulder blades are on the ball and then come back to the pelvis. Emulate as you go over XL as you go up. I love extension two neutral abdominal work. I think it's so important. We're all so much flection all the time that let's get that stretch to work.

The East centric control of the abdominal muscles, the East centric stretch in the east. Centric strength from working in extension. Okay, five more. Inhale and lift. Four more. Inhale and three more. Reaching back stays supported through the front of the body and lift.

One more time. Hold the lift of your body, crawl forward. Slyly and post 10 none. Pulling the abdominals into the ball. Five four, three, two, one. Keep your hands behind your head. Walk back up so that you're sitting on the ball. Inhale, Xcel for seated rotation, we were r rotate towards me and come center and rotate away and come center. So if you wanted to challenge your balance a little bit more, it's harder with the legs touching harder with the legs touching the head comes just with the spine.

And what also is fairly challenging or interesting just to watch or feel is when you're rotating, does the ball move or can you sit right over the top of it and keep it still? Okay. One more time. XL to rotate in here to come to the center. Exhale to rotate. Inhale to come to center, walk back forward. So we put the pelvis back down on the ball. Feet are flat on the floor. Inhale, stretch the body over the top. Exhale, lift through center and rotate towards me and then center and go back.

So it's not actually two separate steps like I said it, but we're just moving through the center into rotation, through the center and back through the center into rotation, through the center and back. And we'll just continue like that for a few more times. And by few, I mean quiet if you, so let's do five and back five and back again. Here's another place where we could think to keep the reformers still three bringing the head with the body theory. Two too.

One more time as you pelvis still hold there. And pulse. Ten nine going deeper with the abdominals, with each repetition. Last five, four, three, two, one. Find your way to center. Take it over the top of the ball and up to the right and paws. Ten nine, nice strong center.

Seven six, five, heavy head in the hands. Theory two, one center your body. Reach all the way back. Let your spine extend over the ball. Just resting for a moment. Bring the arms around, come down onto the mat. Take the ball around to the front to view.

Lie All the way down on your back and place your feet on top of the ball. Arms are long and straight at your sides. Get organized, Meredith in here. Place the push the heels down. So actually feel that you're trying to make little heel dents with the heels as you peel the spine up away from the floor. Hold an inhale. Exhale, roll the spine down all the way, uh, the way, all the way. And he'll notice that the spinal lifts evenly off the floor, right up the center of the spine to hold. Inhale and exhale, healing down.

Try and again to notice how stable we can keep the ball. For me, that's a big challenge. Wanting to shift from side to side, right a lot. I left. It's high. Inhale and exhale. Peel down. Good. And two heels in or Rola.

Inhale and Xcel to roll down. Making a transition. When you get to the top on the next one, arms are pressing into the mat to help to keep the shoulders stable. Exhale to lift up, hold at the top, stretch the legs out, and then push the legs away. And Ben. Yes. I feel my hamstrings. Two and then two more out and standing on the arms.

One more out and bend and roll down. Can we do it again? You say, Oh sure, we can do it again. Let's go. Roll Up. Hips high. Go out and pull out and pull back out and vote. Hold back of the body. Working back with the arms, the upper back, definitely the back of the leg last time. Pull in. Inhale, roll down.

Place the shins on top of the ball. Knees together, feet together. Reach the arms out to the sides in. You'll take the knees over to one side. You can go a little further with the ball, you'll find excellent. Try and really work through the center of the body.

Try to use the fact that the ball is holding the weight of the legs to try to find more depth in the middle of your body and your trunk in your waist and in the as you reach over and XL as you come and inhale. Knees are just really just side by side. So to back in or Richo over. XO, come back last one and back. Once you're in the center, separate your feet and pick up the ball with your feet. Place it in your hands. Stretch your legs out long along the Mat. Stretch your arms over your head. Breathe in as you lift your head in, chest.

Place the ball on your body. Roll forward, sending the ball out towards your feet. You're welcome for the hamstring stretch. Feels Nice. After the last thing, then we're going to pull the ball back, lifting the spine, finding a straight back. Lift the boat overhead and press back. Five, four, three, two, one. Sit Up and roll down. Now if you want, the ball can go back in front of you or you could dry. Keep it over your head where it's a little more challenging and come all the way back. So he picked the ball up. We picked the head up.

Bring the ball to the size, roll the ball. You might have to let the ball spin in your hands. Let the ball spin in your hands. Then lift the back up. So you want to be able to pick the ball up again. Going to let the ball come up and back. We're going to press back, chest forward, two abdominals back, three, four, five. Lift up tall.

Keep the ball where it is or bring it back in front of you, reaching your legs away from you as you lengthen in, lay your spine all the way back down onto the ground. We'll do that a couple more times. Lift the head and chest ball to the thighs. Spin the ball in between the hands. Reach out, give it, give yourself a stretch. Elongate through the spine. Find your flat back. Pick the ball up and press back one. Don't push your arms back without thinking about your abdominals.

Three to could invite yourself to really try to feel the whole body working. Whole body's doing something. The legs are reaching there, squeezing together. The arms can press into the ball. The neck is lengthening, the shoulders are dropping, the abdominals are working, the pole. This is tucking. There's so many things to concentrate on doing well. Inhale, lift. Exhale, roll up in reach forwards.

In inhale elongates gates the body. Take the ball up and press back. Last time, two, three, four, fasted all the way up and the arms bring the ball to top of the head, turned towards me, lift the ball and lift the spine. It's like it's filled with helium and it's pulling you taller. Then the elbows bringing the ball that come to center in hand. Exhale, stretch the arm, stretch the body. Then the is bringing the ball that come back to center in, you know, rotate.

Stretch the ball. Stretch the back. Yeah. Ben and center. So you have options. You could just let the Bobby way to just resting in your hands or you could choose to squeeze it. It's up to you. Depends on the sort of feeling you're looking for today. Last time on both sides.

Get Taller and then find center. Reach over, get taller and then find center. Take them all down. Put it on the floor. Come up onto your niece. Yeah. Okay. So how do you want to do this? Do you want to wedge the ball right up against your thigh?

Gonna lean over on the ball. I've now moved my knee out of the way. So basically I've just set myself up so I can balance on the ball without much trouble. I want to feel the hip pressed into the ball. We're going to take this arm out and this arm back, the top arm, straight, the bottom, bottom arm behind the head. And we just bring their rib to the hip and all the way down. So with the leg that's straight on the floor, I want you to feel that you're pushing into the floor stabilizing with that leg.

And here we're just working our side, body and back. Maybe add a little sense of pushing the arm down to feel more work. We'll do five and back. Four and back three and back to and back. One more time. Bring it back. Hands to the ball. Lift your leg up. Now we have our side body working. We take the leg forward and back forward and back.

Full word and back. So can you still feel those same muscles that you are working when you're moving your spine, working to help support the lift of the leg? Just one more and back. Bring the leg out to the side. Take it down and back. Up, down and back. Up. Nice and simple. Not Very easy.

Last three and two and one. Lower the leg down. Send it behind you. Take your arm and reach overhead. See your leg. It's to go back as far as it feels good to your arm. Gets to reach. Get to lay over the ball on your side, looking for a stretch and then will come up all the way onto our knees.

The is going to stay on the same side of the body. Yeah. Take the opposite arm off in your reach. Up and over. Pool the the bar moves with the spy. Exhale, lift the spine. Come up. Inhale, reach up and over. Xcel come back. Inhale, reach up and over. Exhale and come back in. How?

Reach up and over XL rotate towards the ball. Unwind and lift. Inhale, reach up and over. XL. Rotate towards the ball out of the bat. Your role a little. If it feels good, come back and up. One more. Inhale, reach up and over. Xcel rotate in. Now come back and Xcel to lift up. Okay, so let's bring the ball over to the opposite side of the body. Again, you on a wedge, you're right up against your thigh.

Take the opposite leg out straight. Make sure, oh, I just have to move with my mic out of the way. Just one sec. There we go. Okay, so we're going to keep that leg straight. We're going to make sure that the side of the bodies down. So a lot of times we have to move the bottom knee away from the ball a little bit. So here we go. One Hand behind the head, one arm straight out and we go rib to hip and all the way back your rib, hip and all the way back. So you're shortening this space between those two bony landmarks with your lateral movers. And then maybe you're lengthening the space as you lay back down. We've got, I don't know about five more and four and three.

Two God. One more time can back down. Place your hands around the ball, lift the top lower, lift the leg up and now the leg goes forward and back. Here's another place where we can try not to roll the ball back and forth. That's a little hard, but we can try. Keep the leg high as it moves through space and back two more times. Forward and back. Last time, forward and back. Take it to the side, take it down and then out, down and up.

Lifting up as high as you can. Biasing towards slightly behind the body. Last two, one more. Bring the leg down. Come up onto both. No, no, no, no. We did the stretch. Bring the leg down. Take it behind you. That would be so mean and mean and not give you this stretch on this side and mean to myself to, so we're to reach the arm overhead.

We're taking the leg and you just decide you can push it back. You can reach it away. Just try to make it feel good. Uh, and then we'll come back. Okay, so the hand is on the bar, the opposite arms out to the side. Continuing our are side to side movement in here. As we reach over the top. Exhale as we come back in.

How's he reach over the top? Excellent. As we come back, we'll do one more in Hosey. Reach over the top. Excellent. As we come back in her reach over now rotates on the exhale. Bring it back to this side and lift in her.

Recho over and rotate. The ball can roll backwards or away or really whatever. And add one more. Inhale XL, turn. Find a stretch. Come there. A lifter.

So now we're going to bring the ball back to the back of the mat. See if it can hold still. And to put your hands on the front of the Mat. One foot's going to go on the ball. Both hands are on the mat. Why don't you get your arms sorted then we step both legs up onto the ball.

Okay, and we're gonna Bend and Press Bend and press Ben and press. Right now I've got my ankles on the ball and it's super hard. Two more. Last one. Am I coming back down just for me today? It's going to feel a little better to have the ball a little higher on my, like I realized that when I set us up that way. It's not the easiest way to set up. So let's walk back.

Get on the ball. This is much easier than you can walk your arms forward to the place where you feel like it's a good place for you to be. So for me today, I'm just underneath my knees and we're going to do another five pushups. Here we go. Bend and press one bend and press two. Ben didn't press three Ben and press four. Maybe you were okay on your ankles. And if that is the case, you should stay there.

But what we're gonna do now is we're going around the spine. We're going to turn the ball in towards the shoulders, trying to hold the shoulders over the hands and stretcher. Exhale around the spine, try and drag the ball in under the shoulders and reach out. Three more times. I'll exhale round and okay. [inaudible] next hair around and, and reach. Ah, one more time. XL rounding and reach out. Oh, guess what? Five more pushups. Bend down, reach one and try to keep the spine stable.

Bend three, bend two, bend one. Pipe yourself in five and four and back three breathing in two, eh, trying to keep the shoulders over the hands. One more. Yeah, reach back. Walk back and down. We're going to come back on her mat. Put your body on your mat, not your mat, your ball, your body on your ball. So my knees are a little bit away from the ball. My basically from my chest to my pelvis is resting on the ball.

We're going to take the arms out to the outsides of the ball. You can have your test tech center or just straight. We are going to lift the arms out to the side. Just coming to neutral. Turn the thumbs up, send the arms back to lift the chest up. Come back to the side with your arms and lower and then come all the way down.

So here's a breath pattern in here. Reach the arms out. Excellent. Exhale. Explore the backward range of your arms, pulling your sternum through your arms. Inhale, come back. Exhale, go down. Inhale, reach. Ah, Xcel Roti in y'all. Come back, XO, go down last two times in Hilary chat. Exhale, rotating, Ri. Inhale, come back. Exhale, go down last time. Inhale, arms out. Feel them reaching to both sides of the room, Xcel arms, come back, bring it back to the side and come all the way over.

And now what we're gonna do is just take the ball more underneath the whole body and lie over the top of it. Yep. Just lie. And so we find a stretch and maybe I'll roll oral on the ball a little bit. It's kind of discovering [inaudible] where the stretch feels the best to you. It will change as you move into different positions. So maybe you want to keep moving or you find your favorite place and just stay.

I'm going, I'm going to come all the way down. Come all the way up to sitting on the ball to finish. So take the arms out in front of you. Push the arms out to the side. Imagine that you're opening heavy curtains onto a beautiful view. Open, open, open. Extend the spine and then round your spine. Your legs.

Can straighten a little bit, reach forward down towards your feet, and then bend your knee, start opening the arms, opening the arms maybe, or I don't know what you're opening to, but you do. And around and reach and, Oh, Ben, oh, the way. Lifting the Chesky that nice stretch across the front of the body and around. And then from there, let's just roll up all the way and hopefully I gave you some energy in a short amount of time where you needed it.


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Thank you. Great flow!
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Excellent tempo and duration and of course challenge! More more more 25-30 minute mat classes Meredith!
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i enjoyed a lot...thank you
Loved it, Perfect for a busy morning. Thank you Meredith. Have a great day.
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Perfect for a fully loaded day of session!
Thanks beautiful ladies!! It seems we all need quick workouts for when schedules are tight. Any requests for the next one??
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Perfect workout for between clients. Meredith, your flow and pacing are always spot on. Thank you.
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Thank you, Meredith Rogers ! Your class is always excellent! I enjoyed every minute of it!
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Lovely way to end my weekend. Thanks Meredith Rogers
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Thanks for this quick class that used all our spine movements and flowed so nice.
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