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Make each movement count in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She teaches a class with the Fitness Ball after receiving many requests for this type of class. She adds the Hand Weights to play with balance and to add upper body work to the class. It's a great class to work on precision as she does a small number of repetitions for each movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Fitness Ball

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I've had so many requests for ball classes lately. So today I am going to film a world class and we are going to do just to kind of a short get your body moving if you don't have much time class. And um, that's what's happening. So I have my ball and my mat and I have a pair of two pound weights as well. So if you don't have two pound weights, don't worry about it. It's not important. But, um, I've never done that through a whole ball class before and I thought it'd be fun to see what happens. So they're just going to rest on the map. For now.

What I'd like for you to do is to take the ball into your hands, the palms of your hands and just put the ball on your body. It will land wherever it lands and then press backwards slightly with the shoulder blades to the ball comes into the, into the body. For me, it's like right up my low belly pelvic area. And then as you're pushing the ball towards your body, what I want you to do is lift your chest so that you're thinking about doing just a gentle back bend here and looking up, maybe going a little further that just feels good to me. And then come back to standing in here and then exhale. We're going to take the ball down towards the floor.

So let it be heavy in your hands. Feel that, uh, imagine that it weighs more than it does. Let it go down onto the floor and then organize the hands. Yeah. Did they come on top of the ball? So here we are in deep flection, deep flection of the spine. We're going to lift the tailbone off and then send the ball away from you. So reaching out and trying to get a really long flat spine, feeling that sit bones open and that chest fall through the arms.

And then exhale, push the feet into the [inaudible] floor, round the spine. Pull up through the abdominal [inaudible], deepening into that round position, coming from the pelvis again, lift the tailbone up, feel the abdominals, drive back towards the spine. Feel the spine stretch out so the ribs pull away from the hip straight, flatten out the back. That's hard for me. So I'm doing my best in Yam. And exhale, roll the spine back in, round the ball back. And let's do that two more times. [inaudible] starting with the pelvis all the time, letting the arms just rest down on the ball.

Lifting the naval to the spine and sending the top of the head just slightly over the top of the bottom, actually low enough so I could rest my forehead on the ball. But I guess that's always an option. Rounding in one more time or icho stay here. Bend your knees, both knees at the same time. Feel that there's an equal amount of pressure against the feet and then lift the legs back up toward straight. Feel the spine stretch even further out. Inhale to bend the knees. So notice, do you shift from one leg to the other and try to stand on both feet at the same time and then pull the knees into a bent position and then push the legs out straight. Last time in Hilton XL to stretch and roll the ball back towards your body.

As you get close to your body, you're going to reorganize the hands to pick up the ball, hands wide on the ball, roll the spine up all the way, dropping the shoulders down, send the ball out in front of you, send the ball overhead. So now inhale, reach towards me with your body, with your ball, and allow the ball to drop into the bottom hand. Just let it be heavy as an idea. And then use the bottom arm to push the ball back up the bottom arm and the stretching waist and inhale to reach over again, allowing the ball to just drop into that bottom arm, let it carry you further, and then push back up with that bottom arm and lift the spine. And now inhale again over into that lateral flection. Now as you exhale, rotate the body so the palms become parallel to one another and take that ball down, down, down, maybe all the way into the leg.

So we get a nice lower back stretch and then lifts of all up. It's slight in the hands. Now in an imaginary way, unwind and up and inhales. We reach over to the opposite side. Take the ball into rotation, are your arms and true rotation. Palms face each other parallel to the floor and then lower the ball down towards the thighs and then lift the ball back up. Unwind into your side, stretch and come all the way up to standing.

Take the ball again once again to the front of the body where we started. Push the ball backwards. He long eight lifts the spite and maybe we go into a little bit a deeper back bend. Now that we're a little bit warmer, come back up. Set the ball down on the floor, grab your weights. I'm going to move my ball a little bit to the back of the Mat because I'm going to be moving it forward with my feet.

So we're going to take the weights in the hands. I just want you to walk forward on your mat so that your lower back comes into the ball. Taking the arms out in front of you in here. Exhale, reach backwards. Take the spine. Over the top. Take the arms around the sides, nice shoulder, stretch their reach forward and hold in here. Reach back. Exhale. It's interesting to me how much the having the weights in the hands affect my balance. I wasn't prepared for that, but I'm learning to like it last time.

Reach back arc all around and forward. So now take the hands behind the head. The weights will just come with you, right? So if you didn't have weights, that wouldn't be a big deal. Right? We take the spine over the top on the inhale and exhale, curling up just fine. The bottoms of the ribs. I'm resting my head against my weights. Inhale, go back with all you back. Then you have to work a little harder to pull a Mac back up. Lifting up. Inhale to reach back.

Xcel to lift up. Yeah. Inhale to reach back. Excellent. So lifter, just two more extending over the top. Supporting through the front of the body. Lifting back up.

Yeah. Last one in here. And exhale holding here. Take the arms out in front of you. We're going to take the arm closest to me and open it and twist towards it.

Reach back and center the arm, the other side, reach back and center. Let's do that twice more. Reach back at center and back at center. Whew. A little bit less stable on one side in the other, uh, m and center last time. Reach back and center and then walk back. So you're sitting on top of the ball.

If you can bring your legs all the way together, that's going to create a challenge in and of itself. Let the arms come out to the sides. In here. We're going to spiral the spine over in one direction, so feel the rotation through the waist and heel to come back to center. Keep the knees in the fetal line. Exhale to twist the opposite direction and back to center and lift.

Drawing the abdominals in as you reach the weights away from one another. My arms I hope are saying straight across, straight across and center and hurry over. Oh over and center and over, over, over and center. Last time to eat side twisting and center twisting center. Bring the arms down. Walk the feet out in front of you again, bring the arms again behind the head or as an option. They could come over the front of the chest. I like that. Behind the head choice. So we're going to go over the top of the ball. Inhale, exhale to lift in center.

Okay. Twist in one direction. Center, twist the other way. Center and back. [inaudible] a sticky for your feet on a little slippery twist center to West Center and back and anchoring with the seat twist center to West Center and back. Letting the spine back last two [inaudible]. Okay.

Cross center, Cross ringing out the spine and back. Last one over center. Over Center. Take the weights from behind your head, reach the arms forward, reach back again over the top of the ball, diving backwards, opening the arms out to the side and then start to walk your feet or just scoot your feet forward. I'm just going to reach down and set the weights down on the floor for a moment. So now I've lowered my pelvis. I'm just hovering off the floor. Arms out in front. Going for a full back bend will legs straight, pushing through the legs to create stability. Diving backwards over the ball.

I even feel a stretch to the top of my feet today, which is new Hennen bend. And then her reaching out. [inaudible] anchoring, stabilizing with the legs, way back around to the sides and yeah, and the last time reaching back over the top of the ball all around. And then here we'll just come all the way down, lowering the pelvis to the mat. Take the ball out from behind your back and bring it around so that can come under your feet. Lie down on your back, reorganize your clothing if necessary and take the weights with your hands. They should be right there waiting for you. So for now we're just going to keep the weights on the floor.

What I want us to do is start with a 90 degree knee bend. Press down into the feet, begin to articulate the spine up, lifting up, up, up, up, finding your bridge, holding. Feel that you're trying to roll the weights away from you. That's all they're going. That's all the arms are doing there right now and then we're going to roll down.

Yeah, flexing the spine, rolling the weights towards the ball, a little squirrely today I am again pressed down, long arms. Gather into your own self, creating stability. So if you feel like you're out of balance as I do as I just mentioned, where can we create balance? Where? What do we need? Where do we need to focus inwards? Inwards. Always taking your time. Three more. India.

Exhale, press and left holding in here. Exhale, rolling down. Maybe you'll find that it gets better each time. Two more with a leg extension. Exhale to press down and lift up, holding there, take the legs out. Then the knees reach the arms forwards. Take the legs at, then the knees, reach the arms forward and press down. Take the legs out. Then the legs reach forward and articulate down all the way.

Rounding, deepening and [inaudible] down and inhale and exhale. Rolling a second set. Same thing. Lift up legs go out and arms reach as the knees bend and the legs stretch and the arms reach as the legs bend and go out and in and all the way down. Rust the feet on top of the ball a little bit. Bring the ball a little closer to the backs of the legs, lift the arms off the floor and take the arms out to the side and a t position. And just keeping the palms up.

Allow the weight of the weights to help you feel a more of a stretch for the shoulders. And we're going to inhale, tip the knees towards me so the ball will give you support. Maybe we'll go a little further than we normally could and then exhale, draw in to come back through center. And inhale. Take the legs across to the other direction over, over, over, and Xcel. Feel the weights. Reach away from you, away out to the side and in here and finding the connections to move with ease, to move with integrity and in here to go over, we're going to do two more after this. One to each side and exhale an inhale over and exhale. And in here, over and Xcel, pausing and center. Take the legs out straight. So I'm just walking my feet away from me.

Resting the heels down on the ball. Take the arms overhead, float the arms off the floor, lift the arms forward. Reach for your thighs, roll through your spine, roll through your spine. Take the weights out towards the feet and take the body back down. [inaudible] we adjusting if you need to. Inhale, lift. Excellent. Rolling on. Uh, uh, drying back to the center of the body as we press the weights forward and rolling down. Dan, reaching the weights away. And one more. Lifting arm.

Okay. Reaching forward. Forward, forward, forward holding. And now reach the arms out. Lift the back and bend the arms in. Place the weights down onto the floor. Take the legs off the ball, bend the knees. Rest of all just over the shins. I'm a scoot, so I'm all the way on my mat. That's all right. So we're gonna press the legs, press the feet down, press the ball into the knees and lift the spine. app An inhale. Exhale, reach the ball forward. As you round back through, you're just creating an undulation in the spine. Ball goes into the shins. As we lift, exhale, ball goes away, down the shins, towards the feet.

As we round. And inhale as we lift and exhale as we round. One more inhale as we lift. Exhale as we round. Now we'll take the ball over the tops of the knees and bring it with you as you roll down towards the floor just to the shoulder blades. And now curl up.

So the ball goes to the top of the knees and down the size and curl up. Four and three and two and one all the way up and over the top of the knees. And lift the spine. Inhale, exhale. Round the spine. Roll back, rotate the ball towards me and lift it up and down. Fine.

Yeah. Uh, and down four, ah, and I'm three keeping the needs together too. And, um, last time, all the way up around through the front of the Shins and uh, and Curragh rolling the ball down over the opposite direction and crow. Uh, and uh, and uh, and yeah, Siri, two last time. All the way up and over the front of the knees. Lift the spine first, stretch the legs out, point the feet and reach the ball all the way over. Pushing down on the feet with the ball and then roll yourself all the way up. Take the ball up onto the top of the head, flex the feet, pull the ball down into your head and lift your spine up. Inhale, rotate this spy XL. Feel the ball.

Drop it. Feel that way to the ball, dropping into the shoulder blades as we stretch the arms and lift the spy. Bend the elbows, lift the body to the ball. Exhale to center. Inhale, rotate the body. Exhale, reach up, Ben, pull up through this spy and center and twist. Lift up and bend and center and over. Lift. Stretch the arms. Keep the shoulders down and bend and center. Last time, twist, reach up and down and center at twist.

Reach up and down and center, and now take the ball out. Point the feet, roll the spine down. You can keep the ball where it is or if that's too challenging, the ball can go forward and then roll back up. Reaching the ball forward. Let it rest on the feet for a second. Take that stretch and then elongate the spine. Bring the ball out.

Bring the spine out. Sit all the way at Xcel. Round the spy feeling again the way to the ball, helping you drop the shoulders down. Pause here, roll back up the ball again can go forward or it can stay right over the top of you as you start to come back up right. We'll reach forward pressing the ball down on the fee and then lifting the ball up. Finding that back extension holding. Lift the ball up. Sit Tall, round the spine down. Dan, controlling that, holding, rolling up, sending the ball forward, reaching forward, pressing forward. Elongate the body out and lift all the way up.

This time Xcel to round. Don't go all the way. Ben. Journey's knees. Come underneath the ball. We're going to take the legs out. The ball goes overhead, n pool, ah, and pool. Inhale and exhale to stretch and reach and back holding there. One leg out, one leg. Push the ball up over the top of the shins.

One we're going five times two. And to get that knee to come right in towards the nose, three you have to keep lifting the spine to keep the ball out of the way. And five, adding rotation. We twist over and over, pushing the ball up and forward. Here's number three out of five. Number two, add five last time, center rest the ball on the knees. Can we roll up from here?

[inaudible] start rocking. Oh yes is the answer. Come upon to the knees. Take the ball up against the one of your legs. Against my right side. You're going to take the opposite leg out and bring the arm. Either can go and down onto the floor or it can wrap around the ball with you.

So we're going to adjust the bottom knee for comfort here. Take this arm out to the side. Let's take the hand behind the head and go over the top of the ball in here and lift and down and lift. If you're so desiring, you can pick up one of your weights and use your weight to, I'm going to leave mine down for now. Last two. Okay, last one. So now here's another balance challenge.

We're going to go down and lift the leg and the body. Press the leg down and lower. Lift the leg and the body. Press the leg down. Lower and lift. Okay, and then last two times. Lists and down. Last time lift. Now hold the leg there, but take the body down, flex that foot, bring the leg forward and push forward and back. Notice how much the ball is the and having the boss still we do to reach back.

Keep the leg high, are not going to be here for very long and that go down, up front, up, back. Notice the emphasis on the up three Ah, front two up front, one front. Now as that lake comes up around to the back, we're going to rotate this by and towards the ball. Get the glutes working, push the ball towards the body, lift this by an n, press up and back up and back, up in, back up in, back. Last time, up and back. So we have small repetitions. You got to make it worth it and bend. Push off the ball, sit into the hip on the diagonal and take a stretch. Come back up. Ball stays on the same side. Opposite arm comes out to the side.

We're going to reach over and uh, and over reaching, pushing through the arm and uh, and over going further each time. And uh, and now we go over and add rotation and come back and lift up and inhale to roll the ball and exhale to rotate and inhale, unwind and lift and inhale and round the spine and back and up and bring the ball around to the other side of the body. So bring the ball right up into the thigh, adjust the knee for compra. Other leg goes on the floor. We go all the way down, hand behind the head. Other, I'm straight out. Here we go.

Lift up five and all the way down. And for again, small repetitions. So we have to make each moment count. Last two. Yeah.

It's kind of like a life motto, right? Maybe. So here we go. We now lift the leg and the body stabilize balance and yeah, the leg and the by up and yeah, and again, up and Dan and two and down. This time the like stays in the air. The arms come down to the ball, the leg goes forward and presses back. So I'm all the way down with my body. Don't lift up too high. Let the ball support you forward.

Keep the height to the Lang and back. Forward and back. Last time and back and now down, up and front and fusses on up and forward. Up and back. Up and forward. Three more.

I've been back two more. Ben. Front last time and now taking the leg up as it comes behind you rotate. Find the ball, push the ball into the body, lift the chest and take that leg back and back and back and two and one side higher. Then sit away from the ball. Find your stretch, come back up. Ball stays on the same side and comes onto the ball when you take it over in here, I need your stretch and lift and inhale as you reach over and back and last time, reach over and back and India with rotation.

Exhale back and lift up and in here and add rotation and back and lift up. Last time in here, add rotation. Come back and lift all the way up. And I don't think any ball class is complete without some pikes and some pushups, so that's what's happening now. So get your ball back far enough so that you can get onto it and walk yourself out onto your mat. I like my ball to rest just under my knees on my shins.

Take time to organize yourself before we get going so that you're nice and strong through the center of the body. And I bend the arms and push. Bend the arms and push. One more. Bend the arms and push. Inhale. Exhale. Drop the head. Draw the ball in. I'm bending my knees, bringing the ball in towards my forehead and reach back again.

Exhale, curling in, in, deepening, deepening, lifting. The abdominals off, off your clothing and back last time. Here we go. Rounding, rounding and shooting out straight again. Inhale, bend now and press one. Inhale Ben though. And press two last time. Inhale, bend the arms. Exhale, press three. Now lift with straight legs. Dropping the head down, rolling the ball. Uh, uh, and Oh way out and lift head drops down. Abdominals in bringing the ball up and back. Last time.

Uh Huh. Up, up and back and three pushups. One stabilize to control. Three walk back or step off. And then just take your body and let your spine is going to go on the mat because the floor, it's my knees. And then take the spine and just allow the body to drape over the ball.

So you just kinda lay over the top of the ball. You couldn't move back and forth over the ball to find where on the ball where the stretch feels the best to you. Wow. And then allowing the knees come back to come back to the mat, taking the ball so it's underneath the torso, more balanced on the pelvis and actually underneath the chest or the ribs and the reach for my weights, they should be nearby so the knees are a little bit away from the boss. Arms are going to come around the ball like you're hugging the ball.

We're going to lift the arm straight out to the side, so just that you should feel in your upper back. Now when to turn the thumbs to face up, lifting the chest, just off the ball and then bring the arms around behind you and then come back. Turning the palms to face down and take the body over the top of the bar. Let's go. Inhale out to the side. Exhale, rotate and reach back. Okay, back back, letting the pelvis rest against the ball in how back and exhale down.

Tomb out. Rotate and reach. Reach, reach back. [inaudible] and down. Last time in Lista arms rotate. Thumbs up, press back, back, back, back. Yeah, I'm that to the side and take the arms all the way over. All the way down.

And then just allow yourself a moment again to climb onto the ball. Does often the knees as you drape your spine over the ball to drop your head down, to congratulate yourself on a job well done and staying here as long as you wish you finding a stretch. And then hopefully we are all energized to move on. Theroux the rest of our day.


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You've inspired me Meri to take your other ball classes and incorporate the 2lb weights into the movements. Had success with the innovative way you prepped us for teaser in this class. Ive take ALL your mat classes and never done it quite this way before. Thanks!
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This was a thorough workout and tougher than it looks. I'm definitely adding it to my rotation. Thanks!
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Talented teacher,mover,practitioner
Great to watch
Thank you Meri
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Great class, feels amazing. Thank you!
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Loved it! Meredith you will always literally kill my abs even at a deliberate pace. And Thank you!!
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I just love this workout. I did it for the fourth time today. It is in my regular rotation now as is one of your chair workouts. Just awesome! Thanks!
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Wow! What an amazing class! I am tired and inspired and energised at the same time- thank you Meredith!
Thank you ALL for the LOVE!
I appreciate you so much.
fantastic. Worked up quite a sweat, which helped flexibility. Thank you!
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