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Class #3456

Opening Chest & Shoulders

20 min - Class


Welcome to Day 3! Today is a fun day because Niedra focuses on opening the chest and shoulders. She works on "getting the computer out of your body" so that you can lubricate your tissue and transform your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Franklin Ball, Foam Roller


Welcome today three. This is a real fun day because we deal with the chest and the shoulders. We all hold tension in our shoulders. For some of US shoulders hike up, the rib cage start...


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Oh thank you for this. The sensation of laying in a hammock when I came off the roller was amazing! And the ball work across the front was delicious (a tad bit painful but so necessary)! Wonderful! And a great way to start my morning.
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excellent work !
Thank you Becky and Laura for your comments. I am so pleased to read that this work is making a difference for you both.
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Loved this one too! I actually had a bit of pain in my collarbone this am from a workout yesterday and this got rid of it all.

I generally spend a bit of time on the floor at night, giving attention to different areas that are tight, and have gotten my husband to do this as well. So now I think we will be spending a whole hour on the floor at night, working every aspect, instead of piecemeal.

I can’t say enough how happy I am to have a whole body program! Thanks!
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Love that :)
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A delicious treat for my body. Thanks Niedra :))
Thank you Lori Ewa and Anne P. for your comments. I am thrilled you are enjoying this process.
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Yeah. I'll be doing this one a lot. I had no idea how tight my collar bones were. Thank you.
Martha &quot;Mars&quot; Hart , thank you for your comment, and yes, people are often surprised at how tight they are in the collar bones.
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