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Class #3457

Hip Hip Hooray

15 min - Class


Welcome to Day 4! Because many people spend so much time sitting, the hips can often feel tight and stiff. Today, Niedra focuses on mobilizing the hips so you have better range of motion around the socket. This amazing work will allow you to continue dancing, running, and doing Pilates for a long time!
What You'll Need: Mat, Franklin Ball


Welcome today for have this challenge today with dealing with the favorite subject matter for much of anybody that I've ever spoken to, which our hips, our hips get tight, stiff sitting as a modern sm...

Unravel Your Body Challenge: with Niedra Gabriel


Niedra and PA, thank you for this valuable information to release muscle tension.
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Definitely a problem area for me, and one that I regularly work on. Thanks for giving me a more thorough program for this area.
Thanks Nidra. Huge difference!
Thank you Kathleen, Lori and Carolina for your comments. I am thrilled you are enjoying this challenge.
Great class Neidra x my Physiotherapist told me to be especially careful around the sitz bones as there are bursas there which can be irritated if you apply too much pressure. You use nice soft balls I use spiky balls which are quite firm so caution is needed. Also some clients can be over zealous. Loving this series x
Thanks so much for this class , I loved the work rotating from the hip. I used a foam roller which seemed to work well??
Thank you Debra and Sharon for your comments. Debra, listening and paying attention to your body is basic for this work, so always, softer balls are better entrance for the body.
Sharon - use whatever you have for this work, the more you do the more sensitive you will get to how to approach your body. if you felt the roller worked for you - then it did !
Thank you
Happy hips- the test afterwards was great. Although I had not been aware of specific tension, it was obviously there and now its not! Note in my diary = To be repeated regularly.
Where can I purchase some balls
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